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Cory's Corner: Who Are The Packers?

Just who exactly are the Packers? 

Green Bay came into this season with lofty expectations — compete and win a NFC North title and go deep in the playoffs. With Aaron Rodgers healthy for the entire season, I thought this team would go 11-5, but after five games, 8-7-1 might be a stretch. Let’s not forget that they still have to face Jared Goff, Tom Brady, Kirk Cousins, Matt Ryan, Mitch Trubisky and Matthew Stafford again.

So I’ll ask a second time, who are the Packers? Aside from Davante Adams, none of the pass catchers are that impressive — and that includes Jimmy Graham. This team has a versatile mix of running backs, however, coach Mike McCarthy believes that the best one deserves plenty of rest. The offensive line has been held up by left tackle David Bakhtiari, who is the best tackle in the game by far, but everyone else is just OK.

Defensively, this team cannot consistently rush the passer. Pro Football Focus has Clay Matthews ranked No. 120 as a pass rusher and now-injured Nick Perry is ranked No. 131. The secondary has improved from last year and a lot of that has to do with Tramon Williams’ leadership.

This team has plenty of holes. But the most glaring one is McCarthy’s ignorance. Everyone knew that Detroit was dead last in rushing defense coming into Sunday’s game. However, McCarthy quickly abandoned the run, even when the Packers were inching back in the game. What’s worse is that Aaron Jones was averaging 5.7 yards per carry at halftime and didn’t get a carry in the second half. But let’s not discount his 12-yard catch with 33 seconds left. And if you’re going to give me the pass protection argument, Rodgers said the Lions only brought pressure twice, so that argument is severely flawed.

It also doesn’t help that it takes a half for this team to get going. The Packers scored on their first three drives of the second half because they opted for a quick-strike short passing game. The reason why Tom Brady has avoided a lot of serious injuries is because New England’s offense is predicated on him getting the ball out quickly. Rodgers must be placed in an offense that forces him to make quick decisions by slinging the ball all over the place.

The Packers have no idea what they want to be right now and that’s the most distressing thing. Are they a team that wants to throw it 45 times a game? I would say no because McCarthy always seems to crawl back to Jamaal Williams and Ty Montgomery. How long before the red zone offense doesn’t run through Graham? He is no longer dynamic and cannot be trusted to be a team’s No. 2 weapon.

This team has plenty of questions, but I don’t see any answers in the foreseeable future.




Cory Jennerjohn is a graduate from UW-Oshkosh and has been in sports media for over 15 years. He was a co-host on "Clubhouse Live" and has also done various radio and TV work as well. He has written for newspapers, magazines and websites. He currently is a columnist for CHTV and also does various podcasts. He recently earned his Masters degree from the University of Iowa. He can be found on Twitter: @Coryjennerjohn

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packerbackerjim's picture

I believe Graham will be valuable. But that vid and a play to the right where it appeared to be somewhat overthrown by AR made me question how Graham could have been a basketball player. His footwork was god awful and he could barely jump on that overthrow.

GBPDAN1's picture

Unfortunate, the Packers are a below average to bad team with a good QB. Hopefully the QB gets back to being a great QB.

This team has very few difference makers. Players that can take a game over .

Rodgers, of course, is -when he's Rodgers. Adam's can be . I'm hoping RB Jones is. We have none on D. Clark is great in the run game and is getting close in the pass game. Daniel's can be, but even though he's having an ok year, he's not making game changing plays. Of course Bak is elite. We have some potential with the young CBs and hopefully some of the Rookie WRs pan out.

Ted Thompson drained this team . I hope BG can fix it. It will start with rebuilding our OLBs and safety positions. Get a couple of road grading O-lineman who can pass block and we need a speedster /difference making WR. I wish TT didn't blunder on resigning TE Cook. He's been very productive in Oakland and looks way faster than Graham and of course the Bennett signing was terrible.

We really miss a Jordy Nelson type in the redzone. Our redzone offense is bad, currently . Hope this changes soon because one of the big problems is scoring offense as we rank 18th.

Tundraboy's picture

Could not be more right. Anyone who thinks otherwise is kidding themselves. This team can play better and adjustments are possible,but this team can not challenge with the talent it now has at OLB and Safety.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Well, K.Mack was the answer. But, instead we over pay a 30 something your old clay injured R. Cobb and a multi-million dollar FG kicker who just missed 4 Fg and a pat. And, A.Rod who is the highest paid QB.

Sumtin wong.

packerbackerjim's picture

PS: Were it not for the Eagles and Falcons, the Packers would be the most underperforming team.

nostradanus's picture

This is just a BAD team

jeremyjjbrown's picture

In a bad sports league at that. Another moronic roughing penalty this week.

Royalty Free GM's picture

Packers has been badly coached for years... and upper management doesn’t have the balls to change that. Cryonism. Badly coached, badly managed.

mnklitzke's picture

Couldn't agree more. Funny though that Gute has to go through Murphy to fire MM.. That is scary....

