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Cory's Corner: Aaron Rodgers Is the QB, Not the GM

Aaron Rodgers is at it again. 

It’s clear that the league’s best passer is still miffed about losing his quarterbacks coach and favorite receiver. And he made his feelings clear during an interview on a Milwaukee radio station.

Rodgers said, “I think it's pretty clear that players play and coaches coach and personnel people make their decisions. That's the way they want it.”

At this point what does Rodgers want? Does he want to be included on every single Packers’ personnel decision? If so, that would be a terrible move. Nobody is bigger than the team. The best example as to why players shouldn’t be included in personnel decisions is the Cleveland Cavaliers. LeBron James has helped construct the team, head coach and even the general manager — and the Cavs are now bogged down with bad contracts. 

Of course the obvious question is what this means for Rodgers’ impending deal. Will an average of $32 million put an end to his passive-aggressive snipes?

And we all get it. Rodgers is the only reason why the Packers will be mentioned in the same sentence as the Super Bowl and we all found out last year how important he is to this team.

But there’s a difference between being a leader of a team and assembling a franchise. It’s great that he wants to have his fingers in every aspect of the team. That shows that he cares. It shows that he is committed and dedicated to winning. It also shows that he truly wants to stay in Green Bay.

But at this point, it’s getting a little tired. If he’s looking for respect, he will earn it when his new contract is announced. And if he is trying to prove how football savvy he is, well he doesn’t have to worry because he proves that every week already. He can remember plays from eight years ago and recall where a defensive back played in a certain situation.

We get it Rodgers. This will be your 11thseason as a starter. You’re 34 and you realize that time is limited. You want the Packers to do everything they can to put not just a contender, but a Super Bowl threat on the field. And there’s nothing wrong with that. 

But this will be a transition year. Green Bay has a new defensive coordinator, a new general manager and Rodgers has new a No. 1 wideout.

I highly doubt that Rodgers’ grumbling has any impact on his contract. But I would bet that Brian Gutekunst doesn’t exactly appreciate reading and hearing negative comments from the team’s most important player.

Rodgers is right. Players play, coaches coach and the folks in the front office make decisions. It’s human nature to covet more power, but that doesn’t equate to success. A player can only have so much power before it splits the locker room, becoming an issue.

At the end of the day, Rodgers may be a great player, but he is still a player.





Cory Jennerjohn is a staff writer for Cheesehead TV. He can be found on Twitter @Coryjennerjohn

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Savage57's picture

We're starting to hear from Rodgers some of the same frustrations Favre was expressing as his career was winding down. As your franchise player ages and he's starting to reconcile his football mortality, it's understandable when they become more vocal.

I'd be more concerned if he wasn't saying anything.

TJ Coon's picture

Please dont day winding down! Lol

worztik's picture


flackcatcher's picture

Agreed. As long as he does not shut himself off like Favre, it will be fine. Also, the packers have addressed his concerns (TE. Giving him control of plays from the line etc.) over the past seasons. It is this little dance Rodgers and McCarthy do every season now. Rodgers makes some sort of under the breath criticism, McCarthy pretends to ignore it and suddenly like magic, problem solved during training camp. One of these days, Rodgers is going to go too far, and McCarthy is going to publicly slap him down. I had hoped that after the Bengals game in 2014, Rodgers had learned his lesson. We will see.

The TKstinator's picture

Winning cures all ills. Since there are currently no games to be won or lost, we’re stuck in limbo.
Rodgers is very calculated in everything he chooses to say publicly. He wanted to make his thoughts/feelings known. Now he’s done that.

worztik's picture

Just an off the wall comment: I’m watching 2016 Pack vs Boys playoff replay... instead of letting Gunter go, it should have been Crappers and Dix!!! Gunter singled on Dez with Dix roaming around doubling WHO??? SMH...!!!!!!!!!! Laughable!!!!!!

The TKstinator's picture

Better off the wall than on it.

4thand1's picture

grass hopper, the key to enlightenment was firing Capers and ted. Now go win SB and don't let rice paper hit you in ass on way out.

TheVOR's picture

Ya, dead on. Capers and Ted needed to go years ago, part of the very reasons we're not winning championships is the very comfort Rodgers has been living under for too long. Said this in a different forum also, Rodgers needs to step up to the challenges before him. He's going to get a whole host of new talent brought in here. He's going to have 2 new TE's, probably a handful of new WR's. His focus needs to be on bringing his guys up to speed and finding the gems he's about to be presented with, and finally, making them all work in this system. It's not like he's never played for Philban before. We can't afford to have him talking about chemistry and Jordy Nelson all year, he'll need to step up and make sure his WR's and TE's are what he needs them to be, and he needs to be effective with the guys he's has, not dwelling on the guys he had..

Packerpasty's picture

he'll be effective with the guys he has, but will the guys he has be effective?? The "team" was exposed last year, are they much. better? This receiving corp...mediocre at best made slightly better because of who's throwing the ball...

TJ Coon's picture

Wow, the media firestorm. Its almost comical the piggy backing I see on this story. Yes, we know, he is not the GM. The Jordy thing was an aberration . Jordy played with the team for 10 years with Aaron Rodgers and they developed a chemistry that probably won't be matched in Aaron's career. Hence, Aaron Rodgers emotional comments. However, as one of the best qbs to ever play the game, I'm sure he has some pull. He also has the right to his opinion which isn't the opinion of some avg. Joe shmo qb. He has intelligence witnessed by his beatdown of Mark Kelly the astronaut on Jeopardy and not to mention his recent meeting with his Holiness the Dalai Lama. I would imagine those kinds of things pull some weight. If you don't think he carries weight when it comes to players in free agency you're crazy. Do you think free agents come to Little Old Green Bay Wisconsin to play with backup Brett Hundley???

Royalty Free GM's picture

I’m 100% behind GMQB Rodgers when he expressed his opinions about his successor. We are in good hands.

Packerpasty's picture

exactly, what well run company doesn't value the opinions of its employees....Gut and BIG mike would be out of a job with one more year of Gummer at QB....

Johnblood27's picture

OK, we hear you. You can wipe your chin now.

