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Lions 31 Packers 23: Game Balls & Lame Calls

The Green Bay Packers put together another poor showing on the road and went home losers to the Detroit Lions by a score of 31-23.

From the opening kickoff, things started to unravel between calls made on the field and plays missed on both sides by the Packers.  

Let's take a look at the day's good and bad.

Game Balls

Marquez Vales-Scantling

In a game where MVS was expected to play meaningful snaps with Randall Cobb and Geronimo Allison out, he put together a decent day and scored his first NFL touchdown.  

Valdes-Scantling had seven catches on 10 targets and in an offense where gaining the trust of Aaron Rodgers is a key, MVS likely helped himself with this performance.

He had some rough drops during the preseason, but Valdes-Scantling has been rather sure-handed when thrown to so far this season.  He's going to continue to be needed more and more as the Packers look to the future of the wide receiver position.

Davante Adams

Adams had a game-high nine catches and targets with 12.  He added a touchdown catch as well.

Last week, Rodgers said Adams should have had 20 targets against the Buffalo Bills.  That might have been a bit excessive, but Adams got into double digits this week.

Without two of their top receivers, Adams was clearly going to be a go-to for Rodgers and that he was.

It was a tough day for the entire team and it took way too long for the offense to get going but Adams helped the Packers score their second touchdown on the day.

Blake Martinez

Martinez nearly landed in the Lame Call section last week after getting penalized for losing his cool between plays.  

This week he had two of the Packers' three sacks on the day.  Not a bad day.

Lame Calls

Mason Crosby

The worst day by a Packers kicker that I can ever recall.  Simply awful.

Crosby missed four field goal tries and one extra point attempt.  He finally put one through the uprights in mercy time at the end of the game.

Crosby himself will take full ownership for his poor day but it equated to 13 total points, which was more than the final deficit.

Crosby has made so many key kicks over the past few seasons but he's off to a bit of a rough start this season.  Hopefully it's not another 2012 staring him, and us, in the face.

Top lame call this week by far.

Mike McCarthy

No, McCarthy didn't miss five kicks or cause one of the team's 12 penalties on the day.  He also didn't lose two fumbles or make a horrific call on the field that the Packers had to overcome.

But I, for one, am tired of McCarthy's Packers coming out flat in games.  It's been going on, for some stretch of the season, for the last four years.  That's a culture thing.  That's on the head coach.

The Packers aren't moving on from McCarthy this season so we can curtail any talk about a mid-season change, but as these ugly performances stack up, it's clearly going to come down on the head coach at some point.

It doesn't help the conversation when Andy Reid, who has a longer tenure as an NFL head coach, is running one of the league's best offenses in Kansas City.  It also doesn't help when a very young Sean McVay has the Los Angeles Rams offense humming in just his second season.

After 13 years, the NFL has changed.  Is McCarthy changing with it?  

Nick Perry

Where are you, Nick Perry?  Beyond a few garbage time sacks, Perry is not making any impact on a defense that desperately needs his production.  The Packers didn't add a single pass rusher this offseason and whether it was right or wrong, put their eggs in the Perry basket.

Perry is simply making too much to be invisible in any game.


Others to mention

  • Kenny Clark looked good and returned after getting banged up.  Tough kid, dependable every week
  • Josh Jackson was flagged for a facemask and gave up a big reception when his feet got tangled up.  Growing pains but Jackson needs to eliminate the mental errors
  • Aaron Rodgers fumbled twice.  I couldn't give him a Lame Call because he was forced to throw it 50 times and try to keep the Packers in the game.  Not the game plan.  But Rodgers missed several throws after missing some last week as well.  His pocket awareness was less than ideal in this game.  We've seen Rodgers struggle before.  The question is, how long will this season's stretch last?
  • Ha Ha Clinton-Dix got a sack but was also stiff armed on the long Kenny Galladay catch after Jackson was beat.  HHCD needs to hold his ground
  • Kevin King had to leave this game with a gash on his chin.  It's always something with King through nearly a season and a half.  It's just too tough to know what the Packers have in King.  There's not enough of a stretch to make a sample size of
  • Jimmy Graham quietly had a decent day from a stats perspective, but he let a touchdown catch slip through his hands.  Never a good thing
  • Lance Kendricks caught a touchdown pass.  Color me shocked
  • This Packers team is not good enough to play from behind or when things aren't going near perfectly.  The problem there is, life in the NFL rarely does.  They can't get a break from the officials and just don't have the moxie to overcome adversity in this young 2018 season.  That won't get them very far in the long run.  Hopefully we're not spending most of our time talking about 2019 anytime soon
  • Disagree if you want but next week's game against San Francisco is a must win for Mike McCarthy's Packers.  His teams are just not built to have to play catch up all season long.  Statistically, a loss wouldn't put the Packers out of contention by a long stretch, but in the world of averages and reality, it wouldn't bode well



Jason is a freelance writer on staff since 2012 and also co-hosts Pulse of the Pack podcast.  You can follow him on Twitter here

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cuervo's picture

"After 13 years, the NFL has changed. Is McCarthy changing with it? "

To anyone that watched any of the Packers games over the past 1/2 decade, the answer to that question is rather obvious.

I'm more convinced than ever that the only way the Packers get back to a super bowl while Rodgers is still around is if there is a head coaching change. If there is a coaching change doesn't mean a super bowl will be imminent, but staying the present course pretty much insures a super bowl is out of reach.

splitpea1's picture

The Packers need to put a new offense in. And the only way to do that is with a new head coach. AR must be forced to play within a structure. There's no point in even talking about a Super Bowl now because they can't even beat mediocre teams. Game ball to the Detroit coaching staff for simply getting their players to show up on time and watch the Packers self-destruct.

