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Dumpster Fire in Detroit Puts Packers at 2-2-1

Sunday’s dumpster fire in Detroit puts the Packers in a precarious position going into Monday nights showdown at Lambeau Field against the 49ers.  This team truly has shown us just how awful of a team it can be when they put their mind to it.  Penalties, missed throws, missed field goals, and blown coverages were just some of the mishaps that held the Packers back on Sunday Afternoon.  

Falling to 2-2-1 certainly has left people wondering why the Packers have gotten off to yet another early-season slump.  The fanbase is sick of the adage that this is just another case of a Mike McCarthy team getting out of the gates slow.  The fact of the matter is that after 5 weeks of football, the Packers are just an ordinary  team and there is no excuse for their awful start to the season.  The offense is not firing on all cylinders, there are too many stupid penalties, and the team cannot play a complete sixty minutes of mistake-free football.

The next month will show whether the Green Bay Packers are up to their old ways, or whether they will be a serious contender in the NFC.  Right now this team is not on par with the NFL's best and is an ordinary team whose deficiencies can easily be taken advantage of.  Sunday's performance was an example of what the Green Bay Packers can be at their very worst and everyone is sick and tired of seeing performances like these every time they are away from Lambeau Field.  At the end of the day, performances like these reflect on the head coach and the question must be asked of whether the same old mesage is beginning to loose its effect.  

Year after year we hear the same old message and see the same old results and now we are all wondering why genral manager Brian Gutenkunst decided to retain Mike Mccarthy after changes were made to every other aspect of the Packers coaching staff.  As the team currently sits, we are all standing here wondering what will be different about this season other than the team coming into its own at the end of the season, barely making the playoffs (if their lucky), and losing in the wild card or divisional round.  

Right now the Packers are set up for more of the same results and everyone is fed up and tired of it and today's performance is simply a microcasm of business as usual within the Packers organization.  We hear the same old garbage from McCarthy regarding the teams performance and the same old covering for deficient players from Aaron Rodgers.  At the end of the day, when you lose to a subpar 1-3 team, things need to change quickly and people need to be called out and held accountable.    

The bottom line is, there is not much to say when you lose to an inferior opponent and your actions will speak for themselves on the practice fields and the meeting rooms when players have the chance to hold each other accountable.  God knows that everyone in Green Bay is sick of singing the same old song of how its early in the season and there is plenty of time to improve (like I preached to you all this past week).  The bottom line is that the script is old and we are all waiting for a change, but are skeptical that any will actually happen.  Hopefully, at some point during the season we will all be proven wrong, but until that point no one should hold their breath because it is still a Mike McCarthy coached team after all.  

These are just some thoughts from a burned out, McCarthy fatigued Packers fan that is fustrated with the current state of affairs.   


David Michalski is a staff writer for Cheesehead TV. He can be found on Twitter @kilbas27dave 

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Coming out of the gates (first halves) as an unprepared, out of sync, bad game planned, badly coached, confused team against Washington and Detroit may have cost us a playoff birth based on our upcoming schedule - Road games against the Lambs, Cheaters (Patriots), ViQueens, and Bearlys are no gimmys (even the Seachickens after watching them score on the Rams yesterday). I hope MMs bad planning regarding these 2 games didn't screw us later in the year.


Nick Perry is a nobody

Should have signed TE Cook when we had a chance. The guy looks good in Oakland and looks much faster that Graham and quitter Bennett has dead money on our cap

Our top 2 OLBs rank 8th in payed combined salary and between the 2 of them, they have 2 combined sacks in 5 games. Pathetic

MM has worn out his stint in GB. We need to become new

The Packers injury thing is starting to rear its ugly head

tincada's picture

"The Bears still suck!"
-- Mike McCarthy Really Mike? You won't be saying that after Jan when thankfully you and your very predictable game calling are gone.

