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Packers' CB Room Still a Work in Progress After Davon House's Return

-- There's a sense of stability in the Green Bay Packers' cornerback room Thursday after it was reported Davon House is expected to re-sign with the team.

House is slated to return to the Packers on a one-year deal, according to Rob Demovsky of ESPN. While the financial details have yet to be discussed since House hasn't made the trip to Green Bay to officially sign said deal, it's similar in length to the contract he signed with the Packers last offseason.

He and Tramon Williams, who the Packers signed -- or, re-signed rather -- three weeks ago, provide serviceable veterans that can come in and play whenever called upon.

Especially Williams, who is coming off of a single-season stint with the Arizona Cardinals in which he registered the lowest passer rating when targeted amongst all free agent cornerbacks, including a 1.0 rating when in man coverage.

Williams will likely see a good portion of snaps over House, and rightfully so, however, retaining House is good for a team whose mantra in recent years has been throwing undrafted, inexperienced players into the fire. That's been one of the biggest knocks on the struggles facing the Packers' defense during the final few years of former defensive coordinator Dom Capers' tenure.

Both players provide knowledgeable views of the game and can offer insight to the many younger cornerbacks on the roster, and they may very well have to if the situation there stays the way it is.

Outside of House and Williams, Kevin King, Quinten Rollins, Josh Hawkins, Lenzy Pipkins, Demetri Goodson, Herb Waters and Donatello Brown are the current cornerbacks listed on the Packers' roster. Five of those nine corners are undrafted free agents, and Brown and Waters have one combined regular season snap between the both of them.

King, last year's 33rd overall pick, is the likely starter of the group. His role on the boundary is solidified if he can recover completely from the shoulder injury that caused him to end his rookie season on injured reserve and consequently have surgery in December.

And Rollins, 2015's 62nd overall pick, is also recovering from an Achilles injury that ended his 2017. When he did play, he left a lot to be desired. His partner from that 2015 draft -- Damarious Randall -- was traded to the Cleveland Browns last month after being drafted by Green Bay 30th overall.

This smorgasbord of uncertainty in the Packers' secondary may very well prompt them to draft a cornerback within the first 45 picks of the draft in two weeks. The Packers hold the 14th and 45th overall picks in the opening pair of rounds, and there's a multitude of prospects at the position that can come in and provide an immediate upgrade to the Packers' dismal group.

Among those prospects, is Iowa's Josh Jackson, Ohio State's Denzel Ward and UCF's Mike Hughes; all of which have been mocked to the Packers at No. 14 several times within the last month. Under-the-radar talents still float around with the Packers' attached to them, including Louisville's Jaire Alexander and Colorado's Isaiah Oliver.

House's re-signing doesn't complete the Packers' work at cornerback -- not even in the slightest. It also doesn't rule drafting a cornerback -- or even trading up for one -- out of the realm of possibility.

Under new G.M. Brian Gutekunst, whose draft tendencies are unknown, keeping someone who played the second-most amount of defensive snaps (659, second only to Randall's 721) of all Packers cornerbacks last season despite missing four games is a good start to stocking the position going forward.


Zachary Jacobson is a staff writer/reporter for Cheesehead TV. He's the voice of The Leap on iTunes and can be heard on The Scoop KLGR 1490 AM every Saturday morning. He's also a contributor on the Pack-A-Day Podcast. He can be found on Twitter via @ZachAJacobson or contacted through email at [email protected].

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GBPDAN1's picture

I agree, the CB room is still a work in progress. So is the safety position. And if Bulaga doesn't heal up and get back to his typical playing self, so is the right side of our line. We also need a deep threat WR. OLB is a huge need, also. How about some quality depth everywhere?

Go BG !..hammer away at the TT mess!

Chuck Farley's picture

The big era of free agency spending is what killed the packers and caused everything you mentioned. Small market team with soon to be the biggest contract in football doesn't bode well. I hope it isn't so bad the pack trade out of the first for later multiple picks.

dobber's picture

Small market has little to do with the cap.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Nothing to do with it in the Packers case. They make a ton of money.