Doug_In_Sandpoint's picture

Nick Perry surrendering the edge ( the one thing he was supposedly good at) was painful to watch. Back went for what, 20 on that play? Needlessly sucked inside. I guess I could have left it at “needlessly sucked”.

Jordan's picture

Just a couple observations.

1. Rodgers was too lame for the Packers to win. He's the veteran leader of the team. He needs to play better.

2. Crosby had a bad day, that's true, but why was he kicking FG's anyway? Why did the drives stall? See #1

The TKstinator's picture

1. Does it still look like 12’s knee is a factor? It didn’t look like it to me. Ugh.

Pierre's picture

Two strip sacks running around too long that lead to Lion TDs, how can Rodgers not be in the lame category? Should have been 17-0 at half; Rodgers fumbles with forty seconds left and gifts Detroit another TD by halftime to make it 24-0. That’s terrible QB play there and can’t have it when you’re a veteran and getting a million per game to play QB at an elite level.

Skip greenBayless's picture

Let's be honest here. Aaron Rodgers got paid for his past performances not his present. He's still good but he's not Aaron Rodgers in 2010 anymore. Aaron Rodgers has beat a lot of teams but the one thing he can't beat is Father Time. Father Time is undefeated.

Tundraboy's picture

Is that you Cow?

mnklitzke's picture

But when is the coach going to realize that he is getting is 30mil a yr qb killed with these long developing plays that our wr can't get open with? MM is stuck in 2010 when our wr could get open. Quick passes. Rodgers missed guys but home run shots on every play is crazy..

Archie's picture

Even with a win vs 9rs, Pack is staring at a 8-7-1 record at best unless somebody hits a switch and the team stops resembling the current team.

Could we lose to the 9rs?! Think about that one for a while and then explain to me why MM is still our HC.

We need a cutting edge offensive mind and MM has long proven he just ain't got it. But there are such guys available. Hey Mark Murphy, you put yourself in charge of this sinking Titanic - you want the buck to stop with you - you want to make the hard decisions - make this one and let's go get one of those guys before it is too late for 12. We are in the same position as we were when Mike Sherman was fired - it ain't gonna get any better unless you go find the right guy for the job. But I'm worried because you should have seen this a year ago and swept the decks clean - why didn't you?

fthisJack's picture

Matt Nagy in Chicago puts MM to shame. after all these years you would think he would get better and evolve with the times but he relies on Rodgers to save his stagnant ass.

Doug_In_Sandpoint's picture

And a few other things...ESB had a nice catch and run at the end of the game. He may have been tired, but isn’t he supposed to be fast? Along with the big blower Detroit installed to make Crosby miss, they must have put quicksandroturf on the far sideline.

Special teams was really bad. Too many mistakes and penalties. Maybe just too many young’uns.

QB1 was VERY central to the 24 point halftime deficit. Then central to keeping us with some hope in the second half. He’s definitely part of MM’s “coming out flat” problem.

Barnacle's picture

Stay away from an untouched punted ball to us on the ground. If we touch it, they can take it. Detroit’s first touchdown was because we had three poorly coached players near a ball where no one from our team should have been.

Then in the last quarter one our poorly coached players tried to chase a punt on the ground. Luckily the opponents got there first, so we retained possession.

Those four players would likely be benched are cut from Belichek’s team.

Our stupid coach does not even understand the concept. Years ago Belichek had his players block our players towards a ball on the ground, hoping one of our uncoached players would stupidly touch it and make it a free ball.

mrtundra's picture

I am not so sure that Kevin King touched the ball on that punt. The video replays I saw were indecisive, at best. At any rate, Zook has to get the blame for not coaching his STs players to stay away from that ball.

Barnacle's picture


If the Packer players would have been where smart well coached players would have been, there would not have been a “bad” call to worry about.

PackfanNY's picture

That play really bothered me from an officiating stand point. They all got together and decided (?) that the ball hit King. I don't believe anyone conclusively could tell that the ball hit King. No one. I would love to have heard that debate on the field. It was obvious they couldn't have seen it at all. They then of course reviewed it and because I don't think anyone could tell (including myself) the play stood. If you are going to make a mistake on the side of caution why make that call at the half yard line? Why reward one team for something you damn well couldn't be certain happened. I call BS on anyone who could tell.

Barazinho's picture

Why did the punt land in the first place? It seems like the first mistake was letting it hit the ground.

Curt's picture

Exactly - what happened to line up at the ten and catch it if in front of you, let it go if over your head.

Not that tough of a concept - five yards is not too much to go to make the catch and avoid any questions!!

Barnacle's picture

Years ago a commentator watching aJohn Madden coached team commented on how the players would get in the area of a catch and run or a fair catch, but when the receiving player decided he was not able to catch he would holler “Pete” and his team mates would scatter like cockroaches AWAY from the ball.

Mashed Potato Mike’s players go to a ball on the ground and hang around it for no good reason. A few years ago one even stood there and allowed the ball to roll between his legs. Belichek had his guys watch for that and would have his player push packers towards the ball hoping it would touch an uncoached Packer and become a free ball.

badaxed's picture

There are currently 19 coaches on the packers team (offense and defense).
that is almost one coach for each starting player.
Are there too many cooks stirring the pot, or is everyone letting the stew burn?
imagine there was a teacher for every student in a class, yet some students could still not learn to read.
Whose fault is that. the teacher or the student.
if the student/player ignores the teacher/coach can you fire the student. I think not. the teacher/coach gets fired.
Football is run by the players. you do not get rid of $100 million dollar players. if they do not like the coaches scheme, or style of coaching they ignore it.
Until coaches sit or cut players who ignore them nothing will change.

Rossonero's picture

This is the beginning of the end of the Mike McCarthy era in Green Bay.

Aaron Rodgers is looking around the league seeing these creative offenses and McCarthy continues to rely on Rodgers throwing guys open or running isolation routes.

