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Should the Packers Keep Ha Ha Clinton-Dix?

One of the biggest questions surrounding the Packers roster and the future construction of it is whether or not Ha Ha Clinton-Dix will be part of it long term.

Earlier this week, Clinton-Dix said that he didn't expect to be back next season and that he was looking at this year as a job interview. Obviously, those comments were going to rub some people the wrong way, but Clinton-Dix wasn't wrong, this season is like a job interview, not only for the Packers, the rest of the NFL too.

It's been obvious since the Packers used the fifth-year option on Clinton-Dix that they had reservations about giving him a long-term deal. The question is, should they?

I'll be the first to admit that Clinton-Dix isn't perfect. Last season, he didn't really play well, yet even so, over the last 37 games, Clinton-Dix has 11 interceptions. He had five in 2016 when he made the Pro Bowl and has three already this season.

It's clear that safety has been an issue for the Packers and to me, Kentrell Brice needs to be replaced. Also, second-year man Josh Jones doesn't look like the guy to do it. So are the Packers really going to be better off if they let another veteran safety leave?

The decisions to let both Micah Hyde and Casey Hayward, young players looking for a second contract, have come back to haunt Green Bay. Are the Packers willing to risk that happening again?

It was one thing to let Morgan Burnett go. He was an aging player seeking his third contract. Yet, Clinton-Dix is turning just 26 in December and through five games, he is rated by Pro Football Focus as the Packers third-best defender, trailing only Kenny Clark and Blake Martinez.

Clinton-Dix current rating of 83.7 ranks seventh at his position and over the past four seasons, his grade has been consistently over 70, which rates him as an above-average player. This season, he has rated as a high-quality player and he has made some impact plays, which makes you wonder why Green Bay wouldn't want to do an extension?

At this point, the Packers probably haven't discussed it much with him and maybe he is a little salty about that. But if he keeps playing the way he has, Green Bay would be foolish not to try and keep him.

Obviously, you can't pay superstar money to an above-average player, so the price has to be fair. But on the other hand, can the Packers really afford to let another quality defensive back walk out the door, only to have to try and replace him with yet another draft pick? 

To me, it makes more sense to keep Clinton-Dix. His best years are probably still ahead of him and it would be a shame if the Packers had to watch another homegrown talent thrive with another franchise. 




Chris is a sports journalist from Montana and has been blogging about the Packers since 2011. Chris has been a staff writer for CheeseheadTV since 2017 and looks forward to the day when Aaron Rodgers wins his second Super Bowl. Follow him @thepackersguru

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The TKstinator's picture

Sure, if the price is right.

Hematite's picture

I've never been a b

The TKstinator's picture

ig fan of Ha-Ha???

nostradanus's picture


He doesn't tackle, takes bad angles and is going to want star money because he made one (undeserved) pro-bowl. Cut bait with this guy, he doesn't sound like he wants to be in Green Bay and they don't need him around. There are plenty of average safeties available every year at half the money he would cost.

If you need a comparison:

Dix is going to want to be paid as if he were the next coming of Leroy Butler. Would you pay a guy like this the type of contract that Butler would get in todays NFL?


Buh Bye Dix

CAG123's picture

What are you basing him demanding big money off of? He wants to be paid I’m sure but what has he said that makes you think he’s going to demand big money? I mean his first year under Mike Pettine and he’s shown improvement so cut ties just so he can go else where and produce so then you and everyone else can say how dumb Gute was for letting him walk?

Thebearsstillsuck's picture

The fact that he hinted at wanting a new deal after a horrible season last year, including the lions game which should have been his last game as a Packer, is what makes me think hes going to want big money. Lying about his real reason for missing early off-season stuff pisses me off too. Hes going to wind up with 6 picks this year(most by accident), get nominated as a pro bowl alternate (because the 10 guys ahead of him will be in the Super Bowl or not want to play) , and think hes a real 2 time pro bowler who had a legit 6 pick season. I would absolutely hate to watch this team spend another 1st of 2nd rounder on a db, it would seriously make me want to get angry. But seeing Dix on this team would probably piss me off more

kevgk's picture

Safeties don't get picks by accident. They get picks by putting themselves in positions for recievers and quarterbacks to make mistakes. You think OCs and DCs don't understand ball trajectories or how players position themselves on the field, and keep ball security in mind when designing plays or schemes? You think other safeties don't get just as "lucky" in generating turnovers? Did you also forget him trucking a reciever for a turnover against the Bills?

