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Mitch Trubisky is Not Better than Aaron Rodgers

 On Thursday night, I get a series of twitter alerts on my Ipad about Aaron Nagler's extra cheese segment entitled "Is Mitch Trubisky Better than Aaron Rodgers".  As you can probably imagine the Cheesehead villagers threw a fit, as well as a few obscenities my way.  I even had someone block me on twitter because of the title of the segment.  Here is a look at what set off this landmine on Thursday night.

I understand people being annoyed and lashing out because the discussion is really a waste of time and quite frankly is very disrespectful to Aaron Rodgers legacy.  It is important to remember that Bear fans don't know what it is like to have quarterbacks like Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers and are so miserable and jealous that they can't even see straight.  They have one good season and conveniently forget about all of the choke jobs of Jay Cutler over the last decade.  

Even me as the pot stirrer that I am, would have a hard time writing an article giving any credible reason to start a debate about who the best quarterback in the NFC North is.    

As a professional courtesy, I'll reference Michael David Smith for his "unbiased analysis" of the Bears offensive unit; but mainly I'm mentioning him so you all can troll him on Twitter after Aaron Rodgers throws for 400 yards and a game-winning touchdown against the Bears this season.

The fact that we even have to give this guys opinions any life is very annoying, but being the staunch Aaron Rodgers defender that I am, it is time to give Mr. Smith a history lesson.

Let me begin by saying that I can still hear the doink of Cody Parkey's kick hitting the uprights and the crying of the Bear fans after Aaron Rodgers came back to beat them last season on one leg.


Back to the more pressing issues of why these sentiments are laughable at best.

First and foremost Aaron Rodgers has been an elite NFL quarterback for a decade and Mitch Trubisky has had one good season and a playoff loss as the lone highlights of his NFL career.  Aaron Rodgers on the other hand, has 7 pro bowl selections, 2 all-pro selections, 2 NFL MVP's, and a Super Bowl ring under his belt.

If Rodgers past resume doesn't do it for you and current events is more up your alley, let's compare the two quarterback's 2018 seasons: Trubisky had 24 touchdowns, 12 interceptions, 3,223 yards, and a completion percentage of 66.6% while Aaron Rodgers on a sprained knee ligament and a fractured leg had 25 touchdowns, 2 interceptions, 4,442 yards, and a completion percentage of 62.3%.  

The sinching argument for the 2018 comparison comes from our friends at pro football focus who rated Aaron Rodgers as the 6th best quarterback in the league with a grade of 89.9 and conversely ranked Mitch Trubisky as the 30th ranked quarterback in the league with a grade of 63.0.

If this history lesson doesn't do it for you, maybe seeing a few highlights of Aaron Rodgers unique skill set will make you a believer (The last throw is one of my favorites)

Call me crazy, but I'll take a 35-year-old Aaron Rodgers making $26.5 million over an unproven 24-year-old Mitch Trubisky making just under $8 million.  Long story short, Michael David Smith can exit stage right and shut up with his crazy talk.  

Oh, wait, Trubisky is a more accomplished beer chugger so he can take solace in the fact that he can finally lay claim to being better than Aaron Rodgers at something.  Congrats Mitch, the Bears Still Suck!          


David Michalski is a staff writer for Cheesehead TV. He can be found on Twitter @kilbas27dave 

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Tarynfor12's picture

Allowing such an article of this nature/question appear twice on this site is more disturbing than the first time.

Now it makes one wonder if there is a chink in the armor of no contest belief of some.

The answer is so obvious it's simply obnoxious to even give the thought any level of credence.

Surely there is another question that would offer some iota of decent discussion.

Jersey Al's picture

Taryn, while I agree on the obviousness of the thought, this was the only article on the subject here. Aaron did a youtube chat on this topic and others, but a chat with listeners and an article on the subject are two very different things.

Tarynfor12's picture

Al, they may be different in presentation but the same ridiculous thought offered up twice....Just saying.

PackerAaron's picture

Much like your two comments here.

