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Packers Mock Draft Monday 5.0

Ross will provide a semi-weekly roundup of national mock drafts relating to the Packers picks.  He'll also utilize Fanspeak's software to do a few mock drafts of his own.  In 2019 the Packers will pick six times in the first four rounds, so those are the rounds that we will focus on.

This mock was created using the board over at Walter Football.  That big board was dropped on Februrary 6th.  I used the "difficult" algorithm and user voted team needs.  

The board fell extremely well.  Montez Sweat, Rashan Gary and Jachai Polite all went before Kentucky's Josh Allen.  Allen gives Pettine's defense a versatile weapon at the outside linebacker position.  He's a gifted pass rusher with a real ability to be a plus cover guy.  You want a player at his position to rush 85+% of the time but if he's an effective cover guy it just makes those calls more impactful when Pettine goes to them.  I don't really believe that Hockenson will be available at #30 but the top tight ends have been around at that spot in the past and a guy can dream.  He was available in this simulation so that's where he went.  Risner fits an immediate need at right guard with the ability to play right tackle.  JaQuan Johnson can play free safety, which is definitely something the Packers need.  Khalen Saunders and TJ Edwards have major athletic upside along the front seven.  

This draft gives the Packers young receivers a chance to put one more season on film (assuming nothing was accomplished in free agency).  Legitimately, though five of these players could start year one, with Saunders really being the only one that would provide "depth".  Allen, Hock, Risner Johnson and Edwards could all push for starting spots.  Yes, these are needs based picks but they're also players that I have valued at or above the spots that I took them.


Trevor Sikkema - Draft Network - Hockenson and Deionte Thompson - I don't love it but at the end of the day I would deal with it.  Nasir Adderley went the pick before Thompson, which was disapptointing.  At the very least Thompson is a day one starter.  There are certainly games to watch if you believe in Thompson, just don't watch the last three or four of the season.  

Dan Kadar - Mocking the Draft / SB Nation - Jachai Polite and Noah Fant - This is a popular combination.  One of the big six edge rushers followed by either an Iowa TE or Dalton Risner at 30.  I'm here for it.  Any combination of these things would be considered a success after night one.

Todd McShay - ESPN (ESPN+) - Devin White and Oshane Ximines - Super hard pass. Super hard.

Josh Edwards - 247 Sports - Montez Sweat and Thompson - another link to an Alabama safety.  This draft will certainly satisfy SEC hardos, but Sweat is not a bendy guy and Thompson is not the best safety.  In general you want to be taking top top end talent at safety if you're going to do it in the first round and I'm just not sure Thompson is that.  It's not as bad as McShay's but I'd need a lot of talking into this one.

Chad Reuter - - Sweat, Elijah Holyfield, Irv Smith Jr, Ben Powers - sorry, but drafts with first round running backs (especially this class) get thrown in the trash.  I don't make the rules I just enforce them.

Ryan Wilson - CBS Sports - Clelin Ferrell and Nasir Adderley - this I could be talked into.  Ferrell is the "last" of the pass rushers that I really, really like but is the long levered type of guy that Pettine normally utilizes.  Adderley is a guy I really believe in as a single high safety and has cornerback experience.  If this is how things go in late April I'd be pleased.  I wouldn't need to get pulled off the ceiling but I'd be pleased.

Packers Draft Prospect Vid of the Week (no highlights) 


Ross Uglem is a staff writer for Cheesehead TV. He can be found on Twitter @RossUglem 

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douglasH123's picture

wtf why do u think the pack will draft a te u stupid bro get right with your self

dblbogey's picture

That's your very first comment ever here? I hope it's your last.

Southside's picture

He's just a troll without a brain.

Southside's picture

Probably a Bears fan.

MarkinMadison's picture

Maybe he's trying to be funny?

Ross Uglem's picture

sir this is an arby's drive thru

Rak47's picture

French Dip with Auju sauce and curly fries, yum!