Bearmeat's picture

Corey, this is the first time I've agreed with you 100% in a very long time. Rodgers sounds almost Favre-ian here.

We can't have players active in the front office. ARod, play your position and stay quiet. If you are that displeased, refuse to sign a new contract and get out of town after GB franchises you for 3 years. When you're 39.

Or, pull a full Favre. Retire. Then unretire. Then tell Gute to trade you. Or retire and go into personnel.

I don't care. But you are a player. You play. Do your job and let those in charge of their job be in charge.

4thand1's picture

Those in charge haven't been doing their jobs in a while and he doesn't want to continue down the same path IMO.

Johnblood27's picture

Thats NOT his call.

He has options as a Union employee.

Leave if things are so bad, otherwise keep helpful suggestions IN HOUSE or just shut up and DO YOUR JOB.

4thand1's picture

I think you and a lot of people would rue the day if he left.

Bearmeat's picture

I'm not saying I WANT ARod to leave. I want him to stay and play like the GOAT until he's over 40. I want another 2-3 Lombardis.

What I don't want (and am somewhat afraid of) is that ARod gets sick of personnel and coaching and starts to try and run the team himself from the media room. This is what BLF did from 03-07 and I am convinced that BLF is the reason we didn't win it all in 07.

If ARod is going to get poo in his pants, then he needs to not be around.

Personnel guys pick players.
Coaches coach.
Finance guys finance.
Players play.

I don't think my boss is very good at his job. I think my department would be better without him. I think I could do a better job if I wanted his chair (which I don't). My job is to teach and research. That's it. And if I have comments on my boss' performance, I tell HIS boss in an appropriate way, when it's asked. Unless someone's conduct breaks laws, this is the way the work world goes.

ARod should STHU and do his damn job. Or demand a trade/retire if he's that pissed.

PETER MAIZ's picture

Rodgers leave Green Bay? Should we suggest the Franchise have a 20-year losing season as it did in the past? I'm sure Green Bay would have a lot of fans henceforth....

John Kirk's picture

Are you a fan just because of the "winning" around here? How'd that work when Brett left? Did the Packers lose fans and fall apart?

HankScorpio's picture

If Rodgers is concerned about people not doing their job, he should check the QB's stat line in all their recent playoff losses. And get to work on fixing that.

Packerpasty's picture

so thats all on him and not the crap he's surrounded with hey...good one..

HankScorpio's picture


Sure how he plays is all on him. Who else would it be on? Being paid like a star means you have to play like a star. Rodgers has not done that in the games that have eliminated the Packers from the playoffs.

Some like to the blame that solely on the "crap that surrounds him". Other think he accepts a responsibility to rise above that crap along with the boatload of cash he's getting.

Nick Perry's picture

Rodgers is no longer 27 and coming off a SB victory. He no longer has a WR corps worthy of being on the cover of SI like they were in November of 2011. Now we're approaching the 2018 season and those times seem like forever ago. That's not to say Adams, Graham, Cobb, Monty, and our new 1-2 punch at the RB position won't/can't be effective. But they have a lot of work to do before their on the cover of SI.

Rodgers is 34 now and believe me is aware he doesn't have nearly the talent he had around him he had in 2011. It's been 7 years since the Packers won SB 45 and it's flown by. Last year showed Rodgers it could be over in a single play. Last year it was a collarbone, next time it could be his shoulder. Like Savage57 stated above, I'd rather have him saying something instead of nothing because it does show he cares.

Like it or not the Packers are in a Mini-Rebuild. That's not to say with a little luck on the health front the Packers couldn't compete and even win a SB this year because Rodgers IS that great. Like the fans Rodgers is getting a little restless. He KNOWS the years are clicking by and the chances of winning another 1 or 2 SB's are fading with each passing year. Rodgers IS the GBP and has been for a few years now. He's earned the right to open his mouth every now and then IMO.

Savage57's picture

I've spent most of my life in sales organizations and there's one thing I learned with absolute certainty. When your stud producers point out a product flaw, a pricing issue, a market gap, only a stupid CEO ignores them, and they usually wind up doing so at their peril.

John Kirk's picture

There's a difference in what Rodgers did and what you're championing.

Rodgers has reacted publicly AFTER THE FACT. He's ripped things that have already happened that can't be undone. That is far different than him saying, today...we need CB help, because I want to win another SB before I'm done.

Further, in your sales example, those guys would be wise to go to the CEO PRIVATELY and the CEO would be wise to listen. However, in this example all the comments we're debating are PUBLIC. In your example, if the sales guys went out and ripped the company through bizjournal or twitter, or whatever, that would be counterproductive and a bad look. Rodgers should speak privately about how he feels. He's a huge part of the organization. Do it like a man, Aaron. I'm not sure he's capable.

NOTHING Rodgers has said that is being debated here had a ring of him wanting to win the SB. All of it was a childish whining to the media. Tom Silverstein the sta puft marshmallow media man got one right the other day. The guy uses passive aggressive surrogates to get his frustration out into the general population. That's p*ssy. No leader of men does that. I think there's a major disconnect in the perception and the understanding of what Rodgers has done and is doing here. I LOVE a vocal leader whose comments are about winning. I totally disrespect a whiny little b who passive aggressively takes shots through his media buddies. That's simply PATHETIC. I would hope we could all see what's happened for what it actually is. Rodgers has been growing worse and worse with his child like commentary over the years. I'm sick of the guy as a person. Great, great, great QB, but I won't be sad in the least when he takes his ways far from Green Bay and fades into irrelevance.

Bearmeat's picture

I was right with you until your last 3 sentences, JK.

BLF was the worst with that. Rodgers has gone nowhere near that level of whining/petulance/armchair GMing. Yet. And I will definitely be sad when he leaves regardless of how the last 5-7 years of his career go.

But I am worried that ARod could go BLF.....

John Kirk's picture

:) Surprised you were for as long as you were.

Are you aware of the comments on the wet ball practice drill? I only ask because sometimes I'm taken aback what fans aren't aware of when they offer opinion. I did it myself in the Ronald Jones thread and was corrected by Colin_C. You have to understand fully before commenting and I missed that one.