Jonathan Spader's picture

The author Michael David Smith is using a Cost Benefit Analysis. In 2018 Rodgers did not play up to his contract extension. Had he not been extended maybe he would have lived up to his contract even in a year that for Rodgers was subpar. Cousins was guaranteed 84 million and surprise was mediocre. Stafford had a rough year and also has a huge contract.

It's pretty easy to say that Turdbisket offered Chi the biggest bang for the buck. Because his contract isn't even close to the rest of the NFC North's QBs. In 2019 when Rodgers returns to form and justifies his contract it'll be a different story.

Tom Legener's picture

So glad you were able to find SOMETHING to be negative about today.

Go Pack Go!

Tarynfor12's picture

So you believe my implying that Trubisky being better than Rodgers is total nonsense on any level and promoted to be considered is negative?

Are you considering the question's implication as a possible reality?

If so, then perhaps the chink in the armor is real.

Coldworld's picture

While I agree with your narrow point on Trubisky, it is enough to just state that without attacking the piece. We could have a whole lot of nothing out there like other sites. If you want to ridicule, let loose your venom on the person who throughout this canard in the first place.

Tarynfor12's picture

You believe my defense of Rodgers is negative or is it you just don't like my blunt way of saying it.

Do you believe the question is of value to be discussed?

I don't and for those who think it so, you're likely only doing so to gain or retain favor via such retort in defense of the article's premise.

Coldworld's picture

Bluntness is fine. Your tendency to self asserted superiority and negative vitriol is draining.

On reconsidering, I changed my prior comment because here your point is not negative except in its focus on CHTV, rather than the source of this gibberish. I would have thought you would enjoy coruscating him with your ire, rather than the author.

You are obviously not lacking in wit or intelligence, but if you can’t find a positive way to deploy those sometimes, understand that your audience will disengage, your insights wasted and the response unwelcome.

David Michalski's picture

Taryn, although I responded to Aaron's segment on Thursday, I was more going after Michael David Smith's premise of Trubisky being the best QB in the North being ridiculous despite the age and salary difference. I took the time to troll and shame the idea while providing facts to back up this simplistic argument for delusional Bear fans all while having a blast doing it.

If you don't like the fact that I brought the topic back up, don't read my article.

Coldworld's picture

I thought you made that point quite clearly in your piece.

David Michalski's picture

So did I. Lol

Rak47's picture

Personally I don't think you owe anyone an apology or an explanation, least of all Taryn. I appreciate the article as the premise was truly good for a laugh and shows how delusional Bears fans have become from the pain of being stung by Rodgers repeatedly over the years. There truly isn't much pertinent news going on so any news is welcome news, especially a piece that allows me to look forward with anticipation to watching Rodgers stinging them again while the defense tee's off on Trubiscuit in the opener.

Tom Legener's picture

I believe you come here to troll, pure and simple. You were being negative about the site.

No more food for you. Have a nice day.

fastmoving's picture

But it worked! And they got Taryn pretty good. so she spend half of her day here posting and thinking about a topic, she told us that it is not even a topic.

As smart as she his…………...

Bearmeat's picture

I have many undergraduate buddies who are crap eating Bears fans. It's not even worth getting into it with them.

They know. They won't admit it, but they know. It'll be January when they finally come to accept that Mitch will never be elite, but even in their wildest dreams, they're not stupid enough to think he'll ever be ARod.

packerbackerjim's picture

Apropos of nothing, the axiom there is no such thing as a dumb question was just totally, inexorably refuted.

Demon's picture

Before too long an poster is going to come on and spew a bunch of useless stats that supports Trubiski as being superior.

Thats ok, I have been warming up my downvote key all morning.

TheBigCheeze's picture

"Aaron Rodgers on the other hand, has 7 pro bowl selections, 2 all-pro selections, 2 NFL MVP's, and a Super Bowl ring under his belt."

David forgot Super Bowl MVP........

blue eyes's picture

Next article, Cordarrelle Patterson is better than Davonte Adams. Lol!

