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Josh Jones Doesn't Sound Happy

Green Bay Packers second year safety Josh Jones doesn't sound thrilled to be riding the bench.

Rather than belabor what led to this soundbite, which I think most readers of this site are familiar with, I'll let the man's words speak for him. 

On the one hand, I understand his frustration.

On the other hand, we didn't see much to suggest he was ready to make the jump necessary throughout camp or preseason, prior to suffering the ankle injury that kept him out of the early part of the season.

What's even more damning is that in a game that saw Jermaine Whitehead, the player Jones seemed to be competing against throughout most of camp, inactive due to injury and Jones was still only on the field for four snaps from scrimmage against the Lions.

That does not bode well for a young player clearly itching to get on the field.

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jeremyjjbrown's picture

Yet another high defensive pick the Packers struggle to gain value from....

TheVOR's picture

So I keep going back to the coaching staff. The final decision on who plays and who doesn't is a coaching decision. We don't get to attend practices, and in truth we can't isolate individual players on a typical TV broadcast. I can't help but think "if this player was the best option, why wouldn't he be on the field", and if he's not, "what about his game makes him get passed up for consideration"? The 2nd round draft pick doesn't make shiz really! I mean throughout every season we see former 1st round draft picks get cut and exited out of the NFL for the most part, or picked up to go ride the pine somewhere else? All I can say is the coaching staff seems to have agreed that this player is not their first choice to field for higher volumes of snap. There is usually a reason for that. Perhaps all the questions Josh is presenting to the media on that show, he should be asking Mike Pettine about? Then he'd have his answers, and not have to ask the media or fans, or represent it in the media? Just saying, have to believe their is "The rest of the story" that we're not privileged enough to know. Same things I always said about Jeff Janis, and now he's out of football? The fans LOVED the guy, yet here we are, and he's apparently not what the fans saw, as he's no longer in football. Perhaps a similar thing here with Josh.

PackFan4Life22's picture

In Pettine's defense its about accountability and reliability it's as simple as that. Yes he is a talented player that was a high draft pick, If Jones can't be trusted to be assignment sure then he's can't be on the field. The guy missed a lot of valuable time in training camp and at the beginning of the season. Yes he will get onto the field when he proves that he can be counted on and most importantly trusted. We've seen that he can play in the past, he just needs to earn the coaches trust, the sooner the better.

dobber's picture

I think that ultimately the role that Jones could play best right now (the chase/coverage ILB in the odd-man front and on passing downs) has been handed to Morrison on obvious run downs (he hasn't played 20 defensive snaps in a game, yet) and to Burks--whose snaps have increased each week--on passing downs. He's been passed by. I all but guarantee he's going to get his chance at some point this season, but he's going to need to make good on it when it comes.

The TKstinator's picture

I was really hoping/expecting him to blossom under Pettine, and the fact that he hasn’t (yet) is frustrating. 6-1, 220,4.41 40, he should be capable of doing some real damage!

(To the opponents, not to GB’s chances of winning.)

Hawg Hanner's picture

There you go.. Ted Thompson

RCPackerFan's picture

I'm also curious why Jones can't get on the field. He showed last year he was a really good in the box type of player. I just am surprised they haven't at least found a role for him yet.

They may trust Brice more, but his lack of physicality has to be bothering the coaches. 2 years ago he was pound for pound arguably the most physical player on the team. Now, he comes up, doesn't wrap up players, barely hitting them and when he does hit them its usually a 2 hand shove. He has blown plays in coverage too. I just wonder how long they will stick with Brice if he keeps playing the way he has.

Royalty Free GM's picture

Put Josh Jones on the field and let him HIT people!
Mike Daniels agrees.

Spud Rapids's picture

very profound analysis

dobber's picture

I think Brice has been better the last couple weeks. I don't think he was bad against the Lions. I don't think he was a world-beater, either.

Since '61's picture

Given the at best, inconsistent officiating maybe Brice and some of our other defenders are confused about what a legal tackle or hit is anymore. Hence the lack of physicality and concern for holding or PI while in coverage. Speaking for myself I no longer have any idea what is a tackle, or roughing, or PI or illegal contact. Then of course there is the muffed punt call when the punting team touched the ball first and never hit our player at all. The games continue to become unwatchable free for alls.
Thanks, Since '61

flackcatcher's picture

To be fair to Brice, he is reworking his game while at the same time dealing with the mess the NFL has created in the on the field calls. While I have been hard on him in the past, he has done a fine job this year. His play, in what is a new position, has been to put it bluntly, smart. Heads and shoulders over what he was last year. I just hope he can stay healthy for the rest of the year.

