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Cory's Corner: Every Decision Has a Consequence

Trevor Davis didn’t commit domestic abuse and he didn’t shoot or stab anyone. 

But what he did was make a joke about a bomb at an airport.

Come on Davis. Ever since September 11, 2001, airlines have beefed up its safety and awareness.

When I first heard this story, the person that I immediately thought of was the Hawaiian Airlines ticket agent. What was racing through that person’s mind when Davis turned to his female friend and “asked if she remembered to pack the explosives.”

Everyone likes to be the smart, witty guy with the snappy one-liners, but you have to have a better filter than that. You cannot think for a moment that the ticket agent is going to brush it off as common banter. Because what if Davis did have a bomb after he said that? Hawaiian Airlines would never be able to live that mistake down.

Davis, 24, has been blossoming as a kick and punt returner. With his speed and shiftiness, he only needs a sliver of daylight to make a big play.

And even though he was taken into custody, this will not impact his career. He may hear some trash talk about it come next fall, but that’s it.

The Packers should make this a teaching moment. Stress how sensitive transportation areas are and why. Every decision has a consequence and Davis is learning about that now.


Cory Jennerjohn is a staff writer for Cheesehead TV. He can be found on Twitter @Coryjennerjohn

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Nick Perry's picture

Sigh.... Oh Trevor.

Turophile's picture

Airport security seem to have their humour chip removed, probably that's how they are trained, zero filter. I think some of them get a kick out of giving a passenger a hard time, citing safety as the stick to beat them down.

Trevor should have been smart enough to know this (you see that attitude showing up on TV often enough and if you travel a lot, in real life). In this environment you just cannot say what you might be thinking. However, let's not make this more than it is, a silly, but not major, mistake.

TheVOR's picture

So, ya, pretty bad decision. Regarding this from the article - "Davis, 24, has been blossoming as a kick and punt returner. With his speed and shiftiness, he only needs a sliver of daylight to make a big play".

That's in fact a fairy tale, the dude is clueless as a kick returner or wide receiver. He shouldn't be shown the door for talking about a bomb at an airport.

He should be shown the door because he's simply no good! Man, if you looked at Janis and Davis side by side, and compared contributions? You would have no other thoughts except - "why is Davis still on this roster, and what were they smoking not simply diverting his salary to Janis and keeping Janis, who could actually contribute to the team"? And that coming from a guy who WAS NOT A JANIS FAN! This guy is a ZERO! He's not going to make this roster this season.

Since when was simply, and solely, being fast, a free pass to the roster of the GB Packers.. Umm.. Since Ted Thompson was the GM. I suspect this dude is history after this camp. Just got a hunch!

Oppy's picture

See my post lower down in the comments.

The TKstinator's picture

Does every consequence have a decision?

packrulz's picture

It was a dumb joke and he should've known better but I think arresting him was overboard. TSA is a joke. One time at O'hare I had a Packer shirt on and the TSA guys were making comments about the Packers and pulled me out for a "random" search and even searched my wallet! At Denver we were in line at TSA for over an hour when the agent decides to go on break and close the line so we had to get in a different line all over again. Almost every time we fly something gets ripped off out of our check bags. I think he's a good punt returner and possible deep threat and I don't think the Packers should punish him in any way.

zerotolerance's picture

TSA would have had nothing to do with this IMO. Would have been actual police at bag check in.

zerotolerance's picture

Two thumbs down for stating a fact?

Crackerpacker's picture

With all the fair catches around the 5 yard line he obviously isn't the sharpest knife in the block.

RCPackerFan's picture

Even though that is about one of the stupidest things you can say at an airport, this shouldn't affect his roster spot.

Not going to lie. When I first heard that Davis was arrested for making a bomb joke, one of the first things I pictured was Alan from Hangover.

Razer's picture

Funny stuff.

HankScorpio's picture

I thought of Greg Focker.

Rustyweezee's picture

Not sure I agree that he's blossoming as a kick/punt returner. Janis also only needed a sliver of daylight to make a big return. They're both fast, and there's plenty of fast kick returners in the draft. The trick is finding a returner who can also play meaningful snaps on offense or defense, something Davis hasn't done. Which also makes him rather...expendable.

Bearmeat's picture

Yeah. I agree. He's better than Janis, but no great PR/KR himself. Completely expendable.

I'd like to see him replaced with a rookie this year.

Ryan Graham's picture

Mike Hughes all of a sudden looks twice as good. I don't like to come on here to sleight anyone, but Trevor. That is probably number two on the list of dumbass things you can do at an airport, behind accidentally having explosives at an airport.

I hope your joke "blew everyone away" at least.

stockholder's picture

Was it a Joke? Or is this a deep down Concern the packers have to worry about. You don't make comments of killing people unless you need help. I hope the packers send their shrink to help him. I think Davis has a problem.

stockholder's picture

If you condone this your fools. Just as much for making excuses for it. The first thing you learn when crossing the border, or any other time dealing with security, is to NOT Make these comments. There there for your security, and others. The jokes on him. He was booked, and rightfully so. 24 years old and you don't Know better? IMMATURE and clearly Postal.