Coldworld's picture

The Bears were a better team than the Packers last year. Trubisky was not a better QB. I don’t know that Trubisky will ever be as good as any of the QBs currently starting in the NFL north have been in their better seasons. He is cheap because he is on a rookie contract. He may get better but that is about it on play to date.

If one is on a better team and still can’t personally out perform a one legged QB playing in an offense that has lost its way then this question is about as obviously asinine as a question can be.

Tarynfor12's picture

"....then this question is about as obviously asinine as a question can be."

Please make up you just wrote I was negative saying the same thing.

Coldworld's picture

There you go again. If I agree with your narrow point here, could it be that I am making a broader one with respect to your contributions?

Tarynfor12's picture

Go ahead...paint your picture with as big a bush as you desire.

IceBowl's picture


You say ...... "Go ahead...paint your picture with as big a bush as you desire."

Bush's are generally big.

Coldworld's picture

You have painted your own picture in your own words over a long time. Don’t blame others for its appearance.

Lare's picture

It’s obvious that Michael David Smith knows nothing about NFL football.

IceBowl's picture


Astute observation!! Nuf' said.

Rak47's picture

Personally I think he's still shellshocked from the Rodgers to Cobb that ended their season.

PatrickGB's picture

David. I get your point. And I agree that it’s a bit silly to even have to discuss it. Yet that’s the way it is. Other team sites just cannot accept it.

Nick Perry's picture

As much as I appreciate EVERY article by my CHTV friends who take the time to provide us the reading content they do, I REALLY can't wait until TC starts so we can get the things that REALLY matter.... The players who are making jumps... The FA's who signed with the Packers... The Rookies who were drafted... The new coaching staff... How the team is meshing....

All that foreplay until week one when we KICK THE BEARS ASS!

Trubisky AND the Bears STILL suck!!

Coldworld's picture

Here, here! Alas we have 5 weeks of even less than nothing after minicamp.

Nick Perry's picture

SIGH : /

Jersey Al's picture

I appreciate your appreciation!

Lphill's picture

Trubisky was a one year starter in college and had a good season not spectacular just good I don’t even know how he was a first round pick , Rodgers had more yards , More TD ‘s less interceptions last season. This should not even be a discussion after one season.

David Michalski's picture

Can't we all just have some fun trolling the Bears and forget about Taryn and just enjoy the footage? Aside from LaFleur blowing out his Achilles all is well in OTA's so let's just be happy and enjoy what we hope will be 5 more weeks without Packer stress.

Since '61's picture

I will be satisfied without 5 more weeks of seeing Trubisky’s name again or any of the Bears for that matter.

As for Taryn, she does not need me or anyone else to defend her, she is more than capable of defending her posts, but I will add that she is as entitled to her opinions and her comments as anyone else who posts here and while it is fine to disagree with her comments she should never be told either to stop or change her method of posting. Just be fair. Thanks, Since ‘61

Samson's picture

There's nothing wrong with what "Taryn" has stated about this non-story subject involving Tribusky. -- After free agency & the draft we are all in the "NFL Deadzone" before TC actually begins. --- Thus, another meaningless blog post & discussion about another meaningless social network connection from people none of us knows or cares to know.

C'mon Dave --- you need to try harder. -- There really are pertinent stories you could introduce instead of the "typical rehash".

buddrow53's picture

I agree with the article, I don't agree it being on this site. We all know what is true so it should be forwarded to a Bears site.

As for Taryn she can share her thoughts anytime she wants. It is kind of nice to read non bandwagon thoughts in the comment section.

God forbid people go against the popular hype before we start the season.

I fell for the hype the last 2 seasons and after last year I said not this year, AINT GONNA HAPPEN and you know what it ain't happening now.
No hype Kool-Aid for me.

David Michalski's picture

So Aaron being better than Trubisky is drinking Kool-Aid? Totally separate issue from the disappointing season.

IceBowl's picture

David Michalski,

I'll drink Aaron "aid" all day long.

There is no question or comparison here. You may as well compare walk on water to canoe.