Aaron is worse than ol' Yip Cabbage to me. Far worse. I turned on Brett in 2001...I'm not the world's biggest Aaron guy anymore, either. His 2015 was just deplorable from a body language standpoint. He was obviously extremely upset about missing Jordy and having nobody to throw to. Will be fun to see him 3 years later with Jordy being disrespected and not there vs. out with an ACL and no fix. Now, he has to handle his anger over how his buddy was done and having no help.

Oh, and if you aren't aware of his quotes on the wet ball drill:

“It’s a silly drill,” Rodgers said. “It’s one of my least favorite drills in the game. I did it today as a favor to the coaches because I don’t like that drill because it’s unrealistic. If it is an actual rain game, the ball comes into the umpire, he wipes it off and puts it down. You don’t dunk a ball directly in the water and then try to throw it. So, yeah, it’s an unrealistic drill, but we do it and I participated today.”

---He did it...AS A FAVOR TO THE COACHES. Are you kidding me? Run that one through your noodle a few times. A favor? He's paid multi millions of dollars and he comes off sounding like he wasn't going to do it because he thinks it's stupid but acquiesced and decided to do the coaches a favor by participating? That's a level of dickishness Favre didn't reach until Jenn Sterger.

PETER MAIZ's picture

Well, I disagree. Rodgers sees it as he sees it and has a right to his opinion. Rodgers has made McCarthy, not the other way around. Some teams have gone years trying to find the right franchise quarterback, going through a constant merry go round only to find failure after failure. Again, I reiterate that this franchise may go through years of mediocrity without Rodgers. So much as we went through years of mediocrity at defense with "fabulous" Dom.

Nick Perry's picture

John .... I will agree to a point, Rodgers has been doing a lot of talking this year. But he's also been around for the last several years under Thompson where key player after key player was either cut or given his walking papers and not resigned.

At the end of the day Rodgers KNOWS the REASON the Packers don't have multiple SB appearances under him IS the Front Office. You could tar and feather me and beat me to a pulp to get me to change my mind about that but I never would..It's ON Ted Thompson. Like I said above Rodgers is now 34 going on 35....Tick, Tick, Tick....He stayed quiet for the most part for many years and it got him the roster they have now.

NOW...I'm giving Brian Gutekunst the benefit of doubt and supporting whatever he does until a time comes when he should no longer deserve that benefit. Rome wasn't built in a day and the Green Bay Packers roster didn't develop a massive amount of needs in a single season. When Rodgers sniveled on Mike & Mike about his QB Coach I'll admit I cringed a bit. You could see he was genuinely pissed about losing Van Pelt and IMO that just wasn't the place. But Rodgers stayed quiet for years and now he's probably tired of staying quiet and is doing whatever he deems necessary to get the FO to get him all the help he feels he needs.

John Kirk's picture

NP, you and I have been on the same page regarding Ted for a long long time. You probably don't know this, but we go way back to Rodney's site on this. I stopped going there years ago due to his bipolar nature from site to twitter but I enjoyed the time we had there some years ago. I do think fans of this team and Rodgers himself have suffered varying levels of Stockholm Syndrome due to Ted. Rodgers, you, and me much less than most. We saw the destructive impact of Ted during all of our "winning" and knew it should be much more than it was and was being held back. Like you, that will never change for me either.

I would hope Aaron is going off INSIDE the organization. I would. I would make known how I feel to those who CAN change things. I would consider that my personal responsibility. Like I said, if there is truth in him stopping Russ Ball that is to be applauded. I'm just not a fan of his whining in the media. Didn't consult me on Van Pelt? Not even that he said it but the way he said it. He comes off as a child. He really does. Hard to respect that from a 34 year old human being. He doesn't sound at all like someone I would choose to be friends with if I met him. He sounds like a baby. Of course, I've tried to understand this guy the best I can by looking heavily into his relationship with Kevin Lanflisi, his family, and women, etc. The Lanflisi thing never got any media coverage but I think it's a fascinating look at Rodgers on a personal level. I also think some of the video out there on his pre draft and post draft experience is equally riveting stuff.

Not sure I'm quite with you that it's excusable he's blowing his stack now because he had to deal with Ted all those years. I get what you're saying there but I truly hope he was going off on the org internally way back. I'm guessing he wasn't and was coasting on the SB win for years but now that that's becoming distant and he sees his end, he's getting riled. That bothers me that his motivation has been about himself not about the team. He's only vocal now because he sees his end? Wasn't as vocal because he didn't 5 years ago even though same things were happening? Disgraceful. All about Aaron. That is my opinion. He should've been how he reportedly is internally now way back years ago. Perhaps, had he been, bigger changes would've been made 5 years ago as opposed to wasting all these seasons that have been.

Man, I hope we don't have Ted II in office but with Murphy there it sure feels like we might and worse in some ways. I'm not optimistic because of Mark Murphy as emotionally fragile as Oppy must think I am. :)

Packerpasty's picture

sorry he's not your robot...he really didnt say anything that horrible did he??? Not allowed to speak his mind???? wow...

John Kirk's picture

In that interview? No.

If the CEO of your company fired your supervisor would you complain publicly that they didn't consult you? No. Why would you? That's not your decision to make and it would be crazy to think otherwise. It shows that Aaron thinks he SHOULD HAVE BEEN consulted meaning that he thinks he's more than he is. Egomaniacal. If you had commented that you think you should've been consulted on your bosses firing what would that say about you? That you were out of your mind and had no clue how things actually work. We all know Aaron is intelligent so that tells me he's so blinded by his perception of himself that he can't see how stupid he sounds when he says something like that. Glad he's not a robot so we can see who he really is. It's much appreciated and worthy of discussion.

Bearmeat's picture

You aRE 100% right, NP. But you don't air your dirty laundry publicly. You keep it in house. And if you're that angry, demand a trade/holdout/retire. Just know that if you, as the employee, do that... you, as the employee, need to be prepared to own it. Even if you are the GOAT.

If Rodgers went that way, it would forever ruin his reputation in GB, and possibly the NFL. And he knows it.

The sour grapes and passive agressive swipes are unbecoming.