Royalty Free GM's picture

You’re right.

It would be nice to see some stats about:

-What percentage of all interceptions are “lucky”. I think it is quite high.

-What percentage of qb interceptions are “tipped balls” by receivers. I think Rodgers is high on this list.

CAG123's picture

I swear y’all have too much emotion involved in something that has nothing to do with you. If the coaches, GMs, and players that see this man on a weekly basis aren’t “pissed off” then why are you? As for accidental picks that doesn’t even make sense either you’re in position to make the play or you’re not they are no accidents look at Kyle Fuller who drops “accident” interceptions all the time you can’t sit here and fault a guy for bringing them in. He’s having a fine season so far under Pettine his best in my book since 2015 let’s hope he continues it.

dobber's picture

The question is: will the FA safety market be as depressed this off-season as it was last spring? If the answer is 'yes' or close to it, you let him test the waters before really making a hard push to resign...and that's if they think he's on an upward trajectory. It's up to coaches to determine that.

"So are the Packers really going to be better off if they let another veteran safety leave?"

Is this the same kind of thinking that landed the Packers with Nick Perry on his long-term, not terribly team-friendly contract?

CAG123's picture

Or is it the same kind of thinking that let Hyde and Hayward walk to become pro bowlers else where? Hayward a top 5 CB at that when it was definitely the DC that should have gotten the boot.

Starr1531's picture

I agree he does not tackle, blows coverages. The reason he is closed to the ball and gets interceptions, he man has beat him and the ricochet he gets because he is 5 or 10 yards away, think about it. Get rid of him, Morgan Burnett was gone this year, he can't even start for The Steelers, look him up.. Burnett should of been gone years ago and to bring back Tramon Williams was a joke, he has been burned more than I burn my toast weekly.. Kevin King has potential but has been injured more than he has played. We haven't had a All Star safety, since Nick Collins in our Super Bowl win.. We should have gone after Earl Thomas weeks ago and I would have rather got Richard Sherman in the summer..

Bearmeat's picture

I'd be fine giving him a 3-4 year deal at a max of 15 million. He's an above-average FS. But right now he wants superstar money.

Let him try the market. If he doesn't get signed until late March or April? Sure. Then give him a mid-level, team-friendly contract. If he gets signed to mega-money, the other team is going to regret what they pay him.

Hawg Hanner's picture

That may not be a bad proposal for the team to make. He is not the tackler you would expect as a first rounder out of Alabama. The plan was that Josh Jones would make him expendable in free agency. I would like to see some tape of both and see if that is still possible but the Pack is way too soft over the middle right now.

Turophile's picture

Well done Bearmeat, for putting a price on his services, when most are just saying 'keep him' or 'cut him'. The price is what it is really all about. If the Packers can agree a contract with him that they think is value, they keep him. Otherwise they let him go and restock in the draft (or possibly pick up another veteran).

I wouldn't want to wait until March april to sign him, but is he starts off wanting too much (compared to what the Packers will pay), that may be necessary. If they let him test FA they will need a backup plan for another vet or an early draft pick.

LeotisHarris's picture

Agreed, yes the Packers should make an effort to sign him. I don't think what he said about not being here next year is a reason to jump on the Hate Ha Ha Train. He's only stating his feelings on where the business side of the game places him. Look at TJ Lang, a guy who played hurt, played at a high level, and publicly stated he wanted to be a Packer. At the end of the day, it doesn't mean squat what a player says (as long as he doesn't take a knee), and money talks when careers are so short.