Jared's picture

It would be interesting to hear if you had a reasonable point as to why you would be against drafting a TE. Ranting with foul language is hardly reasonable.
While I’m not quite sure that I’m in agreement with drafting a TE in the 1st round, Hockenson is moving up draft boards. If he grades out at the combine he might not be available at #30. One must take into consideration to what % of the offense he would be involved in. “If” he does produce like some folks think he will, he could factor in a quite high % of plays either as a primary receiver or as a potential target which helps Adams, Geronimo, EQ & MVS. That is why someone would consider drafting him.

Old School's picture

Agree with everything you just said.

I'm going to take a stab at presenting a reasonable argument against taking a TE in the first round.

There are many opinions about the Packer offense, and the direction that would be most productive and there seems to be some general consensus views: That Rodgers take less hits, than we run more, that we get more passes to our RBs. I'm in favor of all that.

So every PASS that you throw to a TE......and let's say we target them about 6 times/game...… an opportunity that somebody else isn't getting. Not Jones, Not Adams, not MSV etc.

We only have one ball. IMO, the current collection of offensive skill position players is plenty good enough to move the ball and score points as long as Rodgers is healthy and protected and there are holes for Jones and Williams to run through.

We also already have a starter at the position who is coming off one of the best seasons by a TE in the last 25 years and a promising prospect in Tonyan. I'm not opposed to adding a TE prospect later in the draft......especially a blocker....but I don't really think a first round pick of a TE is necessary.

We could....if we two small trade downs and end up with 8 picks in the first 114. We could add an OL, an RB, and five defensive guys and STILL draft a TE.

Next offseason is the year that we might part ways with Graham and move forward at that spot....not this year, and not at the cost of a first round pick.

dblbogey's picture

I sure like your board.

GBPDAN1's picture

Would love this draft

Southside's picture

Your board looks good to me!

Old School's picture

His board is influenced by Walter Football. I recommend these guys as a good source.

Somebody always falls. That's how we got Rodgers, that's how we got Bulaga. We've got combines and pro days and individual workouts, so you'll see some movement up or down.

I just think you look at the Top 100 (or top 120) and try to get as many of those guys on your roster as you can. It's a crap shoot....injuries etc....and 20% will never become squat.

Use your first pick on the guy, regardless of position, that you think is most likely to be a really good player in the league. I wanted Lamar Jackson last year.

We could do some trade downs and end up with 8 selections between #20 and #114.

Old School's picture

And Ross....I've been following Chad Reuter for quite a while...nearly 20 years, since he was just getting started. He does his homework, that's for sure. If he says Player A is going to be drafted in the Top 20 or 40, or 100, there's about a 90% chance of it happening that way.

He'll change around as we get closer to the draft, for sure. But if you're a new HC who wants to run the ball more to reduce the hits to your might well consider it. I wouldn't just flat dismiss the possibility.

jannes bjornson's picture

Reuter knows his business as does Tony Pauline. Pauline's grades typically mimic the NFL Boards when the picks come in the draft.

nostradanus's picture

If the draft worked out like your mock I would be doing Fred Flinstone tippy toes down the bowling alley!

The only change I would make is I would have taken Nassir Adderly at Safety. The kid is a baller and of course related to the great Packer Herb Adderly.

Is the draft here yet?

Go Pack!

Handsback's picture

I agree, this would be a home run with just those picks...but the real world is calling and saying "psyche".

Old School's picture

Adderley is a risk because he's from a small school and we can't be sure what he looks like against pros and pro prospects. But he's a guy I'd like to get. My best guess is he'll be a 2nd round selection.

jannes bjornson's picture

Abram is the most aggressive safety I've watched this year and he can run with the WRs, 4.45 speed with no more soft serve in the back end. Tramon cannot be the answer in the back end. Adderley moves well also but is not the enforcer like Abram.

jannes bjornson's picture

Abram is the most aggressive safety I've watched this year and he can run with the WRs, 4.45 speed with no more soft serve in the back end. Tramon cannot be the answer in the back end. Adderley moves well also but is not the enforcer like Abram.

jww061356's picture

I don't know much about Sanders, but the other guys would be a dream scenario. I am o.k. with Polite, Fant as well, although I am starting to hear whispers that he is hard to coach. Ferrell and Adderley in the first round would be o.k. with me too.