Lare's picture

I'm sure the Packers be happy to let Aaron be involved in player decisions and keep people like Van Pelt and Nelson around if he would be willing to take a break in his salary to help cover theirs.

Haven't heard him say that yet.

Cubbygold's picture

This is exactly why the conversation should be had. If they say they can't afford jordy and have to play a younger cheaper guy, Rodgers at least has that option. Without consulting him, they may very well have passed up a great opportunity to negotiate

Johnblood27's picture

first of all, dint confuse right with privilege.

second, one never "earns the right" to do something that never was and shouldn't be, their role.

Sheesh, how entitled millennial can this warped society get.

I am getting old, but that doesn't make me wrong and anyone younger right. Sometimes the old way was the old way because it was the best way even into today.

Not all change is progress and not all pain is gain.

4thand1's picture

Sure wish we would bring back the horse and buggy.

carlos's picture

Way more simpler 4thand1, until the horse goes lame. lol

Finwiz's picture

Always go hyperbolic in discussions, when one has no valid reply.

fthisJack's picture

and we still have freedom of speech and that includes the QB of the GBP. just because he's an employee, doesn't mean he has to keep his mouth shut and be a good little soldier.

packergal's picture

Freedom of speech is a 1st amendment right and has nothing to do with an employee's rights and obligation to his employer.

These are distinctly different issues.

John Kirk is correct--at times, AR acts like a spoiled child and a passive-aggressive employee.

Fountaintown's picture

I think you forgot "GET OFF MY LAWN!!" in your post

Johnblood27's picture

...and stay off!

...and take your dog with you!

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

I asked Aaron if I could stay married to my wife. Thankfully, he said yes.

She's pretty hot, so you can imagine how relieved I was...

Bert's picture

Although I don't think players (i.e. employees) should interject themselves in management decisions, I don't think AR has crossed any lines. At least not yet. He's just expressing an opinion but he hasn't blatantly criticized management in a way I would consider to be disruptive or damaging to the organization.

Packerpasty's picture

hey, who asked you to be reasonable?? Not allowed on this forum...

Thebearsstillsuck's picture

I don't have a problem with Aaron having this opinion, but would prefer he keep it in house unless he's going to publicly offer a solution as well. And that would be taking a more Brady like deal. I don't blame him for taking less under TT, because we just would have been an extra 10 million or so under the cap, but maybe things would be different now. I know Bradys wife makes more than him, but Aaron should have more money than his next 10 generations should need.
The other teams with big money quarterbacks have had to make similar moves in the past. Falcons with Roddy White, half the Seahawks team now, Patriots time and time again even with Bradys help, list could go on and on. I'm sure there were friendships on those teams to.
I would be upset if I was Aaron about this too. He seems incredibly conscious about his legacy. TT and MM have brought his down and he has brought theirs up 10 fold. I truly think MM would be another retread coach in this league, a nice 10 to 15 year career with about 4 teams.

stockholder's picture

Quick, Somebody blame MM for A-Rods comments. A-Rod does have his say. We just take for granted he said nothing. Franchise him? Trade him? A-Rods days are GONE! The mouth goes to keep us from realizing he's just a player now. Sure he knows what he's doing. But the talent is fleeting. The Packers know it. In fact the talent on this team needs a enema. Lets not confuse a feel for the game with age. The Wrs have no separation. This OL is not going to save his A-Rods skin. The secondary is trying to create positive thinking. The Rbs are by committee. The OLBs are a one trick pony. The IlBs can't cover. This team has No depth. Why shouldn't A-Rod talk like a GM. A-Rod has become the packers Pack Mule. A-Rod is just pumping himself up. It's on his shoulders again. Wake up people. The rude awaking was last year. This team has lost it's speed. Were definitely seeing a change in A-Rod. I just hope we can win this division.

Fountaintown's picture

You should sell your stock

stockholder's picture

No. But if they sign Dez Bryant I might! The packers are one of 4 teams inquiring. Here we sign veterans for A-Rod. (TEs) We get rid of his go to guy and best friend. Adams gets big bucks, 4 years to learn, Gets Nelson's job. And now were checking in on a locker room cancer. Common people, these aren't MMs moves. Can we please have drug testing for Management. If their looking for an excuse to take Ridley they got it.

Finwiz's picture

They aren't going to draft the little guy, Ridley.
He isn't what they need in the first round, and isn't that dynamic to begin with.
With that frame, he'll be injured.
I'd take a proven vet over a guy like Ridley, when they have so many big play needs on defense.
You can get receivers in the 3rd or 4th rounds.

PETER MAIZ's picture

I wish this team remembers 2017, also known as the year with the replacement quarterback. McCarthy bragged Hundley was "ready to go" because he'd spent three years under his so-called "quarterback school" Yea, yea, yea...

fthisJack's picture

i wouldn't blame Rodgers if after this season he sees no evidence of being a SB contender , he wants out of GB when his contract expires. he's had to watch a disfunctional Capers defense sink any chances of a SB for how many years now while the administration sat with their fingers up their noses and did zero to fix an obvious problem.
and this year they got rid of 2 people that were very important to him. his QB coach and his fav WR. there should have been some conversation with him about these moves.

carlos's picture

My opinion is Rogers may over think the loss of Jordy because they were such close friends. I think we all do it. He probably envisions going to OTA’s and no Jordy. I can understand a loss like that. He’s human. Should they have given him a heads up? Maybe. Should Jordy have been treated in a different manner? Maybe, but who am I to decide. I’m not the GM. I think Gute did what he felt was the best thing for the Green Bay Packers. We can pick apart every single team and come up with a huge list of things we feel should’ve been handled differently.

carlos's picture

I think I’ll let players play, coaches coach and GM’s manage. Dang, seems like I’ve heard that before. lol. Go Pack. Draft coming- things are looking up.

Lare's picture

Aaron may also be making some of these comments just to not hurt the feelings of his friends. If Nelson and the QB coach were no longer effective, Rodgers would surely recognize that but not admit it to the media.

Johnblood27's picture

yeah, throw your current management under the bus instead.