LambeauPlain's picture

I have attended a few Shareholder meeting events and the Packer Financial Report is "Gold". The are in excellent financial shape. It is also an area of expertise for Mark Murphy and he has hired a very good financial team.

flackcatcher's picture

Yes he has, which makes his botched GM process even more maddening. Overall, Murphy has done a fine job as Packer President. The teams financial status speaks for itself. I still can not understand why he did not bring the same rigor to picking a new GM. While I believe Green Bay got the right man, the way the Packers got there stinks.

kevgk's picture

Not even a small market. They are at least more valuable and popular than half the teams in the league

Tundraboy's picture

Market and Local Population are in this case two completely different things.

worztik's picture

Mr. Farley... you may want to do a tiny bit of research on what the salary cap is all about. Just sayin’...

stockholder's picture

I like the rotation. Fresh legs on the field. I also like Baptism by fire. Stick the drafted guys in.

dobber's picture

He's not the answer, but the roster is better today than is was yesterday.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

No, no, no, we're not allowed to judge the efficacy of Gute's moves until at least September, and probably later.

Ryan Graham's picture

Naturally it's easy to have this thought it crosses my mind. one thing to remember though is that this is McCarthy's final year on contract so there will be no off the hook this year. Beat the Vikings, take the NFC North, regain status as SB contender, or hit the road.

Me being the positive thinker I am, I do think Pettine will improve the culture of the defense (who couldn't improve it?) and Philbin will implement the creativity to the offensive playbook as he once had...saving McC's skin.

stockholder's picture

MMs Skin- They could fire him, but must show just cause. I believe it would be totally unfair. Things happened that were beyond MMs control. Look how much the roster keeps changing. MM had to play the hand he was dealt.

OrganLeroy's picture

Except that this isn't MM's final contract year, they extended him another year, pretty hard to miss the reports when it happened.

TheVOR's picture

Strong Player, Agree, the room is better today than yesterday. I'm a fan of this player, this just helped our roster, I'll be curious to see how they use him. I expect him to be on the field, a lot.. Good signing for GB..

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

One thing everyone agrees on is Capers was so bad that we really don't know what we have with many players. Is House awful, or was it all Capers? The same goes for Rollins and the other young guys.

The big question is, after keeping such an unmitigated disaster at Defensive Coordinator and wasting precious years off players' careers for so long, why was McCarthy let off the hook?

Finwiz's picture

The only problem with this argument is, they kept the guy around for a LONG time, so somebody in the organization thought it wasn't the DC's fault the defense was gawd awful. Somebody, or multiple people in the organization, thought it was the players that weren't any good. Are all those management personnel gone from the organization now, because all the players certainly aren't?

I expect the Defense to be better, but I doubt it's going to develop 3-4 all-pro's we didn't know we had. Players will still get injured and 2nd, 3rd and 4th stringers will be playing at some point. You can count on that.

LambeauPlain's picture

Like AJ Hawk, Capers was finally let go 5 years to late. Pack could have hired Wade Philips, Lovie Smith, and Pettine during that time and shared the load with the O to get a chance for another Lombardi.

JohnnyLogan's picture

Amazing how everyone now agrees about Capers but if you criticized him over the last five years there were multitudes of defenders blasting those who said he was a disaster. Wonder where the defenders are now? As to McCarthy keeping him on, it made absolutely no sense.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

I know, Johnny. I was one of those getting blasted.

Spock's picture

JohnnyLogan, " there were multitudes of defenders blasting those who said he was a disaster." HUH? I don't know what site you were on, but there certainly weren't "multitudes of defenders" for Capers. Have you been living under a rock? :) I think you'd be hard pressed to back up that assertion. The ONE sure thing on this site is that darn near 100% everyone here has agreed for years is that Capers needed to go!

flackcatcher's picture

I was a Capers defender. Still think he is a first rate mind and a fine DC. He did what McCarthy wanted, keep his team in the game til the offense could take over. This team, despite McCarthy denials always favored the offensive side of the house. Capers greatest strength, was his ability to put new formations in the field late in season which confuses offensives. Or to put it simply, he found a way to make lemonade out of lemons. He was far better than most of the commentators here like to admit. I still think, his 2016 season was his finest for the Packers. How he kept that defense together though all those injuries I'll never know. Still, time waits for no one, and his time on this team ran out.