3 of 5 games the team has buried themselves by 18 pts. or more at halftime. You're not going to win many games from Pee Wee level to the NFL doing that.

Either the game plans are so bad or his message has gotten so stale that this team just isn't responding to him anymore.

After the bye week, we have the Rams on the west coast and then fly to New England the next week. That 2 week gauntlet includes two statement games that will decide McCarthy's fate -- bad calls, missed FGs be damned. This is on him.

splitpea1's picture

The fourth paragraph has it nailed.

Irish_Cheesehead's picture

I wasn't a Nick Perry fan when they drafted him, wasn't a fan when he signed the big contract, and still am not a fan. Guy is an average OLB making all-pro money.

Thebearsstillsuck's picture

Hes an average OLB making all pro money WHEN he is on the field. Its impossible to tell now if Perry is hurt or on the field unless you see his number pre snap

dobber's picture

Almost 1/3 of the way through the season and the players leading the Packers in sacks are....Blake Martinez and Kyler Fackrell. If I told you in August that would be the case, I think you'd bet that both Matthews and Perry were hurt and missing games.

I said before that I don't care who is getting sacks as long as someone is getting them. Well, I'll amend that to--I don't care who's getting sacks as long as the Packers are getting consistent pressure (and still getting sacks) without needing to blitz all the time. Right now, the Packers are tied for 5th in the league in sacks (thanks, Buffalo) which shows you how misleading aggregate stats can be.

Bearmeat's picture

Did I not say before the season started that our OLB's would be our Achillies heel?

4thand10's picture

You did, and I agreed with you. They just didn’t have enough draft picks and not too many FAs available except for Mack... and I honestly believe they couldn’t afford Mack. Not only did we need OLB rushers, but corners, Oline, a Nelson quality replacement legitimate #2 WR ( and we all talked about it Ad nauseam) TEs and Safety. That’s kinda why I just wanted them to switch to a basic 4-3 cover 2... cause then they wouldn’t have to throw so many picks at the defense ( AGAIN) and could have picked Calvin Ridley or another QUALITY WR. maybe even a RB since this year was deep in those. The Montgomery experiment needs to be over....the plays surprise no one. These late round pick WRs were just going to take too long to develope.
But I put this also on McCarthy.....I have never seen such a gross misuse of 3-4 good tight ends my whole life of watching football. Game planing , starting slow, slow developing just sucks right now and I have no clue if they can turn it around soon.

dobber's picture

Remember that Mack was never a free agent. He was Oakland property that was offered the the bidder they liked best. That bidder THEN had the chance to give him the contract he wanted because he had the bidder over a barrel. It's not a favorable situation.

As for the TEs, Graham looks slow...and awkward. He used to be a quick, agile guy. I haven't seen anything of him on the field that looks anything like the NO Saints Jimmy Graham, yet. He's going to require tremendous target volume to be the player we were hoping the Packers would get.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Where is Josh Jones? I thought he was the multifaceted answer to the new defensive scheme? Second round pick wasted as is Jason Spriggs. 2nd round pick. I hate to harp on it again, but the Packers blew it not getting K.Mack. So, they better hit BIG TIME on their 2 first round picks in 2019!!

Lare's picture

You can thank Ted Thompson for paying Perry big money for no production. The Packers will be much better off when they can rid themselves of the bloated Perry, Matthews, Cobb, Graham, Montgomery and Bulaga contracts.

Hate to say it, but the same might be said for Rodgers.

splitpea1's picture

I'm not a capologist, but I don't think we can get rid of him yet.

nostradanus's picture

At season's end:

Wanted: Young, dynamic head coach from the Andy Reid coaching tree.

Trash bin:
Josh Jones

Time to re-build

dobber's picture

"Wanted: Young, dynamic head coach from the Andy Reid coaching tree."

Why would you limit yourself that way?

splitpea1's picture

The Packers have usually preferred to hire head coaches with offensive backgrounds, but it doesn't always have to be that way. Defense and special teams guys make good coaches too. Whatever the case, there's definitely a need for a strong offensive coordinator here.

dobber's picture

The Ray Rhodes experiment was certainly a failure, but 3 of the 4 HCs they've had since Ron Wolf hired Holmgren have been offensive guys. What it takes, in my mind, are open-minded, flexible coaches. They have to be effective teaching what they want players to do. Why do the Pats (sorry) do so well? I think this is the reason why.

splitpea1's picture

Flexibility is why some of the greats were able to hang around for so long. Shula had meat grinder offenses and prolific passing ones as well.

RCPackerFan's picture

Game Balls -

MVS - They have to find ways to get him the ball! He has speed they haven't had in a long time. He turned a simple crossing route into a first down because he had the speed to turn the corner. Imagine him on a Jet Sweep! Time to find ways to get him the ball!

ST Brown - While he had a lot of rookie mistakes, he flashed some skills that I hope they start using. On a 2nd and really long he came up with a huge catch sliding to the ground. Later he turns the simple pass play nearly into a TD. He showed his speed on that play. Like MVS time to find ways to use him!

Lame Calls -

McCarthy - First half the offense looks like crap. Albeit it would have probably looked better had Crosby made his FG's. Regardless how does the offense look so much different in the 2nd half? Why can they move the ball at will and put up a lot of points while in the first half nothing?
The offense for a 2nd time this season has looked great in the hurry up almost 2 minute offense. Why not run that all game long? Obviously whatever the game plan they are coming up with is not working.

I just don't get what they are doing. Jones clearly the most explosive RB. Montgomery the most versatile. While Williams is a tough runner and a good blocker, how are those guys not on the field more? I just don't get it.
In a week where they are missing 2 veteran receivers, and relying on 2 rookies, why wasn't Montgomery used more as a receiver?