John Kirk's picture

Full Gaylord Focker.

His consequence was his detainment. It's over and a non issue even though he's a fringe roster guy.

Oppy's picture

I would have agreed with the fringe roster guy until I realized he's a top ten return man all-around. see my post down below.

The TKstinator's picture

Was he trying to show how explosive he is?

Oppy's picture


sonomaca's picture

He’s a 24 year-old. How many stupid things did you do at 24?

dobber's picture

No Comment

Johnblood27's picture

I borrowed the family horse and rode all the way to town to have a sarsparilla or two...

4thand1's picture

I can't remember

The TKstinator's picture

I did eleven stupid things.

carlos's picture

In my 60’s and still doing stupid things. Not in airports though. lol

Community Guy's picture

i see three victims out of this whole thing:

1. Davis for getting arrested and having his plans altered.
2. the Packers for having to divert attention to this when they should have had the day to celebrate 100 years.
3. airport security personnel for looking humorless and over-reactive.

this should all blow over.. can the draft please come??

Savage57's picture

This is waaaay more entertaining than the draft.

Since '61's picture

Dumb joke for sure. However, they did not need to arrest him. All they needed to do was take him aside and search his luggage by hand.

I was pulled out of the line in Frankfurt Germany for carrying X-mas ornaments onto the plane. Customs officials wanted to smash them to see if they were filled with either explosives or anthrax. I showed them my receipt for the ornaments and they would need to reimburse me if they destroyed them. I also demanded to see their supervisor. Fortunately the supervisor was smart enough to just shake a couple of ornaments to determine that they were empty and I was allowed to get on my plane with my ornaments.

Point is, you never know what is going to set them off at an airport so there is no reason to give them an excuse. Thanks, Since '61

oceanstrength's picture

They arrested him because he broke the law. This is not about a bad joke, or a poor decision. He committed a crime. How can so many people be unaware of this?

4thand1's picture

It was a bad joke which is also a crime. People aren't unaware just making light of a dumb decision. It'd be nice to blow up some posts on here.

Dontworrygopackers's picture

lets be honest if anything this is a race issue, white people don't get booked for these kind of jokes not even johhny mainsail or trump

mrtundra's picture

It's just something you do not joke about these days. Back when I was in college, banks in the area were being robbed on almost a weekly basis. I was in my bank when a guy in the line next to the wall joked to the teller that he wanted to rob the place. He knew the teller and thought he was being funny. Little did he know the guy in the line right next to him was a plain clothes cop. The cop heard the comment the guy made and had him pinned up against the wall and in handcuffs within a few seconds. The teller looked really embarrassed and the funny guy didn't know what hit him. I'm betting that was the last time he made a stupid remark like that. I'll bet it's the same thing for Davis, if they let him fly again.

Lare's picture

I hadn't thought about that, how is he going to get to games if he's banned from air travel?

jyros's picture

So you’re saying his ‘return’ game might be affected?

4zone's picture

Why do we draft and sign all the FA idiots? He's lucky he wasn't in a foreign country when he made his 'joke'. He might have been behind bars for years. Some places aren't quite so understanding as we are. Give kids who have had nothing but idol worship and zero responsibility all their lives a ton of money and watch stupidity flow like a river.

the real russ letlow's picture

My concern is about his decision making abilities, on and off the field.

oceanstrength's picture

bottom line. It is against the law to say that in an airport. Its like drinking and driving or going 80 in a 40mph zone. It will get you in huge trouble. How anyone is unaware of that is a mystery to me.

4thand1's picture

On the brighter side, he can still buy a machine gun.

Spock's picture

4thand1, I apologize in advance but I just had to tease you a little (you seem like a person who can take a joke) and have a little fun with this comment.
"On the brighter side, he can still by a machine gun."

So, you are saying he can be still next to (by) a machine gun?
He can make a Still by (from taking the parts from) a machine gun?

Seriously, I applaud your sarcastic point that people who make bad decisions can purchase in the U.S.A. (buy) automatic weapons without thorough background and mental tests. It's truly sad that we as a nation have come to this. Yeah, Davis has proved that he's not "the crispiest cracker in the bag" but he's young and clearly been told all his life that because he's an athlete he can get away with doing stupid stuff. Hopefully, he will learn from this. I think he's a lousy returner who makes bad decisions on the field. Hopefully, he will think more about his decisions off the field now. The incident is over and I'm sure he will get a LOT of people talking to him. It's especially sad that on the day the Packers were hoping to have a lot of press about the 100 year anniversary plans for the Packers that his story dominated the airwaves instead. 1265 cannot be happy.

PatrickGB's picture

He cannot buy a machine gun. Stupid

Finwiz's picture

IKR.....machine guns aren't legal to sell in the U.S.
People don't even know the difference between an semi-automatic, and an auto.

