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How Many Wide Receivers Will the Packers Keep in 2017?

When looking at the Green Bay Packers roster heading into the 2017 season, it’s easy to see there will be plenty of competition and some interesting position battles to follow.

However, one position that won’t have a lot of mystery at the top of the depth chart, but will have a lot at the bottom is wide receiver. 

The Packers have generally kept five or six wide receivers, which should be the case again this season. But with the top six wideouts returning from last season, as well as two draft picks joining the fray, deciding on the five or six to keep might not be easy. 

It’s obvious that Jordy Nelson, Davante Adams and Randall Cobb are all locks to make the roster. Sure, there were some rumors about Cobb getting cut early in the offseason, but it didn’t happen and won’t now.

Certainly, we probably all would have said the same thing about Josh Sitton this time last year, so nothing is 100 percent guaranteed. But unless something completely unforeseen happens, those three guys will be on the final 53.

After that though, the battle gets pretty interesting.

Green Bay was already going to have a decision to make in regards to Jeff Janis, Geronimo Allison and Trevor Davis. Then, the front office added DeAngelo Yancey of Purdue in the fifth round of the 2017 NFL draft and tacked on Malachi Dupre of LSU in the seventh for good measure.

Between those five players, there is likely to only be two or three roster spots available. Allison is viewed as the No. 4 going into camp, after hauling in 12 passes for 202 yards down the stretch last season. He also flashed some in the playoffs too, with five catches for 65 yards.

As just a pure receiver, he might be the best of the three returning players. Yet, Davis and in particular Janis, both have a leg up of sorts due to their special teams contributions.

Janis has never really found his way as a receiver, with just 18 career receptions. But he has turned into a stellar cover guy on kicks and punts and also is an option when it comes to returning kickoffs. 

Davis isn’t as established as Janis as a special-teams demon, but he does have a chance to be the team’s punt returner this season. Davis returned nine punts for 115 yards (12.8 average) and three kickoffs for 64 (21.3 average).

Only Cobb had a higher punt-return average than Davis and his kickoff-return average was tied for the team best, even though it was on just three attempts. Davis is also a speed demon, one capable into developing into a home-run threat Janis never did.  

Davis can help himself if he locks down one or both of the return jobs and shows improvement as a receiver. That could help him edge out Janis or one of the rookies. Yet, if either Yancey or Dupre wants to make it, they will either need to show big upside as a pass catcher or show prowess on special teams. 

Dupre, while supremely talented, doesn’t seem like the guy to contribute in the kicking game. He was a five-star recruit in high school and had decent numbers at LSU, considering he never had a quarterback.

Yet, if he wants to make it, in my opinion, it will need to come solely as a receiver. Yancey, on the other hand, is strong and fast and could possibly replicate what Janis has done.

Yancey is 6-2, 205 pounds and like Janis, is unpolished and more of just a deep threat. But with his size and speed, he could have a chance to unseat Janis as a reserve on the depth chart and an ace on special teams.

It’s hard to see him overtaking Janis right away, but if the Packers view to the two closely, they could choose to side with youth and upside.

You can make a case any of those five wide receivers to make the roster, but after Nelson, Cobb and Adams, there will be just 2-3 spots available. We know Ted Thompson doesn’t like cutting draft picks, which also bodes well for Yancey, Dupre and Davis. 

But at the end of the day, this position battle will be settled on the field in training camp and the preseason. I for one can’t wait and think that of all the position battles taking place this summer, the one at receiver is among the most interesting.

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PackEyedOptimist's picture

My money is on Davis and Yancy. Janis is a strong ST guy, but I really believe his gunner/etc. work will be replaced by other young players: K Brice, J Jones, J Williams, A Jones, C Heiman, as well as Yancy. Nobody says a WR has to be the gunner, and I think Williams would be a great returner AND gunner.