Rodgers - While Rodgers is always a MVP candidate, he is not playing at that level right now. 2 Fumbles which are not necessarily his fault, he has to hold onto the ball.
Also, start hitting open receivers more often. When someone is open just throw them the damn ball. And also start trusting the receivers to make a play. While they maybe "covered" use your pin point accuracy and allow them to make a play. That throw to Graham down the seam was perfect. He was covered but the throw was high and allowed him to jump up and make a play. Why can't that happen more often and why can't it happen to a guy like St Brown who is 6'5?

Notes -

The 2nd half hurry up (2 minute) offense looks so much different from the first half offense. Its time to start doing that all game long.

I thought the defense played ok. The offense put them in bad spots 2 times and the refs gift wrapped the Lions the ball at the 1. They weren't great, but they were put in bad spots a lot.

Special teams continues to cost them with bad penalties. While the one penalty on Jackson I thought was a bad call, they are clearly getting themselves in bad positions. Need to clean that up.

Thank God for the Brewers! The only thing that was positive from yesterday!

mrtundra's picture

Another lame call goes to our receivers and their routes. On one play in particular, J'Mon Moore followed the same route Jimmy Graham did causing Moore to double team Graham with his defender. Moore looked surprised to see Graham so close to him at the end of that play. One of them ran the wrong route. I'm not sure who, but that kind of mistake has to stop.

dobber's picture

This is another part of what the Janis failed on in 4 years: when he was on the field, he was regularly in the same neighborhood as other veteran WR (who likely knew where they were supposed to be), dragging additional coverage into the area. The point is that some guys might never get the adjustments figured out.

Grandfathered's picture

Nice post, and its great to someone who thinks like me - that Montgomery could be adding so much more.

Thebearsstillsuck's picture

I see this team beating the 49ers (although I'm sure the 49ers staff is feeling pretty good about their chances ) kinda like they beat Buffalo, going into the bye way to confident, and losing to the Rams in possibly the most lopsided game of the year. I hope its so bad MM isn't allowed to waddle back on the plane. Its going to be an eye opener for Packers fans who don't watch the rest of the NFL to close, to see just how unbelievably far behind MMs "offense" is.

mrtundra's picture

I saw Crosby change shoes just after his last miss. He ended up making the last FG attempt. I'm wondering if his problem could have been the shoes he started the game with? Contact with the ball could have been different due to the shoe's design, not allowing the ball to hook back between the goal posts. Like I said, after the change of shoes, he made his only FG.

Since '61's picture

mrtundra - I agree with you about the shoes but Crosby should have realized that after his second miss. Or his ST coach should have figured it out. Thanks, Since '61

Barnacle's picture

Our ST coach is the only person on the staff less competent than Mashed Potato Mike.

Skip greenBayless's picture

Mr. Tundra,

If it is the shoes whatever the company that made them is praying they aren't publicly disclosed. Who would buy them? It could be the shoes as you said or I am going a step further and saying it's the shoe laces that were the problem. I don't think he tied them tight enough and they seemed a little longer than he normally has them. Isn't Shawn Slocum in charge of the shoe laces? I thought he was perhaps I'm wrong.

Grandfathered's picture

Maybe a change of shoes is a way to snap him out of it.

NitschkeFan's picture

"Looking to the future" Game Balls: ESB and MVS certainly "look" like receivers, long lean and fast. If they can run routes and catch balls the team will be set at WR for years to come.

"Looking to the future" Lame Calls: Has Aaron Rodgers begun his decline? He has been so inconsistent so far this year with some very poor throws, not seeing some open WR's, and his usual hanging on to the ball for too long. On the flip side, he can still come out and have second half's like the Bear's game and yesterday where he can light up a defense.

I know he is not too old but have seen so many players in all sports decline around his age or sooner.

Is it his knee, lack of practice, who knows? The past couple of years he has in general not been as good as 2009-2014 (and of course only a handful of QB's have ever put together a 6 year stretch like that).

We all know if AR is not playing at an MVP level, that the rest of the team is not good enough.

mrtundra's picture

I agree on MVS and ESB. Both made great catches for us. MVS got his first TD and that catch and run ESB had late was a breath of fresh air.

dobber's picture

The NFL is a 'catch and run' league now. Whether it's RBs or WRs, that's what the bread and butter of many good offenses has become.

Since '61's picture

Spot on Dobber!!! Thanks, Since '61

RCPackerFan's picture

This is what the Packers need to do more of. Whether its Rodgers or playcalling, they need to do these quick hitters and get the ball in the WR's hands allowing them to run after the catch.

MVS had a really good play on one of them. Running a drag route if I remember right, he came across the middle Rodgers hits him and he turns the corner and gains about 6 more yards with his speed. When is the last time we have seen a WR with speed like that?

Now try to find ways to use that speed!

Skip greenBayless's picture

"When is the last time we have seen a WR with speed like that?"

Good question and when I watch MVS and watch how he runs and how he's built tall, lean with track speed and those long gliding strides, I always flash back to one Packer former great and that is James Lofton. Is it just me or do some other old timers see a little Lofton in MVS?

RCPackerFan's picture

I see a little Javon Walker honestly. Not has thick as Walker, but he does remind me of him a bit.

Skip greenBayless's picture

Lofton and Walker. Pretty good territory for a rookie. Hope some day he can put up numbers like those two in a few years. MVS definitely has major potential.

RCPackerFan's picture

I agree! He definitely has the skills. I am looking forward to seeing if he can put it all together, because his size/speed is really good.

Demon's picture

Id be ecstatic if one of the rookies turned out as good as Donald Driver. Anything above that would be icing on the cake.

Grandfathered's picture

Which is why they need Montgomery active out of the backfield.

Slim11's picture

NiitschkeFan asked... "Has Aaron Rodgers begun his decline?"

I wonder the same thing. After his attempted comeback last season against Carolina, I noticed has arm strength wasn't where it used to be. I wasn't surprised following his injury and time on IR.

