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Confessions of a Polluted Mindset: A Packers Brain Drain

Penalties: Packers were called for 12 penalties for 112 yds lost against the Lions. The Packers have the second-most penalty yards (413) in the NFL. Only the Steelers have more.

Packers vs. Lions Stats: 30 1st downs vs. 18. 523 total yds vs. 264. 0 punts vs. 5. The Packers are simply a poor team right now finding ways to lose. The biggest culprit could be Aaron Rodgers. He continues to eschew the easy completions, continues to believe he can extend every play.

Mason Crosby: There is just no way I'm going to get on him after being so good for so long.  The bigger picture question is, why is he getting so many attempts game after game?

McCarthy: As much as I criticize his in-game decision making and lack of creativity, I've always said he is a guy that the players know has their backs His move putting Crosby back out to kick that last second field goal was a perfect example of why.

Aaron Rodgers: As hard as it is for me to fathom, Rodgers looks to me like he's lost some his arm. Noticed him aiming and subsequently missing some easy throws. 

Jimmy Graham: He looks slow as all hell. One would expect that the only catches he's going to make are by winning jump balls, because he's certainly not beating anybody - and yet, he's he's not making those plays either.

Aaron Jones: No carries in the second half. And I don't want to hear, "You can't run when you're losing like that." With 30 minutes of football left, of course you can mix in some runs. And even if you don't run, you can throw Jones some passes. It's an easy 8 yards or more every time. But the Packers don't do easy. And, as Peter Bukowski pointed out on twitter, they still played running backs in the second half, so why not use your best players?

To that point, here's an interesting fact:

And one final one pertaining to the reasoning that Jamaal Williams takes away Aaron Jones; snaps because of his Pass Protection:


"Jersey Al" Bracco is the Editor-In-Chief, part owner and wearer of many hats for and He is also a recovering Mason Crosby truther.  

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Lphill's picture

Crosby gets a pass he had a bad day , Rodgers did enough to win but ball control was an issue the most puzzling thing for all of is the limited use of Aaron Jones , MM needs to be called out on this , the after game press conferences are to easy on him someone needs to confront him about Jones and get some answers about this.

Kb999's picture

Lp, no one gets a pass. They are not ametures. No excuses!!

mnklitzke's picture

So does that mean you cut every player if they have a bad day?

TheBigCheeze's picture

.....yes.......yes you do......

Kb999's picture

He gets paid to kick. Do the math. He makes them we win. That being said, the whole team played like he kicked. Go Brewers!!!

GBPDAN1's picture

There's so much wrong regarding this team right now. I hope a lot of these shortcomings can be reversed soon. Even if things turn around this year, We will need to upgrade the talent in the off season. Especially OLB and Safety . I hope we don't need to upgrade the TE position 3 years in a row. Just another TT blunder by not resigning Cook.

Hawg Hanner's picture

Look at what Thompson invested in safety, Dix and Jones. Jones isn't even playing and Dix looks like a Free Agent rather than a first rounder. It will take some years to overcome the damage Thompson caused.

The TKstinator's picture

12 penalties? Yikes.

When 33 DOES block, does he do okay?

RCPackerFan's picture

12? 12 is nothing compared to the 123 that the article says. :)

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Most NFL games seam like they have 123 penalties these days. It's getting worse than basketball.

Jersey Al's picture

dammit! lol

RCPackerFan's picture

Hey, it made me laugh.

Jersey Al's picture

Someone on twitter posted the blocking success rate of the Packers running backs. Jones had the best rating - 100%. Take that, McCarthy!

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

PFF wrote that Aaron Jones allowed no pressures in 4 chances. Williams and Montgomery allowed 2 pressures in 29 chances. Every RB has good stats in pass pro.

dobber's picture

I was just going to say that 4 isn't that many chances and 29 is quite a few, in comparison, so the pressures don't bother me, here. When you look at the box score, there's certainly nothing systemic in their usage except to say that when Jones is in the game he's more likely to touch the ball than Monty or Williams.

Offensive snaps:
Jones 22
Williams 33
Monty 29

Jones 7
Williams 6
Monty 4

Jones 3/2
Williams 4/2
Monty 3/1

Rebecca's picture

Well, with Rodgers holding the ball for 1 missssssssisssssippppppiiiiiii, 2 mmmmmiiiiiiisssssiiiipppii, 5,6,7....and so on I think it’s hard for any of them to hold blocks.

