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Cory's Corner: Marcedes Lewis Signing Is My Favorite


Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst has been very busy this week. But the one move I really liked was the one that nobody is talking about. 

Many people were probably surprised when the Packers opted to bring back Marcedes Lewis. The tight end was 19thlast year in Green Bay’s offensive snaps — one spot above Ty Montgomery, who was traded to Baltimore after seven games. 

Lewis only played in 17 percent of the Packers offensive snaps, even though he has been a proven blocker. That was one of the things I never understood from former coach Mike McCarthy: he barely used one of the best blocking assets on his team.

With Matt LaFleur set to use plenty of outside zone runs and bootlegs, getting a good block on the edge is vital. Lewis is entering his 14thseason and he turns 35 in May, but he’s still a much better blocker than Jimmy Graham. 

Which is why Lewis had to come back. Graham is nothing more than a large wide receiver, who also happened to chip in with three of Green Bay’s 20 drops last year. The Packers have committed themselves to another year of Graham and his large $12.6 million cap hit.

Lewis is a great move to offset the things that Graham cannot or refuses to do. Is it sexy? Not at all. Gutekunst bringing in three defensive starters is a lot more impressive.

Signing Lewis also gives Gutekunst plenty of options in the first round. The best tight in this draft is Iowa’s T.J. Hockenson. Now the Packers don’t have to think about drafting him at 12 or trading down to 16 and hoping he’s still there. They have a receiving and blocking tight end and now they should focus on the best available.

McCarthy not playing Lewis shouldn’t be a reason to question this move. When Lewis played, he looked very solid but what I liked even more was how Lewis refused to get upset about the lack of playing time. Lewis only played 21 offensive snaps after the first two weeks and never complained about how things were going.

And because of that, he may have that ultra motivating force — the chip on his shoulder. He likely wants to prove that he not only should’ve been playing more, but is also a viable receiving threat. During his 12 years in Jacksonville, Lewis averaged 51 targets a season — so netting only three last year was a little strange.

LaFleur will need vintage Lewis in order for his offense to hum the way it should. And there’s no reason why Lewis shouldn’t be charged up to prove an entire coaching staff wrong.

You cannot judge heart or motivation but after getting snubbed for virtually an entire season, Lewis is a guy to keep an eye on.



Cory Jennerjohn is a graduate from UW-Oshkosh and has been in sports media for over 15 years. He was a co-host on "Clubhouse Live" and has also done various radio and TV work as well. He has written for newspapers, magazines and websites. He currently is a columnist for CHTV and also does various podcasts. He recently earned his Masters degree from the University of Iowa. He can be found on Twitter: @Coryjennerjohn

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sam1's picture

It would also seem that not be used at all basically, he would come out of theseason unhurt and unscathed keeping him solid and healthy! That could only be a plus in decision to bring him back also!

Nononsense's picture

This guy can still play and you didnt even mention the fact that our new OC Hackett used to coach Lewis. He will no doubt be a bigger factor in this new offense.

Right now, my dream scenario is Ed Oliver, Devin White or Montez Sweat at 12 and Nasir Adderley at 30. I dont love neglecting the offense but I want game changers and even though I love Hock and Fant, some of the leagues best TEs were not 1st round picks.

Unless they think DK Metcalf is a young Julio Jones, I cant see them going WR early if at all. So that leaves the OL which is always a good idea to add top level guys. If Gute takes an OL early I'm all for that, especially if my top 3 are gone.

At 44 if hes still on the board and we dont draft Oliver, I would consider adding the DT that tore his ACL recently in Jeffery Simmons. He wouldn't help this year but could be a great replacement for Daniel's next year if he leaves. Should any good speedy edge guys still be available at 30 or 44, then by all means get one of those.

We desperately need to hit on the guys selected in this draft if there is any hope of being a true contender this year or in the near future.

porupack's picture

I've seen this logic posted numerous times in some form of:
The first round TEs were usually busts (citing examples such as Ebron).

While that could be true, it is a poor use of statistical data, in predicting a future TE pick. Just no rationale behind it, to decline Hockenson if he was there in first round with that logic. If all teams were to apply the logic, and Hockenson lasted to the second round, suddenly he could be a success like Gronk?