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We can only hope and pray this is the case.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

K. Mack for defensive player of year.

Would have put the Packers in top 10 defensive. Better decisions need to be made by upper management.

ricky's picture

The Bears could offer better first round picks and had more cap space. We don't know what the Packers offered for Mack, so the "better decisions" idea is not borne out by any known facts. Yes, Mack would have elevated the defense a great deal, and he is an early favorite for DPOY. However, balance this with the contracts that lapsing in the next few years, and adding $140 million to the salary cap might seem a bit expensive.

dobber's picture

This was such a complex situation, and I think people tend to oversimplify it. I think the bottom line that defines how people assess this move (or lack thereof) is how you view the contract situations of Mack and ARod on the same salary cap. I think this was a choice between ARod and Mack. The Packers chose ARod. The Bears didn't have to make that kind of choice: they have no $140M contracts aside from Mack.

Bearmeat's picture

Disagree. Both could have been afforded, especially with all of our old and bad players (except Perry) coming off the books after this year.

And as far as the Bears being able to offer more? BS. As it looks right now, GBs picks would have been worth more, and I would have paid 2 1sts and a 3rd and getting a 2nd back for K. Mack in a heartbeat.

Our OLBs suck. They have no talent on the NFL level, and even if this ship is righted, it absolutely means that this teams ceiling is capped. A good QB will shred us.

We just haven't faced an elite QB yet. Just wait.

flackcatcher's picture

We faced one yesterday, and our defense and the backend did good. dobber's right on thus one, It was Gute's call and he made it.

Bearmeat's picture

I'd call Stafford good, not elite. He's certainly not in the same boat as Drew Brees, Tom Brady, etc..

flackcatcher's picture

Come on man. Stafford is a top ten QB in the NFL, by any standard that's elite. Yes, he plays on an below to average team, but he gives them a good chance every time out. Look at what he did to New England's defense. Yes, he is a step below the big three but is well above any other starter playing QB in the NFL.

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I think we're more than one player away anyway, even as good as this one is. I'd rather keep the picks.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I suspect that it was a combination of too much in draft capital and the salary cap. I do not believe it was a case of Gute choosing AR versus Mack. That choice is obvious, yet Gute still made an offer to Oakland. Gute had to know the rough parameters of Mack's contract, yet he chose to make an offer to Oakland.

So no, it was not a choice between AR and Mack. It was more complex than that.

Gort's picture

Never been a good idea to trade away too many draft picks for 1 guy.
Too many dumpster fires turned into full fledged infernos.

tincada's picture

There's "upper management" in Title Town?

Paul Konieczny's picture

I bet he wouldn’t have fumbled the ball and missed 4 field goals.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Khalil Mack’s Stats-Line
Combined Tackles 17
Solo Tackles 14
Assisted Tackles 3
Sacks 5
Forced Fumbles 4
Fumble Recoveries 1
Passes Defensed/Deflected 2
Interceptions 1
Touchdowns 1
QB Hits 3
Tackles for Loss 3

Not even mentioning the double team's he has taken on and QB pressures or the focus the opposing offense have to have for the monster of the midway.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

I know I'm going to thumbs down, but the Packers still have not even admitted to their mistake.

LeotisHarris's picture

Doug, the Packers were in the running for Mack. They just didn't mortgage the franchise to make it happen the ways the Bears did. There are very real ramifications down the road for Chicago. That trade will do to the Bears what the Herschel Walker trade did to the Vikings.

We're 5 games into the season, and the Bears have improved. I think it's a bit soon to crown them Super Bowl, or even NFC North Champions.

Royalty Free GM's picture

Doug- Yes Packers got ‘participation award’. It’s worthless.

Mack does to the Bears what Reggie White did to the Packers.

dobber's picture

If they win a SB, you're probably right.

mnklitzke's picture

To compare the Herschel Walker trade to the Mack trade is laughable. You might want to check the facts and 8 draft picks and 5 players the Queens gave up, is not the same. The Mack trade is looking good so far.

Royalty Free GM's picture

Yes, Mack and Martinez leading the defense. MaMa!
And then you line up Adams and Ridley and tear up the opponents’ defenses. AR to A&R.

HC, OC, GM... you’re fired!

Rebecca's picture

Perfectly put.

Oppy's picture

Big newsflash, Khalil mack is not a Packers player.

What's done as done. move on with your life.

As far as your comment that the "packers haven't even admitted their mistake yet", could you specifically name any of the other 30 teams that did not get Khalil Mack that have made some sort of public acknowledgement of "Making the mistake" of not winning the Khalil Mack sweepstakes?

I am always amazed at how people think the world works.

