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Clinton-Dix: I don’t think I’m going to be here next year.

Green Bay Packers safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix claims to be playing every game like it's his last. Why?

Via Jason Wilde:

“Right now, I’m playing each and every game like it’s my last. I don’t think I’m going to be here next year. That’s how I look at it. I just (have to) be honest with myself. You’ve got to play it game-by-game. Whether we’re losing by 60 points, you’ve got to go out there and perform. This is my biggest interview of my career. So I’ve got to perform, regardless of what the record says.”

The Packers exercised the fifth year option on Clinton-Dix' contract this past year, the first time they've ever employed the mechanisim wherin teams control a first round pick's rights for an extra season.

The team has plenty of contract choices to make this year, Clinton-Dix included. The veteran safety is currently tied for the lead league in interceptions with three and appears to enjoy working with the Packera new defensive coordinator. 

“I like Mike Pettine a lot. He’s given me a chance to fly around and make plays. When guys are doing what they’re asked to do, we don’t look too bad out there. There are little mistakes we make, but other that, we’re all having fun out there and once we all get in a rhythm and start catching interceptions, it’s only going to bring us together.

I’m actually having fun — regardless of what the record says — because of the defense and the way it is right now. We’re going to get better. Once we get rolling, we’re going to be hard to stop, if you ask me.”

While his play has been up and down this season, Clinton-Dix has been a solid contributor on the defensive side of the ball. Time will tell if the Packers decide to approach his representatives about an extension.

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ollie418's picture

Bye bye you stink anyway.

stockholder's picture

I don't think Ha Ha stinks. What stinks is the backing of this team. The ugly now, is on the web. Hate is fueling common sense. Lack of support will make anyone give up. Boo Birds at Lambeau! Everyone said the same of sharper. Seems we love Comp picks more than veterans. Ok - Lets clean house. MM stinks. Gute can't handle the GM spot. Murphy gets fired. And who will take his place. TT Part - time! The board still believes in TT. And the veterans haven't earned their money. The castration of MM will stop any advancement. TT then supports Hologram as the next Head.

Hawg Hanner's picture

No he does not stink. He is a capable journeyman who has gone to a Pro Bowl. His market value will probably lead to him signing with another team. Ted Thompson could have done a lot better than taking Dix when he did, That is not the kid's fault.

zoellner25's picture


CAG123's picture

Why would they have cut after 2 seasons? His 2015 year was his best so far from a physical standpoint? That’s just silly

CAG123's picture

Well that’s stupid. Why would they have cut him after 2 seasons when his 2015 season was his best from a physical standpoint?

GBPDAN1's picture

Resign HHCD for 3M a year ...maybe 4m if he starts playing better and proves he's not afraid of contact

stockholder's picture

Never Happen. The reason he says he won't be here is: A. Swelled head. B; The packers low Ball all their players that have been critized. C. Money is more important than Loyalty ,friendship, Appreciation, and a ring. (Just ask A-Rod)

Chuck Farley's picture

Should have either cut him after two seasons or trained him for a new position because he sure as hell cant play safety. Most of his interceptions came off tipped balls and him being in the open field just standing around.
I've never seen him contend for a ball and take it away, ever. Worst tackler on the team too.
Hopefully they can get a ninth round pick for him.

TheVOR's picture

I've always just though he was kind of a journeyman level player, he's never really stood out to me as a "Star Football Player", just more of a guy. I think the Packers could improve at that position.

Jonathan Spader's picture

"I've never seen him contend for a ball and take it away, ever."