I would be happy with TE Hock at #12, because of the synergistic effect of a great, multi-purpose TE, to solidify pass pro, improve rush yards (converting 3rd downs), and releasing from blocks and being an unaccounted receiver. I think Hock makes the team immediately better more than any other player that is likely to be there at pick #12 or thereafter. Sure it might be a reach (if Hock likely lasts till 16th-18th, but who really cares? If he cranks the Offense to another level, just get that piece irregardless of what point he is 'projected' in any round.

I don't get all the hate for TEs in Rd 1, if you have an athlete with his level of athleticism and utility, and he won't be there later, then get the guy when you have the last best shot to do so.

Having said that, I would be equally happy with others that could be there at #12: Burns, White, Sweat, or Tillery.

The TKstinator's picture

Vernon Davis was pretty good.

Demon's picture

So was Greg Olson. I was hoping the Pack was going to draft him. Instead we got HOFer Justin Harrell. Another of Teds great picks.

Skip greenBayless's picture

If only you were our GM at that time White Tornado we would have won 4 more super bowls. Damnit!!


Bure9620's picture

True on Olson but the draft is a crap shoot, and becoming a bigger crap shoot. TT failed on several picks but so does Belichick. The difference being NE augments their roster with trades and FA, whereas TT did not. EVERY GM/teams has misses in the draft.

BamaPackFan's picture

Just ask Mike Singletary. VD ran in the 4.3's in the 40. a true athletic freak.

Bure9620's picture

I understand people are massive Hockenson fans but let's pump the the brakes a bit. I think he will be a good pro but he is simply not athletically up there in the top half of the first round. With the 12th overall pick, you are looking for a potential field flipper. Hockenson is not that guy. Great blocker, great hands and a good route runner, but a field stretcher he is not. I watched nearly every Iowa game last year and every defense tried to chip block Fant, jam him off the line, or bring help in the middle to deal with Fant. This allowed for Hockenson to be singled. Hockenson is a 2nd rounder IMO due to his athletic limitations. He will be a solid pro, but not one defenses have to game plan for.

BamaPackFan's picture

Maybe late 1st. I do agree with your take. Pick 12 could be a real standout player. Amazing talent at the top of this draft.

SterlingSharpe's picture

You're right about Big Hock no doubt. I like him too, but at 12, no thanks.
I don't know why people are sleeping on Irv Smith Jr. Is it the Big Ten bias up there?

I agree with hoping for Ed Oliver or Devin White there, 2 difference-makers. I'm still not sure on Sweatt.

I think Guty still isn't done with free agency either....

porupack's picture

I agree, Hock might not be athletically on par with 20 other options we could all salivate over, but my point remains; that accounting for the current assets on offense are quite strong (2 top, 2 strong Oline players, 1 top, 2 ascending, 2-3 serviceable WRs, 1 high and 1 adequate RB, and a Top QB), that a very good TE is synergy to the other pieces, and makes the Offense more likely to be elite. That that offense if elite, is more likely to end up in the playoffs makes this one position a worthy bett.
That one player will generate most impact on offense, and in turn will be more significant to GB 2019 success than any 2-3 pieces will do on defense.
Even athletic freaks on defense won't have same impact on win-loss that Hockenson or Fant could generate by plugging into the current gaping hole in the Offensive unit.
So my bias on TE draftee is based on unit synergy, more than individual freakness....if you can pardon my way of sayin.

I can't say the same for any other defensive or offensive position draftee on the board at # 12 or later.

Sure, if DWhite, or perhaps shutdown corner falls to # 12, he at the ILB or CB position could have similar synergy to D that might elevate GB to final 4. But based on projections, Hockenson, possibly Fant or Irving could be that much of a catalytic impact on the whole O, and the O on the team and its win-loss tally, more than any other.

The TKstinator's picture

I have built a very successful life based on “individual freakness”, so you’ll get no argument here.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

The logic is there, Porupack. What the history of drafting TEs shows is that GMs don't have much of a clue about which TE will be good and which won't be. The draft is a crapshoot, but GMs do much better forecasting at other positions.