Chris Peterson's picture

Very true. Good points. I think Janis is in trouble too. I think Dupre could be a surprise. I liked him in college. He's raw. But I thought he would be off the board early day 3. I like him and Yancey.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I am not against what you suggest. I do think Janis is a great gunner, and that most of these suggestions would be a downgrade, but it may well be the correct decision to dump Janis and try a younger player with more potential at his actual position. Just expect some reduction in the quality of our STs.

I don't want Josh Jones playing gunner. Brice is already one of the gunners since Goodson got hurt. We do need two. If my memory is correct, Brice cannot replace Janis. Aaron Jones and Yancey have enough (not as much as Janis though) speed and good strength to do it, and I kind of expect them Jones and perhaps Yancey to make the 53, but it is not a given. Heiman and Williams are non-starters and Heiman probably doesn't make the 53 anyway.

Packer Fan's picture

With TT's tendency to keep his latest draft picks, there are way to many receivers. Janis is one of the odd men out. No one can any longer say he has potential talent. Either do it or get cut. Allison and Davis still have some potential talent scenarios. Maybe one of the two draft picks will be put on practice squad. The ones who make it this year will need to show that they can be eventual replacements for Nelson and Cobb. I am hoping the Pack resign Adams for 3-4 years. The 2019 year will be the year one of the five guys will need to be starter caliber. They will be the ones retained this year.

PackerfanAuggie15's picture

I think for Davis to stick, he needs to put on 12 to 15 lbs without losing too much speed or quickness. He reminds me of Miles White and Abby to a degree, speedy but not enough mass to break press coverage or garner yac. Yancy seems more likely to become a possession, James Jones, type receiver than Allison and may push him out or down the chart.

PackEyedOptimist's picture

If you watch Yancy's college tape, you'll see that he isn't what I would call a "possession receiver." Those types are usually quick types; Yancy's more of a split end type. I keep saying Yancy is a faster James Jones, because that's what he is. He is great at making contested catches--he made a bunch of spectacular ones, just like Jones, BUT, he was mostly used on deep passes; he's terrific at over-the-shoulder catches.

Ferrari Driver's picture

I could shoot from the hip, but there are simply too many unknowns at this point without even seeing the guys in pads. I can't recall seeing any of the rookies in a college game, so at this point they are merely lower round draft choices/free agents who will have to excel on special teams.

Based upon the likelihood of seeing two tight end sets, I would think five or six wide receivers may be the limit.

Anxious for training camp to give all of us a better idea.

dobber's picture

Someone could develop a "mysterious injury" at the end of camp and get stashed on IR....

Ferrari Driver's picture


JohnnyLogan's picture

Yancy will be the surprise of camp. A faster James Jones, with great hands, good speed... reminds me more of Antuan Bolden. I think he makes it, along with Janis and either Davis or Geronimo. My guess would be Davis, who if he puts on a few pounds and with his speed has more upside. He didn't get many opportunities last year but I think he's better than he showed. Take a look at his college tape, speed and good hands.

PackEyedOptimist's picture

The injuries and Pre-season will determine how many WRs are kept. I expect other teams will snap up several of the Packers cuts this year. It's nice to think the Packers will keep 6 WRs, until you select the entire roster, and realize that you have to cut quality back-ups from other positions.

Quarterback: Aaron Rodgers, Brett Hundley
Running Back: T Montgomery, J Williams, A Jones
Fullback: A Ripkowski, D Mays
Wide Receiver: J Nelson, D Adams, R Cobb, D Yancey,
G Allison
Tight End: M Bennett, L Kendricks, R Rodgers
Offensive Tackle: D Bakhtiari, B Bulaga, J Spriggs, K Murphy
Offensive Guard: J Evans, L Taylor, K Amichia,
Center: C Linsley, D Barclay
Kicker: M Crosby Punter: J Vogel Snapper: Hart?
Defensive Line: Mike Daniels, Kenny Clark, D Lowry,
R Jean- Francois, M Adams, C Ringo
Inside Linebacker: J Ryan, J Thomas, B Martinez
Outside Linebacker: Clay Matthews, N Perry,
K Fackrell, J Elliott, V Biegel
Cornerback: D House, D Randall, K King, Q Rollins
Safety: Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, Morgan Burnett, Josh Jones,
Kentrell Brice
J Callahan, T Hill, J Kerridge, T Davis, J Janis, M Dupre, G Gray, B Price, L Guion, C Heiman, L Gunter

At this point, I'm predicting Callahan, Davis, Gray, and Heiman.