Old School's picture

Well, it's pretty obvious from the comments that not a single person here.....other than me, apparently, that really thinks Trubisky played well last year in his 2nd season, and that all things considered (age, injuries, players around him) he had a pretty good season last year.

You can give him all the credit for 12 wins, most of it, some of it, or none of it. You can give him credit for his very good Quarterback Rating. You can give him credit for the Bears drive success rate. And you can still believe that Rodgers had a better year and was a better QB in 2018.

But this isn't a pointless question by the author.

We're going to see right away how Trubisky compares to Rodgers in the opener. I predict it won't be "Rodgers by a landslide".

Coldworld's picture

You do realize this isn’t singles tennis? There are a few other factors in football success other than the QB, however vital.

Were I a Bear, I would look at it as being a good time to meet the Packers in game one. With so much change in coaching, scheme and personnel it is likely to take a while for both the offense and defense to hit their groove.

Coldworld's picture

Duplicate deleted

Old School's picture

Yeah, but this was about Trubisky and Rodgers, not the teams. We can believe what we want to believe. Soon, they'll be head-to-head and we can decide for ourselves.

Trubisky was the #2 overall, he went- 11-3 in his second season. He does a good job of protecting the ball and avoiding drive killing sacks. He gets points on the board. I think some of us are not giving him his due.

Coldworld's picture

Trubisky did ok as a game manager (asked to do a very limited number of things) except for a couple of games. For that I give credit to the coaches and team around him, but do not feel that their performance makes him something more than he is. The reason this discussion came to encompass the wider Bears team and staff is that difference in allocation of credit and consequent assessment of Trubisky.

CAG123's picture

He had 12 picks last year he has a top def he can lean heavily on he’s not being asked to carry a whole team so until he does there will never be an adequate head to head comparison. I grew up in NC I’ve watched Mitch in College and I saw him take the same team undrafted QB Marquise Williams went 11-3 with and go 8-5.

CAG123's picture

Did it take you 8 years to buy in? I don’t see how a two year bad streak could make that much of a difference. Look at every other NFL team besides the Patriots for proof Saints went 7-9 three years in a row, Steelers went 8-8 two years in a row, the Cowboys are up and down, The Vikings have wedged division winning seasons with playoff absences, the Lions......anyway, the Broncos fell off after winning a SB, the Pats are an extreme outlier it’s common for every NFL to hit that bump. Don’t see what the Kool-Aid talk is about.

Rak47's picture

Don't bother to jump on board the train once it gets rolling. Take the doubt and negativity to a park near you for a picnic with Taryn. Once you go down the road Taryn has and the team plays well no one wants to listen to anything you have to say. What are you gonna say then? I told you so? Or you gonna tell everyone how you knew they would be good? Most likely you'll be a nitpicker complaining every week about the way they won or by how many points or such. Negativity begets negativity and like minds gravitate toward one another.

David Michalski's picture

I write about what I’m interested in the Packers news cycle/what I have an opinion on. Let’s not question my effort just because it isn’t what you wanted to read today. I’m always here writing twice a week giving you all my take on everything Packers so if you can’t respect that then piss off.

David Michalski's picture

This is @ Samson btw

Old School's picture

Yeah. I feel you. This should be about discussing ideas and making reasoned arguments and instead it's a venue for personal attacks.

Jersey Al should remove the downvote feature because it just promotes negativity without adding value to the discussioin. IMO.

Coldworld's picture

I disagree. Nothing wrong with a down vote. If one says things that make no sense, are contrary to the accepted wisdom, or are simply ill thought out, people should be able to register their views without having to be explicit and perhaps more confrontational. It’s only when the overwhelming weight of opinion is negative that one should consider that as genuine feedback anyway.

Samson's picture

What's wrong, OS? ... Can't take the heat!.....
You say:...."and making reasoned arguments".... You're only happy if everyone agrees with your point of view.
This is the US.... What country do you live in?

Aubrey's picture

Solid use of "piss off". 8/10.