Go back and watch him take the ball away from Benjamin in the Buffalo game. That's the HaHa I wish would show up on a regular basis. Your criticism of most of his interceptions being the result of him being in the right place at the right time is stupid. That's how most balls are intercepted and a lot of those opportunities end in drops.

dobber's picture

Sounds like there's been nothing on the contract front for him, yet. I wouldn't be pounding on his door if I were the Packers. I would want to see his volume of work in 2018 first...and given the cut-rate that so many safeties had to take after the 2017 season, why would you negotiate in advance with a guy who often looks only to be a replacement level player? I don't expect the same kind of contract situations for safeties after this season, but I think they'll do better--even if they decide to bring back HHCD--if they let him test the market before resigning him than buying out his ability to test FA now.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I agree with Dobber. I still think we should have rescinded his 5th-year option and signed Tre Boston for a quarter of the price. That's the kind of decisive action I meant Gute should take in a previous article.

Aaron's article doesn't include the quotes that bothered me about HHCD. I put them in Jersey Al's confessions article before this article appeared, so I won't repeat those here. But the article I read indicated that HHCD wanted an extension. I remember an earlier quote wherein HHCD suggested that his body of work prior to this season should have earned him a nice extension. I think this guy is just delusional sometimes.

Thebearsstillsuck's picture

I read that about the extension too. During camp it was supposed to be because of his godmother recently dying. At the time i thought there was no possible way he was holding out for an extension. Does nick perry want a raise too?

TheBigCheeze's picture

....he's got an attitude problem......bye bye.......

stockholder's picture

He's played for loosers. He'll be great for his next team, So will Monty, So will Crosby, So will Cobb, So will CmIII, So will Bulaga, So will House,So will Ryan, So will Kendricks, So will MM.ETc. Enjoy the rebuilding. You just lost 1/2 this team. You think we stink now? HA HA!

Thebearsstillsuck's picture

I would be totally fine with the list you just gave leaving. Thats not half the team, but its about 40 million dollars that isn't being spent very well. And Mccarthy. What one coach currently in the NFL or in the last 5 years do you think would do worse?

Nic Stage's picture

I think you just read the headline and don't pay attention to other things Ha Ha has said in the past. He's got a pretty good attitude.

Tundraboy's picture

Why wait?

CAG123's picture

What did he just say to make you reply with “Just shut up and play some good football” are your comprehension skills lacking? He said he’s “playing every game like it’s his last” and was treating it like an interview clearly the guy wants to be here and is making that known. Y’all love treating these athletes as if they’re just robots.

Tundraboy's picture

Yeah like his heart will be in the best interest of the team. Lmao

Razer's picture

Very disappointing best describes Clinton Dix’s body of work and attitude. How about shut up, play some good ball and the rest will happen - ala Kenny Clark.

List is getting pretty long:
2 safeties
1 DLineman
1 Tackle
1 RB

Hope Dix doesn’t poison the waters for this defence.

LambeauPlain's picture

MM may be losing this team.

Roadking's picture

Agree 100% he already has.

Spud Rapids's picture

no he hasn't... the team doesn't even try to get back into the game down 24 if he lost them

Bearmeat's picture

I think we can get away with:

2 OLBs - a 1st option and a 3rd. Perry's contract being what it is means he's not going anywhere until at least after 2019. Ugh.

1 FS - We need a lead dog. HHCD isn't it. I think we have the options at SS we need.

1 OT - Bulaga is just about done and Spriggs has shown nothing to indicate he can start without killing ARod.

1 Developmental TE - Unless they really think Tonyan is that guy. Which I'm unconvinced.

1 RG - Unless Cole Madison comes back and shows he can play. I'm not sure that McCray can do it.

That's substantial, but not as long as many teams. Especially if things don't get better, we'll be looking at a top 10 pick. This team has more talent than it is showing right now.

Razer's picture

Sorry Bearmeat but we don’t have enough horsepower on our Dline. We are already screwed with only Clark and Daniels as our pocket push. Also, Montgomery is not a RB and in coming off his rookie contract. We will basically only have 2 RBs left next year. Overall, defense needs 3 to 4 starters. Offence only needs 2 guys for depth.

Bearmeat's picture

Agree to disagree.