4thand1's picture

You can't find a way to get rid of Barclay? Man, stuck with him forever.

PackEyedOptimist's picture

I think he is actually pretty perfect for the role of back-up center who can also do other positions in a pinch while Amichia, Gray, etc. develop.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I doubt we keep 5 RBs. I doubt we go with just 4 CBs. I'd be surprised if in the event Amichia makes the roster that Barclay does too. Since I'm dumping a RB, I get to add 5 to your list.

S Marwin Evans. 216 ST snaps. 4.47 forty + 42 Vert. Gunner?
CB: 1 or 2 of Hawkins/Lenzy Pipkins/Gunter.
OLB: Jon Calvin if he shows anything.
WR: Prefer blazing speed, but go with Dupre.

If I need another roster spot, we could easily keep 5 DL. Ringo or Price would be the most talented player cut. I think Evans is a very good bet to make the team.

PackEyedOptimist's picture

I liked Evans a lot early last year, but I'm not sure he developed enough as a safety to make the roster. I feel like no one is making this roster as a pure gunner this year, there are too many very good gunner prospects who are also good at their position.
I'm more of a Price fan than a Ringo fan, but it seems the staff likes Ringo more. I'd be shocked if the team didn't keep 6 defensive linemen. I think they will try to keep Price on the Practice Squad.
I also question that they will only keep 4 CBs, but they could easily keep three more on the PS. It's all about value on the whole roster.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Why would you be shocked at keeping 5 instead of 6 DL? GB has kept 5 several times in the past. We are playing a lot of nickel. We average just 2 DL on the field per snap. If someone gets injured, Guion comes off the suspended list: we can hold our nose a bit and put him on the 53.

I like Ringo and Price. I think they are both within the 53 most talented players, and within the 53 guys who can actually play NFL level ball this season. But roster construction isn't about keeping the 53 players who are most talented or 53 most ready to play immediately.

PackEyedOptimist's picture

They maybe "kept 5" when you counted Datone and Peppers as OLBs, but Thompson and McCarthy are both of the "need big bodies" school.

I like Price because he's a true NT type, and I think there is a need for one of those (especially for short yardage situations).

I have yet to see Ringo make a play that impresses me. :(

That said, I'D be happy with a DL group of Daniels, Clark, Francois, Adams, Lowry, plus some prospect on the PS. I just think the management will want a sixth DL.

Ferrari Driver's picture

I think Thegreatreynoldo is correct going with less than 5 running backs. One or more will likely find their way on the practice squad where they can be recalled when injuries occur.

Also agree with him on the DL since 80 percent of the time only two are on the field.

Some of these numbers will be determined by the individual players contributions to special teams.

RCPackerFan's picture

Also he has been an effective kick returner. And last year although gimmicky, he did have success as a jet sweep WR.

At the very least I think he could still come in for a handful of plays a game on offense and add something where they are using his speed.

Lets not completely rule him out as a WR. Lets not forget that it took Driver until year 4 to explode onto the scene. Just like Driver, Janis was a 7th round pick and came from a small school.
I'm not saying he will be the next Donald Driver, just saying that sometimes it takes players longer to develop and Janis has they physical tools to be really good.

dobber's picture

Bill Schroeder took 6.

Ferrari Driver's picture

I hope you are correct on Janis.