So no, taking Hock 33rd instead of 32nd doesn't change his chances of becoming a good player. Using 2005 to 2014 data, only 9 TEs were taken in the first round (so GMs are already limiting themselves to taking only the best looking prospect per year. Where success is defined as being a starter for at least half of one's career, the success rates are as follows:

QB: 63%/27%/17%/8% no data (3 QBs in rd 1/year)
RB: 58%/25%/16%/11%/9%/6%/0%
OL: 83%/70%/40%/29%/16%/16%/9%; 5 OL-rd 1/yr
TE: 67%/50%/39%/33%/32%/26/%/0% <1 TE-rd 1/yr
WR: 58%/49%/25%/12%/16%/9%/5% 4 WRs-rd 1/yr
DL: 58%/26%/27%/37%/13%/13%/3% 8/1st, 5/2nd
LB: 70%/55%/34%/16%/4%/5%/2% (inc. ILB)
DB: 64%/46%/24%/11%/17%/8%/11%

The are multiple limitations in the data set. The definition of success can include a player who underwhelms, so it fails to take into account impact or difference-makers. The GM takes a TE thinking he will be Gronk; instead, the TE instead is a nice blocking TE who has a nice 10-year career but isn't a receiving threat. If you used the 9th overall pick, that is a bad outcome.

The linebackers include off the ball, trad. MLB, and 3-4 outside pass rushers. And LB doesn't include DEs who were converted to OLB in the pros. It is a fact that elite pass-rushing OLBs come from the first round, or not later than pick 47. The exceptions can be counted on one hand over the last 12 years. The NFL has a lot of RBBC. A player can be a nice pro as a 3rd down back, or a Sproles type (177 games, 30 starts) and not count as a success. QBs get drafted mostly in the top 15 of the first round. First-round QBs are given a chance to start for several years unless they utterly stink. Even Kizer has started half his seasons so far.

Hurst (26th), OJ Howard (19th), Engram (23rd), and Njoku (29th) aren't included in the stats above due to recency. The nine TEs drafted in the first round 2005 -'14 are:

10: Eric Ebron Unsuccessful Underwhelming till 2018
21:Tyler Eifert Unsuccessful Always injured.
None, None,
21: Germaine Gresham Success - 3 good years
20: Brandon Pettigrew Success underwhelming
30: Dustin Keller Unsuccess promising until inj.
31: Greg Olson Success Good player
06: Vernon Davis Success Name > than stats
28: M. Lewis Success: underwhelming as a receiver;
30: Heath Miller Success - not elite, but good.

Only two top 10 selections. 2 more around 20. 5 at 30/31. Most were kind of underwhelming depending on expectations. Very few with 900 yards in any season, and that only happened for one year.

Best Year career yds/rec average:
Ebron 2018 - 750 yards; 11.2 ave career
Eiftert 2015: 615 yards, 12.1 ave
Gresham: 773 yards, career ave 10.0
Pettigrew:777 yards, career ave 9.9
Keller: 815 yards, career ave 11.9
Olson: 1,104 yards, career ave 11.8
Davis: 965 yards, career average 13.0
M Lewis: 700 yards, career ave. 12.0
Heath Miller: 816 yds, career ave 11.1

The NFL is already not using top draft capital on TEs. First round tight ends have good floors. The elite ones can come in any round.

#12 needs to be an above average starter at a premium position.

porupack's picture

I also like MLewis coming back. In addition to what you bring as most obvious reason to expect more from Lewis (change of HC), it can take some time to get comfortable in the system....even JCook didn't get going till late in season. Glad that there isn't a kneejerk reaction to cut ties with the 2 FA TEs, giving both a chance to have another offseason to become bigger part of the game.

stockholder's picture

The guy is to old. No future. No improvement. This is a young mans game. There were better options. Say a prayer he doesn't hurt himself. Just not a fan of this signing. I Wish him Luck.

Nick Perry's picture

This signing isn't about the "future". It's about adding one of the best blocking TE in football to a roster who needs an excellent blocking TE and is familiar with the blocking scheme.

I'm not so sure there were better options for the money they paid either. I'd also add what better way to bring in a rookie TE... One of the best blocking TE and one of the best receiving TE's in football (Graham not so much now but was before) to learn the NFL game from.

Plus if he's as bad as you think he'll be the Packers can cut him at the end of August. But hopefully he pulls a Davante Adams and balls the hell out which by the way you STILL won't acknowledge and give him his due.