Coldworld's picture

For me, there is a question that this season will resolve. Namely the Capers factor. I think it possible that what we have in Dix is a good player who has suffered from what he was asked to do and who he has been partnered with at times. If so, it will take time for Pettine to peel off the baggage and get both Dix and his co-safeties comfortable in their roles and mutual coordination.

Obviously the play and positioning of the other safety has been questionable at times thus far. Dix has shown flashes of his old ball skill and even made a few key tackles. If he is recovering from a Capers hangover, I would expect his play to improve through the rest of the season.

Ask me this question in December.

Chuck Farley's picture

There is irony for me in what you said because during training camp and pre season I was thinking, if this pettine is any good at all, he wil see that dix isnt very good and correct his game.
I see no change at all. Same crap different coach.

Archie's picture

Are you kidding me?! Have you watched this guy play? I don't care what his DVOA stats are, he is not a quality player i.e., he sucks. So does Brice and so does Jones. Hyde and Randall should be our S but they are gone. Whitehead may be the only safety worth keeping. (I was against letting Hayward & Hyde go because they were obviously quality players.)

HHCD plays like AJ Hawk did except maybe worse because he is never in the center of the field to help in coverage and he rarely tackles hard. To me he looks like he is just trying to avoid contact most of the time. And can you imagine what this guy will give you once he has his big payday? Probably nothing but trouble. Put him and MM on the next train out of Dodge and the Packers will instantly be a much better team. If Gute gives this guy another contract I will give up as a Packer fan. I doubt Pettine has much good to say about the guy. He skipped OTAs despite being in a new system and in his contract year. No surprise he is making tons of assignment mistakes.

GeorgiaCheesehead's picture

You are right on Archie. This guy is soft and is a below average player in my book. What anyone sees in him is beyond me

Jordan's picture

Clinton-Dix is too slow. That's his main problem.

That was Hayward and Hyde's problem too. No top end speed.
Both Hyde and and Hayward have great cover skills and ball skills, but their top end speed is atrocious.

Watch Tyreek Hill destroy Hayward. It wasn't even an a double move.

Having slow defensive backs puts a strain on the entire defense. A defense that is always handcuffed.

ILPackerBacker's picture

I have to admit to lol ing at this. You judge the value of a S by the fact he does not line up in the middle of the field? That his coverage area is not the middle of the field? Seriously? If not serious I appreciate the humor.

But you might want to google man to man coverage, or double coverage, or any coverage outside single high with Dix that guy.

I live in chicago and even bear fans are smarter than this

Hematite's picture

I've never been a big believer in Dix but I guess it makes more sense to keep him over Brice and Whitehead .
We can't let all three leave and it doesn't seem like there is a future in Green Bay for Josh Jones.

dobber's picture

The definition of replacement level (and sub-replacement level) players is that you can easily replace them.

I'm not ready to give up on Josh Jones, yet. Maybe he never turns out to be much more than a ST guy (now that it seems he's been surpassed by Burks), but sometimes it takes a couple seasons for the lights to go on. He's on a rookie deal. He's cheap. He's athletic. He's worth giving a shot.

Tarynfor12's picture

What is the amount that can't be crossed to keep HaHa from laughing all the way to the bank?

We've just recently been down this road of creating a 'have to' signing with Perry and ignoring that this 'need' was easily replaced...Gilbert/Fackrell. If Perry wasn't being paid to do nothing, he'd be the perfect replacement for much less for himself.

Is HaHa so highly difficult to replace for less by one who can do same? I know,he's a has retaining certain vets really panned out?

Some vets should be kept but GB seems to fail in that area..often.

History is for learning not repeating.

Christopher Gennaro's picture

Sadly in the last few drafts the team has missed too many picks, but as you say what may be worse, is signing the wrong vet. The list of misses in the draft and letting go of players too early, to me is the biggest reason, why Rodgers has had to play hero ball, for too long. Sadly those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. See 2015 and 2018 drafts.

Jersey Al's picture

Signing a "good" player to a long-term deal because you don't have a better option at the time is usually something you regret later (see Nick Perry).