He is gifted with size, speed, and certainly as demonstrated on special teams, has a hard nose. Couple those things with a Wonderlic score of 30 making him one of the brighter players in the league I would have expected him to master route running, have the playbook memorized, and be one of the wide receivers being talked about as an all pro at this point.

The guy is simply an enigma.

stockholder's picture

Gunter, Janis and I'll bet Guion gets back on after his suspension.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

PEO has a point: by McGinn's count, Datone and Peppers played 467 snaps with a hand in the dirt. I expect Adams to replace Lowry's snaps, and I expect Clark, Lowry and RJF to easily soak up those snaps and more.

PatrickGB's picture

McCaffrey, Max 6 2 200bs anyone?

PackEyedOptimist's picture

Max is one of the reasons I was surprised to see the Packers pick two WRs in the draft; he seems like such a good Packer prospect.
I honestly don't know what the team is looking for from their WRs right now. They have/picked a large number of a wide variety of types:
Tall, big deep threat: Janis, Yancy
Skinny deep threat: Davis, McCaffery
Short, quick slot: Cobb, Crockett, (Montgomery)
Tall slot/possession: Allison, Clark
All-purpose: Nelson, Adams, DuPre

Are they keeping one of each type? Who knows...

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

There has been a propensity to take raw WRs. Nelson and Adams were raw. So were Dupre, McCaffrey. Monty, Clark, Janis and Davis were extremely raw. Really, Abby, Cobb and Jennings were the only pretty polished WRs taken by TT recently.

Dzehren's picture

Jordy is the only true #1 WR on the roster. Once the pads come on- the rookies & UDFA's can be graded. TT is trying every angle & turning every rock to find another WR threat/option for the AARON- A-Rod makes everyone look better than they are.

If Sam Bradford or some other average QB was playing most of these guys would be struggling to make the NFL (obviously other the Cobb and Adams).

stockholder's picture

If your making a run at the super-bowl. You Keep the veteran WRs. (6) This includes Janis,Allison and Davis. If any rookie lights it up. Davis will be cut. (He wasn't NFL ready when they drafted him.) He's the smaller target.

Sean Nelson's picture

They need to keep both the rookies. I know a lot of you have a hard on for Janis and I understand. He is a good gunner but he will NEVER EVER EVER EVER be a productive or dependable WR. His chances at WR have run out. He can't run a precise route.

dobber's picture

If you're keeping 5 WR, this alone would likely make him one of the best 5th WRs in the NFL. If you're keeping 6, he's a no-brainer.

Dzehren's picture

Remember the Seattle ST playoff debacle? That TE went to Minnesota then was cut... Brandon Bostick-

Your on the Janis train- Could Janis actually play CB like Bush? Rodgers doesn't seem to trust Janis---

Dzehren's picture

Janis did no wrong & is a great Special teamer BTW

Oppy's picture

The difference between Janis and Jarret is this

Janis is a special teams ace who doesn't seem trusted to play significant snaps on offense because despite stellar measurables he's not very good at playing WR with the focus and detail desired by the QB and required of the offense.

Jarret was a special teams ace who despite not being great at any one position, was completely trusted and able to play every position in the back end of Dom's 'complicated' scheme in a pinch- all CB positions, all safety positions.

Janis has be given every shot at making the roster thus far because of his special teams contributions, but I believe if he doesn't show marked improvement as a WR this year he may be in danger. Bush was kept not only because of his ST acumen, but also because he offered a lot of value for his roster spot.

