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Packers Practice Roundup: Day 13. August 11, 2019

Injuries, Usage, Formations, Personnel:

  • WR EQ St. Brown is not practicing today because of a knee.  TE Evan Baylis is out of practice today with a calf.  Wood
  • Trevor Davis, Kevin King, Jamaal Williams, Campbell, Burks, Vitale, Malcolm Johnson, Ento, Evan Baylis (calf), Roberts, Sternberger, Keke and Brown not in pads today.  [Oops] Keke is back at practice. Missed that earlier.  Hodkiewicz
  • Bryan Bulaga is back for practice No. 13 after getting a day off yesterday. Billy Turner back at right guard after filling in at right tackle.  Demovsky
  • lineup when they go six DBs: Alexander and T. Brown (for King) at outside corner, Tramon and Greene in the slot, Amos and Savage at safety.  Schneidman
  • Curtis Bolton alongside Blake Martinez at ILB in 11-on-11s with Oren Burks out.  Schneidman

Quarterbacks and WRs:

  • It was a 30-yard completion, not a 30-yard TD, to Geronimo Allison in 2-minute drill. A perfect ball over Tramon Williams on the left sideline, too. Point remains: this might have been the best Aaron Rodgers has looked all camp.  Wood
  • Allison might be having his best day of camp. Skies to grab a 30 ya pass from Rodgers in two min.  Hodkiewicz
  • LaFleur says J’Mon Moore “came out with a whole different energy” in today’s practice after so-so preseason opener. Called today his best practice all year. “If he attacks practice like he did today, with that energy and that attitude, he’s a talented guy.”  Wood
  • And then Kumerow toe tap TD in back of end zone on 8 yd pass from Rodgers.  Hodkiewicz
  • Aaron Rodgers hit a bomb to MVS. He had 3 straight TDs in red zone, to Adams, Kumerow, Graham.   Wood
  • Kizer 43 ya pass to Kumerow set it [Darrin Hall’s TD reception] up.  Hodkiewicz
  • Pretty play from Aaron Rodgers and a favorite receiver, Jake Kumerow. Rodgers rolled right all the way to the sideline, delivering perfect pass to back corner of end zone. Kumerow shielded CB Tony Brown with his back, got two feet inbounds, touchdown.  Wood
  • As good as Rodgers has been today, he can’t seem to connect with MVS. They missed a couple times in 2-minute.  Demovsky
  • Aaron Rodgers counters with a bomb to Marquez Valdes-Scantling against CB Jaire Alexander. Nice recovery from Alexander, who stripped MVS while trailing to force fumble, but MVS recovers ball in end zone for TD.  Wood

Tight Ends:

  • Marcedes Lewis just won a rep in one on ones. Jimmy Graham also held his own vs Gary.  Hodkiewicz

Running Backs:

  • Hello, Darrin Hall! Leaping one-handed catch for a 10-yard touchdown from DeShone Kizer in 2-minute.  Demovsky
  • Tra Carson is the most complete of the backups which prolly should be expected as it’s his third year in the league. Picked up Greene on blitz, giving 12 time to hit Kumerow downfield.  Hodkiewicz
  • Dexter Williams just dropped his third pass in the last practice and a half. Tough go for the sixth-round back.  Demovsky [Dexter dropped two yesterday and one pass today.]
  • Dexter Williams has had some trouble catching passes out of the backfield this weekend. Need to be able to do that in this offense.  Schneidman
  • After No 1s fail, No. 2s score in 2-minute behind Kumerow’s 40-yard catch and RB Darrin Hall’s 1-handed catch in EZ. But on 2-point conversion to win Hall-s score is called back because of penalty and Kizer is sacked on re-try.  Silverstein
  • Also of note: For the second straight day, Aaron Jones (33) is back but being withheld from 11-on-11 periods as LaFleur eases him back into the mix after missing six practices with a hamstring injury.  Wilde

Defensive Backs:

  • Chandon Sullivan INT in our.  Hodkiewicz
  • Smith would’ve sacked Rodgers who puts a deep ball right the on MVS. Jaire breaks it up late.  Hodkiewicz
  • Matt LaFleur has noticed how well Tony Brown has played. LaFleur: “We were testing him a few times down the field and he’s answered the bell.”  Zhao
  • As Josh Jackson works his way back from his foot injury, he is not participating in one-on-ones right now.  Owczarski



  • ZaDarius Smith just blew up a pitch to Carson.  Hodkiewicz


  • LaFleur: “All you’ve got to do is turn on the tape, and he’s (Lazard is) the first guy down on kickoff every time. We’re going to reward guys who give that effort.”   Wood
  • Darrius Shepherd fielding punts in first special teams period.  Hodkiewicz
  • The push for Trevor Davis’ job is real.  Nagler [Shepherd is PR and WR, same as Davis, who is also a gunner.]

Offensive/Defensive Line:

  • DL getting better of OL in early team drill. Back to back stuffs from Za’Darius Smith and Kenny Clark in the backfield.  Wood
  • First rep: Za’Darius Smith and Kenny Clark def. Lane Taylor and Corey Linsley Second rep: David Bakhtiari and Lane Taylor def. Za’Darius Smith and Kyler Fackrell.  Schneidman
  • Kenny Clark was down briefly. Headed inside now.  Zhao [Clark returned to practice.]
  • PFF graded 189 guards and centers in preseason week one. Their top graded pass blocker in the entire league? Packers’ 2nd round pick.  Uglem


  • Among the young corners who have showed promise beyond Tony Brown are Ka’Dar Hollman, Chandon Sullivan, Kabion Ento and Natrell Jamerson (slot/safety). And Josh Jackson hasn’t even taken a team snap yet. Now add Derrick Jones.  Silverstein
  • Gutey loves the waiver wire more than life itself.  Interesting the Packers added a cornerback. That position looks pretty set depth chart wise, especially in the top 6 but maybe even the top 7-8.  Kruse [12 CBs on the 90-man roster.]
  • LaFleur says the Packers are “still working through” evaluating Oren Burks injury. Likes what they have in Summers, Bolton and Crawford at ILB. Says Gutekunst is looking at outside options, too.  Schneidman
  • Free agent Josh Bynes (potential Packers ILB option) is a pretty good player. Hurt his thumb and ended last year on IR, but looked good the first 11 games. Wonder if he'll have a fan in GB in Milt Hendrickson, who was in Baltimore when Ravens signed Bynes as an UDFA in 2011.  Kruse
  • I don’t think that’s [Kumerow is ahead of MVS] necessarily the case. No. 1 offense is running 2-minute as we speak (er, Tweet) and its Davante, G-Mo and MVS out there. But Kumerow has been getting lots of opportunities, too.  Wilde
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Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I chose to use Kumerow's photo, a bit by default. It appears that the AR to MVS connection is still a work in progress, but there is a lot of camp left.

ESB was out today. He has been fairly quiet so far in camp. Some discussion about the depth chart for WRs.

Dexter Williams with his third drop in two days.

Here is a link to a video of the 1 x 1s today, provided by Bill Huber. It is quite short.


GBPDAN1's picture

Thank you for the update. Good to see RB Jones and CB Jackson back practicing

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Does anybody ever say anything about Preston Smith? Seams like he's invisible.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Infrequently. I think I've read about three tweets about Preston Smith outside of tweets just mentioning that he is out there with the ones or that sort of thing. Amos is similar.

Just because ESB also isn't mentioned often doesn't mean he isn't doing well in practice. Josh Jones has only gotten a couple of mentions but PackerAaron just commented that Josh Jones has had a solid camp. I have to rely on him since I didn't get to practice this year (and there are only three more practices open to the public).

EdsLaces's picture

Should be getting my yellow 23 jersey soon..felt the need to share haha. Jaire is gonna be a stud...

Since '61's picture

Injury list seems to be getting longer every day. I hope that it’s just the Packers being overly cautious. Thanks, Since ‘61

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Really like this quote from LF "All you have to do is turn on the tape and Lazard is the first guy down on kickoffs everytime. We are going to reward guys who give that effort".

Music to my ears! Lazard blew me away in preseason game 1. Hope he keeps it up as he seems too talented to try hiding on the PS.