Since &#039;61's picture

Nick - excellent points as usual. I also think that Hackett is a factor in retaining Lewis and in Lewis choosing to remain in Green Bay. I'm confident that Lewis will be utilized much more effectively in the new scheme and that he will be a positive influence for Tonyan and whichever TE we select in the draft.

While it is a young man's game it is also good to have a few veterans on the roster who can provide depth and help to solidify a position group. I think Lewis is one of those players. Thanks, Since '61

Nononsense's picture

Are you as disliked in real life as you are on the internet Stockholder? I guess you wouldn't know since there are no like or dislike buttons in real life. There is a book out there called how to win friends and influence others, you should read it.

Nick Perry's picture

Personally I like Stockholders comments much of the time. I mean how can someone really dislike another from a website about the Packers. Opinions differ and sometimes people say or act a little nuts toward each other.

Stockholder is known as someone who doesn't much care for Davante Adams... I'll at times remind him of that.

BUT he also knows quite a bit about football, especially the kids coming in this upcoming draft. Read some of him comments about the kids in the upcoming draft..Good stuff most of the time. He's like a lot of us...He has an opinion and isn't afraid to express it no matter who likes it or not. You HAVE to respect that.

Jonathan Spader's picture

I would have preferred to see the Packers continue to sign ascending young players rather than aging players on their decline. Don't know what the price tag would have been but Maxx Williams is still out there. That would have been in theme with our other FA signings.

I don't mind the Packers resigning Lewis. However, I'm of the opposite opinion of Cory. Even if Lewis has a good year how many more does he have left? This was the Packer's worst signing because of the player's trajectory.

WestCoastPackerBacker's picture

"This is a young mans game. There were better options." Since TE is one of the positions that tends to take players time to develop into reliable starters, it's an exception to the rule that you always go younger. They certainly need another young TE or 2, but they also need guys ready to go THIS year, with Rodgers at age 35. You want to be competitive now, not in 2-3 years.

porupack's picture

Maybe too old. Maybe not. Better to retain and see, than not see.
I'd rather admit errors based on knowing, than assuming and committing errors on speculation.
When you change the coach and try new schemes, you'll know soon enough. And that eliminates the other possible variables, and one can definitively say he's too old if he isn't improved after a scheme and coach change. Until then, many rash mistakes are made based on confusion of variables. Your conclusion that he is too old is awfully rash.

All that to say, conventional 'wisdom' sucks. Go bold and believe in your guy till its evident otherwise.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

What happened to "better a year too early than a year too late?" TE is the exception?

Andy Herman and other film guys said Marcedes didn't, in fact, block well in 2018. I don't think Marcedes forgot how to block. My conclusion was that age caught up with him. Regardless of scheme, an elite blocker should not suddenly become a minus blocker. I can blame a lot of things on MM, but that's too big a stretch for me. I always thought any OC should have been able to get more targets for Lewis. Hell, by accident.

We will see. Maybe it was MM's scheme. If so, MM was worse than even I thought.

Coldworld's picture

I’d love to see us pick up a real blocking TE prospect somewhere, but these days those are few and far between. Even if we do, that player will take time to learn the ropes. It seems the team believes Lewis can fulfill that role this year. If they are right a true value addition.

Old School's picture

Lewis is going to mentor the new guy we draft.

Since &#039;61's picture

Old School I agree. I can see that happening. Thanks, Since '61

Bure9620's picture

Show the rooks how to block.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Maybe he can show the other veteran too.

Community Guy's picture

i liked the signing for reasons mentioned above. i also liked the signing because it shows a certain level of maturity within the Packers organization that Lewis' interviews in the media were not taken personally by anyone.. because they clearly weren't intended to be personal attacks on anyone. we, the fanbase, got a chance to get a little peak inside the huddle. and, we fans like/love those insights! media producers should love Lewis for being relatively candid/uncensored on the camera. so, yeah: good job Gute!