Sean Nelson's picture

They need to keep both the rookies. I know a lot of you have a hard on for Janis and I understand. He is a good gunner but he will NEVER EVER EVER EVER be a productive or dependable WR. His chances at WR have run out. He can't run a precise route.

stockholder's picture

Janis can be precise. The problem is that A-Rod is not connected with Janis. And that where the never ever comes in. Also Janis must show he can be faster in and out breaks. That has not happened. Janis will be gone after this year.

dobber's picture

He can't make the right adjustments. How many times have we seen ARod throwing the ball downfield to some other receiver (usually Nelson) only to have Janis crowding the play and dragging at least one extra DB into the mess?

stockholder's picture

Thats saying Janis is not running the proper Route tree. He quickly would be chewed on from the coaches for that. Doesn't add up. Blocking or other calls involved. Blame the coach. My feeling is that they just don't have enough faith in him catching the ball. Especially when their trying to prove Adams was not a bust.

dobber's picture

"He quickly would be chewed on from the coaches for that.... Blame the coach."


stockholder's picture

Hog Wash! Janis gets the long routes. Adams got the check downs. How many times did you see Janis in Adams position? Think about it again. He was in Nelson's area. Not Adams or Cobbs? A-rods obligation was throwing to Adams.

dobber's picture

If you take out Janis's two long catches in 2015 (his ONLY two catches in 2015), he averages just under 8.5 ypc with a long of 25 yd. That doesn't sound like he's not running check-downs, too.

Dzehren's picture

#12 throws to the open receiver as long as it's not Janis. Adams is not a priority receiver. If Davante is open- he will see the ball early and often.

dobber's picture


marpag1's picture

"He's not where Rodgers needs him to be."

Actually, he's on the bench, which is EXACTLY where Rodgers and the Packers offense need him to be. :)

Janis is awful as a receiver. This is not even debatable.

stockholder's picture

None of you will say that when he's gone.

dobber's picture

If he's gone, it will be immaterial.

RCPackerFan's picture

If I were to guess right now I would say 6, but could also see 7 making it, depending on how the other positions fall.
I think if you put players into tiers it helps determine who has the best chances of making it. Obviously this goes without saying that it is not taking into account any injuries that may occur.

Tier 1 - Locks
Nelson, Adams, Cobb

Tier 2 - Good bet.

Tier 3 - Good chance
Janis, Davis, Yancey

Tier 4 - Have a chance, but have a lot to prove
Dupre, McCaffrey, Clark, Crockett, Pearson
This group has some really intriguing players. Mostly likely a couple of them are destined to be on the PS.

Out of Tier 4 I think Michael Clark is probably the most intriguing player. At 6'6 217 lbs he runs really well for his size (4.53 - 40). He was a former basketball player who only played 1 year of college football. He has much to learn but his size/speed is very intriguing.

PackEyedOptimist's picture

I really loved the Clark pickup--until I watched his college tape. WOW, does he have a long way to go to be an NFL receiver. For instance, he still jumps in the air to catch waist high passes--that's a Junior High kind of habit! I know he was listed at around a 4.5, but watching him, it's hard to believe; he has a really ungainly-looking lope. He looks like an at-least-two-years-on-the-PS-to-see-if-he-can-develop kind of player.

RCPackerFan's picture

He does have a ways to go. What I watched of him I thought he looked good. You can really see his basketball background while playing. In the stuff I saw, I didn't see him jumping for waist high catches. Not saying he didn't do it, just what I saw he didn't do that.

IMO, he will need a year on the PS to develop. But he is very intriguing and if developed could offer some really good skills. You can't teach his size. And for his size his speed is good.

stockholder's picture

But we saw B. Bostwick blow it even though he looked great. With free -agency you just can't wait on players anymore. If they get their chance ,they have to make the most of it. Cut! Send him flowers.

dobber's picture

It was a second career for B. Bostwick, anyway. Once they canceled "Spin City", he needed a revenue stream.

Nick Perry's picture

I'm hoping no matter what the Packers are able to hang on to Dupre. He was the top or one of the top recruits coming out of high school and most had him going in the 3rd or 4th round. He needs time but maybe in the right offense, the right situation he could do big things. Just keep him from getting snatched up by the purple team!!!!

