Packers Snap Counts Versus The Bills: Week Eight


The Packers elevated OLB Kobe Jones and S Innis Gaines from the practice squad.  That is the third time in eight games that the team elevated two players.  The inactive players were Allen Lazard, Shemar Jean-Charles, and Elgton Jenkins due to injuries and DT Jonathan Ford, Jonathan Garvin and OT Luke Tenuta as healthy scratches.  Jordan Love, Sean Rhyan, and Rasheed Walker were active but did not play.


Player Snaps % STs
Bakhtiari 66 100  
Runyan 66 100 4-18%
Myers 66 100 4-18%
Tom 66 100  
Nijman 66 100 4-18%
Newman     4-18%
Rodgers 66 100  
Love DNP    
Jones 44 67  
Dillon 28 42 1-5%
P. Taylor     7-32%
Tonyan 49 74  
Deguara 30 45 9-41%
Lewis 22 33 4-18%
Davis 3 5 17-77%
Doubs 54 82  
Watkins 52 79  
Am Rodger 28 42 7-32%
Toure 14 21  
Watson 6 9  
19 on Offense      

The Packers ran the ball well in the first half.  Aaron Jones had 11 carries for 71 yards (a 6.5-yard average) with a long of 13 and Dillon had 12 yards on 4 carries with a long of 7.  The passing game was very limited, however, with Aaron Rodgers completing 8 of 11 but for just 62 yards, while taking two sacks. 

Their first possession was a 9 play drive that picked up 34 yards.  On a 2nd and 8, both guards appeared to pull but Rodgers dropped back to pass, resulting in a 7-yard sack that brought up 3rd and 15.  Pro Football Focus assigned the sack to Zach Tom.  Rodgers hit Watson for 12, which brought up 4th down and 3 at the Buffalo 38.  Watson was consussed on the play and left the game.  Tom was walked back into Rodgers on the next play while DE Greg Rousseau turned the corner on Nijman, though Rodgers was able to get an incomplete throw off to Doubs.  PFF wrote in their Recap that Tom did not allow another pressure for the rest of the game while crediting David Bakhtiari with a strong game.  The Bills would use that field possession to help score a quick touchdown.

The Packers tried a trick play on their next possession.  Rodgers pitched to Dillon who then pitched it back to Rodgers, who had some pressure despite the trickery.  Doubs had a half step or so, but the pass was slightly under-thrown and Doubs could not make the contested catch.  Two short passes to Tonyan and Jones fooled no one and forced a punt.  O'Donnell just got the punt away, and though it travelled 43 yards, it was low and returned 19 yards to the Buffalo 49-yard line.  With another short field, Buffalo scored a touchdown on fur plays, which put the Packers down 14-0.  

The Packers then went on a 8:38 minute, 12-play, 80-yard touchdown drive that featured runs of 7, 7, 5, 4, and 3 yards, a pass to Doubs for 7 yards, then runs by Dillon for 2 and 1 (both successful runs as the picked up a first down), 9, 13, and 3, capped off by a 19-yard touchdown pass to Doubs to make it 14-7.  I will give some credit to Rodgers and LaFleur for running 10 times with just 2 passes while down 14-0.  Despite the long rest, the defense then gave up a touchdown to make it 21-7.  Jones picked up 11 on the Packers 4th drive, but an incomplete pass, and a sack by Rousseau against Nijman led to a 3rd and 16.  LaFleur decided to force Buffalo to use their last timeout by running Jones, who picked up 8, but that left almost a minute for Allen to move Buffalo far enough to tack on a field goal to go up 24-7 at the half.

The Packers opening drive in the second half featured 5 runs for 58 yards including runs of 32 by Jones and 27 by Dillon.  However, a 2-yard loss brought up 2nd and 12.  A pass to Deguara for 9 left 3rd and 3, but a touchdown pass to Tonyan was negated by his own Pass Interference penalty, a somewhat dubious call to be sure.  I would not that Greg Rousseau had another sack negated by a penalty on this drive, this time due to an offsides on DT Ed Oliver.  Nijman's official pressures and sacks allowed might look good, but he had plenty of issues.  After an incompletion to Jones, the Packers had to settle for a field goal.