Duke Divine's picture

Not sure if they are just a bad team but they have a bad system guiding them. I am so sick of Mashed Potato Mike's system. He is too stubborn to make the right adjustments for the personnel he has or the teams he is playing.

"This team has a versatile mix of running backs, however, coach Mike McCarthy believes that the best one deserves plenty of rest"

McCarthy is rigid and arrogant that he will march the same thing out every single week no matter who they play or which of his own players are available. There should be no reason Aaron Jones didn't touch the ball 20 times last week...NO REASON! But yet he had a mere 7 touches because Mashed Potato Mike has a system and can break from rank...Its so old seeing the same shit every week. We sit here and see Gilbert on the PS all year as they struggle to rush the QB only to have Tater Mike finally admit his mistake a year later..Now we sit here while Aaron Jones sits the bench....This rigidity is a job killer in the NFL. Failure to adjust is a job killer. Unfortunately Mashed Potato Mike is as entitled as they come and will continue the status quo... I would bet that even in they got Mack that McCarthy would have eased him in the first 3 weeks rather than letting the dog eat, because "we have a system and we are going to stick to that system." Take your system and stick it Tater!! I'm tired of you relying on Arodge to bail out your ass! He needs to go or PAck aren'g going anywhere.... Unfortunately we will probably have another amazing run thanks to #12 and Tater will keep his job...Again... Its the same shit for the last 13 years and the rest of the league knows it even if Tater doesn't.

The fact that Jones is not on the field for at least 20 touches shows you how out of touch he really is...

Rebecca's picture

“Tater” hahaha :)
Maybe A. Jones is still in the doghouse for smokin the weed! LOL

dobber's picture

"We sit here and see Gilbert on the PS all year as they struggle to rush the QB only to have Tater Mike finally admit his mistake a year later."

Now that Gilbert is on the 53-man roster, how dominant has he been this season?

freddisch's picture

Gute is GM in titled only. He is just head of player personnel. If he was GM , MM would report to him.. Murphy is the GM and doesn’t have grit to demand any accountability for the poor performance of this team. Team will like finish ,7/8/1. It’s ironic that Oakland traded K Mack to Chicago thinking that their number 1 draft choice would be higher than GBs.

sardog's picture

An old Italian saying: The fish stinks from the head down.

Samson's picture

Rightfully so, most Packer fans are now wondering what kind of team exists in season 2018. -- Even the 'perpetually optimistic' 'homers' are either not commenting at all or being a little more realistic, finally.
Here's the issue: GB will slap down the 49'ers this Monday and all will (once again) be fine.

Unfortunately, (after the bye) the Pack travel to the LA Rams followed by a trip to New England. They easily could be 3-4-1 at the halfway point.

This is a transition year. -- 2019 is the future.

mnklitzke's picture

I'm not holding my breath that we will slap down the 49ers.

Royalty Free GM's picture

In the long run... it would be better if players find a way to loose this next 49ers game... (players loose all trust towards MM)

and hire a brand new motherf***ing dynamic, creative HC who does GM job as well, like BB does! Murphy, be ready.

4thand10's picture

You play to win. Regardless.

RCPackerFan's picture

Watching a lot of posts on twitter last night there were a number of open WR's that Rodgers clearly either missed or didn't throw to for whatever reason. I don't think it will take long for Rodgers to start finding those guys.

In all honesty the Monday night game plus the Bye week couldn't have come at a better time. The offense hasn't put a full game together. Getting a week off to reset themselves will be huge.

I hope the coaches take a week off to reevaluate how they are running the offense too. In all honesty the scheme they are running is just fine. Guys are getting open. But I think they need to reevaluate how they are using some players.
-First Aaron Jones needs to get the ball. He should be getting at least 15 touches per game!
-Jimmy Graham is a redzone nightmare for teams. At least he is supposed to be. Find ways to get him the ball in the end zone!
-Marcedes Lewis also should be a redzone nightmare! He is a trustable TE catching the ball. Start using him!
-MVS and ESB are big and fast. Start finding more ways getting them involved in the offense! MVS has blazing speed. Start doing jet sweeps! Handing him the ball one time and getting big chunks of yards will open up the running game more when they go to fake it later.
There are a lot of things the offense can be doing and should be doing! But the bottom line is they have to execute.
Rodgers has to be better! He has to start getting the ball out faster! I don't care if they have to dink and dunk all the way down the field. Just take what the defense is giving you.

As for the defense the weak link is the OLB and the S. The Safety's I don't get. Brice was a hard hitting wrecking ball as a rookie. Now he barely will touch a guy? Clinton-Dix looks like an all pro one week and looks like MD Jennings the next. Need more consistency there.

I do think the defense is trending upwards. They weren't horrible against the Lions. They had about 3 bad plays in the game, but were put in bad situations all day. 17 points came from turnovers. 7 from the BS touching on King play and 10 from Rodgers fumbles. Thats hard to overcome.
Hopefully Alexander can come back as he has become our best CB already. And hopefully after the bye Breeland can come in and start making plays for us.

