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Littlest Packers fan looking for answers

This little Packers fan voices what a lot of fans are feeling after another tough loss...

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Since '61's picture

Retracted out of respect for the CHTV audience. Since '61

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I have respect for people who know not every piece of content is created specifically for them and if they find a post they don't enjoy, it's easy to just scroll past or x out of instead of complaining about it. By the way "this 6 year old" co-founded the website you're complaining on, you crotchety old man.

It's a 7 second video. The post JUST before this one is a 20 minute video chat of all football. Go watch that instead of complaining.

LeotisHarris's picture

I enjoyed the video, Aaron. I consider you a "fine article writer" (Uncle Larry's Vocabulary Builder-Upper can help find word for that) the majority of the time. However, taking shots at '61 because of his age is uncalled for, and the Depends comment was juvenile.

One question, and I realize I'm getting this content for free, but is there an editorial process at CHTV? I mean, if you're going to call someone a dipshit you should at least spell the word correctly.

PackerAaron's picture

You are correct, I was tired and mad, always a bad combination. I retract my personal attack and advise '61 to just skip the content posted by the co-founder of the website he visits every day.

pacman's picture

and you are correct too. But IMO, CHTV used to have posts that were all worth reading. Now I think there are too many.

Much of the web is dedicated to sites that filter OUT 'garbage' because there is too much 'garbage' out there.

Just MO.

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Packer Aaron - your point is taken. I have retracted my original post.
However, I stand by my original thought if not my actual comment which is that this is the best Packers blog online and it is the only blog I participate in.

I came over with the the original Jersey Al AllGBP group, which was the first blog I joined. In any case I have a great respect for both the writers and the bloggers on this site. The articles are usually well done and the bloggers' respond with well thought out and considerate comments. (Not always but usually).

As a co-founder you can post whatever you like. I was just hoping to point out that this site has established a pretty high standard by both the writers and the commenters. You and Jersey Al should be proud of the site and the level of discourse which is usually conducted here. I was just trying to remind you of that and probably stepped out of line.

Basically I care about the site and hope that it continues to provide the same high level of content it has always delivered to us.
Thanks, Since '61

Dusty's picture

Aaron, this response is the problem in a nutshell.
You attacked 61 in your first response. You shortly afterwards edited out the name calling and profanity, and are now not only not apologising to one of the reasons this site exists, but are giving him another smug, arrogant, backhanded insult.
Shame on you

Demon's picture

We have enough to complain about with what the Packers put on the field.

In the word of Rodney King "cant we all get slong?'

Dusty's picture

Couldn’t agree more, 61.

I’ve never felt the need to comment here before, but this Nagler guy is getting on my nerves.
I hope he either pulls his socks up or goes the way of Jordy himself.

Vrog's picture

I don't comment very often either, but lighten up people.

PackerAaron's picture


Dusty's picture

Seriously, Aaron?

I gravitated toward this great site after tiring of the ‘’ types a few years ago. I’ve always enjoyed the variety of articles, insight and analysis.
I understand and appreciate your history with CHTV, but your recent content upon your return has been less than stellar, by your usual standards.
You have to understand people like myself will read and watch anything you post, along with everyone else at CHTV..(love TGR’s stuff since starting for instance).
This sort of post is just another confirmation of my opinion, and I understand that is all it is.
As to your unprofessional response to a stalwart of this site, and use of profanity towards him, I have to say I look forward to you improving upon this in future.
Also, thanks to yourself and all the contributors here, I do appreciate the great effort that goes into CHTV.

Since '61's picture

Dusty - Great post. You made my original point better than I did.
Thanks, Since '61

Spud Rapids's picture

I thought the video was hilarious and provided a little levity around here. Nagler you guys do a great job on this site and I'm glad you returned. I hate the general ruthlessness of this blog sometimes. A guy does one bad thing and they want to throw him out the door and you here chants of "cut him." The NFL is hard and consistency doesn't exist outside of the outlier Patriots. Riding the ups and downs of a season are fun to me and the entire process from start to finish should be appreciated. All in all I think there are too many people on this blog whose week is ruined by a Packers loss. People have to let it go. Sad thing is people don't and here is what you get:

Since '61's picture

Dusty - I appreciate your supportive comment. I have retracted my original post. I don't want this to become a thing. Moving on. Thanks, Since '61

Dusty's picture

Since 61- No worries, I’m also not trying to start anything...
I just have the same concerns regarding this site (that I hold so dear), as you do it seems.
I actually wish you didn’t retract your original post, there was nothing wrong with it.

Since '61's picture

Dusty - I agree that my post was not wrong, but I don't want to divide our bloggers. I've been posting first on Jersey Als AllGBP and then CHTV since 2010. This was my first and only complaint/concern in all those years. Hopefully my post was taken for my concern about delivering quality topics and discourse for this blog. I'll let it lie for now but I appreciate your support and generous comments. I think it's good for us (the bloggers) and the Co-founders to know that there are posters here who care about the blog. Thanks, Since '61

Skip greenBayless's picture

An attack on Since 61 is an attack on all of us. There was even some internet chat this afternoon on impeaching Nagler from Cheeseheadtv for his gross misconduct. Not sure if it will go that far but this I do know. Since 61 is probably the most highly respected person here. Never said a bad word to anyone. Always treats everyone with the utmost respect. I didn't read what was said but I simply can't imagine Since 61 saying anything to cause such a verbal tirade from another human being. I hope this can get solved without an impeachment.