The Packers next drive opened with runs of 4, 4, 7, 5, 9, 3 and 8 yards.  An pass to Jones for no gain and a pass to Tonyan for 3 brought up 3rd and 7, but Jones gained only 6, and was stuffed on the 4th and one play at the Buffalo 26 yard line.  Buffalo threw an interception to Rasul Douglas, giving the Packers the ball at the Green Bay 47, down 27-10.  Rodgers had a pass tipped for an interception, and then Allen threw another interception, this time by Jaire Alexander, at the Green Bay 5-yard line with 10:05 left in the game.

The Packers scored a touchdown mostly by passing.  The drive featured a 15 yard pass to Tonyan, an 11-yard scramble, a drop by Toure, and a 37-yard touchdown pass to Toure to make it 27-17 with 6:32 minutes left.  The defense did hold but Buffalo had the ball for almost 4 minutes.  The Packers final drive moved the ball 46 yards and featured a completion to Amari Rodgers for 22, to Tonyan for 9, Doubs for 10 and Jones for 5.  The Packers attempted a 55-yard field goal but it was short and left.  The snap was low and a little inside, though O'Donnell did a nice job of getting it down.

Zach Tom got the start with Jenkins inactive.  Deguara got a lot of snaps.  Toure got fewer snaps than last week.  Watkins played 79% of the possible snaps after getting 52% last week.  Amari Rodgers played 42%, up from 30% last week.  Watson played just 9 snaps but he did not play at all last week. 


Amos 59 100 9-41%
Savage 59 100 5-23%
Stokes 58 98 8-36%
Alexander 58 98 5-23%
Douglas 47 80 7-32%
Ford 6 10 5-23%
Nixon 1 2 13-59%
Leavitt     13-59%
Gaines     9-41%
Carpenter     5-23%
Gary 45 76 5-23%
Smith 45 76 5-23%
McDuffie 40 68 15-68%
Wilson 23 39 13-59%
Campbell 23 39 3-14%
Enagbare 21 36 5-23%
Walker 15 25 1-5%
Kobe Jones 7 12 7-32%
Clark 46 78 5-23% 
Reed 40 68 5-23%
Lowry 23 39 9-41%
Slaton 22 37 9-41%
Wyatt 10 17 1-3%
23 on Defense      
Crosby     8-36%
Coco     6-27%
O'Donnell     6-27%

After forcing a three and out, the blitzkrieg arrived as the Bills would score on their next five possessions.  The bills only faced on third down on their first drive that covered 61 yards.  It featured a 20- yard scramble by Allen and a 30-yard run on a play Campbell overran, allowing the last 25 yards or so.  The only pass was a one-yard touchdown completion.  Buffalo scored a touchdown on their next drive on just 4 plays covering 51 yards, three of which were completions.  They faced no third down plays.  Buffalo had good field position on these two drives.

The Bills then scored on an 8-play, 80-yard drive which features some runs and passes.  They faced no third down plays.  A 17-yard run and a personal foul on Quay Walker for which he was ejected with 3:49 left in the half were the big plays.  On their last possession of the half starting with just 53 seconds left, Buffalo drove 56 yards in 4 plays.  The big play was a 53-yard bomb to Diggs.  Buffalo kicked a field goal as time expired to make it 24-7.     

After the Packers scored a field goal to open the second half to make the score 24-10 Buffalo drove 56 yards to score a field goal.  The big play was a 29-yard completion to Gabe Davis.  That made the score 27-10.

Darnell Savage had a brutal day with his run fits and tackling.  On multiple occasions he came up but failed to make the tackles allowing lots of yards after contact, or missing altogether.  According to PFF Rasul Douglas allowed 93 receiving yards on the first 4 targets that came his way, and he had a holding penalty as well.  Josh Allen only completed 13 pass on 25 attempts for 218 yards, but there were a lot of chunk plays, and his scrambling hurt as he gained 49 yards on 6 carries/scrambles.  Their running backs gained 104 yards on 21 carries, but again there were rushing gains of 30, 20 and 17 yards mixed in.  Many of those chunk plays involved a bad run fit or a missed tackle.  Jaire Alexander did not allow a completion on 5 targets, had 3 pass breakups, and an interception. 