RCPackerFan's picture

Penalties - It seems penalties are up all along the league.
Some of these penalties that they are calling are just ridiculous. The one that hurt them the most was the "not being set" on the play where they hurry up to the LOS, and snap the ball. They get the first down on that play, but instead get moved back making it 3rd and really long which they then don't convert and they have to settle for a FG which Crosby misses.

3rd down - Its not always what happens on 3rd down but what happens on first and 2nd down. Rodgers is some of the problem on this. He passes up open WR's to get a deeper play. Its time he realizes he has to just hit the open player. Get whatever yards you can. The game is pretty simple really. You basically get 3 downs to get a first down. Average 5 yards per play and you will never get to 3rd down. And as soon as they get to the redzone and its 3rd and whatever, go for the first down. Have 3 more plays to try and get into the endzone. Trying to go for the endzone every time when all you need is a 1st down is getting aggravating.

Rodgers - He is his own worst enemy most of the time. Especially with him being injured he needs to just find the open WR and hit them early. He looked his best in the 2nd half of the Bears game, because he had to get the ball out quick. He needs to do that again. There were plenty of open WR's all day long. Yes sometimes there weren't but there was a lot of plays where guys got open and he didn't pull the trigger. Even the play he got reinjured on he had a guy wide open and didn't throw at him. Would have been a huge gain too.
He looked a lot better in the 2nd half when he was getting the ball out faster again.
Also. Some of these 'guys aren't open' things are ridiculous. Rodgers is one of the most accurate QB's in the history of the game. He should be able to put the ball where a defender can't get to it. Trust the WR to make a play even if its contested.

McCarthy - He and Rodgers need to get together and realize that they need to have the offense run a lot faster. Shorter throws, shorter routes. Have 1-2 options going deep but not 4.
Also he needs to start finding ways to get his players the ball easier. Aaron Jones is a play maker with the ball in his hands. He needs more then 8 touches in a game. He needs at least double that. Montgomery is a versatile weapon who could be a complete mismatch for defenses. They don't use him like that. MVS has speed and size. Find ways to get him the ball in space. ESB showed he can also play. But he also has size. FInd ways for them to use that size.

Also, I don't think I have seen anyone that can cover Adams at the LOS yet. Start feeding him the ball with slant after slant until they try to take him away. After they start coming down on that slant do a slant and go.

Graham - I heard that during the game they had to keep icing his knees. If his knees are that bad, i say sit him this week that way he can have this week and the bye week to try and recover.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

"Shorter throws, shorter routes."

Those recievers can run 20 yards in 2 seconds. It doesn't need to be only short routes to get rid of the ball in under 3 seconds.

dobber's picture

It's a catch-and-run league, now. Get the ball out to your players in space and let them create. Even if they aren't particularly elusive, the percentages go up and the chances for negative or zero plays go down.

Defenses will start to jump those routes if you run them all the time, too. This is in part how you get successful deep routes out of receivers who aren't burners on double moves and pump fakes.

Tarynfor12's picture

" It's a catch-and-run league, now. "

Yes and the Packers do neither,either by design or ineptitude.

Pauly's picture

Rodgers should watch a lot of Brady film. Brady throws a lot of 8 yrd passes then uncorks something long after safety's come in.
Watching Brady,, pass, jog forward 6-8 yds, pass, jog forward, pass, jog forward.
Watch Brady win and be in SB. Easy peasy! Simple game.

dobber's picture

Who was the last real downfield receiver to thrive in the NE offense? Gronk is that guy now, but--Randy Moss? It's all Julian Edelman, Danny Amendola (now moved on), RB dumpoffs. They only carried 3 WR on their active roster to start the season. They only have 2 active RB now.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Brandin Cooks with his 16.6 yard/reception average and 1082 yards in 2017. He had 155 yards and a 15.5 yd/rec average in 3 playoff games. Catch rate wasn't good though.

dobber's picture

Man...I missed that. Good call.

4thand10's picture

RC..... I agree with all of this.

Tundraboy's picture

Why does it take a huge chunk of the season before MM figures things out?? This season I doubt he will at all.

Nick Perry's picture

I think Aaron Nagler said it best in "Gut Reactions". He made ONE very simple to the point reaction.

"This is a bad football team".