Ryan Graham's picture

Stockholder while this is true, MM had to play with the cards he was dealt regarding roster. That being said it was he who kept Capers around for IMO give or take 5 years too long. It was MM who wanted full control of the offense following his firing of Clemens and developed a stale playbook with predictable play calling. Now, MM has the conditions he wants. If he screws it up now he has no one to blame but himself. Not to say I think he will, as long as he let's Philbin run the offense and he does his job as HEAD - I repeat - HEAD coach.

stockholder's picture

Will he let Philbin run the offense? No. He made that mistake with Clements. He will give Philbin partial control. I believe TT had the say on Capers. He kept drafting defensive players, and kept letting the offense go. I believe MM was ready to leave GB several years ago. (The change recharged MM. ) To really see into the crystal ball. Look at why Sitton was waived and Lang not signed. And then they let the punter and XP holder go. I would not have drafted Spriggs or Davis either. MM had to move Monty to RB. The players also expressed confidence in Capers.

Tundraboy's picture

Music to my ears.

nostradanus's picture

Ted Thompson was big on the UDFA pipeline ever since he hit on Tramon Williams & Sam Shields. Those were nice hits but in reality 90% of UDFA guys last a year or two. Herr Gute has got to hit BIG in his first draft and he has plenty of ammo to move up and down on draft day.
I for one am really anxious to see how he handles himself in the War Room. I also expect a few "post draft" veteran signings by the Packers brass as well as several WOW moments on draft day. GO GUTE!

Ryan Graham's picture

Stockholder a few things:

1. MM would not have brought someone back from his past that was proven highly successful here without giving him the power to recreate a playbook. BG and MM have made it quite clear that the offense will be run differently. All that said, even if MM maintains play calling duties, at least the playbook won't be bland.

2. It does not make sense to me that TT would have gone over MM in arranging his staff when I am 99% sure TT and Capers didnt see eye to eye on personnel. That would be extremely untraditional first of all, and would have been a statement of high distrust for his head coach. There is no convincing me of that because they were consistently on different pages, anyway.

3. Sitton was let go for Lane Taylor to step in as a cheaper younger option. That's really it...and that move has panned out nicely. Lang I can't really say the same for. I'm not here to defend Ted.

4. I don't know what you've heard since Capers left, but I've only heard of players throwing him under the bus since he left. Be it Randall who (made his statements as a Packer) or even Blake Martinez and HHCD who did it more professionally and almost through subquoting. Of course these players are gonna back their coach when hes above them. Now that hes gone it's flipped...

stockholder's picture

Points. 1. You rewrite for the back up QBs. That was Mms mistake! (Hundley) But how do you do that with Clements failing and replacement? You can't remake the wheel. (Book) A-Rod changed calls . Hundley wasn't smart enough too. 2. MM let Capers run his own course. Look how many left with Capers. TT made the picks. Whose Idea was it to move D.Jones and keep shifting Mathews. Who drafted players over vets. Who thought Peppers was the answer? TT ran the personal. Not MM. We all knew the defense needed more. 3. Just plain Wrong. Everyone was in shock when Sitton was let go. Taylor was a back up and TT got very Lucky. Spriggs? well that just didn't work yet either. TT was cheap. Plain and Simple! 4. The writing was on the wall. A-Rods injury, changed the writing to fact.

holmesmd's picture

Peppers was our sack leader for the 3 seasons he was here, was a giant presence in the locker room, and is a slam dunk HOF’r and top 5 all time sack leader. The answer to your question is: many people thought he was the answer. Oh, and he lead CAR with 11 sacks last season yet Tightwad Ted didn’t even make the guy an offer!? More buffoonery. SMH

OrganLeroy's picture

Well it looks like you're the Buffoon because Peppers made it very clear that he wanted to go back home to Carolina and no amount of $$ was going to change that. And he's back with Carolina this season as his last as well! Facts are a beautiful thing...if you bother to use them!

RCPackerFan's picture

I just posted on the other page that I thought bringing House back was a smart move. It provides insurance and depth.

With Williams and House it brings 2 veterans who can help mentor the young players. Teaching them how to be a pro.