What I was mentioning was my belief about what differencemakers we needed. RB is not part of it.

stockholder's picture

You Said,"we don’t have enough horsepower on our Dline." ( Agree.) Perry got caught inside Sunday. Which led to another big gain and the defense not holding. This has been going on regardless, if CMIII, Perry or someone else plays there. I always said that the 3-4-4 should be scraped. I feel the only reason it still is being used is because of CMIII and Perry. I believe Martinez can handle the ILB position all by himself. I want Des back!

Thebearsstillsuck's picture

Next year we can actually save 3.6 million cutting Perry, 14.7 million salary vs 11.1 hit.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

If the reports that GB doesn't want to re-sign CM3 are true, then cutting Perry to save $3.6M would leave Gilbert and Fackrell as our OLBs, with Donnerson as our sole back-ups.

Now, that same type of thinking led us to hold our noses and sign Perry in the first place, and it could lead GB to change its mind and re-sign CM3.


Lare's picture

I don't know what the free agent market for pass rushers will be next offseason, but even high draft picks at the position aren't any guarantee of improved production.

splitpea1's picture

I like this draft. Definitely agree that we need a quality replacement for Bulaga if he can't hold up. Will need help for the DL, though. Pretend the Pac-10 doesn't exist and don't let TT anywhere near the building when making the defensive picks.

splitpea1's picture

Oops, forgot about Clark.

splitpea1's picture

And Martinez. Hanging my head in shame here.

Tundraboy's picture

"Pretend the Pac-10 doesn't exist and don't let TT anywhere near the building when making the defensive picks."


Tundraboy's picture

Agree But I think we need more than a development TE.

Nick Perry's picture

AMEN to that TB....ENOUGH of the scrapheap TE free agent market. Cook, Bennett, Kendricks, Lewis, and Graham.

Lets get a TE we think and would hope could turn into a solid starter. The funny thing is Mike McCarthy is known for his love of the TE yet ALL those names except Cook for the end of 2016 has been a disappointment. Hey maybe just maybe McCarthy doesn't know what the hell to do with a TE no matter WHO is at the position. I'm having a hard time believing ALL these guys stink. Actually Cook has proved Thompson to be a moron once again the last 2 years.

sonomaca's picture

Looks as if safety will be a draft priority. The second first round pick will allow Pack to pick up a quality safety.

Next year’s draft is all about the defensive linemen, so maybe get one of those as well.

LambeauPlain's picture

Actually next year's draft is loaded with OLBs and Edge.

Exactly what the Pack needs to reload. Weakest position on the team.