For the past couple of seasons I've mentioned GB needs to prepare for life after #12 and that life will come sooner rather than later. Rodgers isn't Brett Favre or Tom Brady. I hope I'm wrong but his physical makeup isn't the same as Brady or Favre.

I hoped bringing Kizer in to replace Hundley was a start but now doubt it. If it's Boyle, that experiment will likely take 2-3 seasons.

Skip greenBayless's picture

I am 100% convinced Tim Boyle is our long term successor to Aaron Rodgers in 2 more years. I predict Rodgers will not last another three years here. I predict he'll retire when these injuries really start to take their toll on his body as he closes in on 40. Rodgers has his money and he's part owner of the Bucks. He's set. He's not stupid and going to keep playing until he can't get out of bed like a Jim Otto. We're going to be just fine with Tim Boyle.

badaxed's picture

the train is leaving the station.

mrtundra's picture

I agree with Nagler on how to fix the woes of this offense. Quick rhythm passes; using Aaron Jones a lot more in the run game instead of running by committee; having Rodgers hit the open man underneath the coverage to move the chains instead of going deep in throws that are usually more tightly contested. Jamaal Williams was wide open, as was Jimmy Graham, underneath the coverage on several plays where Rodgers threw the deep ball.

Rebecca's picture

I don't know about Davante Adams. He bobbled a perfect throw from Rodgers enough to allow the defender to push hime out of bounds.

With his prowess at yards after the catch, he should have had a touchdown. Instead, his James Jones-like hot-potato handling of the football on that play eventually ended with another missed field goal by Saint Crosby. Yes, the Packers continue to have red zone deficiencies.

These guys are getting paid many millions of dollars to make a difference. Some of the offense blue chippers made critical mistakes during comeback time.

This team is a lame call about 50% of the time this year.

Gort's picture

12's improvisational skills make great clips on ESPN.
The last second hail Mary's from years gone by have become sack fumbles in 2018. Holmgren hated it when Favre forced the ball and gave up a pick. 12 doesn't throw many picks, but fumbles are turnoves too, and MM surely hates fumbles.
Throw the da#& ball. Incomplete = another chance*.
*situational awareness rules must apply.

packerbackerjim's picture

Panic in Detroit! MM gets the biggest Lame Call ever. The whole concept of scripted plays must be abolished. Time for a new screenwriter. This contributes to the chronically slow starts that makes comebacks over a two score deficit nearly impossible. Aaron Jones 7 carries. 7! Bad calls by officials are going to happen, can’t change it. Stupid plays by players don’t have to happen and when they do, corrective measures need to be taken. Another lamie goes to Joe Whitt. How does this guy keep his job? Ha Ha gets trucked and he’s the safety? 3 DBs can’t tackle or shove a guy out of bounds? And get a face mask?

Game ball to Davante, MVS.

Bearmeat's picture

Here's the thing - regardless of how frustrated we all are right now... how many MM teams have gone on late season runs? 09, 10, 13, 14, 16. 5 out of 13 years, and I'd say talent wise that this team is better than the 09, 13 and 16 teams. So it is more than
possible that the team wakes up. The team must make and advance in the playoffs, or he's gone. He and the whole coaching staff must know it. Let the season play out.

I agree that the scheme itself needs to be updated. That said, this loss lands at the feet of ARod as well. Maybe even principally. Dude was absolutely awful in this game and needs to be told so. THROW THE DAMN BALL TO THE OPEN GUY ON TIME. Stop hanging on to it looking for something better. There were at least 8 times I saw an open WR for a short/medium gain in the first half that Rodgers did not throw. And that was on the TV broadcast.

This is an ongoing problem that must be fixed. MM must get control of Rodgers and get him to play on schedule, or he must be fired at the end of the year so we can find someone who will.

RCPackerFan's picture

"Here's the thing - regardless of how frustrated we all are right now... how many MM teams have gone on late season runs? 09, 10, 13, 14, 16. 5 out of 13 years, and I'd say talent wise that this team is better than the 16 and 09 teams."

Ok, Who are you and what have you done with the real Bearmeat?

For real though, I agree with you. I do think they will wake up and get this thing going. Honestly the extra day off with the Monday night game should help then they have the bye week. Perfect timing for each!

What I want to know is who is at fault when Rodgers holds the ball? Is it the play call, is it the WR's not getting open, is it him trying to wait for something to open up deep?
There are a lot of times he has a player open early but he holds it. There are times he has a player to check it down, but tries to go deep. There are times he has no one open. And there are times where IMO he just needs to trust his WR's make a play. One play yesterday they said that all the WR's were covered. But I saw ESB about a 1/2-1 yard in front of the DB. ESB is 6'5, throw it up and let him use his size. Same with Graham. Just throw it up and let them go get it!

The part that gives me hope is that they have been able to find ways to score in 2nd halves of games. They find ways to get it done. They just need to figure out how to get ahead in games. They have to start a lot faster.
Simply put they need a better game plan and execution to start the game.

Bearmeat's picture

If the WR is open, it's ARod's fault. Period. The poor starts as a team are on MM. I don't know about the game plan, because frankly, we've been down by 20 3 out of 5 times before the end of the 1st half... so the gameplan gets shelved.

I do think we need to see what happens the rest of the year, but this team is reminding me of the Colts near the end of Peyton Manning's time... other than Peyton, there wasn't much there. The pass rush is atrocious, coverage suspect and running game nonexistent.

Hope I'm wrong.

RCPackerFan's picture

I really don't know who to blame honestly. Its not MM's fault that Rodgers fumbles or that Crosby misses 3 FG's. It is his fault that Jones didn't get 1 carry in the 2nd half and played what 8 snaps the 2nd half?
Whose fault is it that they move down the field and settle for FG attempts?

