Let's Talk Football with Andy Herman after the Packers beat the Panthers

Aaron chats with Pack-A-Day creator Andy Herman about the Packers win over the Carolina Panthers.

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December 21, 2020 at 08:58 pm

I was waiting for my favorite weekly Packers discussion.

Aaron - you kept saying "they were p 21-3, there was no reason to push it down field..."
1. There has to be a rule in GB - you only let up after you are up 25 (3x8+1) as we have all seen them go flat for half a game - or more.
2. What about after it was 21-13? Wasn't time then?
3. I was hoping you guys would discuss what did happen and keeps happening - namely, Packers have not found an answer to when the opponent plays tight coverage and starts getting pressure. What happened to some of those scheming guys open plays?
4. What about AR holding on to the ball too long (even though it wasn't very long) and taking big sacks?
5. I don't have the time to rewatch the games but what did happen to the O line and why couldn't they correct it?

So todays discussion was disappointing.

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December 22, 2020 at 06:38 am

I think King is hobbled and has been for years. Does anyone think King still is running a 4.43 forty anymore? Probably 4.5s. On the fumble return, the only players he was outrunning were linemen. Here is a tweet with video of a game last year. In the video, Jaire looks 4.38 and King, er, doesn't look anywhere near that level.


King jumps a lot, relying on that 6'3" frame. Not sure he still has that 39.5" vertical.

King had a great 6.56 three-cone.

The thing is that King is still the 2nd best perimeter CB on the team, and I would think the house opinion is that he is a moderately competent #2 CB, despite not being able to rely on his well-above-average physical abilities.

[Bmore found the video tweet when discussing King's speed.]

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