Quay Walker, Amos, Douglas, and Preston Smith led the Packers with 5 tackles each.  Jarran Reed had 3 tackles and 2 quarterback hits.  Enagbare also had 2 tackles for loss and applied some pressure.  McDuffie and Eric Wilson, in relief of Walker (ejected) and Campbell (knee injury) had 4 and 3 tackles, respectively.  Wilson had a sack and a tackle for loss.

The snap counts reveal that Stokes was not benched, as he missed just one snap.  Lowry played fewer snaps than normal, while Wyatt continued to get at least some playing time.  


The Packers allowed a 33-yard kickoff return and a 17-yard punt return after O'Donnell barely got the punt off.  A bad snap may have contributed to Crosby's missed field goal, though it was a 55-yarder.


WR: 2.33 (a rather low number)

TE:  1.58 (a much higher number than normal)

RB: 1.00

DL: 2.39

ILB: 1.71 (about dead average)

OLB: 2.00

DB: 4.88







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stockholder's picture

October 31, 2022 at 07:44 am

The Trench still has a problem. Looking into a crystal ball. I just don't see any rainbow here. The subs got blown off the Line.
So where does that put us next. With the Bahk and Jenkins. Doing a In and out. (Not seen since Bulaga. ) Next year could be worst. Comparing these guys to others. The fact we haven't used a #1 on the OL, has caught up to us.

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Coldworld's picture

October 31, 2022 at 08:19 am

On live view, the problem was Tom and Myers being regularly pushed back into the pocket. Tom isn’t a G ideally at this point and lacks the functional strength. Myers has had issues in that respect too at times, but Jenkins foot injury was just life and I think had a significant impact. We are short one true G of starting caliber without him.

2 points
LLCHESTY's picture

October 31, 2022 at 12:19 pm

I thought Runyan was much worse than Myers in the 1st half but did play better in the 2nd. Myers' problem this year is consistency, you don't know what to expect from him play to play. Sometimes he anchors well against DTs and sometimes he gets toasted. The one thing he definitely can't do is hit moving targets when he moves up to block LBs. If they try to take him on the usually does all right but if they try to slip him it usually works.

They did Tom no favors by not running more pin and pull stuff. They 1st time they tried Runyan got murdered on the backside and Jones was tackled for a loss. I think they only ran it once more after that but it might have been more.

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Coldworld's picture

October 31, 2022 at 04:20 pm

You may be right. I have not rewatched so these rakes are always preliminary.

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PeteK's picture

October 31, 2022 at 08:07 am

Watkins 79%, only 1 catch for 3, oh boy! A solid blocking day for Deguara.

2 points
Guam's picture

October 31, 2022 at 08:14 am

Is it coaching or is it the front office? The Packers sign Reed and add #1 draft choice Wyatt to the D-line and we are still as soft as Charmin against the run. Nearly every team the Packers have faced have run the ball right up the gut against the Packers. I somewhat understand the second half against Buffalo since we lost both starting ILBs, but what about all the other teams? This has gone on much too long.

2 points
CheesedDeadHead's picture

October 31, 2022 at 09:48 am

We've seen this for years. Spending draft assets like crazy on the defense and barely a blip of improvement. Logic would argue that it ain't the players. I didn't think it was possible to get a worse DC/coaches after they fired Pettine, but congratulations Tulip, your hand picked DC is garbage. I don't watch much of other teams so I could be wrong, but I don't know of any other DC who's in a coma so by default Barry is the WORST.

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Coldworld's picture

October 31, 2022 at 08:15 am

You seem overly down on Nijman to me. That said, there were issues in the first half particularly with the line being pushed into the pocket. Certainly not an impressive pass protection performance, especially in the first half. The run blocking was better, particularly Runyon and Nijman I thought live.