Samson's picture

This is directed at the "so-called" author of this "so-called" article (David). ... I hope you have a good day job. -- You've proven over & over with your bait click articles that you are nothing more than a hack at this job.

David Michalski's picture

Yet you read my articles pretty frequently. Thanks for the clicks asshole.

Tarynfor12's picture

You do realize that the reason for so much discussion on this article is because of my calling you out for the piggy back article about a topic or rather ridiculous question of Trubisky even remotely being close to Rodgers worst day or season much less better. The comments would have been perhaps 10-12 from the blind faith optimist of usual attendance, the rest are because of me stirring the pot and opening the door for their hate of anything I write simply because I wrote it and am one of the few to call bs on things that are obvious bs. The premise of your article was based on bs and which was bs on any format as to being worthy for not once but twice to which the whole world knows has and can never offer any reasonable evidence to discuss it at all.

David Michalski's picture

The hate of everything you say is bc you’re an asshole. I write about things that I have an opinion on, I am a Rodgers defender and the notion pissed me off. I figured I’d kill to birds with one stone bash Michael David Smith and troll the Bears. FYI both pieces were different. Again, if you don’t like the content don’t read it. Your choice. Have a nice day!

Coldworld's picture

Boil it out and Taryn is saying how dare you write such a piece because it is unnecessary to give credence to such rubbish in her view. She is then claiming that the reaction to this piece is down to her pointing out that it shouldn’t have been written about.

That says a lot about Taryn, but for goodness sake don’t take it to heart. We don’t have to click or contribute here, and we can’t if we didn’t have pieces like this.

buddrow53's picture

Having a bad day David? Its not about the writing it is about the topic.

So you wrote 1 article that some fans don't think it should be on here.

OMG do you expect that everything you write will be accepted by all ? I hope not, but I will read your next offering without any preconceived notion.

Qoojo's picture

This is as important as NFL team rankings.

Gman1976's picture

This says it all, “... Aaron Rodgers on a sprained knee ligament and a fractured leg had 25 touchdowns, 2 interceptions, 4,442 yards, and a completion percentage of 62.3%.” This is a career year for most quarterbacks. End of the discussion. End of the debate. Checkmate. Fat Lady sang.

IceBowl's picture


Sounds good to me.

PAPackerbacker's picture

Aaron Rodgers would be a better QB than Trubisky even if he threw all his passes left handed.

Old School's picture

Muhammad Ali much better than Leon Spinx. Yet Spinx won.

Old School's picture

An interesting article...and a fascinating discussion.

The word "better" is being defined in a lot of different ways. Mitch Trubisky has not had anything like the career that Rodgers has had, and probably never will. He's just finished his 2nd year. I'm sure that if a person was interested, he could look at past NFL QBs and what they did their second season and see who he's similar to at this point.

On gameday, IMO, it's not about who has had the better career. It's about who is the better QB that day? And that's what I go by.

The Bears won 12 games, had the 9th ranked offense. You can give Trubisky all the credit, some of the credit, or none of the credit. But those are what Demon calls "useless facts".

In the last meeting of these two teams, Trubisky played every bit as well as Rodgers in terms of protecting the ball, moving the offense, finishing drives, and scoring points.

The Bears won twice as many games as us, had a better offense than us, and their QB was in his first year as a starter. We should be respecting that instead of acting like it's not even worth discussing.

As far as the conversation.....not one dissenting opinion, but lots of personal attacks. Why? If you don't like something, fine. Move along. State your opinion. Make an argument. But this stuff.....

stockholder's picture

Correct! I don't like comparing. Next: Starr, Favre, or Rodgers? It's about who is the better QB that day? And that's what I go by.!! Count me in!

Coldworld's picture

As I said earlier, the Bears were a better team last year. They were particularly impressive on D. It is possible to accept that without giving any credence to an assertion that Trubisky is comparable in terms of ability or value with Rodgers.