RCPackerFan's picture

While I agree with that about Brice on some plays there are so many other where coming up to hit a RB he whiffs. Those hits are still legal. Coming up and throwing a shoulder at a guy, not wrapping up? I get not blowing up a WR, but going up 2 handing touching a guy?

I completely agree about the refs. They are ruining the game.

Old School's picture

He has speeeeeeeeeeeed Packer fansthought we needed after we got rid of Micah "too slow" Hyde. And now we have Jones ....who is very fast but who can't cover and doesn't seem to have much ' instinct' on the field.

Personally, I'll take a slower guy if he's smarter, insictive, and can tackle.

Jones might have a career in this league as a weakside backer, but he's not a safety and I don't think he's going to become one

Doug Niemczynski's picture

I honestly dont know what the Packers master plan is/was but I'm sure Bilichek could take this same team to the Super Bowl and win it.

Since '61's picture

Doug you may be right but Belechick would not get 6 gimme wins each season from this division if he were coaching here. Thanks, Since '61

Royalty Free GM's picture

Maybe Packers new HC should also be a GM like BB is?

dobber's picture

The track record of HC/GM combos in the league isn't good in the cap era.

You can aspire to get a BB, but that's not asking too much, right?

Since '61's picture

Mike Sherman had both roles and we saw how well that worked out. Thanks, Since '61

Royalty Free GM's picture

That’s not a reason to try it again with better results.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Is Philbin to blame? Because it doesn't seem like he has made our offense any better since he came along.'s picture

philbin is a puppet. fatmike is running the offense.
in january after packers collapse fatmike will fire crosby and philbin and he will be safe another year.

Chuck Farley's picture

He was asked to keep Mikes ink pen and eraser handy for his charts and he has done a good job at that. Mike calls time outs, red flags, offensive plays, orders coffee, tell the d what to do and so Philbin has nothing to do.

Bedrock's picture

The offense has plenty of plays which schemed players open. Rodgers has a shorter clock and hasn’t seen them. If I fault MM for anything, it’s not getting Aaron to play at his best.

zoellner25's picture

Is it just me, or does this team/season feel like a total disaster?

Royalty Free GM's picture

There is always hope when we have #12. Knock on wood...

kevgk's picture

If you go back and look at previous season game logs, this isn't the first time we've been in a weak spot this early in the season. Its a safe assumtion the Packers will improve this season, its just the ceiling is up for debate.

Royalty Free GM's picture

Maybe he is a human after all.

Duke Divine's picture

Mac is too stubborn to make the right adjustments for the personnel he has.

"This team has a versatile mix of running backs, however, coach Mike McCarthy believes that the best one deserves plenty of rest"

McCarthy is rigid and arrogant that he will march the same thing out every single week no matter who they play or what of his own players are available. There should be no reason Aaron Jones didn't touch the ball 20 times last week...NO REASON! But yet he had a mere 7 touches because Mashed Potato Mike has a system and can break from rank...Its so old seeing the same shit every week. We sit here and see Gilbert on the PS only to have Tater Mike finally admit his mistake a year later..Now we sit here while Aaron Jones sits the bench....This rigidity is a job killer in the NFL. Failure to adjust is a job killer. Unfortunately Mashed Potato Mike is as entitled as they come and will continue the status quo... I would be that even in they got Mack that McCarthy would have eased him in the first 3 weeks rather than letting the dog eat, because "we have a system and we are going to stick to that system." Take your system and stick it Tater!! I'm tired of you relying on Arodge to bail out your ass! He needs to go or PAck aren'g going anywhere.... Unfortunately we will probably have another amazing run thanks to 12 and Tater will keep his job...Again... Its the same shit for the last 13 years and the rest of the league knows it even if Tater doesn't.

The fact that Jones is not on the field for at least 20 touches shows you how out of touch he really is...