Rak47's picture

From everything I've read the Packers are fortunate because next years draft is supposed to be loaded with edge rushers and offensive lineman, two position of great need for the Packers. The Packers are projected to be roughly 47mil -50mil under the cap and reducing the salaries of Mathews and Cobb or not re-signing them could expand their cap room to 60-70mil under the cap. Currently huge chunks of the cap are being eaten away by players who's production don't match their salaries, in Cobb, Mathews, Perry, Bulaga, and Graham. That's roughly 50mil in cap space for four players who's actual value is about 20mil which is a far cry that. By releasing them at seasons end they would have close to 75mil in cap space and could sign some quality replacements from the available pool next year. Cobbs replacement is already on the roster I'm sure, and because of our lack of playmakers and depth at OLB Gute may be forced to keep either Perry or Mathews. It would be nice if Gute could re-sign Mathews for a much lower number and get Perry to take a pay cut based on performance and availability or lack thereof to be more precise, all the while looking to replace both as the main fulltime starters. Although I find this very unlikely. There are some very good FA's scheduled to be unsigned depending on how many get tagged.
Here is a short list of top projected 2019 FA's by position, many who could help the Packers with all the cap room they have next season. I'm not fully aware of each playes contract situation so it is possible a few of these guys were re-signed ahead of their contract expiring, Mack is one I do know re-signed for sure.
1. Tyrod Taylor, Cleveland Browns
2. Teddy Bridgewater, New York Jets
3. Brett Hundley, Seattle Seahawks
4. Trevor Siemian, Minnesota Vikings
5. Josh McCown, New York Jets
Running Back
1. David Johnson, Arizona Cardinals
2. Le'Veon Bell, Pittsburgh Steelers
3. Jay Ajayi, Philadelphia Eagles
4. Tevin Coleman, Atlanta Falcons
5. Ty Montgomery, Green Bay Packers
Wide Receiver
1. Odell Beckham Jr., New York Giants
2. Brandin Cooks, Los Angeles Rams
3. Stefon Diggs, Minnesota Vikings
4. Golden Tate, Detroit Lions
5. Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona Cardinals
Tight End
1. Tyler Eifert, Cincinnati Bengals
2. Delanie Walker, Tennessee Titans
3. Tyler Kroft, Cincinnati Bengals
4. Jesse James, Pittsburgh Steelers
5. Jared Cook, Oakland Raiders
Offensive Line
1. Taylor Lewan, Tennessee Titans
2. Jake Matthews, Atlanta Falcons
3. Duane Brown, Seattle Seahawks
4. Daryl Williams, Carolina Panthers
5. Rob Havenstein, Los Angeles Rams
1. Ali Marpet, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
2. Shaq Mason, New England Patriots
3. Quinton Spain, Tennessee Titans
4. Mike Iupati, Arizona Cardinals
5. Jack Mewhort, Indianapolis Colts
1. Matt Paradis, Denver Broncos
2. Mitch Morse, Kansas City Chiefs
3. Brett Jones, New York Giants
4. Travis Swanson, New York Jets
5. Nick Easton, Minnesota Vikings
Defensive End
1. Demarcus Lawrence, Dallas Cowboys
2 . Frank Clark, Seattle Seahawks
3 . Ezekiel Ansah, Detroit 4 . Brandon Graham, Philadelphia 5 .Dante Fowler, Jacksonville 1. Geno Atkins, Cincinnati Bengals
2. Grady Jarrett, Atlanta Falcons
3. Sheldon Richardson, Minnesota Vikings
4. Ndamukong Suh, Los Angeles Rams
5. David Irving, Dallas Cowboys
Outside Linebacker
1. Jadeveon Clowney, Houston Texans
2. K.J. Wright, Seattle Seahawks
3. Anthony Barr, Minnesota Vikings
4. Markus Golden, Arizona Cardinals
5. Mychal Kendricks, Cleveland Browns
Inside Linebacker
1. C.J. Mosley, Baltimore Ravens
2. Deone Bucannon, Arizona Cardinals
3. Avery Williamson, New York Jets
4. Preston Brown, Cincinnati Bengals
5. Vince Williams, Pittsburgh Steelers
1. Ronald Darby, Philadelphia Eagles
2. Bradley Roby, Denver Broncos
3. Jason Verrett, Los Angeles Chargers
4. Rashaan Melvin, Oakland Raiders
5. Vontae Davis, Buffalo Bills
1. Landon Collins, New York Giants
2. Earl Thomas, Seattle Seahawks
3. Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, Green Bay Packers
4. Lamarcus Joyner, Los Angeles Rams
5. Tyrann Mathieu, Houston Texans

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

You did a lot of good work here, Rak. Some of these FAs have been signed already. I have no interest in the QBs, RBs (David Johnson was extended), and CBs. Not much interest in the top OCs or OGs, but a mid-tier player might be nice. At WR, Beckham, Diggs and Cook all signed long term. Tate is a nice player: he probably will see pretty good-sized money. Fitzgerald probably doesn't want to leave ARI, but if he would (to try to win a ring?), Gute and Fitz probably would both have to consider the 2019 Pack as contenders, and perhaps before the draft unfolds. Tate lately has been a slot guy, and I think/hope our slot of the future is on the roster already. There are a ton of good safeties who are scheduled to become UFAs. Amos in Chicago. Wonder how many make it to free agency.