Tonyan I have been saying since last year going to surprise, which seems to be supported by news out of camp.

Cubbygold's picture

The fact that moore suddenly turned up his effort level is not a good thing. A guy that coasts until he realizes he's on the outside looking in is not the type of guy you want in your lockeroom.

Coldworld's picture

Or a classic example of a light going on (if true)? We draft these kids primarily on their ability not their maturity.

Ultimately it is good news if it translates into performance and he turns out to be better than we have.

Cubbygold's picture

Of course its better if it works out.

The comment in the article isn't "he seems to have figured out what was holding him back". The comment is that he's bringing more energy. That should be there day 1. Whether you're the first overall draft pick or a UDFA, effort is something you control, and it shouldn't take being on the verge of being cut to bring it out of you.

Coldworld's picture

That’s why I say “if true”. It’s either a lightbulb going on or a coach trying to give him some confidence. The latter is more likely. Nevertheless, it was stated as being a bad thing. Either way it isn’t. If no lightbulb moment it means nothing. No downside.

Cubbygold's picture

The downside is that he apparently had more to give all along, and chose not to bring that energy to camp until his job was on the line. That speaks to his character

Coldworld's picture

Any player who doesn’t hit their true potential inherently has more to give. You could say the same of Davis, or of James Jones or D. Adams.

Nobody gives a rats behind if the light comes on that it took a while. It’s a pretty common phenomenon with young athletes. The fear is that the light will never turn on.

At the moment it’s just talk. If it turns out to be a self-awakening then that’s only to the good of the team.

Lphill's picture

Kumerow is going to be a favorite of Rodgers ,I think Preston Smith is not flashy but will do his job and that’s all we need from him , someone who knows his assignment and holds his own .

Nick Perry's picture

I think that's pretty much the way you could describe his time in Washington... He's not flashy but plays the run really well and will get you about 6 sacks a year..(24 sacks in 4 years at Wash.)

I'm not reading about a bunch of runs breaking around the edge for a long gain so perhaps P. Smith is being the Steady Eddie he was for Redskins. Holding the edge and getting pressure here and. there

Coldworld's picture

I hear he has been excellent holding the edge against the attempts to run the ball outside particularly.

RCPackerFan's picture

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if his sacks went up a bit this year. I think combining Pettine with Preston and to go with Clark, Za'Darius, Gary and others it will create a lot of confusion for offenses. I could easily seeing Preston having 8-10+ sacks this year.

If Preston is more holding an edge the push that the others will get should push QB's towards Preston more often.

Tundraboy's picture

Agreed, and if Pettine could get what he got out of fackrell last year anything's possible with the whole lineup.

dblbogey's picture

Nick, why has nobody signed you yet?

Cubbygold's picture

This wr battle is tough. Rooting for Shepherd because he looked dynamic in the opening game...same time I feel bad that Davis couldn't play because of an overzealous Texans rookie.

Just like with Gute brining in another CB... The more guys, the tougher the competition. Just hope they have the opportunities to fairly evaluate all of em

stockholder's picture

The more guys, the greater the percentage of a trade. If Shepherd wins. Davis is tradable. If Brown or Kadar wins. King Jackson, or Williams is tradable. If Greene and Campbell win. Jones is tradable. If Boyd wins, Kizer is tradable. If Kumerow wins. Allison, Mvs, st.Brown or Moore are tradable. I believe Gute will do what he can before he releases anybody. While you look for investments. Gute is looking for any advantage.

Cubbygold's picture

GB has done a lot more releasing than trading away guys these past few years. Would love to get some picks back but my guess is they won't.

Jonathan Spader's picture

Green Bay traded Pipkins, Randall, Brett Hundley, TY Montgomery, Jayrone Elliot, HHCD.

They released Nelson, Perry, Daniels, Spriggs, and a lot of players on the bottom of the roster I can't remember.

A lot of the players who got cut were untradeable due to their contracts.

dobber's picture

CMIII's contract expired

Coldworld's picture

Green Bay had a roster littered with JAGs. I think we all accepts that the roster quality, particularly at depth had slumped

If one assumes that this crop is better, or more importantly, other teams believe that, then the situation changes dramatically.