I really don't know who to blame, because its not just one thing. Its everyone..

As far as the game plan, they need to change something. I don't know what the answer is, but they need to find ways to get guys more open.

Rodgers has to hit the open WR's. And he needs to trust his guys to make a play.

I'm thinking a hurry up style offense maybe one of the best ways to go. Go up to the LOS and have Rodgers call the plays from there. Basically like the Peyton Manning offense.

The pass rush is bad, and there were issues in coverage. But honestly the defense wasn't that bad yesterday. They weren't great but weren't horrible. They were put in really bad spots all day long. First drive they force them to punt, then the horrible call on punt set up the Lions at the 1. They also started at GB's 22 and GB's 29. They gave up 10 points those 2 times. In the 2nd half they forced the Lions to punt 2 times. They held them to a long FG try.

I think the best thing for this team right now is getting an extra day of rest this week and having the bye next week. They need to get themselves restarted.

Bearmeat's picture

Agreed. I knew the pass rush was going to suck before the season started. Personnel, not scheme. That's what wins most times. I think the CBs can be better and will be.

The OL is solidifying. The WRs will grow. The DL is ok, the ILBs are solid Our achillies heel this year will be the OLB and maybe safety. I don't think those are fixable.

The team SHOULD be 4-1 right now. But you are what your record says.

RCPackerFan's picture

Yeah, I honestly figured Perry would be better then what he is. I have no clue what has happened to him. Is it the scheme? I have no idea.

The Offense I think will get there. I think the defense will be ok. But the defense will have to bring blitzes to create pressure. So they will likely live by the blitz and die by it.

I don't think they are as bad as their 2-2-1 record says they are. I think they have beat themselves more then other teams have beat them.

Stop making mistakes and it will go a long ways to fixing the team..

Pierre's picture

Idk how you can say the running game is non-existent? Jones is averaging over 6 yards a carry and is running better than most NFL backs. He just needs to start the game next week or something is truly wrong with MM.

Bearmeat's picture

Fair point. How about "Our running game is a non-factor between MM and AR's stubbornness."

Pierre's picture

Idk how you can say the running game is non-existent? Jones is averaging over 6 yards a carry and is running better than most NFL backs. He just needs to start the game next week or something is truly wrong with MM.

The TKstinator's picture

AND perform well in pass pro so he can stay on the field more.

Kubyskins12's picture

Perfectly said bearmeat! I couldn’t have said it any better. Enough of passing up the open guy and playing school yard ball and holding the ball. It not how to play offense. It doesn’t allow the offense to get in rhythm and playing on a bum knee he’s not getting away from these guys and getting strip sacked. Play within the offense with timing and get rid of the damn ball and let your receivers get yac and make plays. It’s seems sometimes in the beginning of games he’s scared to pull trigger on throws and then when we’ve got down he starts to play and trust his arm and what he’s seeing. He needs start games like he played in second half of bears and lions game. Play with that same mentality. See it, trust it , throw it.

Cheesehead dallas's picture

How many games must we put up with BOZO lame calls we need to call all stock holders meeting and clean house this is our team and if no one has the balls to do it get ready for the pack to be the joke of the nfl again

dobber's picture

If only stockholders in the Packers had any power to do so. Could you imagine the dumpster fire if fans really had that kind of control?

"democracy is mob rule" -- Aristotle

pacman's picture

After the game, MM's press conf:
Q: anything you can attribute the slow start in 3 or 5 games this year?
A: nothing that I see

How about a loud "I have to prepare our team better". Can anyone point to anything that is keeping MM in his job? He (and TT) has presided over an epic downward spiral of the team since 2011. Now we have to wait another frustrating year and hope that Murphy does something again.

Seems like AR doesn't have the drive anymore. He is taking blame on himself but where is his RELAX statement?

Royalty Free GM's picture

”Can anyone point to anything that is keeping MM in his job?”


jh9's picture

"But I, for one, am tired of McCarthy's Packers coming out flat in games. It's been going on, for some stretch of the season, for the last four years."

That makes two of us, Jason.

Since '61's picture

Game balls: MVS and Martinez

Lame calls: Mason Crosby, Nick Perry (who?), MM and the entire coaching staff.

While MM is responsible for his staff is anyone actually coaching anyone on this team? How does the ST staff allow Crosby to miss five kicks including a PAT? this team has enough issues without Crosby going into another 2012 type funk. Why is King anywhere near the football on the Lions first punt? What is the WR coach doing with the WRs? Drops, poor route running seem to happen every week. Not the DCs fault but the poor OLB play is seriously hurting this team. Perry should be chucked IMO.

It's no secret that I am and that I have been a huge AR fan but he needs to play more consistently. I don't blame him for the strip sacks but he needs and is capable of making decisions with the football before the defenders catch up with him. If nothing else he should just tuck the ball in and run out of bounds.

This team is very inconsistent and needs to hit the reset button. Unfortunately we have one more game before the bye week. I don't expect the Packers to play a perfect game but they can't beat themselves. They are not good enough to overcome TOs and penalties and inconsistencies. They can't keep giving away the first half. It's too soon to give up on the season but MM needs to pull this team together. As Bearmeat has accurately pointed out he has done it before. I'm just not very confident that he has the roster beyond AR and a few others to do it again. Thanks, Since '61

Royalty Free GM's picture

”WRs? Drops, poor route running seem to happen every week.”

Maybe it has something to do with their draft positions?
Quantity over quality?

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Because they are Not using M.Lewis! !

RCPackerFan's picture

Great post!

How does the ST staff allow Crosby to miss five kicks including a PAT?
-Honestly I want to know why did the offense force Crosby to have to kick 3 FG's. Why couldn't they find ways to get the ball in the endzone? 3 times they got into the redzone and had to settle for FG tries. That is more concerning to me.