Assuming a $190M cap limit in 2019 (teams will know about what it will be in early February), GB has $47.26M in projected cap space with 39 players signed. Since we will have 51+, figure half a million times 12, or $6M less. Down to $41M roughly. Releasing Cobb and CM3 (i.e., not re-signing them) produces zero additional cap space by definition. Releasing Perry ($3.6M), Graham ($5.33M) and Bulaga ($6.75M) = a total of $15.68M in cap savings. We could get to $62.94M (plus a small rollover). The only other players with larger cap savings are Daniels ($8.5M) and Crosby ($3.6M). Note Perry and Graham have $5M (or so) roster bonuses due in March, so GB would have to be sure to cut them within a few days of the beginning of free agency.

I like Havenstein. I think Philly signed Brandon Graham. PFF had an article on 2018 trades, suggesting GB send a 4th for Fowler. I'd be on board with that. Fowler was the third pick in the draft, and has talent. Jax is only playing him 20 snaps per game. Jax didn't pick up his 5th year option, so in order to avoid a one-year rental, an extension, even for a year to two (2019 at least) would be necessary. Anthony Barr has been used as an off the ball LB, but Gute would have to decide whether he can rush the passer if given the chance. With Everson Griffen out with mental health issues (he's barred from the locker room), MN might just give Barr that chance.

Rak47's picture

Thanks TGR, I took it from a list I made over the summer but it is not even half the FA's that will be available just my list of top 5 at each position in random order. I did remove Mack and a couple others I knew that signed but did not research to see if any more had as well. Just put it up to give an idea of some of available talent for Gute to sign.

Tundraboy's picture

I'll take Dix. Haha!

stockholder's picture

Had a chance to get James. The Safeties are even weaker this year. The OLbs do not fit GB present thinking. 6'3" 240. Were looking at Perrys again. No veteran will sign in GB if MM leaves. Pack Drafts Wilkins and a DE/edge- Jackson? Because CMIII, Dix and Cobb will leave.

Hawg Hanner's picture

Agree those three will be gone though Cobb could play on a more reasonable deal for another year.

BigCheese2's picture

A lot of this is TBD... but I am currently impressed and therefore not yet ready to complain about 2018 early draft picks: Alexander, Jackson and Burks.

BigCheese2's picture

Let alone the move back (and forth) to get Jaire gave us an extra first rounder...

dobber's picture

If decent safeties go at a cut rate like they did this last off-season (which, honestly, I don't think will happen), why would anyone ever draft one high?

stockholder's picture

Especially when Micheal Hyde turned out to be an All-pro.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

We can try Tramon at safety this season to see how he looks there (assuming we get sufficient health from the CBs to move Tramon).

Lare's picture

Has Tramon ever played safety?

Tundraboy's picture

"No veteran will sign in GB if MM leaves."


Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Yes, Lare, Tramon has played a fair amount of safety. Moreover, he played safety in Cleveland when Pettine was HC, and he played some safety last season as well. Not sure if Pettine changed things up, but there is some reason to think Williams could move there reasonably seamlessly. Like over the bye?

GRB1531's picture

There were 17 DT and 19 DE drafted in the first six rounds this year.
IN the 7th round we drafted our 1st DE and he is no longer with us. When will the Pack realize without a Rush we cannot be competitive with many of the other defenses. Mathews has 7 tackles and !/2 sacks in 5 games. Watch him on plays during the game. The last time I saw him leave his feet for a tackle was his hit in the Bears game. Tell me what I am missing.

stockholder's picture

Your not missing anything. He's scared after the penalties. Very obvious to me he's holding back. Hard to play all out when the team is losing in a big way.

Lare's picture

I don't think Matthews is holding back anything, IMO he's just not very good anymore.

Chuck Farley's picture

My wife, a packer owner and a mathews jersey owner said the other game " what the hell is Mathews doing, seems to be just running around not accomplishing anything".
I agreed. He is doing nothing and being handled by most O linemen he plays against.