Royalty Free GM's picture

Oppy: Your Hillary lost two years ago, time to move on with your life ;)
Only 10 hillary voters left? You’re shrinking into a small group even in here in little bubble of yours...

Newsflash: Donald J. Trump is your President.

Bearmeat's picture

Where in the hell did that come from RFGM? Oppy didn't mention politics at all.

Jersey Al's picture

This is a football site. This is a Packers site. If you want to talk politics, there are countless other places to go. Keep that in mind going forward.

Paul Konieczny's picture

Do you realize it’s the offense that is losing these games? No, it’s not the play calling.

Royalty Free GM's picture

Why does Mack and Ridley are not Packers players?
That’s right. Incompetent GM Gute.

And why do Packers acquired unsuccessful FAs?
That’s right. Incompetent GM Gute.

And why do Packers suck right now?
See above.

What people are complaining and whining here about current Packers roster?
Lack of pass rush. Lack of playmakers at WR position.
See above.

And finally, if you are complaining that Packers doesn’t have a dynamic offense right now?
Fire MM right now.

Demon's picture

Gute didnt have a choice but to keep MM. he does not have the authority to fire the head coach. It was murphy that kept him. Hopefully Murphy gets canned this year too.

The team is a dumpster fire going nowhere in a hurry.

The same people that say that MM is a very good coach, ard the same ones who kept saying "in Ted we trust"

Hows all that working out now?

tincada's picture

It doesn't matter who can fire fat boy. It wasn't done, period.

mnklitzke's picture

Comments above say Gute should have fired MM. But Gute has to go through Murphy for that. Murphy made it clear that MM was staying this year.

Packer Fan's picture

The situation now is squarely on MM. Undisciplined play is the result of coaching. Not only did Crosby miss three makeable field goals and a PAT, but the fiasco with the deflection, the roughing the kicker on a PAT or FG ended up with a starting field position at about the 12 yard line, another penalty where the receiving team lined up wrong just before the half and it was declined by Detroit and then offside on the kickoff after the last FG and holding on a punt negating a good return. Way too many issues. And the rookie cornerbacks are too undisciplined. This is all coaching. The offense is out of sync, no rhythm with too many run calls in the beginning of the game. Adams and Graham were passed to once until it was already 17-0. Jones was not called in the second half until it was too late. Montgomery was not used much as a receiver. When your QB is not mobile and hurt, when you are using rookie WR's, when you use long developing patterns, when the top playmakers are not being targeted until mid 2nd quarter and the OL struggles to protect, you get what we are getting.

Crosby will rebound, AR will get better, but until then, gee, it is time for MM to make adjustments to fix these things fast. Season is not over, but probably home field advantage is.

Lare's picture

Looks like its finally time for the Packers to bite the bullet and go for a complete overhaul.

Wonder if Ron Wolf is available.

Chuck Farley's picture

He wouldn't want this cluster fk

Since '61's picture

It was a much bigger cluster fk when he took the job in 1991.
Thanks, Since '61

mnklitzke's picture

We could have had the next best thing in his kid but we chose Gute... I wanted Wolf.

dobber's picture

Wolf was every bit the unknown that Gute was. I don't know why anyone thinks genetics would make him a better GM.

Jersey Al's picture

C'mon Dobber, Little Wolf would have fixed every problem this team had by now! What a failure Gute is 9 months into the job!

stockholder's picture

The situation is now is squarely on A-Rod. Holding onto the ball is A=rod biggest fault. IT puts pressure on everyone.( blocking , the Wrs, the Tes. MM). He comes to the game like it's practice now. You get 4 downs to make a first. But we always see the problems at 3rd and 20. His pocket awareness is fleeting. If he wants to survey the field he must go back to the roll outs he did so well as a rookie. No longer are we seeing timed plays. No longer does he have pin point passing. The air under the ball is obvious. His arm is a jerk and float. Arron is just as much responsible for the Packers record as anyone. He's a PR machine now. And the packers have a china doll. Not only physically, but mentally as well now. The packers have no cure for what ales A-Rod. It's up to him to solve the the mistakes he's created.

Kb999's picture

Rodgers definitely not playing like a 100 million dollar man. Just an embarrassing team effort

Lare's picture

Unless Rodgers gets his problems fixed, there's probably going to be more mediocre football in Green Bay while they try to field a competitive team with that contract.