PeteK's picture

A dream come true draft. I would give up our next three picks to complete the fantasy and get Adderley. However, I would be shocked if Allen fell that far.

The TKstinator's picture

There are surprise risers and fallers every year. Best just to be prepared for every possible scenario. EJ Manuel, anyone? Anybody smoking pot through a gas mask this year? Crazy in, crazy out.

jannes bjornson's picture

Dream come true or hallucination?

JohnnyLogan's picture

Allen falling to 12 is near impossible. These kind of predictions are a bit silly. If it were to happen it would be close to a miracle and going by those mock draft simulators is just as silly. Why not just predict Joey Bosa since there are drafts out there that have Allen ahead of Bosa.

sonomaca's picture

Agree. Unless Allen is taking bong hits in the Lucas Oil restroom, this ain’t gonna happen. From what I understand, Burns is also on the rise.

Might get a shot at Ferrell or Polite.

If Pack don’t like edge choices at 12, maybe do the trade down-trade up game.

Swisch's picture

Would fans here be in favor of the Packers trading up to get Josh Allen, or any other edge rushers in particular? What would be worth giving up in order to trade up?

James Martins's picture

I think it is worth to trade both first round picks to get Allen at pick 4.

Nick Perry's picture

IMO it's not. I know Allen is a GREAT prospect but I still believe the Packers can fill TWO major holes, not weaknesses, HOLES with both of those picks. Not only that, they'd have TWO players under contract for 5 years if they exercise the option.

They'd be either a TE (Fant, Smith or Hock) or an O-Linemen that fell to 30 who could step right in. There's also the possibility of Adderley being there at 30 if all the TE's go and there's a run on O-Linemen.

For me, what I want I want the Packers to STAY put. With so many damn holes they can pretty much throw darts at a group of available players and hit a need. Perhaps the ONLY way I could be swayed if I was GM was for FA to go much like this mock draft...A DREAM scenario.

KeepErMovin's picture

Allen will most likely go top 3. GB would need to trade 12, 30, and 44 to get to 3 and 12, 30, 44, 75, 107, and 171 to get to 2. That is too much to give up IMO.

Old School's picture

No. Edge Rushers are overvalued in the draft.

New Orleans traded up for Marcus Davenport last year and he delivered 4.5 sacks. I would think that the DB we took, Alexander, played more snaps, had more tackles, and made more "plays" than Davenport. And we've got their first round pick this year.

We also have two starters at that position, Perry and Fackrell. We can resign Gilbert for near the vet minimum . I'd try to fill the 4th OLB position with a FA and then draft an OLB later in the draft.

For the record, when you look at the DE/OLB taken in the first round since Clay Matthews in 2009, there's a lot of guys who never amounted to squat. Watt and Chandler Jones are DEs and they get to the QB almost once each game. Then a couple of dozen are somewhere between .75 and .50, in terms of sacks/game, and then it drops again.

Perry, for example, has 32 sacks in his career of 81 games (29th in the time period of 2009-2018) That's actually pretty good among the OLBs. Clay Matthews had 83 sacks in 147 games....thats' about .60....and that's about the best for an OLB over that period of time.

So even the very best are getting a sack only every other game. I think other positions impact quite a few more plays in the game, frankly.

KeepErMovin's picture

Its not just about sacks, its about pressure. Sure sacks are sexy, but QB pressures and pressure rate are the best way to measure pass rushers.

If a rusher gets pressure and makes the QB throw the ball away nothing is marked in the stat book, but that is a win for the defense. Pressures cause bad throws that lead to turnovers.

Old School's picture

I agree with all of that. It's about pressure, not sacks. The two do seem to go hand in hand most of the don't get sacks without pressures.

But if a QB can unload the rock to an open receiver....and a lot of these vets can.....then the pressure doesn't have much time to work. That's why pass defense starts with coverage. If we can keep a guy cover for an extra .01 seconds it gives all four of our pass rushers that much longer to reach home. And yes, it does take a little bit of time to work your way through an NFL offensive lineman. I don't care who you are.

If a team threw 40 passes against you, they'd probably complete 26 passes against you (that's 65%) and you'll probably sack them two or three times. A few will be coverage throwaways. Some will be quick passes that no pass rush could change.