At this point through 5 weeks this is pretty much dead on. Sure they've had some nice half's or a good quarter here and there but they still haven't put in a game we've come to expect from a Rodgers lead Packers team.

I wear my Green & Gold glasses with the best of them. I actually thought the Packers could possibly make it to the SB this year after saying all Spring they were probably at least a year away. I felt with the draft class Gute put together and added in the players from the 2017 draft who were injured and didn't really get to play, this team would be able to contend as long as Rodgers stays upright. If you look at last seasons draft class it's really quite pathetic. Josh Jones is lost. Kevin King is brittle. I don't even know what happened to Adams and Vince Biegel is playing in New Orleans. Yancy was cut and then resigned to the PS.. As for the rest WHO CARES. They were horrible and still are. WHY TO GO TED! Now I suppose Rodgers can put together one of his miracle runs and CARRY this team into the playoffs but I'm not counting on it.

McCarthy's "Redo" of the playbook wasn't much of a Redo at all. Rodgers is doing what he's seemed to do the last several years...Hold the ball forever instead of taking the easy completion. But this year he's fumbling to go along without the easy completion.

One last thing, this on McCarthy. I'm a little cloudy on exactly when it was in last weeks game but in was sometime in the 2nd quarter...Right before I shut off the TV for good Sunday. The Packers RUN THE BALL all the way to the Red-Zone for the most part with Aaron Jones and then attempt 3 pass plays, all incomplete setting Crosby up for his 2nd or 3rd miss. WHY Mike? Why completely get away from what was working and get cute without 2 of your starting WR? WHY not put in the 6'7" TE and RUN.


Tundraboy's picture

Ugh is right. How many times have we seen this pattern.

dobber's picture

Sometimes the game is really simple.

Sometimes coaches outsmart themselves.

Jersey Al's picture

said te same thing about Jones. He got them to the 24 yd line, they couldn't stop him and then...

nostradanus's picture

New assistant coaches and OC on Offense

New scrubbed down version of the same old Offense

Same old Stubborn McCarthy stressing is Fundamentals

Same slow plodding Offense

Same old excuses

Same failure by McCarthy to adapt to the new NFL

Prediction: McCarthy is going to lose the locker room if he hasn't already.
First Aaron Rodgers fires a shot across the bow and now Josh Jones is publicly expressing his lack of playing time. The wheels are going to come off after the bye week when the Packers get pummeled on the road in L.A. and New England. It is time to move on from BIG MIKE!

egbertsouse's picture

Even HHCD is quoted in the media today saying it’s his last year in GB. Is this the beginning of a mutiny? I don’t know but it doesn’t sound positive.

packerbackerjim's picture

I wish him well, hope he signs a big contract and we get a supplemental pick. That’s what I would call a win-win.

Jersey Al's picture

doesn't sound mentally tough to me. and he plays like he sounds

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Every time I see HHCD quotes, the less I want him on the team. The former Alabama standout had hoped to work out a long-term deal with the Packers.

"I don't think I'm going to be here next year. That's how I look at it. This is my biggest interview of my career, so I've got to perform, regardless of what the record says. Some great things that a lot of guys, a lot of individuals are doing, including myself. But there's always room for improvement. I think for myself, I want to put a complete game together myself...."

Link to the article:

On getting stiff-armed by Golladay:

"For one, I shouldn't have gotten relaxed on the play," Clinton-Dix said. "I thought it was a PI, I thought he was going out of bounds, so I relaxed going into the play. That's not the first time that kid has stiff-armed me. That's the second time in two years. So I don't know. I have a problem with that kid all the time. I even tell him that. He's got these big dinosaur arms, and I can't figure out how to get away from him. I just have to be aggressive and get him out of bounds. I'm the last line of defense."

Hematite's picture

The first thing that I thought of when I read Dix comments, McCarthy is losing this team.
Hopefully that is not the case!!

Pauly's picture

To me HHCD is playing like he doesn't want to get hurt and is planning on taking his millions of $ and retiring at the end of the season. Out of football and into his other career he talked about liking last yr.

Tundraboy's picture
Thegreatreynoldo's picture

The Ringer made MM look like Shrek.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Did you ever see "Chef"?

I feel like the food critic who's asked to come back to the restaurant for something special, and then gets served exactly the same food.

Mike McCarthy said, “So we’ve taken a scrub brush approach to the whole system.”


dobber's picture

I don't know what people expected. Who built the old playbook? Who built the new playbook? Who's still calling the plays?