Archie's picture

At least Perry can hold an edge. I can't tell you one thing HHCD does well. Calling him a "good" player is a major stretch in my book.

Tarynfor12's picture

" At least Perry can hold an edge."
Are you sure about that? ( in Joe Pesci voice -My Cousin Vinny )

Coldworld's picture


Chuck Farley's picture

Hold an edge? Teams don't even try and run up the middle. He is slower than molasses and couldn't seal and envelop with a bucket of spit

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Perry is a good comparison. They are both talented but have lacked motivation. I'm just really suspicious of giving long term deals to guys who have motivation issues until they are in a contract year.

Lare's picture

Despite there being options available, the Packers did nothing to improve either of the safety positions this last offseason. We're all seeing how that is working out.

I agree with Al, if HHCD's price exceeds what the Packers think his value is let him walk. I find it hard to believe that they couldn't find replacements in the draft and free agency that can play better than HHCD and Brice.

Re-signing HHCD doesn't make the Packers defense better, at best it keeps it the same.

Coldworld's picture

If Dix is the same as last season, I think he prevents us from getting better. If he can return to the Dix we expected to see last year we will be considerably better.

Ask this question later in the season, because by then we should know which Dix showed up in the new D.

Tarynfor12's picture

Al, care to share some of those likes with me for saying the same thing. : )

flackcatcher's picture

I like Perry as a player. Yes he is over payed. Sometimes when you play the market, the market wins. Packers are usually winners, not this time. It happens.

stockholder's picture

Buy Low, Sell High!

ShanghaiKid's picture

I'd be shocked if Dix came back, but if he does, it wouldn't surprise me if Dix became the next Perry. Average player who's overpaid because there are no options behind him. This team is in trouble.

I think we as fans need to accept the fact that this team and organization are rebuilding. There is a good to very good chance that Rodgers doesn't sniff another SB. Look at GB's FA class in 2019 and 2020. Coupled with the holes the team already has I don't know how they can fix all the existing and soon to be issues of a weak roster.

Tarynfor12's picture

" I think we as fans need to accept the fact that this team and organization are rebuilding."

I said at seasons end, this team is in rebuild but haven't accepted it and neither did many fans here. I wonder how many now would agree today?

ShanghaiKid's picture

I've also said it before and was down-voted for the comment harshly. But take an honest look around and tell me with a straight face this org isn't rebuilding?

Archie's picture

It will take 3 good to very good drafts to get us back in contention. The first is in the bag. Need 2 more. If we don't get them in 2019 and 2020, 12 will probably end his career with 1 SB appearance/win. How can that happen in today's NFL when you have the planet's best QB in his prime all these years? That's why TT was fired and that is why Dom Capers was fired. It should have been more than enough to get rid of MM too. Being married to a GBP Executive Board Member probably explains that.

dobber's picture

"It will take 3 good to very good drafts to get us back in contention."

I wonder if they were saying the same thing about the Saints after the 2016 season?

Royalty Free GM's picture

The opportunities we had in this draft... and we blew it.
Even our CB picks... almost every other CB drafted in 1-2 rounds have more INTs than ours! Gute had 4-5 good choices to pick from and he picked the least productive CBs!
Not a very good draft at all.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

I knew it. I know no one wants to hear it but we just may even have to trade Aaron Rogers

packergal's picture

Do I recall you posting the "trade AROD" comment pretty hard last year?
The mega contract likely stops that next year.

Royalty Free GM's picture

DN- And exchange names with Cleveland.

Green Bay Browns

Cleveland Packers

Royalty Free GM's picture

More excuses...

Belichick is rebuilding his team every month and he doesn’t need 2-3 years to get it working!

mamasboy's picture

The rebuilding will only start when McCarthy is gone. The game has passed him by. To see the team basically give up on third and more than 7 is really disturbing. We throw a horizontal pass for no gain just about every time. What the hell is the reasoning behind that. Aaron Nagler tweeted that the packers should think about maybe throwing the ball downfield instead of to the sidelines when they need significant yardage for a first down. Guess who tweeted a LIKE to his comment. Davante Adams.