So at the end of the game, your OLB has a small number of pass plays that he actually has a legitimate chance to make a difference.

That's why I'd put my draft picks in big DEs like Watt and Chandler, and guys who can cover, like Alexander, before I'd put them at OLB.

jannes bjornson's picture

A high pick doesn't come along that often, you have to Secure a blue chipper. If you want to pick up a two use 2020 picks. Be Like Bill.
I would try to bag as many as these top 100 guys as possible. They all have game.

sonomaca's picture

Here’s a question. Let’s say Kyler Murray falls into the second due to failure to commit to football. Why not go ahead and acquire his rights, so that if he washes out of baseball a couple of years down the line, he’ll be a Packer?

James Martins's picture

He already committed to Football

sonomaca's picture

He’s been wishy-washy. His father is muddying the waters.

Flow49's picture

A 5’9” nfl QB no thanks, he’s a college star not a pro.

Johnblood27's picture


KeepErMovin's picture

Hes too small (5' 8.5" 175). The only thing Murray has going for him is his hit box will be so small that he will be next to impossible to sack without drawing a roughing flag.
Hard Pass.

sonomaca's picture

These “rules” about size are changing. Wilson, Brees, Mayfield.

KeepErMovin's picture

Baker is FOUR inches taller and 40 pounds heaver than Murray!
5' 8.5" 175 is A LOT different than 6' .5" 215 (Baker), 5' 11' 204 (Wilson), and 6' 213 (Brees).

jannes bjornson's picture

He is a better passing version of Cobb.

Richard Smith's picture

I want one of the top two players at a position with GB's first two picks. I want a combo of any two of these.
White, Simmons, Hockenson, Fant, Williams, Risner, Taylor. Honesty, after Bosa or Allen, any edge will be a reach at 12. No trade down because we need difference makers at every level of the team except for QB, RB or WR. Those can wait until later.

Swisch's picture

Would you take any of the edge rushers at #30?
Or in the second round?

jannes bjornson's picture

The dude from Louisiana Tech.

MikeS's picture

There's no chance in hell that Josh Allen is available at #12. Maybe Polite or Burns. If Fant and Hockinson are gone at 30, take Thompson or Adderly. Take Risner at 44. Get a TE in RD 3.

Ross Uglem's picture

no chance in hell Derwin James was available at 14 either. No chance Aaron Rodgers was available at 24.

sonomaca's picture

More than anything, Rodgers fell because other Tedford QB’s had been so-so at best. Boller, Harrington, Akili Smith, Dilfer, AJ Feeley.

The thinking was that these were “system” QB’s, that it wouldn’t translate. Plus, Rodgers was undersized, plus he had had a knee injury.

It’s not entirely clear to me that, had Rodgers been drafted by the Niners, or some other less competent or stable team, that he would have succeeded. You can thank McCarthy (and a reluctant Favre) for that.

jannes bjornson's picture

"They" may have been "thinking" along those lines, but "they" were not watching him PLAY in the Games, especially the bouts with Southern Cal.

JohnnyLogan's picture

Sure Josh Allen might be there at 12. But I don't get the point in you playing the game of miracles. It CAN happen, but at maybe 5% why keep pushing the narrative? How will you respond to my article that the Packers Have Shot at Bosa?... glut of QB's and possible bad combine will drop Bosa out of top ten.

KeepErMovin's picture

My dream scenario:
Polite at 12, Adderley at 30, Irv Smith Jr at 44 (Long shot Risner makes it to 44), OL at 75 (Deiter would be nice)

EddieLeeIvory's picture

"What is a Pipe Dream, for $500, Alex".....

Ross Uglem's picture

sounds a lot like the pipe dream of taking Derwin James at 14 last year.

The TKstinator's picture

Please don’t use that expression around Laremy Tunsil.

Jonathan Spader's picture

TK that joke has been gassed

The TKstinator's picture

Went to the well once too often?