The snaps are revealing. Watkins is either not healthy or not good enough. Probably a bit of both. Amari has no business getting 40 percent of the snaps. The one catch in the sideline does not justify that. Toure just needs to be out there. He’s quick enough to make a difference and has football instincts. Per Tauscher, Toure has been tearing it up in the scout team for weeks. Play the players that show! He implied that that was a large part of what Rodgers was saying about playing time.

We still don’t seem to be able to make sensible decisions on offensive personnel. Why? We apparently went into the game with a heavy Watson game plan. At this point in his career that’s nuts. A few routes and some gadget plays at most. I can’t help thinking that his injury actually helped by forcing more aggressive use of Doubs and eventually getting Toure out there. Watkins was a black hole all night really. He needs to be sat and we need to do what we should have all along. Go with the rookies who showed in camp plus Cobb and Lazard when healthy. Why do we fight performance?

On D, I was not impressed by the DL, although Reed is proving a decent pick up. The right side just gets gashed. The OLBs weren’t the problem this week. Enagbare continues to show. All 3 CBs were more aggressive again, but Douglas struggled early for some reason. Savage needs a talking to and a benching. He was just bad.

The fascinating thing to me, and it may be just fluke, is that the D improved without Walker or Campbell. Campbell wasn’t obviously having a bad game. So how did that happen? Is Walker really such a source of chaos that McDuffie is better in the context of the D as a whole. Certainly it seemed to help those behind him. Wilson lacks the sideline to sideline speed but held up well for a guy with no time in this D and a career ST type. It seems to me that this is a subject for close analysis. It shouldn’t have got better with both starters out. Was it just the Bills not taking advantage? I didn’t notice much change from them.

How does a team come out and need to be fired up at half time in a game like this? If we played the first half like we did the second then this would have been a lot closer. The coaching is truly putrid. This roster is better than it’s playing and we aren’t playing our best combinations of individuals. With a better Head Coach and staff we are a better team. Not great but better. I’m not a buyer because we will just take off the youth and not the dead wood and stunt it’s development. No faith in LaFleur whatsoever.

Finally, that Tonyan OPI was a joke. He did not even initiate contact. Either it was a farce or the one in Stokes was last week. Why is this so hard for officials? I don’t think either changed the outcome, but I’m sick of officials making such potentially game changing screw ups so often in so many games. I’d be fine with going back to allowing contact. I preferred watching receivers having to battle. If the NFL can’t do better, then that would be better than the ticky tacky lottery we have now.

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T7Steve's picture

October 31, 2022 at 08:57 am

I was thinking all the ILBs were horrible against the run. I saw a replay of one trap that the Bills ran, and their back was to the hole already, but Walker and Campbell were still three yards down field just starting to move up. They all need to practice tackling too.

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LLCHESTY's picture

October 31, 2022 at 12:35 pm

I don't understand some of the shorter usage for Doubs. He was a RB in high school. I thought he'd see touches out of trips with blockers like Lazard and Watkins in front of him where he'd have an easy catch and a chance to make people miss. Deguara is making some nice blocks the last few games, get him out in the slot and blocking for guys that are elusive. After last night Doubs did get his average per catch up to almost 10 yards so I guess that's a good sign.

I think if they make a move for a WR before tomorrow's deadline Rodgers could be slid to the PS but maybe the route to go would just be to release Watkins. Sure looks like whatever speed he had is gone. Even that big gain he had against Chicago was more scheme than him beating somebody. If he's not healthy IR him again and see how he looks in 4 weeks. By then the season is likely over and they can release him and save a couple dollars, if they magically managed to turn things around maybe he could help out.