This is Aaron Rodgers team. We will go as far as he wants to take us.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Why should we believe the coach will reevaluate? The reevaluation has to be done by BG and Murphy at this point.

RCPackerFan's picture

I'm hoping the coaches reevaluate themselves and take a harder look at what they are doing with decisions they are making. For example what personnel is being used, and find ways to get the guys that aren't playing more involved.

Under McCarthy the bye week has always been a time he has taken the time to reevaluate themselves and changed things based on that.

One thing has to change. They have to start the game a lot faster. They still haven't scored on the opening drive of any game so far. They have punted 4 times and had the missed FG.

What do the coaches have to do to start faster? How can they get the team to score more points? These are the things the coaches need to figure out and the perfect time is during the bye week.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

I'm out of hope for McCarthy. If he suprises me and that happens, great. But, I'm done with thinking he is taking the Packers anywhere. He's had his chance. How many seasons now have they sputtered through the first quarter of the season with the same shitty offensive game plan?

Tundraboy's picture

Im with you on that. I start each week the same way. I hope that they start off fast knowing in the back of my mind,they wont. I then spend the rest of the game hoping that they at least play someone that they hadn't utilized before at some point.

Pauly's picture

Start faster? Forget the scripted plays! Read the defense.
Start the game the same way they always start the 2nd half after they fall behind. Fast, hurry up.

Lare's picture

It would help immensely if Rodgers would start getting rid of the ball quicker and they just quit beating themselves with stupid mistakes & penalties.

Tundraboy's picture

Wouldn't that be nice. And if MM insists let someone else write the script.

flackcatcher's picture

McCarthy at his presser dumped on the field work today for more as he called it 'classroom time'. So he did just that RC. Video review must have showed far more problems in the offense than what we fans saw.

freddisch's picture

Why not try to take the ball first if they win the toss!!

mrtundra's picture

Maybe if Rodgers had practiced more in Training Camp or played more in the pre season? He might have established a connection with his receivers, especially the new ones like Graham, Moore, ESB or MVS. Lewis is the forgotten TE in this offense. Why hasn't Lewis seen more snaps?

RCPackerFan's picture

I do think Rodgers lack of practice time is affecting him. The fact that he missed most of last year, didn't play in the preseason, got hurt and hasn't practiced, I think he is basically rusty right now.
He needs practice reps to get the timing down with the receivers. To see the field more clearly.

The sad part is the play he got hurt on again, in this game, had he thrown it to a WIDE open MVS he never would have gotten hurt again.

I have no idea why Lewis isn't a bigger part of the offense. He should be though.

Royalty Free GM's picture

MrT - AR is en route to 32-3 td ratio and 5000 yds. How much more do you want from him?, injured Qb.
52-3 and 7000 yds?
He is still carrying this team on his back. Without Rodgers? Packers would be 1-4. Playoffs?

With better GM and HC/OC Packers would be 5-0.
Gute ignored him and offense in draft and FA, blame him. Only bad and costly acquisitions.
And what the hell are Matthews and Perry doing? 20M $!!

fastmoving's picture

Total wrong, like normal. this team is build around AR, like it should and he is a big part of the last two Ls.
Missed open receivers, TOs and hold too long the damn football.

The young wideouts played pretty good, but AR did not. It was easy for him, got tons of time, but he just played bad…..

Gute was pretty good, too.
So if you say we would be 5 and 0 with a better GM/HC, so we must have a good team anyway.
You posting mostly the same senseless stuff over and over again, with some point everyone would agree (CM3 is bad, Jones should have more carries, HC make a lot of strange things).

Pauly's picture

Where is TE Tonyan? The sure handed TE/WR...

Skip greenBayless's picture

Tonyan is no where to be foundyan.

dobber's picture

Every now and then, I enjoy a bag of Foundyans...

A Pickled Packer's picture

Tonyan, any relation to Kenyan, as in Michael T, If you don't know what I mean then never mind.

A Pickled Packer's picture

Tonyan, any relation to Kenyan, as in Michael T, If you don't know what I mean then never mind.

nostradanus's picture

Looking at the upcoming schedule 7-8-1 is the most likely outcome, what was the Packers record last season 7-9. This is a team on the decline with an overpaid DIVA for a Quarterback and a Head Coach who is unwilling to adapt. This is not a team that is one or two players away from contending. This is a team that is one or two plays away from the cellar and they know it.
They do not believe and that starts up top.
A culture change and bold moves are needed and that starts with Murphy and Gute. Will they make the bold moves needed in 2019, probably not. In the meantime get ready for Bears and Vikings fans to remind Packers fans of this as they dominate the NFC North.
Go Brewers!

fthisJack's picture

i disagree. there are enough play makers on this team to be in the playoffs. the problem is the coaching. i thought with Philbin back he would kick start the O. it hasn't happened. it looks like the same old crap we've seen for the last 7 years. it's time to move on from MM and his stubborn approach to the offense and the move should have been made last year during the mini house cleaning. it should really be done now but it would take balls and i don't think Murphy has any.