Archie's picture

Gute was step 1.

He had a great draft - top 3 picks look like important contributors as rooks and a R1 pick in our back pocket. Day 2 WRs and punter were a nice bonus.

No home runs in free agency but at least he acted. Graham was overpaid by a factor of 5 (but defenses are keying on him). Wilkerson was OK before injury. Tramon is OK but doesn't look as good as he did in CLE & AZ. Bell is one year plug-in before he retires.

Trades: Kizer for Randall - who knows? Early returns suggest CLE got the better of the deal but we did move up in a couple of rounds as well.

If Gute can do as well in the 2019 draft as he did in the 2018 draft, then we're talking. It's funny how most fans would not listen to criticism of TT while he was GM but now that he is gone, most see how horrible he was at drafting, at trading, and at who he chose to let go. The one thing he did well was sign good undrafted FAs. Hardly enough. That is why the roster is in such horrible condition now. I hope Gute cleans house over the next couple of years while bringing in the kind of players he drafted this year. I was a big Matthews fan but it is clear that he is on the downside of his career. Perry had one good year. I can see Gute letting both go next year if he can land a couple of stud OLBs in the draft. A stud WR to complement Adams is a must. Ridley would be looking pretty good right now but Alexander and and an extra #1 next year was a home run. And finally, he may have to draft two S. Why he wouldn't touch Eric Reid is crazy.

OK, I've said enough for this year - will be back for the draft.

Prediction: I'm afraid there will be no playoffs for the Pack this year my friends.

ShanghaiKid's picture

I think pass rush is in an alarming position right now. Perry is clearly not worth what they're paying him. CMIII is on the downside. If you let both go you pigeonhole yourself to using both 1sts and probably a good chunk of FA money just to get back to even, it's a serious problem.

Tarynfor12's picture

The pass rush house was burning and the FO latched on to a garden hose with no connection to the spigot and still can't understand why it's still burning down.

Lare's picture

The Packers are tied for 5th in the NFL for sacks with 16, only 3 behind the leading Steelers with 19. And that's with the bogus roughing penalties on Matthews.

I agree that the Packers need to replace Perry & Matthews if nothing else than to get rid of their bloated salaries and lacking of production. But IMO, the pass rush is not the biggest problem the Packers have right now.

Tarynfor12's picture

Sacks are over rated and if you believe they aren't, then Fackrell is truly the best pass rusher on the team..
I was a Fackrell supporter and I laugh at that belief.

flackcatcher's picture

Rules have changed so much that sacks are devalued. You are right, that's why we see Dix take the stance he has. In this market with coverage DB who can tackle, his price goes up. We could a Perry style contract in this market with what the Packers have on the back end. Thumbs up.

Bearmeat's picture

They can't let go of Perry next year. It'll be after 2019 that this happens. CM3 is done. Gilbert is a typical JAG. Fackrell is a ST player.

They're going to have to use a 1st round pick AND get a FA OLB next year, just to get back to respectable. It sucks, but that's the way it is.

Lare's picture

According to Pete Dougherty, the Packers can save $3.6 million if they cut Perry after this season. They can also save $12.7 million on Cobb's expiring contract and $11.4 on Matthews expiring contract.

They've already replaced Cobb, so that leaves almost $28 million to draft and find FA's to replace Perry & Matthews.

They can also save another $5.3 million if they cut Graham.

Christopher Gennaro's picture

Ugh as bad as the OLB is, cutting Graham makes no sense. Until MM figures out that you can play with 2te and 2 rbs at the same time, how do we know what we have. I still think Graham has some juice left and with Lewis can we at least see if 12 offence, can work before letting Lewis walk and cutting Graham.

Coldworld's picture

We and everyone knew the OLB depth and talent was thin. Gute did a lot this season, but one off season allows only so much.

Getting offensive skill players first makes sense, they take a while to develop. We desperately needed corners. Two out of 3 critical areas addressed and a strong OLB draft coming up. Gute was in rebuild all off season.