Jonathan Spader's picture

Nah it was a gas mask reference lol

The TKstinator's picture

Yes, that too.

stockholder's picture

Josh Allen could happen. Why ? Poor 40. Be interesting if they would take him. I'm not a TE fan. logical yes. just not a fan of TE Hype. Slow 40s, you'll see. But Gute did say he liked the OL. We all know thats a mistake!!! Risner would be a solid pick at 44. I think the safety pick is a waste. Prefer another OL. McGary, to replace Bulaga. 4th round No and No. Over-all I don't believe this draft will be a success. Risner would be the only guy that starts.

Ross Uglem's picture

Nothing dumber in this world than commenting "he won't be available there". We have NO idea. We don't even have combine numbers yet. Guys drop all the time. Aaron Rodgers dropped. Myles Jack dropped. Josh Jackson dropped. Harold Landry dropped. Laremy Tunsil dropped. Dalvin Cook dropped. We know nothing.

JohnnyLogan's picture

Myles Jack was hurt and the others you mentioned weren't anywhere as close to consensus top five picks. Sure he could drop, he could have a heart attack, but he's not dropping because of a 40 time, there's too much tape. You keep hoping though.

Ross Uglem's picture

I'm not "hoping". I'm doing the draft simulation based on Walter Football's board and the way that it falls. AS I CLEARLY STATED ABOVE. I'm not going to not take players based on the way that the board falls so comment section types don't say foolish things like "pipe dream" or "he won't be there."

Also look around, Allen is not a consensus top five pick. There are plenty of mocks available where he's not in the top five. Only one of the Draft Network guys has Allen as a top two EDGE. Kyle Crabbs has him as EDGE4. "Too much tape". LOL.

Finally Tunsil was absolutely consistently mocked in the top three, top five at worst. You have poor and selective memory.

Jonathan Spader's picture


Don't feed the troll. These are mock drafts that you've done weekly and a majority of readers appreciate them. It's fun talking about our precombine draft crushes, post combine draft crushes, and then how much we loved or hated the draft results!

Keep up the good work. Go Pack Go!

jannes bjornson's picture

Walter is OK for the late season preview, but the Boards are changing and you need to be able to simulate the trades based on HUMAN recognition.
I like Walter and I balance their info with the test results at the Combine
and then remember if the guy looks like a football player in lieu of a statistic.

JohnnyLogan's picture

Keep laughing if it makes you happy

Ross Uglem's picture

there was too much tape on Derwin James, too.

Jonathan Spader's picture

Safeties have been devalued but James was my draft crush and Landry was my 2nd love.

Bert's picture

If we draft an impact type on offense with #12 I'd be perfectly happy. We gotta upgrade the overall roster so any player who can give us a boost on either side of the ball is a huge win.

Swisch's picture

The question Bert's comment raises in my mind is who in this draft -- at any position -- is considered to be a true impact player, a probable pro bowler, even a potential hall-of-famer?
It seems if one of these guys is available you take him at #12. Actually, you even trade up for him. You do what it takes to get him -- not as the Best Player Available, but as a Great Player Available.
Otherwise, if there are not great players available, why not draft primarily based on need -- which seems to be, in order, offensive line, edge rusher, tight end, and safety?
I will add that even if our greatest need is offensive line, it may be better to draft other positions earlier if we can still get top offensive linemen later.
It seems a main question is whether there's a Khalil Mack amongst the edge rushers in this draft. If there is, then trade up if needs be. If not, perhaps trade down.
I'd like to ask other fans: Do you see any truly great players in this draft at any position? What would you do to get him?

stockholder's picture

None. Trade Down! Edge is a crap shoot. Ot must be made into guards? The Te position is Hype, but has depth. No Rookie Te is going to be a Rodgers target. How many years do we now give a Wr after D. Adams? Who do you have replacing Wilkerson?

Old School's picture

Trade down. IF we traded down from #12 to #20, we could get another 2nd round pick. And if we traded #30, we could get a 2nd and early 4th.

That would give us 8 picks in the Top 114. By comparison, Chicago gets one, Minnesota gets three, and Detroit gets 4. This is how you can ground on your division opponents and build a stronger, deeper roster.

Oh, at 20, I like the tall DE from Notre Dame.

stockholder's picture

I would not trade #30 for less then a 2nd and 3rd. It cost TT that to get Mathews. No to @20.