While they need to draft a CB high, signing House puts a bandaid on the position which means they don't necessarily have to draft one in round 1. They could simply go after the best player. But signing House doesn't mean they don't need to draft a CB high.
I expect them to draft one within the first 3 rounds, and probably add another later.

What I'm more curious to see is how the young under the radar players develop especially in the new Scheme.

Rollins is a really interesting player to watch. Much like Hayward, he had a great rookie year. Followed by injuries. Hayward left, got into a new scheme and flourished. Could Rollins do the same?

Pipkins I am really excited to see. He plays with toughness and is physical. He is a guy that I think could really take a step in year 2. Especially if the defense is tailored more to his abilities.

Last year everyone was very high on Waters. unfortunately he got hurt, but he is another guy to watch this year.

Razer's picture

I agree that signing House gives us flexibility in the top round(s). It would be great if someone like Denzel Ward fell to 14 otherwise picking at 14 maybe "no-man's land". If we are looking for a CB early then there should be good options in the top 40. I could see us moving down in this draft to get better value in the 20s and top of 2nd round.

Overall, we will have enough potential to improve this secondary. The change of defensive coaches and scheme alone should help. A little more pass rush and added talent to the secondary will go a long ways to improving this defense. I also would like to see Clinton Dix play better ball. Without him stepping up we may be more worried about the safeties rather than the corners.

RCPackerFan's picture

Depending on who is available, I would not be surprised to see them trade down. For example a team that may look to move up, the Patriots. They currently hold 4 picks in the first 2 rounds. I could see a scenario that they would trade down to 23, pick up an extra 2nd round pick.

Another team that could maybe look to trade up to perhaps go for a QB is the Chargers at 17. They could pick up an extra 3rd round pick by moving down 3 spots.
I think they may have some options at 14 to move down.

I definitely agree we will have a chance to improve the secondary. A new scheme where teams don't know what they are doing will help for sure. A better pass rush would really help out.

I think Clinton-Dix will be helped out with a new scheme. Last year down after down he was 35+ yards off the LOS. I really don't get what they were doing schematically.

HankScorpio's picture

"It would be great if someone like Denzel Ward fell to 14 otherwise picking at 14 maybe "no-man's land"."

I'm holding out hope the run on QBs that everyone expects bumps someone special from the top group of defenders to 14.

Bearmeat's picture

Agreed on all points, RC. This and Williams was predictable and smart. Not as good as Fuller would have been. But smart nonetheless. I have a feeling that the CB room isn't done being added to yet....

RCPackerFan's picture

Yeah, IMO they were no brainer moves. Cost little, have a lot of benefits.

I agree that its not over yet. I think they will draft at least 1 CB but wouldn't be surprised if they picked another.
I also wouldn't be shocked if they went out and got another veteran.

LambeauPlain's picture

Of the CBs after King, Williams, and House I like the potential of Rollins and Pipkins to rise.

Rollins is still only starting his 4th year playing CB in college and pros (1 year in college, 3 injury riddled seasons in the pros). He just needs to stay healthy.

Pipkins flashed both "can do" and "will do" ability and attitude.

RCPackerFan's picture

yeah, I agree.

I am really looking forward to seeing both of those guys play.
I think a new system will really help Rollins.

I really like what I saw from Pipkins late in the year. He could be our next UDFA find.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

House means as much to me as he did to the other 31 teams--nothing.

As for the 14th pick, I hope we either move up for a pure corner (Ward), an impact safety (James, Fitzpatrick), or a freakinsh D-Lineman (Vea). None of those players is likely to drop to #14.

If we stay put, I like a pure pass rusher like Landry or a project like Davenport (dude doesn't bend, but what a freak).

Otherwise, trade down and take someone like Vander Esch or Alexander.

RCPackerFan's picture

When healthy he played well for GB last year. Problem was he wasn't healthy almost the entire year.
Put it this way. At the very least he is better then an UDFA. Therefore him being our 3rd-4th CB is not a bad thing.

I'm not sure who I want at 14 yet. Just have to see who is there.

The one thing that helps is having so many QB's and teams needing QB's. It will likely drop someone.
And there is always a team or 2 that takes someone higher then we all expected.
There definitely could be a really good player 'fall' to us at 14.

LambeauPlain's picture

There is a huge probability elite D players will drop to Gute at 14.