Trubisky didn’t lose too many games for the Bears, but his biggest contribution by far was that he allowed them to spend cap elsewhere because he is still on his rookie deal. Ultimately, the limitations of that approach coupled with an as yet questionable QB were shown in the playoffs. Contrast the Seahawks with Wilson before he got paid. Trubisky is not yet close to Wilson in his ability to take the contributions from the rest of a then very strong team and propel them over the finish line.

Samson's picture

As Demon foretold, once again, Old School selectively picks out stats to support his position & disregards the entire picture. --- Oh, wait... I take that back... Can't attack the man called Old School (no matter how nonsensical his posts become).

Aubrey's picture

The argument that Trubisky is better value because he's cheaper is a false equivalence. He's personally cheaper but you have to spend the all of the money that you save elsewhere to mask his limitations.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Interesting and probably true. Remember that GB did have the most expensive receiving corps in the NFL in Cobb, Nelson and the first year of Davante's new contract. GB also spend a wee bit of money on its OL for much of this decade, whether it was Sitton and Lang, or Bakh and Bulaga. Let's look at positional spending on offense:

2019: 4th highest overall, 4th OL, 23rd WR.
2018: 4th highest, overall, 13th OL, 2nd WR.
2017: 6th highest overall, 11th OL, 1st WR.
2016: 14th highest, overall, 20th OL, 6th WR.
2015: 17th highest, overall, 15th OL, 15th WR.
2014: 22nd highest overall, 20th OL, 22nd WR.
2013: 14th highest overall, 23rd OL, 18th WR.

Obviously most of those years AR was highly paid. There doesn't seem to be a lot of correlation between putting an elite offense on the field and paying a bunch. For quite some time AR carried the offense, or there was a steady supply of rookies producing on rookie deals.

Money spent is always largely dependent on how well the GM drafts. The optimal program doesn't have a bunch of decent players on 2nd contracts. The ideal is to keep only the really good players on 2nd and even 3rd contracts and squeeze production out of players on rookie contracts for one's other needs. We used to have "moneyball" articles on ALLGBP, but those have been harder to write lately.

Raji, CM3, Sitton, Bulaga, Tramon, Shields, Cobb, Daniels - kind of, Lacy, Bakh, Linsley: all these guys provided 3 years or more of good production while on their rookie deals. Daniels imo qualifies, and perhaps Adams, but one can suggest that they only gave GB two good years on their rookie deals. Nothing wrong with two years, but it isn't Linsley starting and being an immediate above average starter.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

As a note, the above stats are per OTC, but there are limitations in the database. OTC as far as I can tell uses cap and active players. Sportrac shows GB as having the 11th highest OL payroll and 4th highest WR payroll in 2015 if one uses AAV instead of the cap (GB always pays a pittance on the cap in the first year of the contract, so Nelson and Cobb are under-represented).

So, 11th and 4th per Sportac in 2015 by AAV and 15th and 15th per OTC, but OTC doesn't indicate if they are using AAV, Cap, Cash, and I don't have the energy to determine if Active players include players on IR like Nelson was.

Old School's picture

When you have a generational franchise caliber HOF QB, it's natural to want to provide him weapons and protection. Where do you save to balance the books? It's the Quarterback Trap.

Meanwhile, QBs on their rookie deal are taking teams to the playoffs. I think TGR's statement about players "producing on rookie contracts" is going to run counter to the narrative that we were drafting poorly at that time, but I think it's a bogus narrative so I agree with him.

You can win with an old, expensive QB like Brady and Brees. But if you're not winning, how long do you intend to spin your wheels? When Thompson came in, he cut some expensive guys on the O-line and got some rookie contract guys at the WR spots....Jennings, Jones, Nelson.....

4thand1's picture

Trubisky will probably play for half a dozen different teams before his career is over. Mostly as a back up after the bearstillsuck release him.

Ferrari Driver's picture

Trubisky seems to be a good guy and is a starting quarterback in the NFL. That is about as nice as I can make this comment.

Comparing Trubisky to Rodgers is akin to comparing me, as a rubber armed college pitcher with a losing record, to Warren Spahn.