Since '61's picture

To be fair Reggie Gilbert is not exactly setting the world on fire when he is in the game. We'll see how well he plays now that Perry is injured yet again. I wonder where the pool is at on CM3s upcoming injury. I guessing he'll go down during the Rams or Pats game. Thanks, Since '61

I am Gute's picture

How long did it take to get Bishop on the field?

Since '61's picture

Too long. Thanks, Since '61

Slim11's picture

This is another of MM’s faults...not letting the next man up (Desmond Bishop) do what he’s there for and moving a player out of position (AJ Hawk) to replace an injured player (Nick Barnett). That’s a high school move these days.

Chuck Farley's picture

My take might be he is showing nothing in practice to get him on the field. maybe he keeps screwing coverages up in practice and the coaches are confident he aint ready to play?
If Brice is that bad and is playing then that tells us a lot of what they must think of jones. just sayin

Plus, guys taken in round two or late first may not be the quality guys who can play these positions. Hey 31 teams passed on you and some more than once if your mid second round. Got to be something they are seeing that Ted T didnt.

KC Mack's picture

Simple Truth: Our safeties suck, Have sucked since Woodson (although Hyde and Burnett could usually hold their own, even if they weren't all-conference players). They are soft and slow to react. They often times look lost on the field. The fact that Jones can't make it out onto the field means that he also is lost in this D. The one play he was on the field for (goal line play the Lions scored on) he didn't seem to have any idea of what he was supposed to do. He's fast and can hit, but if he doesn't play smart or instinctive football. He looks like another TT wasted pick.....

lozmel's picture

HaHa is never in position . He should know what he is doing by now. We have to get a safety that can take charge of the secondary. He is not the answer.

Duneslick's picture

Packer Greg Says Josh Jones does not appear to be a safety. Can't cover and does not react to the plays well at all. Wrong place wrong time, As far as a coverage linebacker Burks has taken his place and he is too small to play inside linebacker. What do they do with him. A great athlete but not a good football player

stockholder's picture

Play Him or Trade him. Look what we got for Randall.

nostradanus's picture


PatrickGB's picture

Dear, fat jokes are sooo juvenile. This isn’t grade school. But I can relate to the rest of what you posted.

flackcatcher's picture

If Jones were ready for what the Packers want him to do in the backend, then he would play in the core group. My question is, is he accountable, is he understanding the mental side of the game. It took Brice two years for the light to come on, then to adjust to the massive changes the NFL imposed in coverage and contact. Has Jones done any of that. We fans tend to forget, that despite what some sports talkers say, every player at this level is an elite athlete. Physically, they can all play. To get on the field, it is all mental at this point. So if he is healthy and can't get on the field outside of special teams, then that answers our question.

Dave in Texas's picture

With Jones 4.41 speed and ability to tackle, I would be practicing him as a lone high/deep safety. I do not think he has the coverage skills and smarts to play as an SS or roamer. In another scheme, he might be able to play WSLB, as someone suggested. But, he would probably bite on every play action.

Anyhow, as a lone deep safety he might be able to defend some of the deep over the top throws, OT at least get there to tackle the guy short of the EZ. Dix and Brice can’t seem to those abilities. So, Jones couldn’t be any worse. And, who knows? Maybe he would be better in that role. That would get one of those two off the field, Dix/Brice. My plan would be to have Dix at SS/roamer with Jones as the deep/FS.

Note: my suggestion is not meant to be a long-term solution to the Packs problems at safety. Just an short-term/interim idea.

lozmel's picture

Maybe Josh Jones should dedicate himself to playing football . I can't believe McCarthy let him cohost a show after only his second season. Stop trying to be Joe Hollywood.

Royalty Free GM's picture

Maybe it’s the Packers culture and coaches.
Randalls plays better with Browns. Taysom Hill has been helpful with Saints. Our coaches are very bad to recognise individual talents and how to use them properly.

Rebecca's picture

If he's not ready to play, why is he on the team? I don't get this. If a second year, second round player in whom you've invested time and $, isn't ready to play, how is riding the bench and practicing against your peers on your own team going to improve his significance?

This league is apparently filled with JAG's and maybe half a dozen A's and B's on each team. This lack of quality drives up the price of guys like K. Mack, J. Graham, and almost any starting QB in the league etc.

So the league monkeys with the rules to give the offense a decisive advantage under the pretense of player safety. So we have games it's common to have 38-34 shootouts that go into overtime. And ties. What a mess!

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