4 QBs are likely taken in the top are 2 OL, a RB, a WR, and 2 DL.

That's 10 guys before need players for the Pack are drafted at CB, OLB, Edge or maybe even a DL like Vea who is a 10 year talent.

I would not move up for a corner now. Maybe for Edmunds or Smith or James or Fitzpatrick...but take a corner in the 2nd. Deep draft for CBs this year which is unusual and fortunate for the Pack this year.

RobinsonDavis's picture

Agree with your latter points ALP. However, House will matter for the Packers, especially right now. Regardless, both House and Williams have short term contracts. Thus, if we don't draft a boundry capable cornerback, we will be right back in this mess soon. The mock draft guys often get the "needs" assessment and picks wrong for teams, but they are the only readily available measure on where talent may flow in the draft. I looked at 22 mock drafts of national (not local) predictions and aggregated the picks as a guide of the likelihood for a player to be available at #14. IF we were to follow these, Ward, Fitzpatrick, or James each have roughly a 20-25% chance to falling to #14. Vea is at roughly 50%. So your point about trading back, is strong imo. I just hope if the Packers take this course that they get substantial early draft picks as compensation, and don't drop much further than to #22.

Alexander is intriguing and I believe someone is going to take him earlier than where many have him placed. Fitzpatrick is a great athlete, but SOME scouts are cautioning that his hips are stiff in coverage and his tackling suspect at times. Yet, he remains one of the highest pegged DBs by the Mock guys. Your point about Vea is interesting, as Pettine has obviously stressed the need for improvement on the defensive line, hence the Wilkerson signing. But, Wilkerson is only signed for a year. Although I personally doubt they are going D-line high in the draft, it does remain a possibility.

Colin_C's picture

Great points RC! I feel like I agree with you pretty much 100% of the time :-)

Another thing to keep in mind is that we could make a play for Breeland after the draft. Assuming we take two CB's in the draft, the defensive back room could look something like:
CB1 - Breeland
CB2 - King
CB3 - Williams
CB4 - High Draft Pick
CB5 - House
CB6+ Pipkins, Rollins, Low Draft Pick, Waters, New UDFA's

Not too shabby, depending on who those draft picks are.

RCPackerFan's picture

Thanks Colin!
lol, great minds think a like? lol

Yeah, Breeland definitely could be in play. Also someone that maybe would get cut after the draft or during training camp.

If we would tier our current CB's it would be in tier 1 King, Williams, House.
Tier 2 Rolliins, Pipkins.
Tier 3 Hawkins, Brown, Goodson, and Waters.

We definitely need more tier 1 and 2 players.

Packer Fan's picture

Colin, your thoughts are perfect. House should not be a starter, but being number 5 on the list is good. If we had a guy like Breeland before the draft, I would then trade down to get more picks. Then pick at least two CB's in the first four rounds. Lots of CB talent in the draft this year. I say two because with King, they will be the future. But until a guy like Breeland is signed, the only known quantity for starters in Williams and King. And we are hoping King fully heals.

LambeauPlain's picture

House has been a starter for the last 2 out of 3 years in the NFL. I think he will challenge Williams for the other boundary starter with the other getting the nod at nickel CB.

He's only 29 and before he got hurt he was playing at a top level for the first 3rd of the season.

Good signing of a good NFL, battle tested CB.

Ryan Graham's picture

Well if we are gonna take it to a black and white world with no gray area, where one is right and the other is wrong no ifs ands buts or inbetween...I think you are off here and there isn't much I can do about that. But that's alright! because this is not that kind of world.

OrganLeroy's picture

All fans also need to realize that despite what they want or think, none of the Rookies the Packers draft this year are going to start. If they're good enough, they'll play, in a rotation, if not, they won't until they become good enough or we end up with another injury riddled season and they have to start.

Since '61's picture

House and Williams provide good, experienced depth. Now we need to hit on at least one, preferably 2 CB draft picks. In addition maybe Pettine can get Rollins, Pipkins, Brown or other UDFA CBs to a serviceable level.