How about whining to said management if you dont like how they do their job, and bring better solutions to the table or dont have that conversation either, but dont whine in the press.

didnt van pelt actualy "play out his option"? didnt he want off contract so he could pursue other options?

Packerpasty's picture

"throw the management under the bus" guys sure read a lot into a few probably could care less what he said or how he said it...they have a draft to screw up...

Since '61's picture

I wonder how many times Rodgers has been asked about what he thinks or how he feels about the changes in Green Bay this offseason? Or what do you think about losing Jordy your favorite WR to free agency? (Both professionally and informally). If they don't want or like his answer don't ask.

But the problem is everyone (media and fans) does want to hear from Rodgers on these issues. They would rather hear from Rodgers than MM or Philbin or Pettine, or other team members. If Rodgers stays away from the media or doesn't take interviews he'll be criticized for being aloof and/or arrogant. Yet when he participates every syllable is scrutinized like every move he makes during a game.

Rodgers is too articulate not to respond or to respond with "that's a personnel decision" or "I don't get involved". Then he would be accused of not caring as Savage correctly pointed out. All of this is just forgettable off season noise and the media desperate to create click bait and sell newspapers. This too shall pass. Thanks, Since '61

Fountaintown's picture

Why would this comment get a dislike?

John Kirk's picture

Of course, we all want to know everything we can...doesn't mean we should or not criticize someone for giving it to us.

I've awaited a public answer from Aaron for awhile now to gauge the tenor and tone, so I can get a sense where his head is at. He gave it to us. Should he have? There's a huge difference. Saying's a business and it's hard to watch friends move on is sufficient in these cases.

Now, I wonder what he says privately. I'll bet that is some great stuff if we get what we shouldn't get publicly. That's the kind of thing we don't know. Brian may ultimately make a decision based on these private interactions that is hammered by fans for their public understanding and perception. I have to believe if Aaron is the little b he is publicly, that he's really a force behind the scenes, and not one for the good.

So, let's say Brian did all of a sudden deal him away? What would the reaction be? Almost all pure negativity and disbelief based on outside perception. However, take it inside and if you knew what a headache this guy was internally maybe you feel you just have to get rid of this kind of a guy. Of course, I don't know what happens internally but I can only imagine by his public comments that he's far worse in private.

Since '61's picture

I have listened to the interview and there is nothing wrong with anything I heard A-Rod say. Now you're speculating on what he says in private. You have no idea what he says in private and you have no reason to know what he says or does in his private life as long as it doesn't hurt the Packers.

You want A-Rod gone and MM gone and that's fine for you. I have no interest in returning to the 70s or 80s with a series of coaches who don't have a clue and a series of QBs who can't even complete a pass.

Try to put yourself in Rodger's or anyone else's position where you are repeatedly asked the same stupid, meaningless questions by your friends, relatives and the mindless media hacks and airheads who don't care what the answer is but just want to satisfy their agenda of more sales, higher ratings or first to get the made up scoop. It's easy to criticize the guy by taking his comments out of context and further never being in his situation.

The one thing we know about the current edition of the Green Bay Packers is that when the time comes to play Rodgers is the only one who shows up and plays at a championship level. Yet he makes an innocuous comment during an interview and posters what him gone or want him to shut up or whatever. If they're going to ask he has the right to answer and he doesn't need to explain himself to the fans or the posters here or anywhere else. He does his talking on the field like all the great players in any sport always do. End of story. Thanks for playing. Since '61

John Kirk's picture

My commentary on Rodgers isn't a reaction to his recent comments. It's a reaction to a body of evidence over the last several years. It was reported Rodgers and MM stopped Russ Ball from becoming GM. If that is true, I applaud Aaron, and MM, for throwing their weight around.

I think Aaron is a first class pr*ck. I've listened to so many of his words and read many of his quotes over the years but you react to my comments as if it's a one off situation? It isn't. The guy is cocky as crap and as childish as it as well. Someone who gets upset over a fan look bigger on TV? Honestly. That is so disappointing. He's a child. A smart child who can play football well but a child nonetheless. Empowered by his prowess on a football field to feel above others. He's a megalomaniac. I love him as a player save for 2015 and that season and a half stretch where he looked and played like he was totally disinterested. I have a strong negative reaction to things he's said and done. I still love him as a player and glad he's here but I won't be sad when he leaves. He's trending toward Brett territory in my mind and I'd rather watch a full rebuild than have to listen to people getting off on a player who I completely disrespect and don't want anywhere around our organization but you're free to ignore all the personal stuff.

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John - winning changes everything for the better. If the Packers were to win the SB in 2018 or even 2019 all these little "annoyances" with Rodgers would disappear. You of course are entitled to how you feel and to your opinions on the matter.

I went through the '77 and '78 "Bronx Zoo" seasons with the Yankees. Every day they were either fighting amongst themselves or with Steinbrenner or the media or whatever. But between the lines they were the best team in baseball and won the World Series in both seasons. Nobody remembers or cares what they were fighting about or who with.

I'll take some sniping and bad body language(which is a subjective topic) from our best player, who takes the physical risk on every play and who is usually the only reason we win any game at all, if it gets us some better players and a better attitude that helps us win an SB. So yes, I do mostly ignore the personal stuff, especially during the offseason because its just noise or hype depending on the subject matter. Thanks, Since '61

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I completely disagree with the bad body language being subjective. Go watch the games again. He was not the same. Compare his body language in previous seasons to 2015. There is nothing subjective at all in the statement that he offered bad body language. He looked disinterested and far from engaged. Are you debating that? I know it's easy to throw out that it's "subjective" but is it? I guess in the sense that almost everything isn't objective you would be technically correct but in reality it'd be hard to defend.

If the Packers won 4 straight SB's to close out his career here it wouldn't change one bit what I think about what I've stated here. You imply that what I think is based on "not winning"? I think what I think because it's what I think and that is not influenced by how many rings he has or doesn't have. I wouldn't think even worse of him if he had zero rings or any better if he had two.