Tarynfor12's picture

Out with the old, in with the new, the only changed, is the word new for old.

splitpea1's picture

The playbook must be the size of a church pamphlet.

dobber's picture

The dictionary is many words do we use out of it?

splitpea1's picture

Going a bit off track here, the dictionary and thesaurus are incredible tools that not nearly enough people take advantage of.

Tundraboy's picture

True, but still I'd like to have seen another word or two added to our vocabulary.

freddisch's picture

Same play book, just changed the cover “New Improved Play Book”

Tundraboy's picture

That's what I was afraid of.

JHitTheB's picture

Rodgers 2018 stats so far

Completions - 131 (8th)
Attempts - 208 (6th)
Completion % - 63 (not sure)
Passing Yards - 1,572 (8th)
Passing TDs - 10 (T8th)
Passer Rating - 100.1 (10th)
INTs - 1
Pass YDS/game - 314.4 (9th)

Even on a bum leg, repaired shoulder, and with limited practice reps he's STILL top 10 lol. I'm not saying he's perfect - I've seen him miss some throws he usually makes in his sleep and he doesn't run as much as he usually does - but he's not the problem.

JHitTheB's picture

EDIT: The Packers are tied for the league lead in drops with 11.

If those 11 passes are not dropped that puts his Completion % up to 68.2 which would put him 9th.

Tarynfor12's picture

Boxscore devotee....Prevent defense's allow for stat padding and Rodgers is one of the best when the game is lost.

JHitTheB's picture

Boxscore devotee? Please. It's called knowing football. He has put the team in position to win every game this year - the exception being maybe the Skins game even though some bad calls killed momentum. Put Kizer in there and GB is winless. No boxscore perusing needed to know that.

Penalties/players out of position = coaching
Drops/missed throws = lack of practice reps
Mismanaging game situations = coaching
Injuries = bad luck/lack of players maintaining their bodies

Again - he's not the problem.

splitpea1's picture

You must mean "he's not the only problem." Nobody is sure which percentage of blame should be assigned to either AR or MM.

packergal's picture


WRONG...AROD IS one of the problems but he's not the only one.

In addition to his throwing motion change, (resulting from injured leg, arm strength change, injury fear--it does not matter).
His decision making on choosing the open receivers is well below previous year performance.

Now, to this issue, identify which playmakers on both sides of the ball are playing at above average--enough to be starters on other teams: Here's my list:

Aaron Jones,
Kenny Clark,
Jaire Alexander (maybe/too soon to tell)

There may be a few more but this small number of players will likely not produce a consistent, high performing offense, defense and playoff team.

Therefore, the personnel problems, execution issues, coaching failures combined with AROD average performance means AROD does share some of the blame.

Skip greenBayless's picture

Boxscore devotee? Somewhere some young band is going to use that as their song title. The last one similar that I can think of off hand was Jukebox Hero by Foreigner. Has a nice ring to it. Well done.

PAPackerbacker's picture

All those stats and his rank and AR is also #1 in salary. And how about fumbles?

Christopher Gennaro's picture

Are we already question the man salary? Ugh how about we wait to see if he can adjust before question his salary.

Since '61's picture

I think we know that there is enough blame on this team to go around for everyone, players and coaches. Second in the league in penalties is just bad football even in this recent era of ridiculous penalty calls.

Like everyone else I have no idea why we are not giving the ball to Aaron Jones more frequently. I know that Rodgers was removed from the injury list but I think that he is still playing hurt. I agree with Jersey Al that something is wrong with his throwing motion or he just can't use his injured leg to throw off of. Just another reason to get the ball to Aaron Jones IMO. As for his decision making on not hitting open receivers I just don't understand it at this point. Decision making has always been one his strengths as a QB.

One thing that AL did not mention was our lack of a pass rush. We better find one before we go on the road to play the Rams and Pats. And yes I know there aren't any pass rush or edge player trees out there. Another very good article AL.
Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since '61

Christopher Gennaro's picture

I agree 100% that Rodgers usually makes great decisions and its one thing that separates him from most players. I think he needs to understand that dump off, right now is just as big as the 60 yard dart. Its sometimes hard for race horse to slow down. On the pass rush, I have no idea what they can do this year, with the personnel we have.

dobber's picture

Looking at the snap counts, four things jump out at me...