Then if we can support the CBs with a decent pass rush we might be OK. Looking forward to see how Gute handles the draft. Go Gute! Thanks, Since '61

mrtundra's picture

Most of the decent CBs and Pass Rushers probably will be gone by the end of Round 3. Round 4 is when we need to look at TEs or WRs.

stockholder's picture

Your right! 16 of the 32 NFL teams show need @CB. (Within the first 3 rounds.) 16! House was a good signing if they want that top 10 guy. 11 need a WR. 5 need a TE. And those are need within the first 3rd.

PatrickGB's picture

I prefer that we get a good pass rusher in the first and WR in the second. With the CB's we have now we can wait on the development of our current backups and draft BPA after the 2nd.

LambeauPlain's picture

Fortunately for the Pack, this is a CB rich draft and there will be great value in the second and third rounds.

Gute could even trade his 3rd and his pick atop the 4th to get another 2nd round pick...say trading with the Steelers to get their 2nd (#60). Two CBs in the 2nd to learn from Williams and House!

And stand pat at #14 and take the best available player named Edmunds, Vea, James, Smith or that order.

RobinsonDavis's picture

Agreed. The projections are building in tempo and the Packers have positioned themselves to take the BPA for their needs. I would not be surprised to see the Packers position themselves for an additional second round pick and/or a 3rd at this point, too. Not in any particular order, but folks here seem to point towards edge, a boundry CB, Strong Safety, WR, & OT as early needs. I also have ILB, TE, back-up center, long snapper, punt returner as others I am expecting in the Packers' day 3 picks.

Regardless, I am fine with Packers staying where they are with their draft position, but imagine if they were able to trade back slightly in the 1st round and garner another pick in the top 80. In such a scenario the Packers could have 5 choices in the top 101 (or better) picks, and potentially address these needs.

Ustabeayooper's picture

The problem with Rollins injury is that many times a ruptured Achilles' tendon on one leg fortells a rupture on the other leg. You cannot "prevent" this injury. I know many people who have had these injuries and more often than not a 2nd injury to the other leg occurs. There are no warmups or stretching exercises that mitigate your chances. In many cases, it can be career ending.

DetroitSUCKS's picture

going to be an interesting draft day

packback65's picture

I agree with Andrew Peth. With Capers as the coordinator all of these years, we have no idea how good our defense and defensive backfield could have been. Capers was a disaster for years and MM should have gotten rid of him years ago. So as far as I'm concerned, MM is ultimately responsible for the disaster that has been our defense.

lou's picture

The key to the back end for the Packer's and all NFL teams is the pass rush, no need is bigger in the draft than a pass rusher that can play day one like Clay Mathews did. Even though not the same talent as day one, teams have to game plan for Clay who may not have as many sacks as early on but is so disruptive to the offense. Nick Perry is as good a combination edge holder and bull rusher at LB in the NFL but like Clay availability is the issue. If via the draft they can add 1 more like either of them along with the a greater inside push from the new defensive tackle on a make good contract goes a long way in making the back end more effective. Gute has to hit on a pass rusher and also upgrade several other areas of need, lets hope he has as good a first draft as Thompson did (Rodgers/Collins etc.). If accordingly Mathews and Perry play most of the games Petine will be a candidate for assistant coach of the year.

Kubyskins12's picture

U are right on with this post. Pass rush key to a good secondary and good defense. U can some best corners in the NFL and they don't have a good pass rush and have cover for 4-5 seconds they will get beat. I don't care how good your secondary is if u don't have a pass rush.

White _tornado's picture

I dont agree with stockholder saying MM was only playing the hand he was dealt! It was him that kept crappers on staff and failed to properly evaluate his coaching staff.

It took an AR injury and a complete wasted season for anything to change in GB. Im still shaking my head that MM was able to keep his job!! I find it amusing that he criticizes his own coaching staff for failures that were his own responsibility. "Brett Hundley wasnt prepared to play"

You are the head coach! It was your responsibility to ensure he was being coached/trained right.

Fountaintown's picture

Dez Bryant cut by Dallas today. He is a d'bag, but get him on a 1 or 2 yr deal at a reasonable price could radically improve the offense

4thand1's picture

No way, He'll still command to much money and is a dick.

Finwiz's picture

Absolutely YES! Rodgers will tame him.

