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Cory's Corner: McCarthy must sit Montgomery

There’s something to be said about a player’s desire to play.

Ty Montgomery broke his ribs against the Bears and played with those injured ribs before being lifted from the game.

Sports, particularly football, has always been a culture that rewards machismo. “Just rub some dirt on it,” has been the common vernacular whenever the injury bug has struck. There’s something to do that. You have to appreciate players that are willing to go the extra mile to help the team.

However, that also comes at a price. All week long, Montgomery has said that he wants to play. That’s all fine and dandy, but this is still just Week 5. The season won’t be won or lost because the Packers lost to a 2-2 team that is still trying to find itself.

Is it a big decision for coach Mike McCarthy? Sure. Do you heed to your player’s wishes and let him play or do you make him sit to protect him from himself? What McCarthy needs to wrestle with is opportunity. Rookie third-stringer Aaron Jones looked good vs. Chicago and will be up to the challenge of going up against a Dallas defense that has allowed 4.2 yards an attempt this season — which is exactly what the Packers have allowed as well.

McCarthy has to ask himself if a 100 percent Jones is better off playing over a 60 percent Montgomery. That’s the question. Let’s remember that Montgomery has broken ribs. I’ve had bruised ribs and every time I made a sudden movement, it felt like tiny knife stabs. If Montgomery plays, he is going to be a walking target for his ribs. Every one of Dallas’ defenders, is going to want to take a shot at his ribs which could put him out longer or maybe even for the rest of the season.

Unless McCarthy has a voodoo witch doctor on speed dial, he cannot let Montgomery play on Sunday. Will he risk getting Montgomery upset? Perhaps, but parents that don’t let their kids eat ice cream before dinner get plenty of ire as well. It will pass.

Fox will turn up the hype machine for the late-afternoon game. There will be plenty of highlights from the past — with the Packers winning six of the last seven meetings.

Those things are nice, but it doesn’t change the fact that the Packers need to get healthy. If Green Bay wants to win the NFC, it needs its top running back available. Not just for the ground game, but Montgomery has done a pretty good job in pass protection.

Players want to play every chance they get, but it’s a long season. Montgomery needs to sit this one out. 

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Nick Perry's picture

I remember a week 6 game of the 2016 season when McCarthy played a less than 100% Eddie Lacy. Forget just for a second Lacy was HUGE which obviously didn't help his injured ankle. Lacy shouldn't have been out on the field against Dallas last season in the first place. What COULD happen to Montgomery Sunday DID happen to Lacy last season. He ended up on IR because he made it worse by playing ending up on IR. The injury brought upon the move to RB for Montgomery, but it also so unnecessary in the first place.

In this years draft the Packers drafted and kept 3 RB's. I'm assuming not only did the Packers need more depth at the position, but Thompson certainly didn't want to be caught with his pants down 2 years in a row and at the same position. This is EXACTLY why the Packers drafted and kept Williams, Jones, and Mayes. If Montgomery was to get injured, the Packers have other options than Cobb and The Ripper.

Play Aaron Jones! He proved last week not only he's ready but he's capable of doing the job. It would also be an excellent time to give Mayes a try, I mean this is WHY we spent 3 draft choices on the position. All 3 players deserve to be on the field Sunday and IMO are capable. Lets not pull a Lacy with Montgomery.

Rossonero's picture

Great points, couldn't agree more. I think Jones is a better pass catcher and runner. Williams doesn't seem to see the hole as well, he just puts his head down and plows ahead.

Nick Perry's picture

My feelings exactly on Jones and Williams. He DOES seem to "just put his head down and plow ahead". Jones was the best of the 3 in the preseason and I still think he is. I think this kid could really be something if given the chance.

I don't have that same feeling about Williams. Williams kinda reminds me of Alex Green, well less the speed and snazzy hair. He seems to just run up his O-Lines backsides.

Nick Perry's picture


jeremyjjbrown's picture

Jones vision isn't just better. It's really good, might even be great.

CAG123's picture

Well to be fair Yancey is at least on the practice squad

dobber's picture

Even Davis and Janis barely play aside from special teams. Even if they gave (because it would've been a gift) Yancey and Dupre roster spots, it's clear that they'd be weekly inactives. I'm starting to think more about the players they COULD have picked in rounds 5 and 7 more than I'm thinking about the WRs they DID pick...