4thand1's picture

Ok, I knew this would spark something. I know you can't buy a machine gun, but a bump stock essentially turns a semi auto into one. I do hunt and own a shot gun, 30-06 deer rifle, and a couple of .22's. I don't need a 30 round magazine, besides to hunt it's illegal to go into the woods with more than 5 rounds. When people can be put on a no fly list and have access (legally) to some of the weapons out there is insane. IMO. Nuff said.

Oppy's picture

Not talking politics, only facts:

Any private citizen in the United States who can legally own a firearm can indeed legally purchase a fully automatic machine gun, with some stipulations.

You must register with the BATFA, purchase a one-time tax stamp, and the weapon must be manufactured before 1986.

The biggest hurdle is cost, as due to the 1986 ban, there is a finite number of these firearms available and the prices are through the roof (as you'd expect)

Fordham Ram's picture

What a bonehead move. He brought shame and disgrace onto the team. He's not that good anyhow. Give him a shot, then show him the door. He's another one of Ted's picks who hasn't really panned out anyway. Start building Your team Gute and shed these guys one by one.

lou's picture

The first thing I did was look at his Wonderlic Score which was 22 which is not below average (Janis was 32 and had a 3.4 GPA at Saginaw Valley State. Very puzzling why a guy like Allison is ahead of him on the depth chart based on skill sets, maybe we have a classic under achiever and a classic over achiever.

Chuck Farley's picture

Janis was dumber than a box of rocks. Couldn't even learn the playbook.

J0hn Denver's Gavel's picture

blossoming?? Id say more like wilting. I doubt he makes the squad this year

Oppy's picture

For those saying Trevor Davis is a poor return man, consider his career averages:

Punt Return average: 12.2 yards/return (33 returns)

Kick Return Average: 22.7 yards/return (34 returns)

Probably thinking pretty unspectactular, I'm guessing.
Here's how those numbers would translate to list of NFL teams average punt/kick returns:

Kick Return Average: Tied for #8 in NFL (Minnesota)

Punt Return Average: #2 in the league, trailing #1 Houston @ 12.4 y/pr)

links, assuming it will allow me to post them:

Spock's picture

Oppy, Davis is fine WHEN HE RETURNS THE BALL. It is his decision making that IMHO makes him a lousy returner. Fair catching -repeatedly- inside the 10 yard line (sometimes inside the 5) is about as basic a mistake as you can make!

Oppy's picture

Spock, won't let me post a link here, check in the other article, "Wanted, special teams help", I'll try to post there.

Chuck Farley's picture

I'm giving him one. At the Amsterdam airport on a stop over, I was asked if my bags were in my possession at all times. I was pissed at the dumb question and replied, no mame my bags are on the airplane. Dumb questions deserve dumb answers.
Do you have explosives? Really? How stupid is that.

Oppy's picture

Chuck, it's not a dumb question at all (the Amsterdam question).

You'd be surprised how many people ask someone to "watch my bag for a second" while they run to the bathroom, or have bell boys etc. carry their bags and load their car for them, etc etc.

Do you have any explosives? Yeah, dumb question, but it also makes it 100% clear if there is an accidental oversight or not, in other words, there's no excuses when they do find a few sticks of TNT in someone's luggage.

Not giving Trevor Davis a pass- he should know better than to joke about that at an airport, we all know what's going to happen, because they can't afford to take it as a joke- but I don't think it is worth making a big deal about. Poor decision, not a negative indicator of character.

4thand1's picture

I was also in Amsterdam and was told, no screwing around here by the people I was with. This not long after the airport bombing in Belgium. Saw actual military everywhere, felt strange. What a f'd up world we live in.

Ferrari Driver's picture

I just flew back after a vacation in New Orleans and traveling via air nowadays is no joking matter. It used to be enjoyable to fly prior to 911 and differed greatly from today.

Like it or not, the TSA folks seem to take their job seriously, as they should, but I keep my mouth shut and do what they ask: off with the shoes; put my arms up with feet on the dots, etc.

I try to mimic Seinfled when he is in line with the "Soup Nazi" ...just shut up and try to get a bowl of soup.;_ylt=AwrgDug1M85aJ7YA_19XNyo...

Bear's picture

"The packers should make this a teachable moment"

Then next week teach them how to put on their pants.

Come on, these are adults we are talking about!

Stupid is Stupid.

Arthur Jackson's picture

Some perspective on the whole zero-tolerance for saying bomb thing:

You are almost as likely to die in a plane that was shot down as one that has a bomb explode in it.

The yearly average of deaths in plane crashes due to pilot error and equipment failures is about the same as the total of all passengers ever killed in bombings.

Out of 83 commercial airliner bombings in history I can find no evidence that any of the perpetrators said that they had a bomb or were going to bomb the airplane prior to boarding.

Don't get me wrong we all know saying bomb is a no-no so it wasn't a good idea. He wasn't the first and won't be the last that does it.

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