Reminds me of the 70's and 80s.

LeotisHarris's picture

Are you just trolling, buddy? Because this is *nothing* like the 70s and 80s. Not even close.

dobber's picture

No...they look more like the 2014-2016 Saints.

Lare's picture

Aaron isn't going to fix anything until he quits blaming MM for all his problems. He says all the right things about taking responsibility in postgame interviews, but nothing ever changes in his performance.

Like many people as they get older, those in the Green Bay Packers organization seem pretty set in their ways.

PeteK's picture

I agree with you on AR. How much have the Patriots changed. Were the Steelers, Niners predictable with the same coach ?

pacman's picture

MM has been under criticism for a few years now. Looks like they gave him one last chance. Why???

We are not in the practices and we are not in the planning meetings. But I am tired of even listening to MM in the after game press conference. No fire or anything interesting to say. How much talk do you want to listen to before getting something done?
8 years going downhill is enough!

I'm not that worried about Crosby yet. I am worried about 5 unimpressive games by AR.

Royalty Free GM's picture

We run twice straight to the middle with a little or no gain.
Then with the 3rd and long AR bails out.


MM game plan and it doesn’t even matter who we are playing against.

Genius part is that you have to have the very best QB, otherwise you’re just a 3-13 team.

Grimbo's picture

The issue with the offense is offensive coaching. McCarthy’s offensive approach is long in the tooth. Everyone has figured it out and knows how to defend it. Bringing Philbin back was a mistake. Another yes man that perpetuates the issue. Either a) McCarthy needs to give Philbin a true offensive coordinator role including setting the game plan and calling the game, b) hire another OC with a contemporary approach and give him the ability to implement it, c) get fired.

Demon's picture

Put me down for option C

Lare's picture

Looks like McCarthy is making the decision on options easier every week this team looks terrible.

PeteK's picture

I don't understand how anyone can put any blame on MM. Our kicker flounders 10 pts ( I'm not counting long miss), turnovers, missed passes, and poor tackling. Most embarrassing moment was the announcer making fun of our two hand touch tackling. Even with this comedy of errors, there was a glimmer of a possible comeback late in the game. Fortunately, the whole league is sputtering , except the Rams, who we meet in three wks.
I'll put my money on MM getting the team ready, as he has done before, for that crucial game.

Lare's picture

The Buck always stops with the HC. McCarthy is responsible for creating and fixing this mess.

PeteK's picture

Missed FG, dropped and missed passes. I don't know if coaching fixes that. Tackling, now you have a point . Well find out in the next two games.

Thebearsstillsuck's picture

If its a couple of players playing uncharacteristically bad, it is on them. When its 40, its on the coach.

tincada's picture

peteK, Dreamer.

Cubbygold's picture

Yeah, I mean I've got issues with MM, but this game isn't a glaring example of his shortcomings.

Pack lost by 8...

7 point swing if GB just fair catches their first punt instead of allowing it to fall into a crowd

10 points on the kicker

At least a 7 point swing if Rodgers doesn't run around begging for a strip sack

That was an easy win, sabotaged by people who MM has no control over. Guy might have the most predictable offensive scheme and fail to use the weapons at his disposal, but he didn't lose that game by a long shot.

Lare's picture

"That was an easy win, sabotaged by people who MM has no control over."

MM has no control over the plays and players on this roster?

SJ EC's picture

McCarthy definitely has control over the plays that they run, but when even we can see people running wide open and Aaron holding the ball too long, even Mike cannot help that situation. Regarding the players on the roster, that falls strictly on the shoulders of Gutekunst (after inheriting something of a mess from TT)

I think there’s more than enough blame to go around, and I am by no means taking it easy on McCarthy. This whole organization needs to figure it out, and fast.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I think this is wrong, SJ EC. Coaches coach and GMs acquire talent. If AR is holding the ball too long, that a coaching issue that needs to be addressed by the coach.