Rossonero's picture

As a Ty Montgomery owner in fantasy, I never expected him to play this wknd for two reasons:

1) The sickle cell trait means he heals more slowly from injuries than others.

2) For the most part, the Packers are conservative medically, especially if there is depth at the position, which we have.

All week long, McCarthy being wishy washy about Montgomery was merely gamesmanship to keep Dallas guessing. Why would we draft 3 RBs and then force Monty to play?

4thand1's picture

MM and the running game is a moot point. He said the 2010, " we have a championship caliber QB and we're going to ride him". He still believes in that philosophy today. Nothing will change until AR is retired or injured. Now more than ever with the state of the o-line, Jones should get at least 20 carries per game.

Since '61's picture

My guess is we may not see Monty until the Saints game in GB or until after the bye. There is no need to risk further injury especially with the next 2 games being played on turf.

Jones will probably play a little faster on turf and Dallas has very little tape on him so this could be to the Packers advantage. Play Jones and Rip, sprinkle in Cobb with a few carries and we'll be fine. It's more important to get Bak and Bulaga back on the field and hopefully Daniels as well. Thanks, Since '61

Packer Fan's picture

I agree that MM should hold Montgomery out. At least another week. It is a long season. Too much risk as pointed out. And we have the question answered. Can Montgomery take a whole years pounding at RB?

So play Jones. Develop another RB that is effective to take some of the load off Montgomery. Jones to me was more effective than Williams.

This story is the same as DB with Jones, King and Hawkins. There, poor performance driving younger players playing. Here injury. If we expect the Pack to make a long run in the post season, then we need to have valuable backups that are young players developing to be able to contribute in January.

Lphill's picture

Sit Monty , besides the Cowboys secondary is not that good , Rodgers should be able to take advantage , it's not like we depend on the running game to carry us .

Finwiz's picture

I don't think you have to worry too much Cory.
Monty isn't going to play based on injury report, and past history.
I'd queue up the story about Capers defensive scheme, once we get into this stretch of games against better teams, with better QB's.
I'd put him at 5% probability to play.

cheesehead1's picture

I would definitely rest Montgomery. Looking forward to see our D continue to improve, not a repeat of the ATL game. These next four games will be a big test. Time for Bennett and House to step up. Go Pack.

Fordham Ram's picture

The dude can scamper, he is patient waiting for the hole to develop, and has burst. the only question for me is can Aaron Jones be trusted on 3rd down to protect the franchise? It will be interesting to see how he picks up the blitz or being a little guy will he get bowled over? Maybe on passing plays that's when we see Williams or Mays. Ty shouldn't play, we'll need in him one piece going down the stretch and is the perfect opportunity to give these rookies experience playing for real. By seasons end the running game could become a force teams will have to game plan around.

CheesyTex's picture

Well said. Looking at Jones' size, while he is short he is pretty stout at around 210. That should be enough if he can master blocking techniques. It is my bet that he will develop into a top 3d down back.

Tundraboy's picture

Isn't Mays, big, with deceiving quickness? Let's find out. I have a hunch about him. Lets try pounding Dallas and give them a taste of that like the old days,. We can then leave it to Aaron to shred them afterwards.

Bure9620's picture

I kind of take issue with people saying JW just "puts his head down and runs." Have any of you played RB or FB? What do you do when the defense run blitzes the B gap? I have news for you, each run is designed to go to a specific block and hole, and there may be cut back from there. We are a zone blocking team. Williams is going to where the play is designed to go. Frankly, our run blocking has left something to be desired. Also, Williams will be used differently than the other backs due to different skill sets, he has ran almost exclusively dive plays. More of a slasher.
Pretty small sample size of carries to make judgements? Eh?

Bure9620's picture

On that same note, in my opinion, Ripkowski has been underutilized in this offense. I would like to see us run some stretch plays with Rip as the lead blocker. I think he could blow up some of the edge setters.

4thand1's picture

I'd like to see some different looks. For now every team's game plan is to keep AR in the pocket. C'mon Mike give them something to think about.

lou's picture

It is a no brainer to sit Ty, any further damage and he joins many friends on IR. Jones has earned a longer look and having the 2 starting tackles has to be a plus for him as well as the passing game and Dallas without MLB Lee do not stop the run as well, he is a big factor. People forget that Jones can be spelled by using Cobb for several plays in the backfield, a formula that has worked in the past.

croatpackfan's picture

No way Ty will play... Not before NO game, I bet not before week 9.

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