LambeauPlain's picture

"I don't think I am going to be here next year".

Who in the world, playing a TEAM game, in the midst of a contract year, says such a thing?

Leaders do not say such things. They hold themselves accountable. This can be interpreted as:

1. I don't like this team
2. This team does not like me
3. I am going to want a huge contract to stay here and if not, someone else will pay me
4. I look forward to next year

This is not the stuff of leaders. This is the stuff of self absorbed prima donnas with inflated egos of themselves.

HHCD has surprised me over the last 2 years...surprisingly disappointing.

CAG123's picture

Who in the hell would interpret it like that? Why can’t it be “this team probably won’t resign me next year” which is definitely more of a possibility than that bull you just put Gute has made it known he isn’t for nostalgia. Nothing he said could lead anyone to believe he meant anything on that list.

Tarynfor12's picture

When was he designated a leader and who believed it?

fastmoving's picture

"This is not the stuff of leaders. This is the stuff of self absorbed prima donnas with inflated egos of themselves."

But our "leader" shows us that is all it takes to be a "leader".

other than that, I would not be sure if Arron and Corey had the intension to give some spoiled crybabies a forum, as they founded this website.

its becoming more and more gloom and doom lattely, without any real reason.
some really bitter, negativ folks out there who know everything.... like superheros.....till you ask them what they acomplised in her own life, with all here wisdom

LambeauPlain's picture

Suggestion: Proof read & learn how to construct proper sentences with correct spelling before posting.

Then I might be able to comprehend your criticism. This is just gibberish.

fastmoving's picture

yuup….got the idea… post makes a lot of sense to you. but I should take more care how I put it down here. just like you.

But I really try my best and I got the felling that you know what I mean.

Lphill's picture

he can be replaced another guy who was just a piece of a good Alabama defense, he had many stars around him to mask his short comings, he does not have that luxury now.

Razer's picture

...Who in the world, playing a TEAM game, in the midst of a contract year, says such a thing?...

This says it all. Maybe someone should ask Dix. Just terrible.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

And the green bay press gazette article suggests that HHCD didn't come to voluntary activities because he was miffed at not getting an extension rather than having his Godmother pass away. However, to be fair, I didn't see any quotes from HHCD that supported that: it is just what Wilde wrote. HHCD did previously say that he would have come had he had any money at stake, so....

I am really biased against HHCD from the quotes I've read. They rubbed me the wrong way, so I have to try to fight that bias. I'm not succeeding very well, admittedly.

Point Packer's picture

Don't let the door hit you on the way out. Ha Ha is as bad this year as he was last. He has three picks, two gifted and one a rare aggressive play. Got thrown onto the turf like a rag doll last week, again. Horrible tackler. Timid. Plays to not get hurt. Not a bust due to the fact he has been a consistent starter, but certainly not first round draft pick quality. Another TT dud in the long line of horrible drafts he had late in his career.

Who was the CHTV staff writer who almost purchased a HHCD jersey?

This team stinks like cow shit on a hot day.

GVPacker's picture

"This Team Stinks Like Cow Shit On A Hot Day"LOL!!!!

PackfanNY's picture

What exactly is his complaint here? He plays almost every play and part of his comment was about how Pettine let's him "fly around". So the Packers picked up his 5th year option and he will be a FA after the season. So what? That is the business side of the NFL. He didn't have a great year last season. Its show me time. Why bitch now about it by saying "I don't think I'm going to be here next year".
After the season he can either re-sign with the Packers or ANYWHERE HE WANTS. That's a good thing for him. How about be a professional and do your job while you are here?

Razer's picture


dobber's picture

If you put this together with his self-imposed summer hiatus, it feels like he's trying to kick-start a negotiation at this point (that's the most positive spin I can put on this). I wonder if his agent is face-palming.

Oppy's picture

nowhere does it say he was bitching. Sounds like he just made a statement reflecting his belief.

As to doing his job.. ge plainly stated that he goes out and plays to the best of his ability no matter what.