Now, at some point if AR's huge dead money hit makes him impervious to coaching, then the GM in association with the HC has to step in if it rising to the level of a discipline problem.

jhlisic's picture

Biggest problem with the team is on field execution by the offense and Rodgers refusal to run the designed offense. If the offense sustains some drives early in the game and gets the scoreboard ticking over, all of a sudden there's no questions about whether the team is prepared. Like usual, the offenses inability to perform, has a compounding effect and puts the defense in vulnerable positions.
Unfortunately for McCarthy, his inability to reign in Rodgers and his backyard football, will probably get him fired.

Lare's picture

Simple solution- Rodgers just needs to quit holding the ball waiting for the big play in order to pad his stats. There are open receivers, swallow your pride and throw it to them Aaron.

Chuck Farley's picture

He's tried and missed. He is so worried about tossing a pick he wont throw the ball unless someone
Is open.

Tarynfor12's picture

" God knows that everyone in Green Bay is sick of singing the same old song of how its early in the season and there is plenty of time to improve."

No,no they aren't... one can already read in the comments here and there,the rallying cry to get behind and stand strong with the reasons (excuses) and self convincing thinking ' all will be fine.'

I'm all over the early line of + 9.5 with SF. A loss here will have all air of a possible rebound, going into the bye deflated, with two weeks to contemplate the ensuing tsunami of the Rams and Pats on the road.

PAPackerbacker's picture

It's time for MM to step up and coach this team. Poor game management, lack of discipline, unprepared to go the full 60 minutes of a football game, slow starts, countless penalties, bad play selections, to many turnovers, lack of communication. And it's also time for some consistency in the offense and defense. It's not to late turn it around and start playing like a championship caliber team. The talent is there on the roster. It's time to take advantage of the skills each player brings to the table and get them involved more than just a few plays each game. Communicate with each other and start coaching. Take control and get the Packers back into contention!! It can be done, but it all begins with the coaching staff.

mamasboy's picture

I'm starting to feel foolish wasting 3 hours of my Sunday watching this mistake machine. They aren't putting a good product on the field anymore. THE player that IS exciting to watch,gets what, 7 carries. None in the second half. McCarthy likes to save his players for later in the year. Well later in the year we'll be on the outside looking in, as far as the playoffs go, if he doesn't start getting his best players on the field.

tincada's picture

It's time for MM to step up and coach this team. He hasn't done it in the past so why in the world you expect it to happen all of a sudden now?

henry113's picture

Agreed, MM is no Vince Lombardi, but these players played like amateurs. You cant start off 24 points in the hole and expect to win. They are 5 weeks into the season. No more excuses. Rodgers carrying the ball like a loaf of bread. Are you serious. I think the team should donate their salaries to charity this week.

Lare's picture

Agree on the salaries. It bothered me a little bit when the Packers were down by 24 points and the cameras showed Matthews and some of the other defensive players laughing and yucking it up on the sidelines.

Can't wait until some of these overpaid underachievers are gone.

Demon's picture

How was his pad level?

Lare's picture

The good news here is that the offensive and defensive lines are relatively healthy and are playing good, the game of football starts and ends on the LOS.

That said, pretty much everyone behind the LOS (besides Jones, Adams, Scott, Alexander, MVS and Martinez) has pretty much sucked so far this season.

Rufus's picture

Lare, no offense, but the only good news is that the Brewers won.

Lare's picture

And the Badgers.

Royalty Free GM's picture

You can be sure that every other team in this league would be pleased if their knee injured QB has 10-1 TD ratio, over 300yds avg and QBR over 100 at this point of the season. But not whining Packers fans, spoiled brats as usual.
Those are the numbers that many HOF QBs are just dreaming... even when playing healthy.

Royalty Free GM's picture

That is 32-3 TD ratio and over 5000 yds!!
... for the whole season
... by a knee injured QB

Jamie Freier's picture

Stats are for losers.

Kb999's picture

Stats are great but the only thing that matters is a W. The truth was that A-Rod sucked in the first half and Mason Crosby sucked more. Like the writer said , Dumpster fire. Accurate.

Lare's picture

While some teams may be impressed with the stats, I'm guessing most teams would rather have a QB that leads them to a better record than 2-2-1.

The Packers currently have the same W/L record as the Cleveland Browns. I hope that Murphy, Gutekunst and McCarthy are happy with that.

Royalty Free GM's picture

When QB puts numbers like that... QB is not the reason GB is losing for sure!
You try to keep blaming Rodgers to hide the facts that MM and Gute are just awful in their jobs. But it is okay, you just need a little more time than average fan to understand that...