Handsback's picture

I have always liked Janis, but have often wondered how they can keep him if they strengthen that position.
Well the Packers have done that and unless Janis has developed the skills, hands, and route running abilities to make it as a WR, he's gone. They can't afford him unless he becomes the best at both returner/gunner positions.

dobber's picture

Good points, but there are some things that Janis does well within the offense: he runs those dump-off crossers underneath and the jet-sweep very well. If you go back to his preseason and game film, that's what he's primarily done to get us excited about him. Get him the ball on the run and he's very good. But that's about all he's shown...and it's not that hard to defend when you know it's coming.

Unless one of the RB emerges in the role, I think Janis becomes the de facto KR, gunner-extraordinaire, and 6th WR. The bottom line is that any other WR you keep as a 6th WR project will not return anywhere near as much value to the team right now, and would likely be safe on the PS. And if they didn't make it to the PS, what would you really be losing? Not much.

Dzehren's picture

When TT drafted 2 WR's u knew Janis was out the door. Think we keep 6 plus we have #88.
Hopefully we can stash a couple on the practice squad or 1 on IR

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

I think we keep 6, those being Nelson, Adams, Cobb, Davis, Yancey, and Dupre.

I see both Allison and Janis being cut.

But here's a curveball: If another team loses a key receiver in camp or preseason, Cobb could be traded. I'm not an anti-Cobb guy, and I want him returning punts, but the salary cap is critically important.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

I'm looking at it wrong and ignoring impact, 'eh?

Actually, I think the WR decisions will be very close; very tough. Both Allison and Janis could stick.

I don't care if Allison is a starter. I just want the 6 best players for WR and Special Teams. I'm not confident Allison is one of those going forward, and Janis's Special Teams acumen could be less important now that Ted is stocking more athletic players throughout the team.

It's very tight, but my cuts at this early stage would be Allison and Janis.

PatrickGB's picture

Aarons favorite receiver is the one who is open. Teams have tried to mug our receivers to defeat that. Adams, Nelson and Cobb found different to get open. All the other WR's must find their own ways to do the same. They all have good skill sets but getting open in MM's offense will be the key factor. TC and preseason will decide who remains. However, I believe whomever remains will do well. And "potential" will be factored in. Also ST's are key. I expect some surprises this year. We have a strong group of contenders. I like that.

marpag1's picture

I think Geronimo Allison has potential to develop into a solid contributor. I do not think that he has the ability to be a 1 or a 2. WR3 is his ceiling, and maybe not that. He seems to have very good hands, runs OKish routes. But I still feel like I need to see a lot more from him before I'm fully on board. Last year, in limited duty he grabbed 12 balls for 202 yards in the regular season, with 5 for 65 in the playoffs. That ain't bad for an undrafted rook. The concern that I have is how many of his catches and yards might have been due to things other than his skill as a receiver.

Here are a few highlight plays from (you'll have to add the "www"). In the first one, the Packers are running a pick play to the right side. (Note the play, as the Packers will run the same route combination in the next example). This play is a flat-out busted coverage by the Queens. No one even attempts to follow Allison downfield. No defender is within 8 yards of him when he catches the ball. Sure, Allison gets credit for a 32 yard catch, but it's hard to give much credit to Allison when the defense entirely ignores him.

Here's the same route combo on the left side. It's kind of a mixed bag, in my mind. Allison does run a pretty decent route and makes a very nice over-the-shoulder catch. The flipside is that he benefited greatly from the scrape that picks off the Lion defender. How much of it is Allison's ability and how much is the way it was schemed up? 39 yards.

Here are a couple of plays where Allison sits down in the zone. (I'm not knocking how important that ability can be). But still, it's kind of a mixed bag to me. On the positive side, yeah he finds the "soft spot." But look at how little attention he receives from the defense.

The first play is against Dallas. Aside from right at the LOS, no defender is anywhere near him. Notice also how many of these plays come on scramble drills, where defenders are being asked to cover guys for an eternity. 26 yards

Here's another one against the Titans. Allison doesn't do anything more than run 10 yards straight downfield, then stand there. Defenders actively run away from him. Also, it's another scramble drill. 18 yard gain.