Tundraboy's picture

Murphy is a politician now. His focus is not on the product on the field.

arthurl's picture

To me the biggest issue I see is the offense. You look around the league and see teams like the Chiefs, Saints, and Rams...they have explosive offenses. We used to have such an offense. The play selection is horrible and doesn't produce results. There seems no sense of urgency with this offense until they get behind. They brought Philbin back to help, but seems same old scheme. They have the talent, as they have shown at times some juice. As far as the defense, Perry and Matthews have been disappointing, especially since these dudes earn 24M combined. They both are old and washed up. I feel defense overall is little better than last couple seasons though. I am hoping the offense gets it together and plays 60 minutes football.

RCPackerFan's picture

This is a great piece written on twitter.'s picture

this article is really garbage.
1. matthews is 90 in pff
2. perry is 72 in pff
how can you let this shit on your website?

dobber's picture

90 and 72? Now I feel loads better! ;)

Thebearsstillsuck's picture

And HaHa was an elite level safety on PFF going into the game. Sometimes you need to forget about stats and metrics and made up bullshit ratings and watch a game. I dont care where Matthews and perry are rated. They suck. And they are getting paid enormous money to suck.

dobber's picture

Actually, I think they're getting paid enormous money to play well...'s picture

if you write on wrong data means you write without any competence.
the process of writing is wrong.
this article is garbage.

Cory Jennerjohn's picture

Good talk. Those are the rankings for edge rushers, which is the position they both play.

Tarynfor12's picture

Does it really matter how they're rated under whichever description....they're both useless.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Why not? they let yours in here.

JohnnyLogan's picture

I've been heavily criticized here for incessantly commenting on Gute having flinched on the possible Mack trade but I'll say it again. He not only made a historic mistake by not trumping the Bears for a likely Hall of Fame player, in his prime, at our position of greatest need, but it was an indication that Gute's balls are only so big. That gargantuan mistake will haunt the Packers for years, has elevated the Bears and indicates that the changes he makes will only be bandages. He may draft better than Thompson but it will likely be because he'll have higher picks with this dysfunctional team.

Guam's picture

As excellent a player as K. Mack is, I couldn't disagree more. The price was too high (likely two firsts and a second) and the Packers have too many needs to use that many top draft choices for one player. Gute had a really good first draft (plus a positive use of free agency) and has earned the opportunity to add more weapons in his second year.

I have been saying 2018 would be a rebuilding year since before pre-season. We just had too many holes from TT's bad drafts in 2013-15 and no use of free agency. Let's see what Gute can do with a boatload of draft choices in his second year.

Demon's picture

And a new coaching staff.

Minniman's picture

We will not know the full ins and outs of that potential deal until Gute or Reggie McKenzie retires. I'm happy to be corrected but I'm not sure that the final decision of where to send Mack was GB's to make..... Perhaps Gute was guilty of only meeting the 2 1st round pick trade criteria and not making it an "offer that he can't refuse".

On another note, PENALTIES are what's killing the packers this year. Sure, they aren't playing lights out football but those end of game and third down penalties are KILLING GB.

LeotisHarris's picture

I think Coach McCarthy is a broken man. He hasn't been an effective leader since the playoff loss in Seattle was followed by the sudden tragic death of his brother. That's a hell of a hit to recover from, and I think he's out of gas. He doesn't look physically well, and his decision making is flawed. The Packers need to do what's best of the team, and what's left of Coach McCarthy.

Barazinho's picture

Interesting observation.

Demon's picture

Ive heard it all now. MM stinks because he lost his brother?

I have to call my boss and tellhim I cant do my job anymore because 3 years ago I lost my brother and sister to cancer within a 2 week period. I am sure he will understand.

MM stinks because he was never better than average to begin with and he has gotten complacent and LAZY.

stockholder's picture

The sky is falling and everyone is looking at MM. Well the star is falling and everyone needs to look at Arron Rodgers. Putting your team in the hole doesn't work for any team. The players are average. All the way through the roster. Putting people under the microscope never works. But A-Rod must be put there NOW. The secondary has guys going in and out with injuries. The more these guys know, the more they don't keep their assignments. It's like a illness has hit every player. WHY? They hear some negativity. This team is on the brink of disaster. Unless A-Rod snaps out of it. The team will all become box turtles. The veterans will fail and they'll leave for greener pastures. (Crosby is the perfect example). IS This team about Timing, and can they fight the refs? (example CMIII) It's dragged them down. Did the Refs win? Don't blame your teammates because of the refs! A-Rod has to play great. He's divided the team with negativity. The press also has divided the team by nipping at MMs heels. They Worked hard for better! Ignore the distractions. A-Rod gets the money. He must produce to save this season!

