Packers Snap Counts Versus The Lions: Week Nine

What happens when a dysfunctional offense meets a terrible defense?


The Packers did not elevate any players from the practice squad for the Lions game.  They did activate Krys Barnes and Kylin Hill from the injured reserve list to the 53-man roster.  Shemar Jean-Charles and De'Vondre Campbell were inactive due to injury, and the other inactive players were Jonathan Ford and Jake Tenuta as healthy scratches.  Jordan Love did not play.  Earlier in the week, the Packers released Patrick Taylor and signed him to the practice squad after he cleared waivers.


Player Snaps % STs
Jenkins 74 100  
Nijman 74 100 1-8%
Myers 74 100 1-8%
Runyan 61 82  
Tom 45 61  
Bakhtiari 42 57  
Newman 1 1 1-8%
Rhyan     1-8%
Rodgers 74 100  
Love DNP    
Dillon 49 66 1-8%
Jones 30 41  
Hill 1 1 3-23%
Tonyan 34 46  
Lewis 32 43 1-8%
Deguara 28 38 6-46%
Davis 5 7 10-77%
Lazard 65 88  
Watkins 60 81  
Toure 28 38  
Rodgers 19 26 6-46%
Watson 17 23  
Doubs 1 1  
22 on Offense      


This was yet another game in which the Packers gained more yards than their opponent (this time with 389 gained to 254 yards for the Lions) but failed to outscore them.  Four trips to the red zone failed to produce a single point despite reaching the 1, the 5 and the 7 yard lines.  Two rushing attempts from the one yard line by the Packers' 247-pound running back failed to convert the touchdown (I guess Aaron Jones would be paying up on that bet). 

The Packers failed to get any points after Jaire Alexander intercepted a pass and returned it to the Detroit 23-yard line, as Dillon picked up one yard on first and ten and then Rodgers threw an ill-advised interception deep down the middle with Tonyan as the intended receiver.  The Packers also reached the Detroit twenty yard-line and got a touchdown on a pass to Lazard, but the 20 is not quite in the red zone.  The two-point conversion failed.

The Packers did not run the ball often or effectively.  Dillon, Jones, and Kylin Hill combined for 66 yards on 21 attempts, a 3.14-yard average.  Both Dillon and Jones had longs of 9 yards.  Aaron Rodgers added 40 rushing yards on 4 attempts, showing more straight-line speed than he has this season.  This team continues to be unable to pick up a yard when needed.  Aaron Jones left the game late in the third quarter and did not return.  

The pass protection was pretty good.  Rodgers was hit 5 times and sacked once.  Rodgers moved well in the pocket but was inaccurate at times.  Pro Football Focus praised David Bakhtiari (when he was available) and Zach Tom.  Jon Runyan left the game for a time but returned. 

The Packers lost Romeo Doubs after just one snap (an 18-yard reception) and later lost Christian Watson after 17 snaps when the officials made him leave the field to be assessed for a concussion.  Rodgers tried to generate deep passes by fitting in passes to a usually well-covered Allen Lazard, relying on Lazard's strong hands to reel in the catch.  That has worked to a certain extent and Lazard had catches for 47 and 20 yards in this game, but locking in on Lazard instead of Devante Adams is a downgrade.  [This reminds me of 2015 when Rodgers threw passes deep to a washed-up James Jones who also rarely had much separation.]  Lazard caught 4 passes on 10 targets for 87 yards and a touchdown. 

Samori Toure hauled in a 32-yard pass and the Packers also used Deguara and Tonyan on deeper routes.  The Packers played 1.34 tight ends per play on average, a noticeable increase over their pattern this year.  Sammy Watkins continues to be unproductive.  He caught one pass for 9 yards on 5 targets despite getting 60 snaps (81%) and did not appear to be on the same page as Aaron Rodgers on several pass attempts.  At this point, it is time to phase Watkins out and live (or die) with the young wide receivers.     


Amos 62 100 6-46%
Savage 62 100 4-31%
Alexander 61 98 3-23%
Douglas 59 95 9-69%
Nixon 39 63 9-69%
Stokes 10 16 1-8%
Ford 4 6 6-46%
Leavitt     9-69%
Carpenter     8-62%
Walker 62 100 4-31%
Smith 50 81 3-23%
Gary 28 55 2-15%
Enagbare 26 42 3-23%
Barnes 25 40 2-15%
Garvin 20 32 4-31%
McDuffie 15 24 9-69%
Wilson     9-69%
Clark 49 79 3-23% 
Reed 45 73 3-23%
Lowry 37 60 4-31%
Slaton 18 29 3-23%
Wyatt 10 16  
22 on Defense      
Crosby     4-31%
Coco     2-15%
O'Donnell     2-15%


The Packers gave up 15 points to the previously high-flying Lions.  The Packers allowed 118 rushing yards on 30 carries to Detroit's running backs, a 3.93-yard average.  There were no huge runs as the long was 14 yards.  The Packers did not get much pressure on Goff during his 26 pass attempts.  The Packers managed just 3 quarterback hits and no sacks.  Eric Stokes left the game after just 10 snaps and Rashan Gary also was carted in the third quarter.