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Thegreatreynoldo's picture

November 01, 2022 at 12:50 am

I am perhaps overcompensating for Nijman. Fans think he is a good tackle. He is not. He is an acceptable, low-end starter. He is good for a UDFA, but at some point one has to stop grading on a curve. He may continue to improve, so I am happy to give him a 2nd round RFA tender after this season. Right now, Nijman is not as good as Kelly or Billy Turner, not close Wagner, Bulaga, Jenkins in 2021, and isn't in the same conversation as Bakh. A very good team can manage to win with him on the field.

Runyan made some nice run blocks. Picking Myers over Creed Humphrey is the type of decision that gets GMs fired if it involved selecting QBs, like Trubisky over Mahomes in 2017.

Reed was a good pickup. I thought he was washed. I've been harping on Kenny Clark for not being as good as his contract. Not a good night for him. I think a lot of the run defense issues are the safeties and ILBs letting modest runs rupture for big gains. I think I mentioned Jones making Poyer miss, but those were more open field situations rather than Savage who had a defined area/gap to fill.

Looking at the PFF grades from Zach Kruse, 52 for Nijman and Myers, 47 for Runyan, but good grades for Bakh and Tom. AR didn't get hit much and neither did Allen, but there was decent pressure on both QBs, I thought.

Hoping TD catches for Toure and Doubs leads to overall development down the line. Amari as well, though I take leave to doubt it. That was a dime.

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egbertsouse's picture

October 31, 2022 at 08:50 am

How many 1st rounders do we have on defense that underperform? Stokes, Savage, Wyatt, Walker, Gary (I know everyone on this site loves him but he dogs it too much for my taste.). Even Clark seems to be playing at a JAG level this year. Is it Gute’s fault or Barry’s? I wish someone in the organization would find out.

-1 points
Booner's picture

October 31, 2022 at 09:43 am

Our management from top to bottom is clueless!

3 points
LLCHESTY's picture

October 31, 2022 at 12:03 pm

I guess we'll see if they make any moves today or tomorrow. I don't want to see a big move but a couple speed/matchup additions would be nice. I think they should look at it like Watson won't be a steady contributor, if he is it's a bonus. I've said it before, if they had IR'd Watson before the Jets game and signed Fuller they would have won against Washington and things wouldn't be quite so bleak now. Hard to see this team going 7-2 in these next 9 games so giving anything more than a 3rd round pick doesn't make sense unless it's a young player on a cheap deal that would be under contract next year too. Okwuegbunam and Fuller don't seem like much but both are matchup problems defenses would have to account for.

The run defense is pitiful. I said last night I'd like to hear what is said to these guys in film meetings on Mondays. It's been SOS the last 5 weeks and now they face top 10 rushing offenses for 5 straight weeks. The Chargers added some run stoppers at DT and Khalil Mack is a good run defender at Edge and Brandon Staley's defense is giving up almost as many yards a game as the Packers and a whopping 5.7 yards a carry. So maybe it's the scheme but to me this coaching staff's ability to motivate seems non existent. Packers are 27th in average per game given up, 25th in YPC allowed. 🤢

-1 points
Coldworld's picture

October 31, 2022 at 07:15 pm

I’d make a move. I’d move Heflin up to the active roster and give Lowry a rest against any team with a breathing starter at RB.

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jhtobias's picture

October 31, 2022 at 12:10 pm

This team is infuriating. Year after year draft high defensive talent same results . Is this a front office issue a coaching is or both.

I tend to blame both. Look Lafleur you hired Joe berry stop doubling down on your mistake. Get a brian flores in here this team has not physicality or discipline.

They really need to go 3 and 14 to have any changes . The run defense is a joke a d the physicality is worse.

0 points
LLCHESTY's picture

October 31, 2022 at 12:39 pm

Flores wouldn't be a bad idea at all. He's inventive and his defenses actually EXCEED their talent rather than consistently underperform.

1 points
Coldworld's picture

October 31, 2022 at 01:41 pm

Head coach then

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wildbill's picture

October 31, 2022 at 09:18 pm

It’s getting harder to watch the so called offensive genius, LaF, run up the middle on fourth down against what looked like 9 defenders crowded at the LOS. Does he actually pay attention during the game or is always thinking about what hair gel he should be using….SMH

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