RCPackerFan's picture

If anyone wants a real breakdown of video do yourself a favor.

Go to twitter and follow the following. They do a great job of breaking down videos. If anyone has any others to add, please do so.

Aaron [email protected]
Andy [email protected].
[email protected]
Dusty All [email protected]
Ben [email protected]_NFL

Tarynfor12's picture

The way so many comment here about things, what is the point.They just drink a little more kool-aid the day after every game and more the day after that and by the next game...the Packers are great again.

RCPackerFan's picture

If you want the truth to what is really going on. Follow them!

Tarynfor12's picture

I see the truth when I watch the game and again on replay.

By the are those links working out for you?

RCPackerFan's picture

I actually haven't tried them yet. I am in market and haven't needed to try them. But I will try them sometime. Thanks.

packergal's picture

"...This team is on the brink of disaster. Unless A-Rod snaps out of it. The team will all become box turtles..."

Completely Agree, Stockholder...

But how does AROD snap out of it when there is zero indication that he will change?

I recall on a different topic, another poster commented that AROD performance likely results from intentional passive-aggressive behavior against MM.

So while through first 5 games, MM-called plays generate open receivers, AROD intentionally does not execute the short gain and instead looks for the home run--over and over again.

Thus, Pack leads in one NFC category-- 16 sacks in 5 games -- many from poor pocket presence and refusing to throw the ball.

MM rarely snipes in public (except when claiming to be a successful HC) but we've heard AROD snipe publicly since the Seattle playoff loss.

And whether you agree with AROD or not, that's not what a Team leader does.

Let's see what changes in actions occur in SF game.

Lare's picture

IMO, the Rodgers contract extension is going to come back to haunt this team in the future.

Thebearsstillsuck's picture

This is a poorly constructed team that is poorly coached. A team that has spent 7 of its last 10 1st and 2nd round picks on DBs, might have 2 players to show for it, and needs 2 safeties going into next year. This roster stunk from day 1 and i wasn't afraid to say it then. Ted Thompsons 2017 draft is going to go down as one of his worst.

But all is not lost. The only thing TT didn't do is stick this team with a lot of dead money. And gutekunst not extending clay and Cobb this year to lower their cap hit was a great move. We'll be in decent cap shape with 2 first round picks and most important, hopefully a new HC

Doug Niemczynski's picture

They both are good and still young.

CheesyTex's picture

and VERY expensive if you consider production and availability.

Dzehren's picture

The decision & mistake to draft King and Biegel over TJ Watt has come full circle.

RCPackerFan's picture

What is funny is if you follow anyone that watches the Steelers a lot they say how Watt isn't very good.

He has 2 - 3 sack games this year. But the previous 3 weeks all they talked about is how he basically disappeared.

Lets give King time and come back and revisit this in 1-2 years.

Thebearsstillsuck's picture

Watt will have more sacks than king will have games played in 2 years

D Ernie's picture

King had two major shoulder issues in college and missed big parts of two seasons in college. At some time you have to cut your losses. King will never amount to a hill of beans but hes taking space on the team too.

Zimmer cut his kicker after one bad game. A yound guy new to the team and to pro ball. When asked why he said, "were in the win mode now not the development mode".

This team has been stuck in the dev mode way too long. Time to get guys who can play

barutanseijin's picture

TT always loved the trainer's room all-stars.

Zebra 3's picture


I have to agree with you 100%. you brought up valid points across the board.This team never comes out ready to play football. Poorly coached.

And I believe it's time to change coaches after this season ends.

Cory Jennerjohn's picture

Yeah, not being ready to play falls squarely on the head coach.

I’m starting to wonder why Brian Gutekunst didn’t just clean the entire house? If Gute fires McCarthy, then the players must adjust to a new defensive coordinator, new offensive coordinator and a new head coach in back-to-back years.

splitpea1's picture

A rookie GM isn't going to fire a coach with that kind of record right away. Besides, he might not have the authority from what I've read here.

Packatron's picture

If true, this is the biggest problem in the entire organization.

Barazinho's picture

I think there's a reasonable chance they would keep Pettine around, like Chicago did with Fangio.

stockholder's picture

And I say it's Arron Rodgers. Your opinion of MM is a train locomotive leading a bunch of box cars. You guys keep trying to throw the switch. If he wanted MM and staff gone, he wouldn't have signed Graham,etc. The biggest mistake was A-Rods extension. And this won't stop with MM. This is a jungle and A-Rod isn't Tarzan. It's become monkey see , monkey do. This team was built by Gute now. And whatever the reasons were behind closed doors. The standard Rookie contract is 4 years. Turmoil and change will not keep players. The packers will over spend. And pay for losers more than winners.

flackcatcher's picture

Major changes next year Cory, Next year......

pacman's picture

Just 2 questions:
1. Why did Murphy think it was every other coach and not MM?
2. Will AR still be AR of old anymore?