1. Kenny Clark can't play this many snaps. He might have played all of them if he didn't get temporarily dinged up in the first half. They're going to wear him down to nothing at this rate.

2. Guys who need to start figuring into the rotation: Montravious Adams, Josh Jones. Adams got only 1 snap? That's a problem...he needs to step up and create some breathers for the rest of the DL group. Based on this, I wouldn't be surprised if the Packers started using Lancaster on obvious run downs. Josh Jones is in that category, too. He needs to be a functional piece, but he's clearly been passed up by Burks in that coverage/hybrid ILB role.

3. The Packers played mostly nickel on Sunday (no shock) and a fair amount of base looking at the defensive snaps.

4. I see no real plan in the RB usage. It's a true committee and it doesn't feel like there are established roles here.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I don't expect to read any articles titled "Why isn't Montravius Adams playing more?" We know why he got 1 snap.

If GB gives Josh Jones some snaps, there is a chance we won't see any more articles wondering why he is in the doghouse. We'll know. [I still have hopes for Josh Jones. I'd give a 2nd round draft pick the benefit of the doubt over UDFAs IF ITS A CLOSE CALL, but it seems clear to me anyway that Whitehead is noticeably better than Jones was last year. Not sure that Brice is better except when we play dreadfully bad QBs like Trubisky and Allen.]

dobber's picture

I understand what you're saying, and you're right. Really, my point was that those were guys who need to step up, but they aren't demanding play time with results...just (Jones) with his mouth. It's a problem: they're going to need that depth.

Tarynfor12's picture

" One thing that AL did not mention was our lack of a pass rush. We better find one before we go on the road to play the Rams and Pats."

The pass rush has been missing for years and all the writers here have denied it being an issue along with the vast majority of those that comment.
What we have is a collection of blind squirrels finding a nut now and then....nothing more though less is still a possible.
Josh Allen was the most recent nut to be found but they don't appear on the schedule and the privious 2nd half Trubisky won't be the same easy nut either.

Jersey Al's picture

"all the writers here have denied it being an issue". Really? I've been screaming about it so long I'm tired if doing it. And I'm not alone...

Tarynfor12's picture

Have you not supported Perry being retained? Did you not support Perry before being resigned? Did you support the signing of Matthews to the highest paid OLB for however short time he was?
I know I didn't and was persecuted about it and still am by some. I recently said Gilbert,without some help will get washed out. I was mistaken about Fackrell and atoned for it last season unlike many who still pound the desk for Matthews in any form or Perry when he 's healthy which still isn't anything special.
I don't recall you being slurred, mocked etc for your damming of Matthews or Perry, our 1-2 punch of air.
If I'm in error,apologies, but nobody here has taken the abuse I have concerning the mighty duo and no one screamed louder or more often than me.

Jersey Al's picture

Perry no. Matthews yes, because there was no better option. I've long maintained Perry was a desperation reach as a first-round pick when the critical pass rush need first reared its ugly head. I didn't like him before the draft, was meh about him as a Packer, and was surprised by the contract extension - again out of desperation. Matthews I believed still had something left, and I think he does. You can thank the NFL for cutting his heart out this season.

I know you have had plenty of Nick Perry arguments with many in here, but not with me. Sometimes I react to excessive negativity, so maybe that's what I did. But I've never been a Perry fan.

Lare's picture

The one constant during the last few years of LB futility in Green Bay- Winston Moss. Poor coaching or poor talent?

ILPackerBacker's picture

If you see it on twitter it must be true!
Nothing says great insight like posting your own twitter.

the pack has more than 11 drops in just the last 3 games.

2 dropped TDs just last weekend. (giving adams credit for the roll)

adams missed a td v the queens.....before blaming the guy making the throw look at who is not catching them. Nobody is doubling or scheming away adams

WRs are NOT open because the defense leave them when the ball is thrown else where.

Jersey Al's picture

Nothing says insightful comment like worrying about if I save myself some typing and want to establish when something was said by showing a tweet. Sheesh.

ILPackerBacker's picture

Finally and with humor
the packers have WRs who can run 20 yards in under 2 seconds.......

where does this stuff come from?
certainly not twitter

LambeauPlain's picture

MM is an incredibly stubborn man and seriously immune to change.

He attempted to be a HC for one year where he said he would devote roughly equal time to O, D, STs, and personnel. That lasted a year and he was back being an OC.