DD's picture

Finwiz: Not. Green Bay life style will bore him. Not a good fit. Mark my words as gospel truth now fans.

dobber's picture

It would cost the Packers another player...Bulaga or maybe ink him to a multiyear deal. I think he'll be looking for that kind of deal, first. Of course, he might come affordably on a one-year deal to ramp up to a bigger payday in 2019, and he might want to do that with #12. He would immediately step into a role where he'd get a lot of snaps with the Packers.

I'm not saying they should sign him, but I could understand why they would take a look. You have to ask yourself whether he's worth the trouble and whether he can still run. I don't think he ultimately gives them what they need in an outside WR: he's always been more physical than fast. But he would step in and could challenge Adams for WR1.

Finwiz's picture

I'd bet he's faster than 17, right now!

He's a perfect fit as an outside threat. They will kick the tires on him for sure.

dobber's picture

At this stage, they're in as good of a position as many teams to sign him if they decide that he's what they need...many have blown their wads in FA. As someone who doesn't think Adams is a true #1, a Bryant signing would definitely be a boost for Adams.

Finwiz's picture

I want to talk about getting the fan base jacked up for the 2018 season?

This would do it!

Here's a FA acquisition to really get excited about.

DD's picture

He's not faster. Jordy has the same speed, taller, and better route runner and chemistry with Rodgers. So faster? Ya, with his mouth.

stockholder's picture

To much money. They may end up with Ridley @14 regardless. Right now the packers will have to take Landry, Davenport, or Ridley. Ridley is the higher rated player. The packers took a WR at #1 in 2002. (Javon Walker.) Just saying Gute may think Ridley is the #1 need now. That just might be a good comparison.

OrganLeroy's picture

You need to put the weed down, the Packers are not drafting a WR @ 14, I don't care if his name is Jesus Christ.

AgrippaLII's picture

Did you watch him at all last season? He drops too many balls and can't stay healthy. I can't believe Gute would waste money on him. Nobody in the NFC East wants him...and they should know...they all play Dallas twice each season.

Finwiz's picture

Word I just heard.....

DEZ BRYANT got cut by Dallas!!!!

Yeah baby....bring him in GB...problems solved at WR.
Dump over for NFC north!

4thand1's picture

Dump Cobb, one of AR's other favorite players. Bring in a head case that might turn out to be another M. Bennett? If he could be trusted to play and not disrupt the whole locker room, maybe. After last years debacle, I don't trust it much. I could be wrong and maybe it would work. He may not be the fastest but he is a nightmare to cover. I'm not a fan of diva WR's but if he helps bring a SB, I'll buy his jersey lol.

DD's picture

Finwiz: Dallas life style vs. Green Bay life style? Not actually a match. No way it works.

Fountaintown's picture

Signing Bryant would give Gute alot more flexibility in the draft, where he doesn't need to target flanker wr's only. Gute could look at a wr who could step in as a slot from day 1 and potentially develop into an outside receiver, or even replace Cobb next yr.

Ustabeayooper's picture

Most teams don't have a lot of cap space at this juncture in the FA process. Bryant is at a disadvantage in negotiations. GB has enough space for a deal for a 2 or 3 year deal at 6 to 7 mil/yr. They could structure it similar to Grahams deal with a out after a year. It really depends if Bryant is interested in winning a SB or if money is more important. This could also erase any doubt that AR has about the new GM. It is worth a shot.

DD's picture

Usta: cap money by teams. We have very little. Other teams are still loaded. My question is Why? Response fans! Four letters: Ball.

AgrippaLII's picture

My brother is a Cowboys fan...he is ecstatic that they have gotten rid of Bryant.

rstain99's picture

Sorry watched House last season running around missing tackles throwing hands up. Not sold on him, take a look at Eric Reid why has every GM walked away from this guy (kneeling so what, his right) he could help at safety for GB, draft a stud CB couple of good young LB's and right away competing again for SB. They wait so long to look at guy, In NE they go get the guys they want. Just have the draft already so sick of the wait and mock lists bring in Dez for visit see if Aaron would like to throw it around the park with him 1yr 6 mil prove it contract.

DD's picture

Draft room and FA? Work in progress since end of 2010 season. Hope? We'll all find out. Don't mortgage the house fans.

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