Since '61's picture

Thanks Dash. I appreciate your support and generous comments. No reason to impeach Nagler. Thanks, Since '61

PackerAaron's picture

Impeach me from my own website. This is the funniest thing I've read in years. Thanks, Dash.

Skip greenBayless's picture

You see how humor can break the ice? You're welcome!!

jeremyjjbrown's picture

It's just a joke...

RCPackerFan's picture

wow. Seriously people.

Do we need to go over this again? If you don't like something, you don't have to spew hate about it. You can simply just move on!

Cute kid btw!

Since '61's picture

RC - I have retracted my original post. Thanks, Since '61

Doug Niemczynski's picture

I formally retract myself.

LeotisHarris's picture

I think it's all good if you do so in the privacy of your own home, but in certain sections of Wisconsin I think that'll get ya 30 days in the slammer.

coreyb's picture

We need more content like this. And as long as I am paying for this site - we will.

Cheesehead TV is for all Packer Fans.

Dusty's picture

Hi Corey.
Whilst I don’t disagree with your staunch support of a CHTV associate, the problem here is Aaron’s response to a little critism.
I don’t like this content, that much is obvious, but this is of little concern.
What I don’t like, is one of the so-called ‘figure heads’ of this fine site making crass, immature and arrogant comments to a regular contributor.
Aaron’s better than this, we’re all better than this.
Go Pack Go

Spud Rapids's picture

Oh baloney... so many people on here rip apart these articles and the contributors. Nagler can have a spine and give it back without you getting butt hurt about it.

Skip greenBayless's picture

I think it would help if Dusty would post what Nagler said meaning his original X rated version not the cleaned up one. I didn't read it either and would like to see it. I just have a feeling Since 61 didn't deserve what he's getting in terms of public support which is about 50/50 and should be 100%. Right now Since 61 is getting Kavanaughed and I don't like it. His good name is now probably damaged forever because some guy who had a few too many decided to ruin his life. Since 61 never had so much as a parking ticket up until today. Until I see the original post I believe Since 61.

Jersey Al's picture

I'm having a hard time believing that a 7-second video of an incredibly cute little Packer fan could result in a comment section spat. I guess I've seen it all now. Let's all be better...

Since '61's picture

Agree Al. We can all be better. Hopefully the Packers will be better as well. Thanks, Since '61

Dusty's picture

Come on Al, it’s not about the video now...
How about a response to my criticism of Aaron’s behaviour? He was down right abusive. Is that the new norm we can come to expect from him?
Corey had to come in with the usual ‘I pay for this’ spiel.
As previously mentioned, I love this site. (Plenty of ‘clicks’ from me in the last few years). If this bully type mantra keeps up then I’m done.

Jersey Al's picture

I guess you didn't get the message. I don't know what was said by either party because it's all been retracted. But that's beside the point. The point is let's all get over ourselves and our indignation and realize it's all pretty meaningless in the scope of our lives.

In simpler words, let's all chill.

Dusty's picture

Thanks Al, but I definitely got the message...
As long as you’re one of the founders of this great site, then abuse the $h!t out of anyone you want.
I don’t believe for a second that you can’t check what Aaron said, but if you need I can send a screenshot.
Any sort of acknowledgement to 61 would be worthwile, as he was pilloried for an honest opinion on the downward trend of this once epic packer website, although I shan’t expect one.

Jersey Al's picture

'61 doesn't need your help - he has handled the situation just fine on his own. You can believe whatever makes you happy. You are also free to go elsewhere to a site on an "upward trend" where you won't be "offended. " I won't mind.

Dusty's picture

Thanks Al, I never said I was ‘offended’ or anything of the like. Although the way you guys’ work is a classic pack mentality.
61 is old enough to fight his own battles, yes. I just thought a little decent courtesy might not go astray.

flackcatcher's picture

Jersey Al, we hard core fans sometimes get a wee bit too invested in this team. What's funny is I had the same reaction as Aaron had during the game. So much so that my wife finally had to tell me to 'put a sock in it'. Truth is, giving the way the Packers have played, something was going to give at the CHTV community. In a funny way both '61 and packeraaron did all of us who comment and write a great service. We all from time to time throw sharp elbows, but there are limits, and we all should understand and respect what those limits are. I've said this before, but it needs repeating, Jersey Al you do one hell of job bringing and maintaining the high standards that we who come to this blog expect daily. Thank you.

IcemanBT's picture

unlike the rest of us who get a chance to cool down after a loss like we witnessed on Sunday, Aaron still has to produce content, including right after the game. that has to be hard to do when the packers play as bad as they did. so why is it o.k. for the players to have a bad day but as fans we don't get the same courtesy? oh, that's right they are paid a lot of money so they get a free pass. keep up the good work Aaron,and i can't wait for packer transplants on Wednesday, GO PACK GO !

PatrickGB's picture

It’s all good. The fans have been grumpy as of late. But we will be ok. I probably have posted really really dumb stuff and I have regretted many of them when I inadvertently hurt or offended another fan. We are all brothers and sisters here.

Mojo's picture

The variety and quality of content on this site is better than ever. Numerous videos, analysis, articles, viewpoints, previews and just all around coverage from all over the place. Tons of different contributors.

If I don't like a subject, I just move on to another. There's plenty here. So much so that I rarely can get to all of it.

Personally, I enjoy a little levity and humor now and again. A seven second clip of a cute kid gets people riled-up Sheesh!

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