Swisch's picture

If fans aren't hugely excited about any draftee as being a real impact pro-bowler, then perhaps we should trade down.
It may be a good subject for Ross or one of the other Cheesehead TV contributors to take on as to whether there are any real elite difference-makers in this draft that the Packers should go all out for.

holmesmd's picture

I believe the following are impact guys from day one:

Polite, Hock, Fant, Adderley and Risner.

I would be elated if we were able to land any 2 of these guys.

jannes bjornson's picture

Yes, if need be trade UP. Your guy may be there at the #8 pick. Get another two pick with a trade out of three. A lot talent will be wrestled out of the second round.

Ferrari Driver's picture

Ross, love your picks, but may be a little pie in the sky to land those two. However, I do like pie.

Ross Uglem's picture

would have been pie in the sky to take Aaron Rodgers in the 20s. Pie in the sky to take Derwin James at 14. Pie in the sky happens all the time. We know nothing.

The TKstinator's picture

If there is ONE THING I know for sure, it’s nothing.

sonomaca's picture

Picked ahead of James were 9 premium position players (4 QB’s, 2 tackles, 2 edges, 1 corner) and some freak athletes/total studs in Barkley, Nelson, Edmunds, Roquan and Fitzpatrick.

I can explain all those picks, but I can’t explain Vea and Payne, although Payne is very good and Vea is showing promise.

The Packers also valued a premium position player over James, although the 2019 1st rounder certainly helped the decision. Even without the offer from New Orleans, I think they still take Alexander at 14.

Bottom line, use the 1st round to get premium position players, or freaks of nature at other positions.

This year will be the same. The top 15 will again feature edges, QB’s, tackles, and maybe a corner or two. It’s the way of things.

Old School's picture

Actually, Mike Mayock predicted we would take Rodgers in that draft.

James is awesome, but CBs help your defense more than safeties and I'm pretty happy with Alexander.

jannes bjornson's picture

Thompson had confidence Rodgers would fall to his spot and its chronicled by Gil Brandt in a story. Had dinner with A-Rodj. to night before and gave him the Omen he would be going to the Pack. It makes up for Bratz passing on Joe Montana.

ChuckCecilKO's picture

And how would it be interesting if Marquis "Hollywood" Brown was still on the draft board when the Packers picked in the second round...

KeepErMovin's picture

He will probably be the first or second WR taken (DK Metcalf being the other WR). I doubt he makes it to 44.

4zone's picture

If there is a rush in Edge players early, there will probably be a top two OT that's available and would be my pick. AR has been hit too much lately and we need to start building up our OL again. Either way though, we should have someone available who steps in immediately and makes an impact.

The TKstinator's picture

Totally agree.

stockholder's picture

I just don't see a replacement for Wilkerson. ( We've had FA veterans already fail on the DL.? Not to mention others we turned into a edge player. Hole #1. Edge -Allen would be a great pick. BPA. And if Mathews does go. Hole filled there! So it could happen. But if. ///Mathews gets signed. Allen doesn't start. /// The Te is logic. But it's not a hole because of Graham. Most people that have done a poll. Say OL is the need. It's hard to go OL early. The hole is RG. Risner can move around. Still he's not a true Guard. The Poll also says OL and edge over safety. The Packers have a tough choice. But is it a Tough choice for Gute? The holes so far are replacing Wilkerson, and RG. Not upgrading!!! Let me say again, Not upgrading!!!! Who on the roster could start in these position. Mocks have a way of wanting draft crushes. Not reality. The packers system is development. It has not worked as planned. Causing many Failures. Competition works. Isn't that why we need better. So any Guard in this years draft is 2nd round. The OL has more injuries in the NFL now. We've been lucky! Keep this in mind when wanting a draft fix.

Old School's picture

No replacement for Wilkerson?

Daniels and Lowry are in the final year of their deals. Adams and Lancaster haven't really looked like they're anything more than JAGs.

