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Aaron Rodgers wants Packers to play in London

After the 2019 regular season, the Green Bay Packers will be the only team that has not made a trip to London to play a regular season game. 

Aaron Rodgers hopes that isn't the case for long. 

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Since '61's picture

Just gives me another excuse to go over to London. Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since '61

Turophile's picture

Since I live in England (Bristol) I would just love to see them play even one game in London. I've seen other teams play there (went twice with a mate who was a 49ers fan), but to see the Packers there would be special, though they would almost certainly technically be the 'away' team.

Skip greenBayless's picture

Turophile, what's the overall attitude of NFL football in England? Do they understand it compared to soccer? is it growing in popularity or is it more of a reason to go get drunk and they really don't care? Just curious.


Turophile's picture

Support is pretty good. Many remember the old European League (Berlin Thunder, Amsterdam Admirals, Rhein Fire, London Monarchs, Scottish Claymores, Barcelona Dragons)........sad that they went to the wall, even though they were mostly feeder teams for the NFL.

There is some understanding of the game on a superficial level, but not (generally) at a deep level. If you start talking stack-and-shed or rub routes you probably get puzzled looks. Losing the European League and the weekly coverage on (Freeview) Channel 4 hurt the overall exposure and consequently the popularity, but Wembley always filled reasonably well for games (certainly the ones I went to) and it holds 90,000.

The drunkenness and fighting in the stands that used to plague football (soccer) a long time back in the 60s and 70s are pretty much in the past now. The authorities started to get a handle on that when they went to all-seater stadiums (instead of standing terraces) and these days crowds behave well.

Skip greenBayless's picture

Thanks for that interesting information Turophile. I wasn't sure about how accepted NFL football was there. So it sounds like there's still a long way to go for most fans there. Yes, I do agree with you that losing the Eurpopen League has set football back in Europe after some good exposure for a few years. I used to love watching that league especially how all the fans reacted. I also was under the impression that the drunkenness and fighting was still a problem. Thanks for educating me.


GBPDAN1's picture

I'm all for London, but I'm happy it won't be this year. I live in LA and got to see the Packers at the Rams in 2018 and now get to see Packers at Chargers in 2019 !

Lphill's picture

in other news a Butkus on Green Bay ? who would have thought?

Packer Fan's picture

Not much news today. Yes, London could be a destination game to go to . Kinda like a bucket list game.

PatrickGB's picture

As a Packer Fan who doesn’t live in Wisconsin I say yes. The season ticket holders in the area hog the tickets anyway and many don’t even attend the games. And when they do they politely clap their hands and don’t really cheer the team on. The biggest fan base for the Packers don’t actually live there. So the fuss over losing a home game seems like nonsense to me. Other clubs have done it. “Titletown” looks like a ghost town much of the year so I really don’t think that should be the deciding issue for out of town/state fans. Please don’t get me wrong I really like Wisconsin and the people there but they are not the ONLY fans.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

GB has a population of about 105,000. Having a home game is important to the local community's economy. And the Packers are a community-owned team. I know some season ticket holder (unfortunately not well enough to get tickets from them) and they sometimes don't go. But then -

overfamiliarity engenders despite.

WinUSA's picture

“community owned team”??? Just a ruse to sell pieces of paper for “stock” certificates that are worthless. I hate to break it to you but the Packers COULD leave if they so chose. The owners a a group of business men who smoke cigars in a smoke filled room and revel in the dough the franchise brings in.

mamasboy's picture

It doesn't matter who's butt is in the seat, the season tIcket holder or the person he sold it to, as far as local businesses are concerned. Being the smallest market in the NFL , Green Bay doesn't need extra "ghost town' weekend.

hodge555's picture

I too live in the UK and would love to see them come over.
I've been to games in the US, all losses :-( Firstly Randy Wright losing in Atlanta and more recently (relatively) Favre losing in Chicago. I've not been stateside for a long time so seeing Aaron over here would be excellent, and hopefully a win this time!

albert999's picture

Why give up a home game to go if we have to?
To give the nfl more money and the Green Bay community less? If Rodger Goddell wants to pick up the difference what GB would lose then ok other wise
I’ll pass

fastmoving's picture

but nobody ask you!!! not even in the community…….

you sound like a guy who is afraid his whole life that he may not get enough and anyone else got more. and im sure you really believe you deserve better…...
maybe you should take some time and think about it.

Skip greenBayless's picture

Fastmoving, why don't you get in your Bernie van and head to Venezuela. For as much fun as the millionaire Aaron Rodgers would have playing in England, as Uncle Albert, Reynoldo and others point out, there's a huge loss in dollars to thousands of people if they play that game elsewhere. People depend on that income to survive but if you are a believer in socialism as you are that apparently doesn't matter. All 8 games matter!!


albert999's picture

Slow moving obviously spends his daddy’s or wife’s money
He doesn’t have to work for his like many good people do in Green Bay

Uncle Albert

mamasboy's picture


Thebearsstillsuck's picture

Technically all 10 games matter. Preseason not as much as the 15 million a home game brings is, but roughly half.

albert999's picture

ignorance is slow moving

Skip greenBayless's picture

I concur Uncle Albert!!


hodge555's picture

I believe GBP have the best travelling fans in the NFL so it would make sense surely for it to be an away game. :-)

Minniman's picture

Funny you say that.

That LA game this year had a large Packer fan contingent.

The Miami game a couple of years ago was also more green and gold vs turquoise, orange and white.

While fully understanding the local economic aspect for home games, the Packers organization may be pleasantly surprised with the reception that they receive - perhaps they could test it out as an away game to see??

mamasboy's picture

They'll play there in 2020, count on it. Whatever Aaron wants, Aaron gets! Why is he talking about being able to do stuff while they're there. Play football dude! He's making 34 mill a year to do what ? Play f__cking football. He can afford to take the whole team over there to do stuff, in the off season. I wonder how many of his team mates are all fired up about this little trip. Maybe other older players like the familiarity and the routine they follow every week. Younger players should be focused on winning a football game, not following Rogers around London.

mamasboy's picture

The headline should read..... Rodgers Decides Packers Will Play Over Seas Sooner Than Later.

albert999's picture

Well said mamasboy!

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