Do you ignore commentary like the wet ball drill quotes? Do you ignore how he gets wrangled over being called "not as big as he looked on TV" or saying he was "scared by something" in Carolina that caused him to not make a potential game saving play? He says a lot of things that if you weren't caught up in his greatness would wrangle you, in my opinion. I think it's you who ignores his personal stuff because he's who he is. I don't do that with myself or anyone else. I see Aaron Rodgers like I see you or anyone else but I know that is all but impossible for many.

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It was bad body language but we don't know the reason. Maybe he told his receiver something in the huddle and the receivers did not run the routes properly. Maybe his receiver told him he was going to be at a spot and he wasn't, maybe they worked on something in practice and the receiver didn't follow through. There can be thousands of reasons for his frustration resulting in bad body language.

Yes, I do ignore his comments about the wet ball drill and "not as big as he looked on TV", honestly, I don't t even know when or why he made that comment. Never heard about it until now. In your opinion I would be wrangled by his comments if I wasn't caught up in his greatness is totally wrong. I'm a live and let live kind of guy. You have been the one posting and complaining about his behavior, comments and " bad body language", when it is all assumption and speculation driven by a media desperate for ratings and creating click bait.

It's not me caught up in Rodgers greatness, it's more like you are caught up in the myopic trivialities that the media feeds you and then you presume to tell the rest of us what it all means and why it is so important. If you take people and things for what they are as you say then accept this for what it is, meaningless off season rubbish that will be forgotten by tomorrow when Rodgers says good morning to the doorman and the media speculates what he meant by it or that he wasn't smiling enough when he said it. Who cares? I just watch the guy play and I am grateful that he plays for the Packers and I get to watch him. Like I said, live and let live, life is to short for these banalities. Thanks, Since '61

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What are you saying here? I was in the media for a number of years. I was fed nothing. I formed my opinion myself. There was no commentary I read that formed any of my opinion. I formed it based on my own personal views of the information. The media made nothing of it. I did.

You agreed that he had bad body language but now you say the media created that? I did. I saw it myself without any article written. He looked wrong but I've learned I'm not supposed to say that after saying it about Ted.

from on the 60 minutes Rodgers profile:

The piece heavily touched upon Rodgers' perceived sensitivity, with teammates Greg Jennings and Clay Matthews joking about it during an interview. One of the elements of the piece that the profile touched on and heavily teased during the promos for it during Sunday's games was Rodgers' height, showing an event where local contest winners got to meet the quarterback. One winner, upon meeting Rodgers, tells him that he "looks a little bit smaller than I thought you'd be", and the camera shows the 6'2" Rodgers saying "I don't appreciate that."

--What kind of an answer is that to a fan noticing something and making a comment about it? Would you say something like that back to an admirer? You can just hear Aaron in his disrespected and disrespectful tone.

Have you looked into who Kevin Lanflisi is? Go spend some time googling that situation. It raises a ton of questions about him on many levels.

Do you remember Jan the Packer fan? There are countless instances of him being a jackass to people. Some I understand and some I don't.

Just wanted to be abundantly clear that I don't live in hero worship of ANY man so what I say about Rodgers isn't colored by the media or winning or anything else you've alleged.

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Sorry John but I don't know anything about Kevin Flanisi or Jan the Packers fan so I cannot comment on either. I am not aware of anything they have said or done that directly affects the Packers. Thanks, Since '61

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'61 - Typical Kirk, he alleges that a four year old conspiracy theory about Lanflisi being AR's lover "raises a ton of questions".

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WKUP - thanks for the background. Rumors and innuendo are what the entertainment media lives off of and why I don't pay any attention to it. Thanks, Since '61

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That's only part of it, WKU. Apparently, you're not well versed in all the tentacles to that story. It runs deeper than preference.

How in the world can you type what you typed? It absolutely raises tons of questions that you've chosen to ignore but make no mistake...they're there. It goes to who he is as a human being based on his treatment of Kevin. There's much more that I won't type here. Those who want to be educated can seek on their own.

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Since 61, you a Munson guy or a Reggie guy?

I liked Nettles and Chambliss attitudes, maybe with a little Roy White thrown in...

but Billy was definitely the catalyst for all the fireworks!

Steinbrenner was the fuel.

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having Piniella doesnt exactly toss water on fires either!

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I enjoyed watching Piniella because he gave us everything he had. He was a great clutch player for the Yankees and yes he didn't exactly add a calming presence to the atmosphere. Thanks, Since '61

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I am a Munson, Nettles, Chambliss, Guidry guy. Never was a big Reggie guy, although I was at the World Series game when he hit 3 home runs and I must admit that was quite a thrill.

Billy was definitely a catalyst going all the way back to his playing days.

Thanks, Since '61

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Since '61, those Yankee teams were entertaining as hell to watch!! I loved the fights and emotion combined with the larger than life personalities. When you combine that with terrific talent, wow what a great show. I had been a fan of the early 70's A's, so with Catfish Hunter and Reggie gone to the Yanks i followed them closely after that.

Ego's all over the team, an nutty coach, an maniacal owner, lots of victories on the field. Fun memories.

And PS. don't forget Goose was a hell of a closer.

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Goose - was one the best closers ever, but Mariano Rivera was the GOAT.

BTW, I enjoy your posts. Thanks, Since '61

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nobody really cares what your opinion of Rodgers is. leave your personal feelings for him out of this blog.

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Would you type the same if my opinion had been flattering of him personally? I'd really like to know.

Nobody really cares that your opinion is I shouldn't share my personal opinion save for his "big fans".

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The comparison to a flattering opinion is irrelevant, since your "opinion" is obviously negative. That is the subject under discussion.

The true issue is that your statements are not "opinions". Your statements are pure conjecture created by piecing together incongruous snippets of interviews and articles. Your statements are not "opinions", they are a fictional narrative composed by you hoping to create controversy. Fictional narratives add nothing to the discussion, thus no one should care about them.

John Kirk's picture

Oh, WKU...what won't you do to avoid issues you don't like? I have all the ability in the world to form sound opinion and I exercise it here and on this subject.

The issue is you don't like my "negative" opinions so you attempt to relegate them to some realm where you feel safe that you don't have to deal with them. The irony in the spin you espouse in rebuttal to me is thick.