Here's the TD catch against Detroit. Again, it's a terrific catch, and you can't take that away from him. But again, it's a scramble drill, and the receivers have 9 seconds to work free. Despite that, Allison still NEEDS to make a great catch (and a pin-point laser throw from ARod), because he actually has very tight coverage.... from a linebacker.

These plays amount to a huge chunk of Allison's production, but how much of it was due to his greatness as a receiver? I guess my main point is this: I'd like to see a lot more evidence in which Allison, by his own ability as a receiver, is clearly able to create his own separation and beat determined coverage.

In addition, last year Allison was useless on special teams. He played three snaps. Plus he got nailed for weed.

Dzehren's picture

A-Rod makes all the receivers better. Jordy is the only #1. Cobb and Adams are solid. A-Rod makes TIER 3 guys better than they are. All in all- it's a productive group.

dobber's picture

I think maybe what you're saying isn't that it's a productive group, but that #12 makes it a productive group.

Dzehren's picture


marpag1's picture


marpag1's picture

All good, DPF.

PackEyedOptimist's picture

I was one of Allison's first cheerleaders last year, but I do think he has his work cut out for him this year. This roster is loaded. If Davis, Yancy, or Dupre really shows potential in the Preseason, I think they will push out Geronimo. I'll be sad to see him go, if that happens, but his loss would help open up a slot for Janis as a ST ace.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

That is a high-quality post, Marpag. I believe links are limited to 3 per comment as an anti-spam measure.

dobber's picture

What I've learned over the last 2 years is that if you're trying to write piece that you want to generate discussion on, make sure you plot an easy path to Jeff Janis on it.

The TKstinator's picture

All roads lead to Janis.

dobber's picture

Was that the musical number in "History of the World: Part I"?

The TKstinator's picture

The Inquisition?

dobber's picture

Sorry, I'm thinking of "The Road to Judea" when they're escaping the Romans. Forgot about "The Inquisition".

dobber's picture

"The problem is the unrealistic expectations everyone heaped on Janis."

I absolultely agree! Anyone who makes the team as a 7th round draft pick out of a D-II school and becomes an ST demon? Hell, we should be thrilled with that! I would argue that this guy is actually a draft success.

Instead, because of his Combine numbers and how he teases with just enough flashy plays to keep us dreaming, he's "an enigma" or "the Packers aren't utilizing him correctly". Just because he measures like Nelson doesn't mean he is he's labeled a failure.

I can't figure out why anyone has any more than a passing interest in Clark...

stockholder's picture

"The problem is the unrealistic expectations everyone heaped on Janis." No, to everyone. The problem were injuries,health issues, and Adams being drafted ahead of him. I would love to hear his agents response! And not the opinions of peons trying to grill him. Regardless, Janis brought this team speed, and a big game, when other WRs were done. He was willing, while others got pertected. Bottom line is he comes to play. Not pout. I still feel Janis is a player that says: " Just throw me the ball." I'll try to make something happen. I can't say that with several WRs currently on the PS. or drafted. And I'm not sure Allison is that type of player.

dobber's picture

"The problem were injuries,health issues, and Adams being drafted ahead of him....He was willing, while others got pertected."

Someone call the nurse because they clearly need to increase the rate on your drip, dude.

Slim11's picture

I disagree with one part of the article.

If Yancey and/or Dupre are to make the roster, they have to show themselves capable as WRs AND on STs...not one or the other.

If the Packers keep 6 WRs and Yancey and Dupre can't show themselves capable as I stated above, Janis makes the team. If either one proves capable as a WR and on STs, then that one makes the roster over Janis if the Packers keep 5 WRs.

I think this is a possibility because of the signing of Bennett and Kendricks. If RR stays, then the Packers might only carry 5 WRs.

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