Packers are EXACTLY the same team they have been of the last few years. Some good players, some not so good. Many mediocre, none great except AR. A team that AR carried. As he goes, Packers go. Management has not made a difference.

RCPackerFan's picture

What is funny is the player that is hurting the Packers more then anyone is Rodgers...

Until he returns to playing great this team is going to suffer.

Dzehren's picture

That’s sums it up perfectly

dobber's picture

If a team is really built around a single player--and surely the offense is--that team is going to scuffle when that player scuffles. Right now, there's a whole lotta scufflin' goin' on.

RCPackerFan's picture

Whatever the reason Rodgers has not been throwing to open WR's and has held onto the ball to much.

I do think he will get that fixed. But its easy to see why they have struggled with inconsistent QB play.

Tarynfor12's picture

Emperor...invisible clothes.

Skip greenBayless's picture

There's only one guy that is capable of making the Packers great again.

Since '61's picture

Vince Lombardi or Mike Holmgren? Thanks, Since '61

Demon's picture

I agree 61 but i have a suspicion he is meaning the tidy bowl man.

Skip greenBayless's picture

Nope, I have no faith in Mike McCarthy at this point.

Skip greenBayless's picture

Nope... I'm talking Tim Boyle. I've only been talking about him forever so I figured everyone would get it. He's the ONLY guy capable of making this team great again. Rodgers is too old. We need a young star qb again to grow up with all the young talent they have. KC has the right recipe with Mahomes and they'll be dominant for the next decade. Think about that. Rodgers started in 2008 so his decade is up. Green Bay would be better served trading Rodgers and his huge contract to some sucker team and going with Boyle. I know there's lots of people that hate Boyle but I see greatness in this guy. Time to start over. Rodgers isn't taking this team any where near the super bowl any time soon.

Since '61's picture

Dash - with all that the Packers have invested in Rodgers I don't think we're going to see Boyle anytime soon unless it is in a mop up roll or unless both Rodgers and Kizer are injured. You may be correct that he will be a good QB however if Boyle gets a chance to develop he'll probably need to be signed as an FA elsewhere for better or worse as far as the Packers are concerned. Thanks, Since '61

fastmoving's picture

this stuff ends usually just at the exact opposite, as we all know…..

Duneslick's picture

GB should be able to beat the lions and redskins with Rodgers having a great day

Duneslick's picture

GB should be able to beat the lions and redskins with out Rodgers having a great day. Typo

Royalty Free GM's picture

Pac - We are worse. Gute let Jordy go instead of Cobb. Jordy would have been a perfect mentor for young Ridley. And Jordy would have made many catches that Graham and others have dropped. Last year at this time Jordy had 5 or 6 TDs? !!, before AR got injured. Just a stupid stupid move by GM.


Spud Rapids's picture

Who is Ridley? You making up players now?

Demon's picture

Umm, we didnt draft Ridley. So we should have kept Jordy to mentor whom? This may come as a surprise to you, not all NFL players relish mentoring their replacements. Ask Favre.

Since '61's picture

Who are the Packers? Confused, at least that is what they look like they are. Inconsistent is another adjective that I would use right now as well.

Are they confused because they are inconsistent or are they inconsistent because they are confused?

I think there are at least 3 factors that we need to consider. First, and maybe most importantly is that we have higher expectations for our players than most of them can deliver. After Rodgers, Bak, Adams(?), Clark, and our new CBs the rest of the team is average to mediocre. Crosby is a good kicker except when he's bad and then he's really bad as we saw this past Sunday.

Secondly, Aaron Rodgers. I'm not sure what is going on with him. His throwing mechanics look off, which could be due to his injury. His decision making has been poor in terms of overlooking open receivers and holding the ball too long to make a big play. I think that when the team gets behind as they did against the Lions and Redskins, he still believes that he needs to do everything himself and that he is pressing too hard to show that he is worth being the highest paid QB in the league. And/or there are real issues between him and MM. Maybe a combination of everything. But this is his team, so either he figures it out and plays better or this season is effectively over.

Third, this team has not been the same since the debacle in the 2014 NFCCG. It can take a very long time for a team to recover from a loss like that. The bad taste can linger for years. I think we are seeing that with Atlanta after blowing the 25 point lead in the 2016 SB. Another poster mentioned that MM has not been the same since then, combined with the loss of his brother and that is possible as well. But these are paid professionals and we all have personal baggage that we carry. How well we carry it ultimately determines who we are.

As for the Packers I think that fundamentally they are lacking leadership both on the field and at the coaches level. They need to play confidently not desperately which is what happens when they get behind. These are fixable problems but someone needs to step up and commit to providing leadership and confidence on the field and on the sidelines. Thanks, Since '61

splitpea1's picture

I definitely agree with you on the leadership issue, particularly on the field with the defense. Going forward, the Packers need to make a special effort to develop these characteristics with the players the have and look for them already instilled in the players they may be interested in acquiring.