He kept Capers on board for 5 years too long and it cost him many victories and maybe another SB appearance or two or three.

And he states his O playbook would be scrubbed this offseason and be rebuilt with creativity and new looks. It is the same playbook!

Stubborn and immune to change.

Time for change at HC.

croatpackfan's picture

NIce points Al... Very good article...

croatpackfan's picture

I want to ask one question. I wonder if the age is the cause of the problems we see in Aaron's game.
I've been riding vars for over 40 years and I have noticed that in the course of time my peripheral vision slowly diminished. I remember that as a very young driver I noticed a lot of events on both sides of the vehicle. And I drove faster and more energetic. After the time I stopped to observe these events, that is, my visual field became more and more narrower. That is why I drive so much more calm today, It takes me longer to observe all the details I have just observed and processed as a young driver. I can not remember when I noticed that detail in driving, but I know I had some unpleasant situations just because I did not have this vision anymore as at the very beginning of my driving life...

I also remember how many people mentioned, I think during 2011 or 2012, how Tom Brady sees the ghosts in his pocket. That was so obvious that it looks ridiculous.

Maybe Aaron's field of vision began to narrow, so he stopped to notice the open WR on the other side of the field, or the movement behind him in his pocket ...

What do you think of that?

Community Guy's picture

i hadn't read this theory before. if it holds some weight wouldn't the trend be true for all older QBs?

croatpackfan's picture

Well, it should be applicable for all QB that not goes only through first and second reading, but those who making the magic on the field...

4thand10's picture

Packers are playing like shit right doubt. Use of RBs and tight ends is a problem..especially knowing the situation the Oline was in prior to the season.

Yes talking penalties and refs is loser talk. However one would have to be completely blind NOT to see for some reason officiating crews have a full Hard On for the Packers. The Packers were very vocal about calls, as has been Mike Tomlin for the Steelers ( he’s a pretty good coach)...and yet the NFL and officiating crews are trying to teach them a sucks and it’s Obvious. I think it’s time for fans to start throwing garbage at the officials again because something has to level the playing field.

Tarynfor12's picture

Oh boy !!!

Doug Niemczynski's picture

He sounds a little upset. I could be wrong

Skip greenBayless's picture

" I think it’s time for fans to start throwing garbage at the officials again"

Ah, no it's not time for that type of behavior EVER. Unless you are a member of Antifa or the far left, good decent people do not use violence or throw things at innocent people to get their way. This is just a game man. You need to voice your displeasure at the top and that's getting rid of Roger Goodell.

4thand10's picture

No...not too “upset” . Players and coaches have been very vocal about calls...more so this year than any I remember except maybe the fail Mary game., not a member of anything ,lol , anifta or teabaggers. But clearly nothing changes until so many fans are upset and talking about it

( see Clay Matthews legal /not legal sack/ training video debacle ) and the complete flip of positions on the matter. Coaches have been chasing down and yelling at officials....NFL flip flopping on sacks after maintaining such staunch positions... it’s a problem. Your right, I shouldn’t advocate throwing trash, that’s wrong.

Skip greenBayless's picture

Your right, I shouldn’t advocate throwing trash, that’s wrong.

Thank you. I think the guy in this video also agrees with you.

Community Guy's picture

like others have said: nice commentary.. really. that said, the theoretical under-usage of Aaron Jones feels to me more like a political talking point to justify getting on McCarthy's ass, rather than a main reason the Packers have struggled. after all, everyone would agree that the Packers are a passing team, so, dismissing relative backfield pass protection skills seems disingenuous.. Williams is absolutely solid in pass pro. also, the Lions game reinforces the importance of ball-security.. Williams has repeatedly shown ball security skills.

PeteK's picture

The #1 problem that has beaten us this season are dropped passes in very critical situations, everything else is true, but secondary. Drops are on the individual players and will correct itself because the players involved are better than that. Jones has improved and is running with more power, but I have no problem with Montgomery and his receiving skills being in the game when we're trying to make a comeback. Let's take a very deep breath. We're destroying everything green and gold. We had arguably the best team, Minnesota, beat. We're a half game back and the rest of the league is in disarray. The only team playing as they should are the Rams. Must win Monday and then my money is on the Pack as they always play great after a bye against great competition.

Tundraboy's picture

"But the Packers don't do easy."

May have to make that a wallpaper.

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