Why is King anywhere near the football on the Lions first punt?
-That is on Williams. He has to do a better job of either fielding the punt or getting King out of there. NOW, King never touches the ball, and for the refs to give the Lions the ball was just BS. There are all kinds of gif's that show it never touches him. Pathetic NFL!

"This team is very inconsistent and needs to hit the reset button. Unfortunately we have one more game before the bye week."
Completely agree. They need a reset! The Monday night game and the bye following really can't come at a better time!

Since '61's picture

RC - your question/concern about the Packers redbone results is the correct question and just highlights the inconsistencies on this team right now. They move the ball down the field pretty well but they can't take it home. They did find the end zone 3 times in the second half but their first half failures and inconsistency doomed them by the end of the first half. Thanks, Since '61

Rebecca's picture

Jordy Nelson used to get double teamed in the red zone and still scored td's more often than not. As many have said on here, Aaron likes to throw 40 yard bombs, but in the red zone, he quickly runs out of field. How many times have we seen him lob the ball out of bounds while running for his life? And I have to giggle when I see former Packer great Taysom Hill banging the ball in from 3 yards out. Williams and Jones did that in preseason.

Demon's picture

Thanks for the great analysis 61. Every bit of what you said is true. And it is all on the HC. I dont see anyone being coached ANYWHERE.

Penalties, dropped balls, bown assignments and just plain SHITTY play everywhere is now the norm.

Wholesale housecleaning coming at the end of the season. Thiis time Murphy wont be able to save MM.

Since '61's picture

I appreciate your comments White_tornado. I just don't understand how players (in any sport) make it to the professional level these days. From pee wee football we were coached to stay away from a bouncing or rolling punt if we were not going to field it. In baseball you see players who don't which base to throw the ball to with baserunners or unable to run the bases properly. These are such basic things where I see that professional players just don't know what to do, it's ridiculous.

We see basic mistakes even by Packers veterans week after week. Poor tackling, blown assignments, players out of position, and just plain bad football. It doesn't make any sense that some of these players are even at the professional level. Add in horrible officiating and it's just really hard to watch. I don't think adjusting pad level is going to cut it this time. Thanks, Since '61

badaxed's picture

I guess the "donuts" players tackle in practice come from a place called "dunkin".

Grandfathered's picture

You can appreciate what bad teams look like. Except for some Lynn Dickey, we watched some really bad Packer teams back in the mid to late 70's and 80's. I think this team is better than that.

Grandfathered's picture

I forgot the ray of hope that John Brockington provided.

PatrickGB's picture

I have unwavering hope for this team. Like many I see the flaws in the team as well as it’s strength. I believe that the slow starts have forced the team away from its game plans. We don’t have the talent that’s needed to play the current game plan. Rodgers prefers the big play over the mundane ones but he doesn’t have the players to pull it off. He is not the same player has has been in the past. His injury is the reason for that. When the new players get up to speed I see a better team. Also there have been crazy gaffes and turns of events that have cost the team dearly. I believe that this team will get better with time. How much better is the question. This team is better than its record. Another factor is that all the other teams that we compete against are getting better too.

dobber's picture

"This team is better than its record"

Right now, the record is about right. They are an average-at-best team. Frankly, they're starting to stink of the 2013-2016 Saints: a couple really good players (including an ace QB), but can't get out of their own way to win football games. Those teams tended to finish 7-9 and that's what this team looks like right now (tie aside).

"I believe that this team will get better with time. How much better is the question"

Their track record in recent years points that way. They're a team that typically puts up wins later in the season (except with Hundley at QB, of course), but mostly on the back of #12 and not so much due to great overall team play. The point has been made that ARod looks like 2015 ARod...well, maybe. But the offense looks like 2015 offense in general. The middle part of the schedule is not conducive to making big strides. They're going to have to scratch and claw through that middle part of the schedule, and I don't know if they've got it in them.

RCPackerFan's picture

Technically their record should be 3-2. But the Vikings game was taken away so they are 2-2-1.

Currently the Steelers are 2-2-1.
The Patriots are 3-2 and got spanked by the Lions.
The Falcons are 1-4.

Last year the Saints started out 2-3.

We have no idea how this year will play out, but teams that start bad can finish strong.

I do feel like they have more then enough talent to be better then what their record says it is. The offense was missing 2 WR's. It is still trying to figure out its RB situation and the TE's.
IMO, I do think they are close. The bye week though I don't think could come at a better time.

I think the defense is getting better. It missed Alexander yesterday. Breeland will help also. And I think King will be better.

I have hope for this team!

dobber's picture

Breeland had a week and a half of practice and still wasn't active yesterday when Alexander was an injury scratch.

I have a hard time feeling that Tony Brown was the better player, although he acquitted himself well (aside from the bone-headed taunt).

Since '61's picture

2-2-1 is the perfect record for a team that is playing as inconsistently as the Packers. They are either going through some growing pains, or they are not very good or both. Fortunately, we should have an exaggerated scrimmage with the 49ers this week and then a bye. Maybe we can get some of our players back and work on a number of things to at least look competitive against the Rams and Pats after the bye. Thanks ,Since '61

dobber's picture

"Fortunately, we should have an exaggerated scrimmage with the 49ers this week and then a bye."

Oh, geez, '61. Don't say things like that. Not for this team right now.

BamaPackFan's picture

Has anyone noticed the dramatic change in Rogers stance and throwing motion? It seems to be kind of a sidearm with the ball leaving his hand pointing upward. I looks like flicking the wrist, more than actual throwing motion. His accuracy is certainly off so far, and I think this is some part of the problem. Well, along with pressure and the leg.

Christopher Gennaro's picture

Yeah he showing a lot of Matthew Stafford side arm throws this year. Hopefully he only uses that in emergency, cause Stafford is not consider the most accurate passer in the league.