Skip greenBayless's picture

That's fine, you want him to block and we are going to committ to the running game. It all looks good on paper. It always does then you have to play the game for real and Aaron is passing passing passing because that's what he prefers due to impatience no matter who the head coach is. You failed to mention the single most important issue about Marcedes Lewis. He just backstabbed Aaron Rodgers publicly by airing some not so good information about Rodgers not listening to the head coach and changing plays. I am in the minority here with stockholder on this one. I don't see this working out. He pissed off Rodgers period. That means something. We all know how Rodgers is when someone pisses him off. Look what he did to McCarthy for crying out loud. You get on Rodgers' shit list and it's a death sentence believe me. Marcedes will be lucky to even make the team. I don't think he will personally. If he does make the team I don't expect his numbers to be much if any different than last year. Just a reminder again on who runs this team. It's the quarterback and last time I checked he still holds permanent lifelong grudges. Ask his family.


albert999's picture

couldn’t agree more riproar

Bure9620's picture

Even if Lewis does not make the team (which is not likely) it's not a huge financial risk for the Packers. Who would be a better option as a blocking TE for the money at this point? The risk is minimal. No rookie is going be able to block consistently at the NFL level. Whom would be a better option, think for yourselfer?

porupack's picture

All phony stories like Jr. High drama queens. He didn't piss off anyone. They're pros. Get a real angle on adult world. Shitlist, death sentence, grudges? Jr. high lunchtime nonsense. Let's talk football on this site.

Lare's picture

Unfortunately, you can't expect Junior High school kids to act like adults.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I would have preferred Maxx Williams. He can block, is younger, and ought to be inexpensive. Maybe he is holding out for significantly more money, though. I'd guess Gute gave his agent a call at least.

Gort's picture

"Lewis refused to get upset about the lack of playing time". That alone makes me want him on our TEAM.
Need team players, not divas or prima donnas. Also, he should be well rested going into 2019.

Skip greenBayless's picture

"Lewis refused to get upset about the lack of playing time". That alone makes me want him on our TEAM."

Gort, you could also take that as the 61 year old guy with the calendar in the shop room marking off x's on each day that goes by before he retires in 6 months.


porupack's picture

Or you could take that as a classy pro that goes to work and doesn't have to whine. Up to you and how you view others, I guess.

Coldworld's picture

dash, great first move then you just dive into touch. What a waste.

Gort's picture

I am that 60+ guy counting down to retirement after nearly 40 years on the job, but I am still a team player. Still trying to make it better for my "customers" and my successors.
In the NFL, many careers don't last long and I understand the need to make the most of a short career. That being said, there are too many that appear to be in the "all for one and I'm the one" mindset.
IMHO guys with a good attitude deserve another chance, especially under a new regime.

sam1's picture

Great signing for future of the tight end bunch, great h
helping young ones in group to help with technique and blocking in what from all indications will be more run orientated even though Rodgers has thrown more in the past! That seems to be a bit of history from what is said by the new regime!

ShooterMcGee's picture

I listened to that Mercedes Lewis interview to which many people reference and I thought it was supportive of Rodgers and not a back stab. Mercedes also mentioned that he called out younger players that were not taking a pre game walk thru seriously and how Aaron thanked him. Having a veteran like him is a plus. Hopefully his talents can be used to better effect by Lafleur.

Coldworld's picture

I had the same impression.

Nononsense's picture

The only number I care about with Lewis on the field is snap counts. If he doesn't catch a single pass because of your stupid theory, then so be it. Hes here to block on the edge in the run game. Rodgers wont have any control over that. I dont think Rodger is that petty to let a grudge affect him on the field but that's just my opinion.

sam1's picture

A man with a sense of judging people rather than a sense of begrudging everything one says or does! Good for you!

sam1's picture

The difference between a flower and a weed is judgment!

Skip greenBayless's picture

The difference between winning and losing is feelings.


porupack's picture

Now what you sayn? Those who lose just 'feel' like the losers, or something...or is this just becoming nonsense. Respect yourself when you post or don't whine if people tell you in their way of saying, what they think of your posts. Personally, I don't or won't insult you or anyone, just keep to reasonable debate, and we can all respect different opinions. Most of us respect and consider good rationale even if we don't agree.

Skip greenBayless's picture

Totally totally clueless as to what I meant. Just shaking my head at this point.


dobber's picture

My 9-year-old loves dandelions.

Since &#039;61's picture

Another cookie for Dobber!!! Thanks, Since ‘61

Packer Dave's picture

Generally agree with this article except for the part about him needing to prove himself. He's shown what he can do over the years and we all know MM's offense is where TEs go to die. This is why I'd give jimmy a chance to rebound this year as well, and why it would make sense to grab a top TE in April.