Old School's picture

Coldworld....every roster is littered with JAGs. Bell Curve? Most cluster around average and a handful on either end.

You get to pay about 10 guys and then there's the average and then there's about 10 at the bottom of the 53 and everyone else is average.

Old School's picture

Coldworld....every roster is littered with JAGs. Bell Curve? Most cluster around average and a handful on either end.

You get to pay about 10 guys and then there's the average and then there's about 10 at the bottom of the 53 and everyone else is average.

carlos's picture

I still not a huge fan of Moore at this point. Doesn’t have soft hands. Uncertain of his “long term attitude. “One good practice to this point doesn’t impress me. Especially seeing some of the other receivers work ethic, their play in the first preseason game and their attitudes. I realize - there’s a lot of camp left. Go Pack.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

At best a PS player but not even sure of that anymore.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

At best a PS player but not even sure of that anymore.

Matt Gonzales's picture

None of us know Moore's work ethic. We aren't in the film room or weight room with him, and all we have are the portions of practice open to the public and the tweets and sound bytes.

Every athlete adjusts to the NFL at a different pace. James Jones and Finley both had bricks for hands at one point. Nelson was buried at the bottom of a depth chart and took 2-3 years to blossom. Adams had a nagging injury that clearly affected his confidence and mental game to the point many wanted him gone.

If the game is finally clicking for Moore, he can be a powerful team asset. If not, there are plenty of options available in the WR room now, and will be many more once teams make their final cuts. It would be a shame to have to part ways with a player we invested a draft pick in, but that's inevitable when you sink so much draft capital at a position where most players are on pretty even footing once you remove the upper echelon of premiere players.

jannes bjornson's picture

Jones contributed as a rookie and made a few key catches from Farve to help the Pack get into the NFC CH Game. He had One year with more yips
on his record. Maybe the fans are looking for the next Robert Ferguson?

Matt Gonzales's picture

The only players I see on your list as tradable are Jones and Kizer. Hybrid players are always valuable and the available QB FA pool is very shallow. WRs are dime a dozen, and most DBs are interchangable once you get past the top couple on your depth chart. King could maybe generate interest except his historic lack of availability, and it would speak poorly to Jackson if he is at risk of a roster spot considering how highly he was drafted.

JohnnyLogan's picture

King might get you a 6, Allison, Jackson and Jones a 7. That's about it.

Coldworld's picture

Summers is a 7. Always nice to have extra picks over no picks.

flackcatcher's picture

Not surprised about another CB pickup. There is no position group more exposed with the change in rules than DB. Asking 180-200 pound guys to take on 300 pound OL on the LOS is a sure injury marker. Finding good DB is key in the NFL, because your team is going to need a lot of them. IAMGUTE understands, hence his on going search of pro ready DB and now LB too.

PatrickGB's picture

Bynes is a 29 year old former undrafted player. A 4-3 LB who had a good year but some thought it was a fluke. He wants guaranteed money. That’s my guess why he is still unsigned.

Coldworld's picture

He is slow. He is a Morrison type.

RCPackerFan's picture

"lineup when they go six DBs: Alexander and T. Brown (for King) at outside corner, Tramon and Greene in the slot, Amos and Savage at safety. Schneidman"

What I am really interested in seeing is what the lineup will look like when King and Jackson are healthy. Who are the top 6 guys at that point. With the way that Brown is playing it would be hard to take him off the field. But how do you take Williams off too. Its going to be really interesting.

flackcatcher's picture

Depending on injuries, I could Pettine running 6 DB in his core formations. Last season he ran 6 and 7 DB in the second half. But that meant only 1LB, and sometimes none. That opens how many the Packers are going to carry on the final 53, and what position gets cut to open space for the extra defensive backs. Some coach is going have his group gored. Going to be interesting.....

Matt Gonzales's picture

This is why those hybrid players are so valuable. Dime LBs, CBs that can take snaps at FS, or safeties that can play in the box as an ILB effectively save you a roster spot while also helping you disguise coverage.