Could be worse by far. I am liking what I see from the WR/CB influx. Positive signs for the future abound.

What I am not so sanguine about is the 2 games in 3 where we emerged looking unprepared and unmotivated. That is a legitimate target. Gute is not at this point.

ShanghaiKid's picture

Cold world, I agree. I’m not pointing fingers at BK. I think he has done a good job so far. It’s more of a remark of the overall roster. If we truly live and die by Aaron Rodgers and his arm then priority after OLB/DE is OL.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Saving $12.7M and $11.4M on the "expiring" contracts of Cobb and CM3 has no meaning. It doesn't add a nickel to our '19 salary cap space.

GB should have roughly $41M in cap space in 2019. We have that amount to consider re-signing or replacing CM3, Cobb, Wilkerson, HHCD, Kendricks, Breeland, Bell, and Monty. Brice and Allison are RFA: the minimum tender (rt. of first refusal) probably will run $2M each ($4M for both).

Sounds good but.... Even if we use a first (or multiple picks) to replace CM3 (reports are that GB won't re-sign him), and you think we have an internal replacement for Cobb, and Kendricks is the quintessential replacement type player (or Tonyan is an internal replacement), that still leaves decisions to make on HHCD, Monty, Wilkerson (meh so far but might be cheap again), and Breeland and Bell depend on how they play. Still, there should be space for one significant FA signing and two medium ones.

snowdog's picture

As it is said in construction trades " Measure Twice , Cut Once "

Royalty Free GM's picture

Archie -
The opportunities we had in this draft... and we blew it.
Even our CB picks... almost every other CB drafted in 1-2 rounds have more INTs than ours! Gute had 4-5 good choices to pick from and he picked the least productive CBs!
Not a very good draft at all.

Lphill's picture

I would see what other safeties are available next year before offering a contract to Ha Ha , one of the Packers 1 st round picks next year will be for a OLB regardless , and the other first rounder will be receiver . There will be safeties in the 2 nd and 3 rd rounds.

Lare's picture

With Adams, Allison, the three rookies and Kumerow at WR I doubt they use a 1st round pick on another one. Instead, I would expect OLB, OL and DL as the three priority areas for early round picks.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

What makes you think GB won't bundle both firsts to move up? Might not have to if a pass rusher drops to the better of our two firsts, or maybe they bundle a first and a 2nd or a 3rd, but our list of needs is longer than available premium picks. Maybe Gute finds some gems on day 3 or prior picks start to shine over the remainder of this season.

Handsback's picture

Doesn't his worth have to be established before they negotiate? That worth will be determined by end of season. He's OK, but not a pro bowl guy.
Judging by FS salaries from last year...I hope he isn't expecting much.

arthurl's picture

Time for Pack to move on and not invest resources in another marginal player. Thing is they will need two safeties as Brice sucks and Jones apparently isn't smart enough to play the position. Nice going TT. You basically gutted this team with your overall poor draft selections from 2014 on. We could of had TJ Watt last year instead of Mr. King for example. Rodgers might get this team to playoffs, but it will take another 2-3 years of good drafting to get team over hump.

We should have some cap money once we dump Dix, Cobb, Matthews, Perry, and Crosby. Need to get couple impact FAs for 2019.

Dave in Texas's picture

Much agreed. Dix will want/get a starters contract during the off-season. I do not want that team to be the Packers. I’d try using Breeland at safety a bit the rest of this season to see if he might be a contender for one of the safety positions next season.

Coldworld's picture

Williams is also a safety option as the young corners develop. Despite the tacky taunting penalty, I did note that Brown showed some potential at corner too. That position is getting crowded.

The one unanticipated positive at safety or quasi has been Whitehead. Brice and Jones are raw. Raw and safety does not make for a good mix.

Curt's picture

Dix thinks he should get elite money - the Packers haven't said no yet, but apparently believe the jury is still out.

Guess that's why they play out the whole year!

stockholder's picture

I'm sure he'll play great for someone else. I say He wants to leave.