However, that championship game loss was a long time ago, and this team had added/subtracted many new players since then. They've also won a couple of playoff games but were unable to advance any further because of defensive breakdowns.

I don't think they're confused at all. They just need to develop and add more talent on defense and overhaul the play calling on offense so they can put together long drives instead of always hoping for a big play. I give our offensive line a lot of credit for being able to hang in there an inordinate amount of time while the QB scrambles around endlessly. It would be nice to give them a break with some quicker throws and more running plays. Unfortunately, overhauling the play calling isn't a quick fix will be probably be undertaken by somebody new. Jeez, we've been doing the same thing for ten years.

Since '61's picture

Splitpea - you've made some good points in your response. Yes, the Seattle debacle was a long time ago but our most critical veterans were part of that game; Rodgers, Cobb, Bulaga, CM3, Daniels, Perry, Dix were all part of that game. Maybe they are over it but maybe they are still carrying that baggage or some of it. As I posted it's how well we carry the baggage that matters.

As for confusion, when you have professional receivers running into each other and a QB who is missing throws and ignoring open receivers it certainly looks like confusion but it also very poor execution. Plus we have poor tackling, blown coverages and missed assignments on defense.
All correctable I admit but also unnecessary for an alleged playoff/SB contender. For better or for worse we'll know where this team is at a month from now. Thanks, Since '61

Tarynfor12's picture

"...maybe they are still carrying that baggage or some of it."

Shouldn't these guys be working at a hotel then.

splitpea1's picture

Still don't buy the theory about the championship game hangover. The players you mentioned are all older, some less effective, and a couple aren't effective at all anymore.

"Alleged" is the perfect word here. Too many people have bought into the myth that if AR is on the field, anything is possible. I don't think it's possible to go to the Super Bowl with such a negligible pass rush.

Demon's picture

That post right there is worth 12 thumbs up gentlemen. Great job 61

Braveindian's picture

Honestly there is a lot of overreacting this week and last week. We could easily be 4-1 right now. We got robbed by the refs in Minnesota and Crosby missed 5 kicks this week. The only game we really got out played was against Washington. That was just a bad overall performance. Also our defense is looking damn good when not thrown under the bus by the slow starting offense. Does noone remember how bad our defense has been the last few years? Some Positives - Jaire Alexander is seeming like the real deal. If King can stay on the field more consistently I believe he can be elite as well. When either of those two CBs are out, the defense is noticeably worse. Also Blake Martinez has turned out to be a great LB.

The Packers real issue is the first half offense. Is it just me or does it seem like Mccarthy is saving his good plays for the 2nd half or is forced to use them when they are down a tremendous amount of points? Rodgers clearly hasn't fallen off because he pulled off an amazing comeback victory in week 1 and against Detroit he almost pulled off a 24 point comeback if it wasn't for Crosby having his worst game ever.

In conclusion
If the Packers can get some faster starts this team will be much better off. Also Rodgers needs to settle for shorter passes more often. He is holding onto the ball looking for the big play. I think the success of other QBs around the league is getting to him. He is hobbled but still wants to show he is the best. We need to let Aaron Jones carry some of the load and Arod needs to settle for more quick passes till he is 100% again.

Since '61's picture

BraveIndian - I think this is your first post here so welcome to CHTV. You have some good points, however the fact that we are not 4-1 points to the inconsistency of this team and the reactions or overreactions you are seeing in the comments. A good team or a consistent team would in fact be 4-1 at this point even with some of the poor officiating. On the flip side this team could easily be 1-4 with their only win coming against the lowly Bills. So there is that to consider as well.

As I posted the Packers problems can be reversed but it is going to require some leadership combined with a sense of urgency to get this team going again. Most importantly we need to play much better on the road especially in the first half. We have road games against the Rams, Pats, Viqueens, Seachickens remaining and we are going to need to start much better against those teams or we'll get destroyed and embarrassed.

No reason to give up on the season yet but we need to see some consistency and a sense of urgency real soon. The bye week is coming. Time to hit the reset button and move on. Thanks, Since '61

dobber's picture

Anyone who writes an "in conclusion" paragraph immediately gets a thumbs up from me!

Spud Rapids's picture

I like this post because it highlights the razor thin margin of error in the NFL. A few plays can make the difference between a 4-1 team and a 2-2-1 team. It's been a flukey season thus far and everyone is freaking out because the pack haven't met their expectations. Rodgers injury, terrible refs, and a myriad of other weird things have happened. I'm not ready to throw the towel in yet like so many and declare this a bad team. I'll wait until after the bye and back to back games vs. LA and New England. That will tell us everything we need to know and if McCarthy can make the adjustments during the bye.

Doug Niemczynski's picture much negativty's picture

the only good article now would be of 3 words:
people already forgot how bad this team is without aaron rodgers, it is the real garbage of the NFL.

Royalty Free GM's picture


fastmoving's picture

like every team without his star QB, who gets 20 percent of the SC...…..