Christopher Gennaro's picture

Yeah he showing a lot of Matthew Stafford side arm throws this year. Hopefully he only uses that in emergency, cause Stafford is not consider the most accurate passer in the league.

badaxed's picture

OMG! do you think MM knows that :( ARod side arm throws). After all MM's quarterback school is taught by a highly successful coach! it would be a shame if anyone had to have remedial schooling from his highly respected school.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Jeez...So much negativty...

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Still NOT 1 lousy pass to M. Lewis and we are heading into GAME 5. Personally, I would ask to be released or traded. This is not what I digned

Curt's picture

The negativity is warranted - for another week, GB lost to an inferior team due to their own errors. Again beating themselves.

My pet peeve remains, when you win the toss take the ball and score. Be aggressive and positive. Instead, for now five games in a row GB defers, starts on defense (NOT a good thing) and four times have allowed td's out of the gate (thanks to special teams this time) before even touching the ball!!!

Doug Niemczynski's picture

actually now going into game #6

Doug Niemczynski's picture

If i were M.Lewis I would ask to be traded or waived. This is not what I signed up for. I have played going on 5 games and NOT 1 lousy pass thrown to me by supposedly the best QB in the NFL. Sorry, Packers but I gotta go somewhere else that appreciates 6'6 270 pound skills.

dobber's picture

I'm not sure what you really expected from Mercedes Lewis.

LeotisHarris's picture

Yep, this. Lewis is a tremendous blocker. He caught 24 balls last year, 20 the year before. I'd like to see him on the field more, too, but his role with the Jags was to clear the way for their power running game.

IcemanBT's picture

Jimmy Graham quietly had a decent day from a stats perspective, but he let a touchdown catch slip through his hands. Never a good thing......are you refering to the play where the DB had his back to the QB and his hand on grahams shoulder before the ball arrived, i was wondering why that wasn't pass interference on the DB, but i can't fault graham on that one, it did not slip through his hands, he was hit before the ball arrived to him, big difference.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

What I expected are 2 things.

1. Best TE blocking skills in the NFL
2. Use his 6'6 270 lb frame in the RED Zone to get us TDs !! Him and J.Graham.

Where have you been ? The biggest issues in offense besides a solid running game has been scoring TD in the Red zone and Not kicking worthless FG !!

That is the major reason we list to Seattle in the NFC Championship Game. Kicking lousy FG. You think you can win a game with 5 min .left to play with a 12 point lead? Come on man.

Tarynfor12's picture

Allow me to change the tide of despair...

The Packers can't lose...
The Packers can't lose...
the Packers can't lose...

They play great but only look like crap...
They play great but only look like crap...
They play great but only look like crap...

We are the Champions...
We are the Champions...
We are the Champions...

: )

Lphill's picture

when they go hurry up they work their way down the field it confuses the defense ,why don't they just start the game in that mode and slow it down when they are ahead and want to burn clock?

Tundraboy's picture

God forbid.

D Ernie's picture

This entire game was a cluster fk.
1. Rodgers missed open receivers, fumbled the ball away which led to lions points. He looks very scared to be out there under a pass rush. Throws the ball away too much and is wasting precious time outs not knowing what the d is going to do. C-
2. Perry and Mathews are being handled easily and no one fears them. Perry is supposed to cover wide? Has anyone seen the size of his ass. He aint running my grandmother down.
3. Our d backs are holding and playing off knowing they are slower then molases in coverage. This is the worst pass d in football right now. Face mask and holding are preventing more TD's from being done.
4. Running one back over and over while two other fresh legs can come in and change it up is piss poor coaching.
Hey,Mike, when the one guy is in they know run. when the other guy is in they know screen pass, and when the other guy is in they know blocking. MIght as well just yell out the play to the defense mike.
Right now this is a piss poor team that is not playoff bound period.

Demon's picture

Playoffs? Are you kidding me, playoffs?

Doug Niemczynski's picture

I don't know the identity of this team. We have the players on offense but the play calling is not that good and players are not being utilized correctly. The defense has a lot of good moments, but cannot get consistency and special teams with Trevor Davis out and M.Crosby struggling I don't know where we are headed, but the 2nd half of the season is close at hans and we should be undefeated.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Not unless you win the division. You have to be able win over half your games away.

Right now we are 0-2. Away games.
And worse they were NFC teams. ugh.

stockholder's picture

Game Balls - You can't give game balls away this game. I'm still not happy watching the defense. 4th quarter drive. Perry gets caught inside and the guy makes the corner for a huge game. How many times have we seen this done to the packers since 2010? Lame. A-Rod's fumbles. Where did the pocket awareness go. Crosby- another game he could have helped, but failed. The guys making the money aren't making the game changing plays. But let's keep blaming the coach, TT, Gute, Murphy, and the Board. It surly good for 1 Like!

Tundraboy's picture

Well I finally got to watch the game. After only being able to follow it on the web game day . But somehow I feel better even though Rodgers was awful, and the team as well in the entire first half.

I'm not a big fan of McCarthy and this loss was on Crosby and Rodgers, yet MM has to stop coaching half a game and has to own up to how this team is so out of sync and rusty. Every game it takes a full half to get started and have any sort of rythym. The Offense remains disjointed and nothing is ever really fluid. MM has to be more agressive,and much more creative just to offset and account for all the inevitable and seemingly perpetual "shit happens" that follows us, wrong bounces, stupid penalties,bad calls, and missed tackles.

Yet the good news is the rookies are playing well and getting valuable time. The WRs got some reps with Rodgers,who is healing. Best of all the Defense is definitely improved, and I do feel that we got the defensive backs now that can cover. But we must fix the OLB position. and Dix. Clay has to move inside.

flackcatcher's picture

Did you skip over the first half. God, I wish I did.............:)

Tundraboy's picture

Nah. I had to savor the whole experience for better or worse. Might even watch the all 22.

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