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Packers bringing back Kumerow

The Packers will bring back Training camp sensation and unfortunate end zone tumbler Jake Kumerow will be back with the Packers to start 2019.

A fan favorite this past summer, Kumerow injured his shoulder diving into the end zone during the second preseason game and began the year on injured reserve. He returned late in the year and played in five games.

The Wisconsin-Whitewater product caught eight passes for 103 yards and one touchdown in 2018.

The one-year tender is worth $570,000.

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I bleed green more's picture

The kid can play, will he make the 53 is the question.

GBPDAN1's picture

Hope Jake sticks with the team.

Side note; Colins is signing with Washington for 14M a year. This just drove up the safety FA pricing. What a deference a year makes. Could have had a good safety for 5-6M last year.

Flowers to the Lions.... bummer

jannes bjornson's picture

Gipson's not interested in working with Pettine again.

TheVOR's picture

More than just a fan favorite, dude has game! He's a Baller! Glad to see this, want to see him et a serious look at more playing time. Certainly outplayed G-Mo, Moore, probably even St. Brown to a certain extent. Definitely like this football player.

Jonathan Spader's picture

ESB & GMO had over 300 yards with over a 15 avg. Kumero had barely over 100 with a 13 average. He is a decent #4 WR but more than likely at his ceiling. MVS, ESB, & GMO were all better than Kumero in 2018 in every category. I'm glad he has another chance with the Packers but you are exaggerating his talent.

Coldworld's picture

Which does him no favors at all! I actually think he can contribute though.

HankScorpio's picture

Kumerow is not a young and ascending player. He's bounced around PS for a few years. I would not be surprised if he's shown every bit that he has in the tank. And that hasn't been much. He's good depth to bring into camp. I think it represents a bad omen if he survives it.

I don't buy the notion that the Packers had all the talent they needed in 2018 and were just held back by MM. They need some upgrades on offense. That means some of the hold overs need to go.

Swisch's picture

One of our receivers can really set himself apart by showing he can play the slot.
Can you improve twitchiness in the offseason?

jannes bjornson's picture

Yes, draft a WR for the slot from the three or four spot.

Old School's picture

Gutekunst has liked Kumerow since before he was the GM. Adams, MSV, ESB, are mortal locks for the 53. Moore probably gets another year to show something.

So now you've got Allison, Kumerow, Davis and everybody else competing for the #5 spot. If we run more and throw to the TE and RBs more, then it stands to reason that we're not going to need to be as deep as in the past when we ran lots of 3WR sets.

Starr57's picture

Don't overlook Allison, he was ready to break out last year when he was injured.
Good to have TD zJesus back.
Whichever young guys make the final 53, they will all be better for the camp competition coming up.

Coldworld's picture

Allison is virtually a lock as I read it. I see ESB. In the slot potentially.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

They all can play slot but who can play it best? I dont think he is on the team yet but will be once FA and the draft are completed.

Without doubt Adam's would be best from who is on the current team but then you rob Peter to pay Paul.

scullyitsme's picture

Yea... kumerow- (sarcasm). Not the signing I wanted to hear about with free agency starting, I have a feeling this will happen a lot. The packers sign!..... Insert unrestricted free agent here. .

Swisch's picture

Then again, at least you can say everything is jake with the Packers (perhaps a phrase from Johnny Blood's days) -- or at least 1/53 Jake.
Maybe Kumerow transforms himself into the prototypical tight-end-of-the-future, leaner and faster.
After all, if it's true that guys like Graham barely block, why not use Kumerow as a speedier and more athletic version of tight end?

Starr57's picture

This is "crazy money" time.
Let other teams throw their money around.
10 - 14 mil a year for a safety?
No thanks.

Coldworld's picture

It’s not a free agent move. He wasn’t a free agent. This is called building the camp roster

carlos's picture

Hey Scully——Tyrone Mathieu. Glad they signed Kumero. Rogers likes him and sees his potential.

scullyitsme's picture

Nothing against kumerow, but a little anti climatic in essentially the first day of free agency. Maybe big Jim slade from the Kansas City chiefs next.

carlos's picture

Being a Yooper up by Lake Superior I see the Lions making some moves. I can’t stand to see them improve. Yes I live in Michigan, but feel more connected to Wisconsin.

Old School's picture

Carlos...….if they never improve then they never have hope and if they don't have any hope it kind of takes the joy out of beating them.

carlos's picture

Old School, I don’t care how or when we beat them—just beat them. lol. It can be miserable to us Packer fans up here in the UP when the Lions beat the Packers. More Packer fans here than Lion fans. UP is Not only Gods country, maybe not so much this winter as bad as it was, but also Packer country.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

The Lions at the end of the year beat the Packers like a drum. Then the Lions have an earlier draft selection each round and 'appear' so far to be throwing a lot of FA money around.

BG is going to have to be very astute in FA and the draft otherwise it is going to be tough on you UP Packer people for awhile. All the mock drafts seem to have White at inside backer going to the Lions in round one. Personally, I believe the Lions with Matthew's big arm cannot resist Metcalf as a big time receiver. They want another Megatron! Going to be very interesting! Particularly if they take Metcalf as another top defensive player becomes available. Could Oliver, Rashan Gary, or White going to be available? Several of them look like they may be available.