Krys Barnes led the Packers with 8 tackles (4 solo) with six of those tackles coming in the first half.  Kenny Clark had 7 tackles (an unusually high number for him) with 4 solo.  Gary, Reed and Garvin had the quarterback hits, and Enagbare had one erased by a weak roughing the passer penalty.  

WR: 2.57

TE: 1.34

RB: 1.08

DL: 2.56

OLB: 2.0

ILB: 1.65

DB: 4.79 




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Thegreatreynoldo's picture

November 07, 2022 at 07:12 am

Those of us who thought this team had enough talent on paper were wrong. I thought they needed to bring in another proven wide receiver, someone like Devonte Parker, with Watkins being more of just cheap insurance. I did not foresee the OL regressing. I expected Bakh to return and play like a quality LT if not an elite one, and I expected Jenkins to return at some point to play well. I hoped for improvement from Myers which has not been realized, and improvement from Newman. I assumed Runyan would continue to be a solid starter. Drafting offensive linemen in the third and 4th sometimes nets guys who can at least play at a respectable rate during their rookie years. Nothing from Rhyan (one ST snaps today - yeah!) but they may have something in Tom.

I suppose they could wait for the Dallas game, but it is probably time to start the young wide receivers and just mix in Lazard to keep up his snaps. I know Detroit had the 32nd ranked defense by points and yards coming in, mostly due to a terrible secondary. Attacking the secondary probably made some sense, but when Doubs went down followed by Watson, GB probably should have reverted to their identity as a strong running team. 43 passes to 21 rushing attempts (25 with AR's scrambles) is not what I thought should happen. GB passed because that's the weakness not because that is a strength of the Packers. The defense dictating what the Packers do by loading the box or presenting a weak box has been an issue for me, but here without Doubs and Watson, the Packers did not have the firepower to attack Detroit's weakness.

Toure got deep and also drew a holding penalty. It looked like the Packers were trying to get their TEs farther downfield. Deguara had a 25-yard pass reception, Tonyan a 17 yard reception (plus the pass that was intercepted would have had a big Adot) and Marcedes was farther downfield on his 19-yarder.

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LLCHESTY's picture

November 07, 2022 at 06:11 pm

TGR, at this point I feel for you having to dig through so soon after watching disaster after disaster.

I felt pretty good about the OL depth but, like the defense, I think they lack a guy with a bad attitude. Wahle mentioned a few weeks back about a Jet DT that let up after a screen throw and said that was a free chance to blast and slow him down for the next few plays. He said basically they don't have anyone that looks to knock guys over the pile and set the tone. I think that's missing on defense too. Despite all the new rules it's still a very physical game and the Packers just aren't a very physical team. On defense you see plays every week that would make guys like Ray Lewis and Ed Reed lose their minds during film review and it just keeps happening week after week.

At the very least I think Barry and Butkus should be gone after the season, hopefully their replacements have a little more fire. If not there will be a bigger housecleaning next year.

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Johnblood27's picture

November 07, 2022 at 07:36 am

thanks for the info TGR! you are a steady rock in a maelstrom of swirling sewage.

injuries did not help continuity for sure. I watched in a bar with no sound for the Packer game and it took me a while to realize who was in and out and sometimes why.

that had to be the worst game I have seen AR play... ever.

i am probably most disappointed in the play of the OL more so than any other position group.

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PeteK's picture

November 07, 2022 at 07:44 am

Lions were zeroing in on our RBs with success. I am still puzzled by the missed blks on a few running plays. Lineman were leaving uncovered D lineman to blk a LB causing immediate penetration and getting our RBs destroyed for lost yds.

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croatpackfan's picture

November 07, 2022 at 08:03 am

Thank you TGR. Nice overview as always.

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Guam's picture

November 07, 2022 at 08:15 am

In an otherwise abysmal season, the one bright spot over the past few weeks has been Deguara. He has quietly turned into an effective lead blocker in the run game and a pass receiver who gets open and catches the ball reliably. He will never pile up any significant YAC, but he is otherwise a really good H-back. He may yet break the 3rd round Packer draft jinks.

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stockholder's picture

November 07, 2022 at 11:34 am

With Gary's injury. I'd move Walker outside. Leave the middle to Barnes and McDuffie . Time to draft a Reggie White. Go big or go home Gute!

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LLCHESTY's picture

November 07, 2022 at 06:16 pm

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coolhand's picture

November 07, 2022 at 02:49 pm

You know, in a 3 4 defense the lineman are supposed to take up the blockers so the ILBs can make plays. Well, our ILBs are 10 yards off the line during a running play so what is the point? And in so many plays we have only 2 down linemen so they get pushed back and our ILBs still can't make a play. What kind of defense is Barry actually calling out there?

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T7Steve's picture

November 07, 2022 at 02:52 pm

Thankd TGR. Was a very disappointing game. Can't believe they couldn't get the run going. Maybe should have stuck with it a little longer to get more chances for play action.

Wish I had a count of passes down field to the backs? I remember a couple, but I think they're going to have to go there more now.

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