Royalty Free GM's picture

Lare: AR has done his part better than well, even injured. How about others? There is 11 guys on the field.

GVPacker's picture

If Crosby makes those FG's and the Extra Point!
If Adams makes that TD Catch
If the refs don't blow that Kevin King Punt Call!
If my Aunt had Balls she would be my Uncle!

cheesehead1's picture

This 2-2-1 start is very disappointing. We’re even reasonably healthy and things look the same. Maybe, just maybe we don’t have the talent. I certainly don’t blame Crosby for the loss. Except for a bad stretch a few years ago, he’s been rock solid. IMO, we win as a team and lose as a team. The D can’t help what with Detroit getting the short fields after turnovers, but when the score was 24-14 they did what they usually do and let the opposition march down the field for a TD. A stop there was crucial and we didn’t get it done! Same old story. Some vets also not performing to their normal levels. Rodgers missed a few easy throws and Graham dropped a sure TD. Living in the NW, I saw him play with the Seahawks and he dropped quite a few.....The season certainly isn’t over, but it’s time for MM and or Gute to send a clear message soon!! We’ve been spoiled over the years and this game was embarrassing.

Lare's picture

I've been a Packers fan since the 1950's, and I must say that this is the most undisciplined Packers team I've seen since the 70's & 80's. I think it's time for a change in Green Bay from the top down.

Paul Konieczny's picture

That’s a lot of bottom lines.

flackcatcher's picture

Got to tell you David, it was pretty hard to read this post as your points were jumbled all up. As the pros would say, you buried the lede. Just a little friendly advice. Take a breath, step away from the keyboard for a moment before you start pounding away. Your points are valid, but it is hard to get to them though the mass of emotionalism. To a couple of your points. Packer front office will change, that's the call of the executive committee. I have explained in comments in this blog, Mark Murphy the Packer President blew it in a big way. As is his contract is up this year, the executive committee will select a new President and the organization will move on from there, but not until after the season is over. Much of the problems with the Packers is two fold. One. This is a very young team in rebuild mode, and with next years draft will be younger still. The cut down OTA and short training camp have done the Packers and the other teams in the NFL no favors, as we see in a week to week basis. Two. Rodgers. Goodness knows what is really going on with him, all I know is that it is hurting the team, and is all I really need to know. Beyond that is any ones guess. We fans are watching a week to week team in a week to week league. (UGH!) I hate it, I really do.

henry113's picture

Agreed, everyone is pretty pissed watching this team self destruct, not playing up to potential. Why does it take half the game to wake up? There are a lot of veterans on this team. So no excuses. Painful to watch.

JohnnyLogan's picture

Lack of talent, poor coaching, poor QB play. Safeties are terrible. Edge rushers worse. LB's meh. Receivers can't get separation. QB looks bored and always trying to feed his ego with long plays. His good overall numbers are due to garbage time fantasy points. Like to know his first half numbers. Thompson left this team lacking in talent. McCarthy doesn't recognize talent when he does get it, i.e. Aaron Jones. Jones could easily be utilized like Saints Kamara, who isn't asked to block much, just run, catch passes and score TDs. If nothing else playing Jones 3rd string shows what a moron McCarthy is.

Chuck Farley's picture

My what's wrong with this team.
Ted t never paid attention to injury proness players. I also think he dis counted there smartness level.
Here in minny when a vike does an interview they are mostly articulate and knowledgeable. The vikes have been the least penalized team in football for years. They draft smart guys you can teach. They dont make a lot of mistakes.

To me the mistakes being made are bonehead ones. Either we have a team of idiots or the coaches aren't spending time explaining what dumb things not to do like taunting a player when we would have gotten the ball back.
If it was one guy deal with it. This team as a lot of these guys. I mean will dix ever learn how to cover? Your not going to win with this group.
Plus old farts like Mathews and Perry. They would have been gone two years ago for draft picks had they been on the vikes. Spielman gets rid of guys still useful for picks, Ted t let them go and got nothing.

Tundraboy's picture

 "sick and tired of seeing performances like these every time they are away from Lambeau Field."

Started to happen more and more there as well. A little too much.

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