I'll always be right on the issue that has turned you into my personal creeper. That will never change no matter how much vitriol you shovel my way. You really should let it go but that's asking too much. I appreciate the rent free living arrangement I have in your head.

WKUPackFan's picture

The issue that your comments are pure fiction was addressed head on, it was not avoided.

Negativity has nothing to do with it. What I do not like is fakery, it needs to be exposed. Take the example of someone faking a former sports radio career. That myth has been fully exposed.

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What exactly is fiction? Nothing. The Lanflisi stuff has been out there. Again, like with Ted, you can choose to ignore it and call it "fiction" but it is not because you wish it to be and say it is. Sorry.

The myth of my sports career has been exposed? As true? Yup. Did you do as I asked? Maybe. I wouldn't're not classy enough to apologize for the multiple personal attacks much less being dead wrong. Go read my and my boy, ZIg Fracassi's playoff hockey talk. We go way back to Vegas and Sports Fan Radio Network in 90's. My boy ZIg used to wear his Bruins Zubaz to work along with his Bruins jersey. He took a lot of ribbing for it there in Vegas. I'm sorry the jealousy just eats you. I can't undo what I've done. Sorry, again.

WKUPackFan's picture

So if I read Mr. Fracassi's playoff hockey talk it will state that you were a sports radio producer? Is it going to say "[whatever your real name is] and I worked together on the Sports Fan Radio Network"?

Just go ahead and post the link to that particular post by Mr. Fracassi. Then everyone will know that you were what you claim to have been.

John Kirk's picture

I enjoy the fact you're riled by my past as much as you are. Why would I want that to end? I'll give you a hint, and I could post the link myself, but go back to Oct. 8, 2012 on Zig's timeline, he was asked a question via tweet which he answered on Oct. 9th... There was a guy JUST LIKE YOU on another Packers board who just wouldn't believe, either. He took it upon himself to ask about me and got his answer. He finally stopped while never apologizing. Again, I've met YOU over and over and over again, and I'm sure I will in the future.

You're the one who cares so much about this and I enjoy you continually making a fool out of yourself. You clearly don't care about this as much as you let on or you'd have this figured out by now. The truth is you don't really want to know because you can then no longer do what you're presently doing. This is how you are. Whatever you don't like you make a huge issue about but you never really deal with it. Just criticism and mockery due to your personal smallness. Stay small.

WKUPackFan's picture

I already figured out that you are a fake long ago. It is interesting that you keep referencing this other Packers forum. I wonder why you are not still there?

John Kirk's picture

You figured out I was fake? Huh? Wrong. Oh my goodness... I LOVE THIS...this invalidates you completely as a poster. This is how you operate. If there is anything you don't like you MAKE UP your own basis for it while ignoring actual evidence and truths. I produced Pete Rose, James Brown, The Fabulous Sports Babe, Dan Issel, Doug Moe, Irv and Joe, Jay Mariotti, Bill Lekas, JT the Brick... produced Paul Allen's first ever show on KFAN and interned with Chad Abbott who now runs KFAN. David Brauer was my first producer job and I followed him to KSTP brought there by Mark Ginther who used to PD at the FAN. He is now VP of news at NBC $ here in Dallas and I've seen him twice at NBC over the last several months. Why does that upset you? I can't undo what I've done.

YOU DON"T WANT THE couldn't handle it, to rip off Nicholson. You really couldn't. You need to believe I'm a's how you handle me have to demonize me to put me in a special box.

Keep hating. You're very very good at it.

LayingTheLawe's picture

So fthisjack he should only have opinions you approve of? Oh my

Packerpasty's picture

a voice of reason...thanks..

John Kirk's picture

You're welcome.

Since '61's picture

BTW - he was responding to one of my earlier posts in this thread, not to you. Chooch!

John Kirk's picture

:) Yes, 61, I knew that when I posted.

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I listened to the radio broadcast. I didn't hear AR say anything out of line.

marpag1's picture

Yeah, but that's only because you're sensible.

carlos's picture

Rogers is always interesting to listen to. I’d like to hear more from Petine since he’s the new guy. Pretty much know what MM is going to say.

4thand1's picture

We strive to get better as a football team.

Fountaintown's picture

Spot on!

Johnblood27's picture


Packerpasty's picture

Wow, I heard the interview...sure didnt hear anything that would prompt this you just want Rodgers to be a good little employee and toe the company line, keep your mouth shut, etc....hope I never work for a company that you run...where I worked we were asked for our opinions and they were valued...Rodgers should take a walk after this contract, I would like to hear the crying then....lets see where a nice humble guy like Gumchewer will take the Pack....

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Why does this issue have to be so black and white. No, Rodgers shouldn't be the GM and making all the decisions, but whats the harm in calling him up and reviewing the plan before executing. 12 is smart, why wouldn't you utilize his knowledge and experience in addition to the mgmt team on hand?

If 12 disagrees with a move, then the GM is the one that takes that into consideration and ultimately decides. Cutting 12 out of the entire process makes no sense.

Packerpasty's picture

why is this issue black and white...because...Cory....looking to stir the pot I assume...hey, its journalism....

marpag1's picture

It's journalism?

Hematite's picture

Spot on!

Since '61's picture

Thanks Jonathan. I heard the interview as well and ARs comments are taken out of context to create click bait. This what the media has reduced themselves to. Good job, posting the link. Thanks, Since '61

John Kirk's picture

Let me ask a question to the site...

Does anyone believe Aaron wasn't upset with Jordy's departure?

The first question was quite fair and based on sound reasoning. It was not inflammatory or click bait in nature. The word clickbait means different things to different people. I'd like to see your definition. To me, clickbait is an inflammatory headline that contains nothing related inside the article. Is that this case? I don't think so. Did you click? Yes, you did. Why did you click? You wanted to hear what Rodgers had to say. Did you? Yes. The subsequent reaction and media spin doesn't make the article clickbait. I've been duped in the past by clickbait and am mad at myself for falling for a headline that doesn't have a matching story to back it. Did this?