PeteK's picture

Finally some positive relief. Too early to give up the season because there are some good players on both sides. I have also wondered why we don't go to a short passing attack earlier. Washington and Minnesota games were hampered by crucial drops. That will not continue, but that little voice keeps asking," why did we get rid of Nelson".

4zone's picture

We should start games in hurry up, no huddle offense and just play like we are already down 40 points.

packerbackerjim's picture

There were many times Favre would start a game all amped up, wildly inaccurate passing and it would take a real hit to get him on track. Rodgers does not need a hit, far from it. He does need to settle in and the game plan ought to start with short, safe passes AND Aaron Jones. Once he develops a rhythm, the offense clicks. While it is a consideration Jones not carry a heavy workload, he does not need to actually run the ball to keep the defense honest. 15 runs seems to me a good number.

Packatron's picture

This is far from a complete team with Rodgers at the helm, and it shows when he's out. Packers don't have any playmakers besides him that tilt the field in their favor. Lots of prospects and a few of overpaid vets, but no playmakers. And if we do have the playmakers, why aren't they making plays?

IMO, the talent is just not there and won't be until Gute puts more of "his" players on the roster. He's gonna have to undo what TT has done to the roster with the terrible drafts the past few years. We'll have to wait a few more years for that to happen which means endure more of these types of games for the foreseeable future.

D Ernie's picture

Every thing we say or think about them is only based on observation. thats all we mere mortals have to go on.
What I have seen thus far, and my be very different then you but here is my senses:

1. Yes we have raw talent on pass D but my observation is these guys to date seem to be slow learners. Its not like non of them played these position in college so why are they struggling. Guys are running by them for easy long touch downs.

2. We have two old men whose age is showing now.
I've seen older players still light it up but Mathews and Perry are not. Thus pass rush is non existant on a consistent every down basis.

3. Team is making bone head mistakes. Not just mistakes but the ones where no thinking is done. This is killing drives or extending them for our opponents.
Cant blame it all on coaching. Cant coach stupid.

The above three reasons will keep this team out of the playoffs this year. Age, lack of brain power and lack of skill kill you all the time

Rebecca's picture

A lot of posts are what ifs or I hopes. Others claim to be realists and are labeled pessimists. What you are seeing is what you’re getting. The league decided on parity and it’s working against our team, especially with some of the expensive contracts for average play. Drafting at the lower end of each round isn’t filling the team’s needs immediately, and the signed free agent veterans aren’t making positive difference making plays.

The head coach and the Goat qb aren’t going to suddenly change into what we all want. If anything, there will be some improvements in rookie play and Rodgers will get in a groove. Remember anything can happen On any given Sunday.

Every year there are players with significant injuries. Jake Ryan is gone for the year. Bulaga is another injury waiting to happen. Clay and Perry aren’t going to all of a sudden “get it”.

This team will get more competitive but are we still willing to hope for a wild card slot in the playoffs with a 9-6–1 record? Could turn out that way.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

1/3 of the season check on our FAs:

Twill: good signing. Good bang for the buck.
Wilk: For under $5M, he was okay. No fault for the injury.
Lewis: Jury is out.
Bell: Jury is out. He maybe can play OG. If so, good.
Toomer: Meh.
Graham: Jury is out. My eye test isn't positive.

Burnett and Rodgers are playing (RR is on IR - no snaps in 2018), but the other 8 we let walk (Rollins, Brooks, Evans, Goode, Dial, Schum, Pepper, Evans, Porter) I think are all out of football. Evans may have simply retired.

bodei1newbie1's picture

well folks it looks like another long season for the pack i guess it true that rodgers really misses jordy (what i have to say is this get over it and do your three step drop and throw it to a receiver or tightend and i want to know why is lance k playing why not let the other tightend play maybe he can catch better than lance)

fastmoving's picture

...........thought a long season it a good thing……….

Duneslick's picture

I remember a while back TED wanted to draft football players not just athletes. Then the last draft he drafted athletes Jones maybe king that may not be good football players. How about drafting football players that are good athletes.

Denise Chanterelle's picture

Win or lose the lads still get paid; from the front office, to the coaches, to the players, and some are paid a king's ransom to make it all gel, but that isn't happening right now. It remains to be seen if this current coaching staff can light a fire under the players, get the right combo of players out there on the field, in order to get better results that we all want! There's still time to make this a memorable season, (one way or the other!), IMO, and I'll reserve judgment till later. Go Pack!

Point Packer's picture

I predicted a 10-6 regular season and a divisional loss. Now I'm thinking that was FAR too optimistic. This is a 7-8-1 team that shuts down #12 a game or two before the end of the season due to playoff elimination. Only frosting on this cake is that the "highly successful football coach" is finally shown the door. Three years too late.

PatrickGB's picture

Duke, you probably won’t read this because it’s at the bottom of the comments section. But jokes about MMs physical appearance are a turn off. You may be angry with his coaching. I get that. But jokes about his appearance are lame at best and spoil a good comment.

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