So what are you freaking out about? you are reacting to things you've made up in your head, not what HaHa has actually done.

Chuck Farley's picture

His agent told him it was time to point out you may be un happy (hint) I want da moooney so my agent gets paid.

Tundraboy's picture

Love this. Just love it.

jossephalex52's picture

This page is very nice, but on the iPhone, it stops scrolling when it comes to the section on Services. I think the slider used in this section is incompatible with the iPhone, or is the size of the iPhone screen too small to be able to handle the code properly?

jeremyjjbrown's picture

This site works great for me on android and ios. Way better than acmepackingcompany where half the times the comments never load

BigCheese2's picture

Trade HHCD (no dead money, $6M in cap savings), Sign Bucannon at SS, Move Tramon to FS and Breeland to 2nd Corner. Let the rookie CBs keep playing (well) in the slot.

Demon's picture

Didnt McDoughnut say that Ha Ha was one of the team leaders? Nice choice mike!

I wonder if Hyde has that tem first attitude like Dix.

Oppy's picture

Everyone who covers the team says HaHa is one of the team leaders.

Just remember, McDoughnut has advanced his football career far further that you apparently did. I wonder what your nickname would have been?

Tundraboy's picture

Clubhouse lawyer more like it. And a bit of a diva to boot.

EdsLaces's picture

This has got to be the most spoiled, sky is falling, fan base in the NFL.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

You've not read the coastal teams sites on sbnation, have you?

fastmoving's picture, but doesnt matter at all.........

Tarynfor12's picture

They just need another half full glass of Kool-aid.

Royalty Free GM's picture

You all misunderstood Ha Ha Clinton-Dix.
He was just quoting Mike McCarthy.

Alex559's picture

Spot the lie

canadapacker's picture

Somtimes one play can make a big difference. Everybody remembers the bad play by Rodgers on the on side kickoff. But what about the bad play by Dix on the 2 point conversion that would have also made the on side kick irrelevant. Dix has a bunch of interceptions but sitting in the middle hoping that the quarterback overthrows a guy and puts it into your arms is not covering a guy. Getting a lot of tackles because you play so far off that you let your guy catch the ball and then tackle him rather than contesting the catch - may be good stats wise but is not good defense. He is definitely not playing like a NO 1 pick should be at this point in his career.

4thand10's picture

Ha Ha was half stepping it last year, looked like he just gave up and was going through the motions...anyone could see that. So then this year he makes up his mind to play better only because it’s a contract year....which most forecasted here. The 2-3 good plays are not making up for the mediocre or busted plays so far this year....even when he’s trying.

After watching him give up last year and even if he has 2 more INTs this year or whatever I wouldn’t be able to trust him going into the future.

GRB1531's picture

If the defensive line, Martinez or the other LBs don't make the tackles, it is why the DBs are leading this team in tackles. Check the stats!

GRB1531's picture

WE need people that will get to the QB. A better than average DE or DL

Chuck Farley's picture

The packers do not want to pay the money that DE positions costs. The good ones dont come cheap but second round ILB can fit the bill, maybe?

Oppy's picture

This is still not a sound take, no matter how many times you say it.

Difference in pay between top tier DE's yearly APY and top tier OLB's APY is about a million dollars.

GRB1531's picture

Just a thought!! Would TJ Watt been a better pick than King????

Chuck Farley's picture

NO they will renew his contract because he was one of Ted the genius number one picks. Cant make Ted look bad no matter how shitty the player is: Perry, Datone, Dix, Randall....... the list is endless.

Most of Spielmans one picks are pro bowlers

Slim11's picture

One thing everyone seems to forget is how Morgan Burnett was treated approaching free agency. Does anyone honestly think HHCD did not see what happened to Burnett?

Ryan Longwell talked himself out of Green Bay. So did the CB (Mike McCoy?) who was traded to the Saints. It sounds more like HHCD wants out of Green Bay.

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