Never going to happen or not likely anyway but if Packers took Metcalf or Hakeem Butler in round one combined with the three 2nd year receivers and Geronimo one would think Adam's would make an awesome slot receiver. No one would be able to stop him.

carlos's picture

Ya scare me Knock, when you mention how the Lions can improve. They aren’t a bad team, just owner issues over the years with some poor coaching. Adams would be good in the slot. He’d be pretty good at any of the receiver spots. Heck of a point guard in basketball also. Great athlete with an even better attitude.

Swisch's picture

Stay strong for the Packers, carlos, and warm up there.
The Lions seem to be breaking the bank for their free agents. I'm not so sure that's a good thing for them, or an example the Packers should follow. It's difficult to tell when a GM is being gutsy or reckless.

Hematite's picture

Great to see another Yooper climb aboard!

GBPDAN1's picture

I grew up in the UP also, Carlos. (Was born in Milwaukee, moved to Escanaba/Ford River in 3rd grade) Been in Los Angeles for 25 years now.

Have a lot of friends and family in the UP. Lions are the biggest rivalry there. It sucks we've been swept 2 years in a row by them. I want to sweep them and the whole NFC north this year. Lions have come out of the FA gates firing this year, but we will have our time to shine in both FA and the draft. I expect a much improved Packers team this year

carlos's picture

Hey GP. I’m from Munising. It’s a small world. Ran into Yoopers all over different parts of the country. We all have that special bond.

carlos's picture

I should explain UP stands for Upper Peninsula. It’s in Michigan and people from here are called Yoopers. A hardy, hard working, hard partying, friendly lot.

egbertsouse's picture

Say yah to da U.P. hey! Everyone must know “The Second week of Deer Camp” by Da Yoopers.

carlos's picture

Hello Hematite. Must be from Ishpeming. lol. My boy lives there with his family. Nice area.

Since '61's picture

More camp fodder never hurts. Thanks, Since '61

Swisch's picture

That's cold, Since '61.
Colder than winter in the UP, from what I've read of late.

Since '61's picture

So far he reminds of Abbrederis. Hopefully he will prove me incorrect. Thanks, Since '61

AgrippaLII's picture

I'm hoping Gutekunst let's all the crazy money deals get done before he gets involved in free agency.

carlos's picture

Nice UP comments guys. We’re hanging on up here after the hardest winter I can recall. Lots of cold and snow. Snowmobile heaven. It is getting warmer and we see quite a bit of sunshine finally. A long winter, but the Coho are coming in the bay so fishing is picking up. There’s always whitefish, splake and an occasional Lake Trout on the line. Life is good.

carlos's picture

And one other thing,Swish, you’re right— don’t do what the Lions do. lol

Swisch's picture

Watch the Lions and Redskins -- then do the opposite. ;-)

GBPDAN1's picture

My brother made a lot of money plowing snow this year in the Gladstone/ Escanaba area. He plows after work and on the weekends. Absolute brutal winter.

Wilment's picture in it seems the Skins have moved on from Clinton Dix...who might be playing for less than he did last for JK? Rodgers seems to like and trust the guy. In Aaron we trust....

OnWisconsinGoPack's picture

Kumerow has potential. He played really well I'm camp and preseason, called out by AR as someone he liked and then hurts his shoulder stupidly against Pitt in the preseason. For how big he is, he shows go speed and a knack for getting open, ironically or not, from the slot.

I'm rooting for him and think he would be a great #3 for this team, hope it pans out for him.

Ezra's Hotdog's picture

For all the years the 5' 10" Cobb played the position I think some forgot the 6' 1" James Jones and 6' 3" Jordy Nelson played there effectively. We may have the player on the roster without looking for a Cobb Clone.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Do you think Adam's would be better in the slot with his strength, twitchyness, and leaping ability now that those 2nd year receivers and Geronimo are experienced? Hadn't thought about it too much until now but if LF was to really take advantage of the talent currently on the team one would almost have to consider playing Adam's in the slot at least occasionally and put the bigger WR's on outside.

holmesmd's picture

Great point and I would say absolutely!!

Dragon5's picture

Much draft hype about slot stud Andy Isabella...don't recall anyone mentioning Hakeem Butler played quite a bit in the slot last year...ideal if he slips to rd3...I do hope Gute acquires an additional 2nd or 3rd trading back so that he can nab both Butler & Amani Hooker.

Skip greenBayless's picture

Praise the Lord!! Jesus has returned to bring the Packers to the promise land. I've been on Gutey's ass for a quite a while but this signing of Touchdown Jesus will pay dividends very quickly. People forget the one person who loves this guy more than anyone else is drum roll.........................Aaron Rodgers. He will make this team and he will be a force starting this season. He will not do another 5 yard Lambeau Leap of Faith into the end zone ever again. Jesus saves the Pack!!


Kumerow: "Looks like Jesus, plays like Jordy"

sam1's picture

You have a problem and one is not being a comedian!

Lare's picture

Considering their record in Super Bowls, Vikings fans need to have a sense of humor.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture


Skip greenBayless's picture

There's nothing funny about Jesus. I was giving praise. Get a clue.


Qoojo's picture

Good. Need more guys with beards.

PackCop's picture

I really have nothing to add other than the comments on the Packers facebook page are pure cancer. The average fan is so stupid it hurts.

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