Christopher Gennaro's picture

Not sure if he leaves what kind of player he will be, but yeah it sounds like he wants out.

Lare's picture

HHCD quit on his team and his teammates at the end of last season, refused to show up for OTA's to learn the new defensive scheme, still continually bails out on tackles so he doesn't get hurt and now he's telling the media he's auditioning for other teams.

Yeah, I think it's pretty clear he wants out.

mamasboy's picture

Show him the door!!!!!!!!!!!!!

packerbackerjim's picture

Last year I believed Ha Ha’s subpar performance was attributable to undisclosed injury. This year suggests something quite different. The comp for him is Darren Sharper—great hands but a toreador as a defender. I have to wonder if his best years occurred at Alabama. I would think Gute makes a minimal offer, which is declined and GB gets a comp pick. The cupboard was left quite bare for Gute, his drafts will be better to plug some of the holes.

MarkinMadison's picture

Darren Sharper? Women everywhere certainly hope not.

Jordan's picture

His undisclosed injury is he's 4-5 years older. He ran a 4.6 at the combine without pads on and on a track with track shoes. Five years later, he's lost a step and is probably running a 4.8 or 4.9 with pads on. Clinton-Dix vs. molasses. Coin toss.

Coldworld's picture

To me it seems more hesitancy than foot speed. Part of me still thinks his problem is that he doesn’t trust his instincts any more.

egbertsouse's picture

I continually read that he is a good, but not great, player. What? He’s not good, he’s overrated. He is a stats-padder who hangs around away from the ball waiting for tips and overthrows. He wants no part of mixing it up and takes horrible angle to ensure he doesn’t have to get in on a tackle. They should let him go or, better yet, trade him before the deadline.

flackcatcher's picture

When a team is rebuilding, every choice a GM makes becomes x10 for that organization. The good news is IAMGUTE daft from last year combine with the talent from this team puts the Packers in a very good position to make this a short rebuild. Let not kid our self, this draft will be the most important draft for the Packers in this decade, and will determine who stays or goes for the foreseeable future. A lot of really hard calls for IAMGUTE wait for the off season.

Curt's picture

Give him some credit for being a good player - did make a strong interception last week - arriving the same time as the receiver and holding on! Not sure he was terrible last year, just holding the weakest part of the defense together thanks to no pass rush.

Just not an elite player - but I repeat, lets see how the year plays out. My one day contract got renewed again for tomorrow and I'll audition for next Monday tomorrow. His remainder of this year is an audition for next year - duh, that's the way it should be!

Kb999's picture

Send him packing

Kb999's picture

Send him packing

fthisJack's picture

no way.....he shies away from contact and hasn't been that good in coverage. let him walk and let someone else give him a contract. i'm ticked the Packers didn't bring Reid in for the preseason! he is twice as good as HHCD!

BoCallahan's picture

Sometimes I have to read your posts multiple times to figure out what you are saying, and then I realize that you are trying to creatively say nothing. It’s your use of double negatives that causes my brain to spin. “If Perry wasn’t being paid to do nothing, he’d be the perfect replacement for much less for himself.” I “don’t never” speak like that, so when I read it I get confused. But somehow, I think that’s what you want. Then there are other times that I expect you to twist it up and you write something quite readable.

Gforcetrivers's picture

So basically he said he has been coasting for the last 3 years and this is a contract year so now he is playing every game as if it is his last. Awesome! CUT BAIT!

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Every time a GM gives a second contract out, particularly lucrative ones, the GM has to consider character. I used to write "never give Raji a ton of guaranteed money" every season until he retired. If HHCD gets say 4 yrs. $32M, he'll probably get $11M right away and earn another $1M in base, $500K in workout bonus, and $500K in active game bonuses just in the first year.

1. Player has to be good.
2. Amount has to be fair.
3. Has to have a good work ethic.
4. Age, injury history, etc.

ILPackerBacker's picture

Wow, was really shocked to read an accurate and intelligent article here. I hope you keep it up. thank you!

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