Yeah, I'd be looking for a stud DL early in this draft. I mean, I tend to think OLBs are overvalued anyway but stud DLs are usually pretty good bets.

stockholder's picture

Ross doesn't like Simmons. I do. The kid went straight. The story is he was protecting a family member. The combine snub is what is pushing him down. Not his talent. Not the size. Not the speed. He would be so good on this DL. Oliver is dropping because of maintaining weight issues. Do we still trade this pick? I say take Simmons regardless. But my feeling is Polite is the second prize after a trade. The Packers take an extra 2nd this year.

stockholder's picture

Update Simmons torn ACL. Rd. 2 gamble.

sonomaca's picture

That may be the choice: a top tackle vs. an imperfect edge.

If this is the scenario, then get out the checkbook for an edge in FA (or don’t beat the Jets on the road).

Lphill's picture

Devin White at 12 if there , Adderly at 30 , best tight end 2 nd round .

KeepErMovin's picture

I like Devin White, but I don't see the value of off ball linebacker that high. Especially after investing draft capitol in Burks last year.
If GB thinks White is the next Ray Lewis then take him, but I don't believe White is on that level.

jannes bjornson's picture

I love White but you have to take a big Body or Playmaker from QB, OT, WR, DE/OLB the rules don't change. A TE may substitute for a WR in the formula. They have to Hit on the top Four picks to have a chance.

HankScorpio's picture

Congrats on finding Dalton Risner on Walter's Big Board. Ole Walt has him ranked #291, which makes him a UDFA in Walt's eyes. Walt is either a visionary or his board is garbage. That might be his most out of step ranking but there are plenty of other contenders.

There also seems to be some plagiarism going on between Walt's Big Board and NFL Mock Big Board. I'm not sure who is copying from who but the lower parts of both boards line up pretty darn closely. So i'm sure one of copying from the other, with a few minor tweaks.

Both boards would allow you to "reach" for the following players on day 3 (in order): Yodny Cajuste, David Edwards, Charles Omenihu, Hakeem Butler, Dalton Risner, Isaac Nauta. Half are Day 1 candidates. The other half are strong contenders for day 2. At least if you believe the consensus of the other draft scouting services.

Turophile's picture

Absolutely agree HankScorpio and credit to you (and a like) for actually naming the reaches.. After doing entirely too many mock drafts, what becomes obvious is that finding the best value is taking the guys that the particular board you are using undervalues . Consequently, I use the draft that gives me the worst results, the toughest choices, because it is more likely to be accurate. For example, I used the updated 'NFL Mock' board and the same 'team needs' once......then discarded it as too easy (to get great picks).

For me, the most trusted board is the Bleacher Report one. I had two goes at that today (drafting 5 rounds), and got the following:
1st try. Edge Montez Sweat, OT Jawaan Taylor, S Nasir Adderley, S Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, TE Isaac Nauta, WR Andy Isabella, RB Karan Higdon.
2nd try. DL Ed Oliver, TE T.J.Hockenson, OT Dalton Risner, S Juan Thornhill, WR Andy Isabella, RB Elijah Holyfield, OG Javon Patterson.

I know Ed Oliver is unlikely at #12, but there we go.

sonomaca's picture

The poop on Risner seems to be that he’s the meanest football player you’ll ever want to meet. A terminator. However, he’s also an SOB off the field, although he’s putting on a great PR show at the moment. Don’t know how that would mesh with Packers locker room.

holmesmd's picture

What do you mean by a “SOB” off the field? According to who? What did you do? He’s just a jerk interpersonally ? Did his college teammates say that? I wouldn’t put a whole lot of stock in that. If he’s a mean SOB that plays football, I’m fine with that. I’ve known many jerks in my profession, they still are effective at their jobs.

KeepErMovin's picture

I use Matt Miller's board (seems to be the most realistic) even though the QBs dont go till late round 1.

Did a 4 rounder last night and got:
12: Polite
30: Hock
44: Adderley
75: Deiter
114: Andy Isabella
118: Darnell Savage Jr

(A little early for Savage, but he is my favorite mid-ish round "sleeper")

stockholder's picture

Matt miller did a nice draft here. But I can't see polite @12. So I thought you might like Ourlads OLB top 5.
Josh Allen
Montez Sweat
Mississippi State
Brian Burns
Florida State
Jachai Polite
D'Andre Walker

KeepErMovin's picture

I'll wait until the combine for a final judgment on Burns. If he bulks up to around 250 (and keeps his speed) I would be happy with him at 12, but at 6' 5" 230 he is not big enough. That's why, for now, I like Polite at 6' 2" 242.

