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Davante Adams is Primed to be a Top 3 Receiver in 2019

I think Davante Adams is set to jump into an elite category of NFL receivers in 2019.  For whatever reason, Adams always seems to get slighted and left out of the conversation of the elite receivers category despite consistently putting up extremely productive numbers even when his star quarterback misses time due to injury.

Davante Adams was on the cusp of breaking every Packers single-season receiving record last season despite Aaron Rodgers not being at the top of his game. There were times when Rodgers repeatedly overthrew or was just a touch off on his throws which negatively affected Davante's overall statistics.  

With a healthy Rodgers out to prove his doubters wrong and a new offense which will see Davante in many different packages (inside and outside), I believe a career season is on his horizon.

Why? I think Davante possesses one of the most underrated first steps in the NFL and has tremendous football instincts.  Before Rodgers rash of injuries, he and Davante worked magic every week and left NFL secondaries with their jaws on the floor. (Look at the Dallas Cowboys in 2017)

Last season saw Davante Adams rank 5th among receivers in yards per game with an average of 92.4 yards, and 2nd in receptions per game with 7.4.  He also joined exclusive company among all-time Packers receivers as he had 111 receptions 1,386 yards and 13 touchdowns in just 15 games played.

So what are the keys for Davante to eclipse Michael Thomas, Tyreke Hill, and Mike Evans (among others) and become a top 3 receiver in 2019?

1. Stay healthy and play a full 16 games.

2. Hope Aaron Rodgers stays healthy and returns to form.

3. Hope the Packers are contending for a playoff spot in November and December because it is a proven fact that Aaron Rodgers will look Davante's way in crucial moments in the game.

My 2019 Projections for Davante Adams:

125 Receptions 1,500 yards 15 Touchdowns     


David Michalski is a staff writer for Cheesehead TV. He can be found on Twitter @kilbas27dave 

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4thand1's picture

If AR has his say top 3 or better. Pretty lofty David, I agree.

jannes bjornson's picture

Should be an ALL PRO type guy. He's at his high mark.

Old School's picture

If we’re going to run more, and we’re going to use the TE does that result in a bigger season for Adams?

Coach JV's picture

Yup... when you spread it out, there's fewer opportunities. I think Adams might have a big year big-play-wise... but his catches and subsequently, yardage, will be lower than last year.

porupack's picture

Bigger pie, cut more ways can still be a bigger piece for everyone.
If GB converts 3rd downs and sustains drives; its possible to have more recepts for all receivers, including Adams, since defense has to guard more big strike weapons careening all over their turf.

Samson's picture

You're correct, OS.... Adams will have a good year but it's not necessarily a must for him to be top-3 or top-5 or whatever. --- The Pack are headed in a better direction where individual accolades are less important than in the past. -- The team is the key.

The author of this article is only trying for a few more clicks than what the article is truly worth.... That's nothing new.

fastmoving's picture

but a least its working with you!!!

oh man, not that you just read everything, you even taking the time to post about it. But I guess you only trying to get a couple of likes...thats nothing new.

elisbona's picture

The author of this comment needs to invest in a new hobby. You write the next article, we’ll compare notes then.

sbransbottom's picture

True but, if our defense steps up and plays as well as their potential, it means less time for our offense on the bench. If we create turnovers and 3-outs then our offense will get more time and therefore more plays in. That just creates more chances.

Oppy's picture

Is he primed to be a top three WR in 2019? I mean, I don't think any other WR has had more TDs over the last three seasons, so as far as I'm concerned, the question was answered already.

Oppy's picture

My bad, Antonio Brown has 36 receiving TDs to Adams' 35.

Old School's picture

Statistically, Adams has a pretty solid resume. TDs, yardage, receptions all towards the top of the league over the last several years. And his availability has been good. He is one of the team’s strengths.

Lare's picture

I think the biggest factor for Adams is having Rodgers stay healthy. I don't know where or how to research it, but I don't remember Adams having many receptions from the backup QBs, either Hundley or Kizer.

Jonathan Spader's picture

Adams didn't miss a beat when Hundley stepped in for Rodgers. Jordy and Cobb vanished.

Tarynfor12's picture

Nelson showed a lot of frustration for passes not thrown to him when open because Hundley had eyes for Adams and when thrown to, the passes were off target. Cobb wasn't doing much really period.

Coldworld's picture

Hundley clearly couldn’t get through his rotations. That is a fair comment, though that is not a reflection on Adams but on Hundley.

Tarynfor12's picture

Wasn't demeaning Adams but Hundleys inability to go through rotation was a reason Adams didn't miss a beat by looking for Adams first,,,Had Hundley been able, one must assume that Adams numbers would have been different.
Why is it such a need to twist what I say around.

holmesmd's picture

I think the NFL nomenclature you’re looking for is “progressions”, not “rotations”?

LeotisHarris's picture

A cringe-worthy lede welcomes the reader to a meandering first paragraph. Next readers are treated to misspellings and grammatical errors in a, once again, cliche-ridden nothing burger article from the author.

David, it's possible for writers to convey messages to readers without telling them what they are going to do (read your colleagues work here at CHTV). That's what language is intended to do. You're not writing letters home from camp, or an 8th grade theme. Ditch the "Today I will, ...I think....I believe..." We can read.

Cliche kills good writing. Stop it! Find another way to communicate what you'd like to share, a different way than others have written it so many times before.

Pizzadoc's picture

Dog, harsh.

sbransbottom's picture

"Next readers are treated to misspellings and grammatical errors"

You missed a comma after next, sir.

fastmoving's picture

some bitter folks out there, who think they any kind of smart. Funny.....
Maybe they should ask Al and Nagler if they can write here and throw here wisdom under the people. Is always easy to be critical if you dont do anything by yourself. Welcome to 2019! Since 2017 stupid is the new smart.

Samson's picture

Sorry, fastmoving, but you seem a little slooooow to truly comprehend... As one poster posted above --- this isn't the 8th grade. --- Try to keep up if you can. --- If you're having problems, ask someone in the room for help.

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