IceBowl's picture

OK then.

Who would you pick for your team's starting QB this year??

I'll take ARod.

Coldworld's picture

Nicely distilled.

DragonSilk's picture

At least Bears nation is consistent. I remember when Rex Grossman was going to be the next Brett Favre.

Tundraboy's picture

Well,duh. Of course he isn't. Why not a comparison of historically,which team has had the best QBs.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

As it happens, I made two comments on Windy City Gridiron a couple of days ago about Trubisky. There is no doubt Trubisky improved from 2017 to 2018. The biggest thing was that Trubisky wasn't a rookie anymore. But Trubisky got huge upgrades in Trey Burton > Dion Sims/Shaheen, and in Robinson and Gabriel. All those players will be in their second years in Nagy's system and with Trubisky, so jumps aren't unreasonable. Cohen made a 2nd-year jump. The OL was better in 2018 than it was in 2017.

Trubisky also got a scheme designed for him instead of the unspeakable Glennon. And it was a scheme designed by Nagy. Now, Nagy made some interesting decisions last season, but he is widely credited with installing a much better than average scheme and with being a much better HC than Fisher. Chicago went from 264 points scored to 421 in 2018. That's almost 10 points per game: a massive improvement.

I am hopeful that LaFleur's scheme will prove to be much better than McCarthy's. GB added Jenkins and Turner, so depth at OL at least should be better. Have to hope the receivers improve.

flackcatcher's picture

First player that pop in my head was Nick Foles when talking about comparing QB. His execution of the Eagles offensive scheme during both of their playoff runs was good as any QB in the NFL. Foles is a perfect example of a player who matured and used his talents in their system to maximum advantage. I have no doubt that the Bears were looking at Trubisky in much the same way. As for the Packers offense, McCarthy had put a new system in place by 2012. Rodgers had problems running the system, which is ironic as every team in the league was running some version of the one back with RPO by 2014. Packers were an early adopter. Why Rodgers had problems was very simple and difficult at the same time. The new one back made deep routes secondary to skinny posts and quick outs to get the ball in the hands of the Packers much more quickly. (YAC and taking the stress of the O line on holding blocks) The one back imposes timing and makes checkdowns important. Traits that should fit Rodgers like a glove. Instead, it seems he saw parts of the new system as a straitjacket. It was only when McCarthy reverted to the classic 'west coast' in 2014 and the second half of 2016 did we see Aaron Rodgers be 'Aaron Rodgers'. And do not over look the lost of the FB position as how it changed Rodgers play style. Like you tgr, I am hopeful that Rodgers will adapt and flourish in LaFleaur's scheme. But lets not forget that Rodgers had been playing in a similar system since 2012. Yes the relationship between Rodgers and McCarthy had broken down, but Rodgers's flaws were exposed in one back sets, forcing McCarthy to revert back to two back sets for at least half of NFL seasons from 2012-2016. McCarthy system worked. The question is why did Rodgers not have the success, as he defines it, in a scheme that was built for him.

Tundraboy's picture

Interesting take. Not exactly what I saw but I'm looking forward to vastly improved play calling and results.


flackcatcher's picture

Thanks. Most of I wrote is an oversimplification of a very human dynamic between two individuals. All we saw was the outcome on the field. Not included is the impact of draft failures at certain positions mostly on the defensive side of the team, forcing the front office to redraft at those positions in the following seasons. Which led McCarthy to redesign his offense scheme to cover up the failures on the personal side of the house. Which in turn restricted QB1 from running certain options on his play list. Sooner or later success was going to catch up with the Packers, and last year it did. Add in a GM who wanted out, and a meddling Packer president in personal decisions and the organization had all the pieces for a collapse on and off the field. I think with the departures of TT and MM, most of short term issues will be fixed in short order. With Rodgers I have no clue until we see him on the field. How much has age and injury caught up to him is an open question. The Murphy issue is one that the Packer BOD put off until it bit the organization on it's backside. That too also is an open question.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Oops. Deleted.

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