Sweat is not bendy enough for me to take at 12. If he drops I could see a trade up for him from 30. Or if GB trades back from 12 to the teens I could see Sweat there.

stockholder's picture

Thats fair. But I'll take burns , especially if he runs 4.55. If Burns bulks up, the fear is he'll lose his speed. The BPs are the key here too. I love the Height, speed and reach! Sweat is not Bendy. But he dominated at the senior bowl. Against the best. That is what you want in a pass rusher. Get it done! Polite should be a good OLB. ( Leonard is.) But power rushing is in. Which brings in the Des/edge. Bosa, Ferrel, and Gary. Ahead of all of them. We've had are failures at DEs. Elephants, and OLbs. That's why I feel the Packers might be best trading down. But replacing Wilkerson should be the packers first priority IMO.

lowcsp's picture

boy to me watching film on polite he is not very good at defending the run and gives up alot to me he is a4 sack 2nd rounder i would take chase winnovich before him just me that whats fun about this were all right

Doug Niemczynski's picture

I like it !! Whatever it takes to get those player’s.

I think Packer fans would love seeing TJ Hockenson even if ee took him at #12

And, Andy Isabella earlier!

I just want those 2 guys and i a Guard 2nd round and i will be happy :)

Won't care what the Packers record ia in 2019.

on a side note it looks like maybe Josh Rosen the quarterback of the Arizona Cardinals may be on the trading block as they made draft a QB with their 1st
pick in the 2019 draft.

Lphill's picture

Can’t pass on Devin White , impact player Patrick Willis type if not better , the pressure from the middle with him , Daniels and Clark would be outstanding. It would make it easier on the edge guys.

KeepErMovin's picture

"Patrick Willis type if not better"?!?

Are you his agent or his father?

I like Devin White, but Patrick Willis he is not.

Rossonero's picture

Why not? Both are 6'1" 240 lbs.

Both were Butkus award winners.

Devin White's tackles his last 2 college seasons: 133 and 123

Patrick Willis's tackles his last 2 college seasons: 128 and 137

White's Tackles for loss last 2 seasons: 13 and 12.5

Willis's tackles for loss last 2 seasons: 9.5 and 11.5

Combine results will shed more light.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

And get Tevin Coleman RB Free Agency

And our offense should be pretty good !!

Rossonero's picture

I'd love if the draft goes this way. This nails critical needs at basically every key position.

I hope Allen is available, but to be honest would be surprised if he's still in the green room by then. To be fair, there was a TON of hype about Marcus Davenport last year and he was available at #14 so you never know.

I realize anything can happen between now and then, and between the Combine, free agency and pro days, a lot will change.....some guys stock will rise and others will fall.

For now, it's fun to do mock drafts. There's a lot to look fwd to with two 1st rounders. Bring on the Combine!

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Matt Lefleur was the QB coach in 2015-2016 for the Atlanta Falcons, so he should be a Free Agent target for the Packers!!!

Doug Niemczynski's picture

In regards to Tevin Coleman. RB
The guy gets 1000 yards combined with running and receiving and good TD production. Perfect compliment to Aaron Jones and Jamal Williams.

leaerin4's picture

I totally agree with Coleman becoming a Packer. I also like Vic Beasley.

stockholder's picture

On feb. 2. Matt Miller mocked Burns and harry to the packers. Burns is the same size as Allen, and comes from a bigger school program. Burns replaces Mathews. Harry would be a great replacement for Cobb. This really is the best fit now. But for some reason I believe Gute screws up the draft taking a safety here. Risner is still solid at #44.

leaerin4's picture

I love the mock draft with these six picks. I sure hope things fall this way for us. ONE THINGS FOR SURE!!! If we pass on Hochensen at 30 the Patriots will pick him at 32 GUARANTEED!!!

Doug Niemczynski's picture

And later in the draft you know they are eying Andy Isabella. Prototype of Wes Welker and Julian Edelman

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