This is the main reason I don't see the Packers parting with Williams or Jones, at least at the start of the year. The two of them together effectively frees up at least 1 roster spot for a dedicated position player elsewhere.

Coldworld's picture

I see Jones going nowhere this year after the injury to Burks. Williams isn’t either. Team still treating him as a starter on the inside.

Old School's picture

Prediction: We'll have at least 5 DBs on the field for the majority of snaps. We need 9 active, one more on the 53, and at least one more on the PS.

I also think most of those slots are filled. Amos, Savage, Alexander , King, Williams, Greene, Brown, Jackson. I like Sullivan.

jannes bjornson's picture

Hollman is a lock.

murf7777's picture

Exciting times when depth is so good at WR and DB’s that it is contentious on who to cut or put onto practice squad. Should make for a solid team.

JohnnyLogan's picture

Still worried about the pass rush. Preston Smith is a hold the edge guy. Z. Smith has some rush but not premier. Fackrel has to get lucky to get a sack. Gary looks to me like Nick Perry, no pass rush moves, and he's playing OLB anyway, although he's stiff there. Gute should have drafted a legit pass rusher since that was our #1 priority. I don't think we've improved all that much there.

wildbill's picture

Sacks are just part of a successful pass rush. Look how many pressures the two Smiths had last year. Although sacks are what we want from a rush, pressures cause all sorts of issues. Bad throws, interceptions, happy feet, etc. you have to look at the complete effect and not just focus on the flashy part.

JohnnyLogan's picture

This is the rote response of all teams who don't have a pass rush, namely, we can't get the QB down but boy are we making his life miserable. Tell that to Brady or Brees or any of the other top-flight QBs who function well under pressure. How many times will we be saying "Man, we almost had him and he just got it away? If only we had another second..." If only doesn't win.

Jonathan Spader's picture

How does Brady respond well under pressure? The moment someone has a free run at him he's throwing the ball at the ground near an OL's feet for an incomplete pass. What Brady does well is protect himself. He's benefited from a brilliant scheme and a great OL. Lets see how he does in 2019 without a stud LT.

Coldworld's picture

I fear you are in for a horrid season JohnyLogan. Pettine has been very deliberately emphasizing that he looks at, prioritizes and evaluated on pressures and not sacks. Pressures disrupt plays and lead to sacks and turnovers, but more often they lead to change of possession on downs. That means a great defense. Football 101.

jannes bjornson's picture

I just want to see more turnovers from this D. Gang tackling, keeping square and trying to force fumbles.

Lphill's picture

Rashan Gary was the number 1 high school prospect in the country., he was projected to be the 1 pick in the draft then was down graded to a later first round pick now scouts say they were wrong about him after film review seeing him triple teamed , but you already label him a bust and see no other improvement in the pass rush?

greengold's picture

It's pretty telling that we landed a draft day steal in Elgton Jenkins with pick at #44. Just watching this young gentleman play is remarkable, considering he is a rookie. He has the moves, size, power, athleticism and awareness to start immediately. Having all of that is a very difficult thing to find in any rookie OL. Elgton will only get better as he plays more too.

Really great to hear Josh Jackson is back healthy and practicing. I'd love for him to be able to excel in his second season.

Wondering if you can relay anything on the play of Manny Watkins? Also if you can key on Ibraheim Campbell and Derrick jones? I'd love to know how all of the guys I mentioned are showing in practice, and would appreciate the heads up!

Holecrap's picture

Been traveling so haven't seen pre season game yet. Listening to the comments here it seems there are a l9t of what if guys on this team. Sure right now you have more than 53 practicing but it's the `This guy needs to develop` talk that concerns me.
Last year Zimmer cut his young kicker they drafted highly. When asked why, he commented` the guy needed a lot of development and they aren't in the dev business they are in the win now business`

greengold's picture

That's great and all, but, look at some of the measurables, the football accumen and the accomplishments of some of the players that need further development. Actually, all rookies do to some extent and to varying degrees.

Good luck drafting nothing but sure fire NFL starters from day one, in any round. Why even bother looking at UDFAs under that kind of mindset?

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