I think we all know Rodgers is a petulant childish guy. If you don't you haven't been paying attention. We also know that he takes veiled shots and that seems to be his preferred method of communication so ALL of his words are subject to intense scrutiny because that is what he's forced people into doing. He is not just open and out there with a lot of things that need no deciphering. Why be upset with those who are trying to decode him when he's the one writing in ghost ink?

Packerpasty's picture

so listen to everything he says all year long and follow his every move and thus you KNOW that he's a petulant childish smart bro..

John Kirk's picture

What does the available evidence lead you to conclude? Something different? Let's debate. You like to label, mock and run. Let's talk. You tell me that he is not and give me reasons why?

Nick Perry's picture

"Rodgers said, “I think it's pretty clear that players play and coaches coach and personnel people make their decisions. That's the way they want it."

If THIS piece is about the radio interview and more specific when Rodgers said what I have copy and pasted above gimmie a break!!!!!

I agree 100% Jonathon!

John Kirk's picture

Let's look at the question and then the answer. The answer out of context is meaningless...

Interviewer: You’re not going to be perched on Mike McCarthy’s right shoulder helping him or telling him who you need on your side of the ball this year?

Rodgers: I think it's pretty clear that players play and coaches coach and personnel people make their decisions. That's the way they want it.

---What does that answer mean? Does it mean he doesn't wish he had the power to influence roster decisions, or even coaching decisions? No. I believe he does want it but has been set straight on the matter meaning he's likely tried in the past and failed or at least is failing now. "That's the way they want it" ---So, personnel people, IE: Brian, want to make the decisions without his input as in the Jordy decision that he would've done differently, and MM makes the coaching decisions whether he agrees or not. (and on Van Pelt, too) The call between Brian and 12 likely is the genesis for this comment, imo. No question Rodgers expressed his feelings about keeping Jordy and Brian had to tell him despite his feelings he did what he felt was best which didn't align with Aaron's thoughts.

Is this a big deal? It goes back to the question on Nelson, which to me, is the reason for his answer on the draft. This answer might also be a subtle way of saying MM has no say in who Brian keeps or picks in the draft as he clearly delineated the roles of each office with the Packers.

Does that answer sound like the answer of a happy/contented employee? Think of your own personal situation and pretend you were asked a similar question. What place would that answer be coming from? Not a place of contentment or trust in my view. I conclude he's not happy based on his answer to the question and I don't think anyone could build a case he is happy based on this one off interview. When you factor other recent statements I think the profile is quite clear that he is not happy.

croatpackfan's picture

“I think it's pretty clear that players play and coaches coach and personnel people make their decisions. That's the way they want it.”

The second sentence was unnecessary...

The business is a business and the friendship is a friendship. - that is old croatian proverb. I'm sure you have similar.

The biggest mistake is mixing them...

I suppose Aaron's rating of Jordy is influenced by their friendship. That's why players play, coaches and so on...

4thand1's picture

Jordy and AR are total opposites off the field. Jordy is a married farm boy and AR is from Cali. Both happen to have a great football relationship on the field and both made each other better. Jordy would rather shovel shit and Ar takes it from being under the microscope.

Dean Ticks's picture

I don't care if Rodgers is PO'd with the moves. Van Pelt wasn't offered an OC position with GB, so he OPTED OUT and left, Aaron! Also, your #1 target Jordy was MIA for nearly entire time #12 was out. Only thing I would've done differently was offer Nelson a reduced or incentive laden deal. But had no issue in his release.
I personally think this is much ado about nothing. Don't think Belicheck consults with Brady on everything.
I would agree with his frustration with TT over the years that he squandered chances to bring players in.
But otherwise if #12 is truly going the diva route, too bad. He'll make his remaining time in GB more problematic than it should be.

LambeauPlain's picture

Hubris comes before the fall and Aaron has a huge ego. He can be a little snarky but he needs to bring in a sense of fairness too.

I think he is as much, or even more upset he lost his QB coach...who seemed more a buddy than a coach. Now he has to “train the new guy”.

The new look D and Graham have as much or even more potential to help Aaron as would Jordy or Van Pelt.

Packerpasty's picture

name one great athlete that doesn't have a great goes with the territory...I think he more than brings a sense of fairness...dont worry everyone, one day very soon we will return to the "gory years"...maybe the great Gumchewer will lead the way...

John Kirk's picture

Tom Brady. John Havlicek. Kurt Warner. Larry Fitzgerald. Tim Duncan. Sidney Crosby. Wayne Gretzky. I could go on and on.

See, what you're doing is justifying his behavior based on the 12 year old... "but, Mom, Billy gets to stay out really late, so why can't I?" His behavior is deplorable and I don't care if EVERY big time athlete did it it would still be deplorable.

Packerpasty's picture

"deplorable"......a bit over the edge there....and I suppose you know so much about all those guys that they've never said anything like in the podcast...go listen again and see what exactly is "deplorable"....oh, for one thing Gretzky was often vocal about team goings on...

LambeauPlain's picture

Everyone has an ego...some are much larger than others. The ego becomes a problem when it creates entitlement, self importance, and arrogance that can lead to division, especially in a team setting.

I do not think Rodgers is at that point by any means...just being more “vocal” in ways he never was before.

I think he will be fine with Philbin back (who he had a great relationship with) and getting going with Graham.

I miss Jordy too. But it is time to move on. Jordy has.

Packerpasty's picture

don't talk like that about Big Mike..

PETER MAIZ's picture

I cannot believe all the hoopla over the podcast. Rodgers was completely innocuous with the commentary and was his usual charming, down to earth guy

Since '61's picture

Agreed! Thanks, Since '61

Lare's picture

If I was about to get a $30 million per year contract from an employer I think I'd be a little more circumspect on my opinions to the media about the decisions they're making.

Aaron obviously feels a little differently.

NitschkeFan's picture

If you were in his shoes and knew that about 25 other employers would be happy to pay you the same $30 million, you would be a little confident too. And you would feel that you didn't have to kiss anyone's ass.

Rebecca's picture

Hahaha. Yup, guys gettin’ worked up about other guys’ opinions of Cory’s opinion of Aaron Rodgers’s opinion. Wow! And there’s a friggin mid-April blizzard goin down out there! Jusayin’

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