Gute and the new staff know that the offense has to change and that getting the run going is only going to give AR more options and better throwing windows. I'm tired of watching AR have to be magical just to pull off wins. We have a promising receiving core and Aaron Jones already. Tons of people mention a slot guy as a need, and yes it is, but building the best TE group we can does so much - better run game, protecting AR, offering short slant routes, etc.

stockholder's picture

I can't respond up above so I'll try here.
March 16, 2019 at 10:35 am
Are you as disliked in real life as you are on the internet Stockholder? I guess you wouldn't know since there are no like or dislike buttons in real life. There is a book out there called how to win friends and influence others, you should read it. Thanks= But I don't like persuasive thinking. I said I didn't like some signings. So it rubs people. It's not an attack. It's not about negativity. I'm not a suck up. Two years of losing must bring changes. Are we just signing and drafting CAMP bodies, or do we care about winning again. Seems everyone has an answer but nothing has changed in two years. I didn't agree. I'm suppose to say pardon me all to Hell? I do enjoy most comments. But the Losing just shouldn't be blamed on one man. As many continue to write.

Skip greenBayless's picture

stockholder, you called the man "old". That triggers emotions and you get disliked off the face of the earth. Never call someone old unless they are young like Dawg.


Nononsense's picture

Didnt mean to be an ass with that comment but sometimes it's the way things are said, or written in this case, that rubs people the wrong way.

If you dont care how people perceive you or dont care if they like you or what you say then that's fine. Just dont expect your opinion to account for much in their eyes.

I mean some people just come on the net to troll and be an ass on purpose. If that's your aim then there nothing more to say but if your not trying to be an ass but you just come off that way then that's a different story. That's where said book might come in handy, no joke.

porupack's picture

Not sure what you're saying Stockholder. There are lots of opinions about the 2 years of losing;
talent drain
injuries and a bad trainer, and soft tissue
Scheme stagnation
clock management
Bad drafts
Bad contracts and cap management,
Management structure
Retro Jersey colors

Damn list for speculation. At some point, you start making some changes and eliminate some variables. We are witnessing a change of coaches with the reasonable hypothesis that the HC became stagnant and lost his innovation and didn't get the best out of the players.

As folks due in areas of unknown, they execute a hypothesis, and then see.

Right now the hypothesis is that MLewis is talented and was not used nearly to his potential. Maybe. Maybe not. We'll have a better idea by October under a new manager and scheme, and would then have a body of evidence to act accordingly.

Seems reasonable to me.

Nick Perry's picture

"Retro Jersey colors"

FINALLY!!!! The answer to the Packers problems!! PLEASE bring back the ones from the 2010 and 20111 seasons. The gold pants with the dark blue jerseys and solid yellow helmet. Now those were actually nice retros.

SterlingSharpe's picture

I like Marcedes but I don't think having him back will factor much at all.

The Smith Brothers and Amos, however, could help a lot.
And hopefully they find someone with the #12 pick (or higher if they elect to trade up) who can add some more juice to the defense.

Imagine an elite defense! How long as that been? 1996?

4zone's picture

I remember the day when Dallas Cowboy offensive linemen were flying backwards as Reggie chucked them back downfield on his way to the QB. Ah, those were the days. . .

Jaylee's picture

I mean. I'm fine with the Lewis signing and he was deffinitely under-utilized but "favorite signing" --- c'mon. Please.

Getting literally anyone at safety was an order of magnitude important than a 2nd, borderline 3rd-tier TE. OL as well. If Lewis left we would hardly see any difference on the field compared to last year.

AgrippaLII's picture

Lewis can still play at a reasonably high level...excellent blocking TE and he can catch the football too! Good move by Gutekunst to resign this guy.

LambeauPlain's picture

With the aggressive free agency moves to date, I am all for Gutey trading down a few spots at #12 for another 2nd rounder and still get a starter at say #15 or 16.

Then package the 2 seconds to get another 1st rounder in the twenties.

Three First Rounders, three potential starters, 3 five year contracts.

This strategy, along with the FA moves, could quickly reverse the hole created by TTs disastrous 2015 draft and rebuld the roster with starting talent.

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