Carry The G In MKE: Losing in embarrassing fashion

Aaron and Camille talk about the Packers crashing back to Earth against the Giants and try to keep things in perspective as the team readies for a showdown with Tampa Bay.

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SicSemperTyrannis's picture

December 13, 2023 at 04:13 pm

Lots under discussion here!

1. JL10 as runner, had #85 Kraft as lead blocker. He HAD TO follow his blocker. Period. Non-negotiable.

If he outruns his blocker and wants to try for more yards? JL slides to avoid contact well, and did early in the season too. Some consistency here might be good judgment, especially seeing as on this play he would've already gotten the first down. As much as #8 is a GREAT backup QB for this team, I hope to never see him take the field because JL never gets hurt.

Of the 3 turnovers, this is the closest NY came to forcing one. I would say JL ran right into their trap. Trap game or not, he could've avoided getting trapped into that turnover.

2. Our pass rush was flying around, constantly generating pressure. Nobody has a number for how many times, but he was hounded and harassed an extreme number of times. That's not possible with a lack of effort; pick one. I say hey tried, but 0 sacks. How much of that is player vs coach I'll let you analyze, I can't tell.

What DID happen is our D added a spy, and DeVito had an answer for that, as well as everything GB tried. Is DeVito the second coming of Broadway Joe Namath? No, we just got outcoached. AGAIN. Yet DeVito still had to execute, which he DID. He played well. He earned that win. His team almost cost him that win. GB almost won at the end, but should have had that game salted away long before that. 30+ points were there to be had. Missed opportunities abounded.

Can we award a loss to both teams for this crime against football? Lol

I'd like the HC to not say "they didn't deserve to win." If they had won at the end, even if the only difference was they missed the FG, would he have said they didn't deserve to win? This is far from my biggest critique of MLF as a HC, it's pretty; but he'd be better as an OC, with a HC who's great at clock management, in-game adjustments, personnel evaluation, and TOUGHNESS.

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Since'75's picture

December 13, 2023 at 08:07 pm

Award a loss to each team?...yea, i like that Sic.
I said in earlier post, that neither team deserved to win that game.
Well stated Sic.
The pass rush was flying around all right...... everywhere other than on Devito.
Speaking of Devito...I understand letting your first round QB sit on the bench for 3 years while learning how to play QB is all the rage around these parts.
But.... why is it, a rookie UDFA QB no less, on a BAD team, is 3-1 as a starter?
Is throwing 66% completions, 8 TD against 3 picks and has a passer rating of 96.5%
Just thinking out loud is all.
A lot of talk once again for firing Joe Barry.
Who is Barry's boss?
Is it MLF, or is it Murphy, because Murphy has total football control and everything has to go through him?
Would MLF need Murphy's permission to let Joe go?
Better yet, if MLF doesn't like something, like the db's playing too far off receivers, or not enough blitzing up front....
Couldn't he call time out, maybe radio to Barry what he wants to see?
He's the head coach, correct?
MLF is ultimately responsible for the football game as a whole, correct?
This kind of reminds me a little of when McGravy wouldn't get involved in the defense or ST's because he was to busy playing offensive coordinator.

Remember when the Packers were up by 12 points and Clay Mathews took himself out of the Seattle NFCCG with 5 1/2 minutes left in the game?
Well, Mccarthy was asked about that after the game.
McCarthy.....didn't even know that Mathews took himself out!!

Sorry, old wounds.

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