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Packers Still a Big Ticket


Last week it was (finally) announced that the Green Bay Packers and Oakland Raiders will play a preseason game in Winnipeg, Canada.  As we know, there are Packers fans everywhere and many took to social media to proclaim they would try to attend.

It's no secret that the Packers are an expensive ticket, either at home or on the road.  Preseason or regular season.  Lambeau Field is sold out for the next 30+ years and even on the road, the Packers are one of the league's top draws.

Almost instantly after the Winnipeg announcement, the discussion about ticket availability and prices began.  Some fans posted screen shots of ticket prices, which have been reported as high as $4,500 per seat (via StubHub).

The secondary market remains the only means that most have to get in to see the Packers.  According to a piece by Will Clark at Packers Wire last summer, the demand for Packers tickets remains among the higher averages in the NFL.

In 2013, when Aaron Rodgers was hurt and missed half of that season, the average ticket was $198.  In four of the five seasons since then, the average ticket price exceeded $300.  That includes the past two seasons when Rodgers was hurt again in 2017 and last season when the team struggled badly and were eliminated from playoff contention.

From 2014 when the team appeared in the NFC championship game to 2015, the average price jumped from $222 to $338 per seat.  Despite the disappointing end in 2014, fans were clearly anticipating a rebound the following season.

A 6-0 start in 2015 and near deep playoff run followed by another NFC championship game appearance in 2016 isn't that long ago.  Packers fans still believe this team can contend for a Super Bowl now and opposing fans want to see their team beat Rodgers and the Packers.

The fan base may be changing due to technology, ticket prices and changes in the team's operation but the appetite for Packers football remains strong.  That means we can expect prices to stay at or above that $300-per mark in 2019.

For some, eye-popping ticket prices have always been a way of life.  Some others can recall the days when tickets were pricey, but not out-of-this-world.  Either way, it's not a "save those pennies!" proposition any longer.  It's more like "save those dollars!".





Jason is a freelance writer on staff since 2012 and also co-hosts Cheesehead TV Live, Pulse of the Pack and Pack A Day podcasts.  You can follow him on Twitter here

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Nick Perry's picture

90 DAYS until Kickoff!

Klincker's picture

I live in Winnipeg, and have been monitoring the ticket sales, since they went on sale 10AM Saturday morning. Lets say, its not good. Entering a die-hard CFL market, with a pre-season NFL game, with the prices that they are charging, is looking like a catastrophe so far. As of this morning, lots, and I mean LOTS of lower bowl seats are available. The upper deck, I'd say that half are sold.

albert999's picture

That’s why i quit going to NFL games live
I can’t afford to take my family let alone myself

stockholder's picture

And Nascar.?? MIS. Ticket. 89.00 / Gas,(Truck-) $ 70.00 plus, with camper. / Campgrounds, or near by hotel. Meals 10.00 -20.00 per person at track.. Work the next day? And some get to drive back because of the rain out. Ear phones. Shirts. 50-50 ticket. People drive far. We Love the packers. Were Hooked. Money does make life easier. I'm just happy their on TV.

Coldworld's picture

Ticket prices were set by the promoter, who I think is the stadium owner. Presumably something agreed by the Raiders as it’s their home game.

hodge555's picture

I've flown to the US for Packers games but I'm still waiting for a Packers game in the UK. I can then offset the airfare and hotel costs to the ticket price.

Bondo59's picture

Was planning a trip to Winnipeg to catch the game. At those ridiculous prices I could go to any regular season game and have money left over for a room. Too bad because I've heard the city is great. I just can't figure out who thought $200-$250 for a practice game was a good idea?

Klincker's picture

I live in Winnipeg. The prices are so ridiculous, I'm considering going to Green Bay, instead of watching them in Winnipeg. I think I will be disappointed if I do go, because it wont be a true NFL experience that you get in Lambeau.

Coldworld's picture

I would think there is a decent chance you will be able to pick up tickets cheaply as game day gets closer. Certainly seems like ridiculous pricing. Hopefully the promoters get burned and locals at least can capitalize.

Tarynfor12's picture

These are the type of prices that demand you say how awesome and great every player was....even the one's that didn't suit up, touch the field or travel with the team.

Might there be a connection of ticket scam,I mean price, that creates the mandatory participation in the blind optimism of those who bite into this con.Especially for an exhibition game not even played in the home field of either team.

I guess some will say you're not a true Packer fan if you don't buy into this bs scam.

This is like the Animal House initiation spanking with some screaming..."Thank you,may I have another " and I'm sure you will be obliged.

Coldworld's picture

“Might there be a connection of ticket scam,I mean price, that creates the mandatory participation in the blind optimism of those who bite into this con.”

No, just another opportunity for your negativity and the Raiders looking to save half a million in rent by allowing a Canadian promoter to host the game and attempt to charge prices that will quite possibly leave them with red faces and empty pockets.

IceBowl's picture


Tarynfor12 is just spouting confusion. She has no clue. All she does is ask & speculate, with an assumption of knowledge (or something).

Maybe we should just wait for Tarynfor12 to tell us how she has predicted the ticket prices scam outcome. And how we are such "geeky" fans we could not see it.

I like posting to trolls too, but basically hitting my (our) heads into a brick wall gets wet after a while.

But, regarding ticket prices, the market will set the seats sold. I have seen many times when NFL teams have bought up remaining seats to get games televised.

I'm not sure that will translate to Canada, but generally $$ is pretty universal. I have seen many bowl games with half (or more) empty seats. They still seem to weather the storm.

Market = prices.

Coldworld's picture

I agree. I think this looks like promoter overreach. That said, I don’t know the local market. As I understand it, the risk is likely now on the promoters not the Raiders. I wonder if the NFL would step in with pressure if sales go badly? Not good for their globalization PR.

Sol's picture

Most professional athletes have been identified by a very early age this in turn leads to special treatment in junior high, high school, college and the sometimes even the professional level. Many of them come out of this with a very entitled or somewhat distorted perspective of life. Add to that they are in their early to late twenties age wise and we all know what kind of decisions most of us made and you kind of get the picture. It not easy creating a product that you would want to support and take your family to see a game with all the diverse back rounds that your perspective talent pool has come from.

Over the years the Packers seem to have done one of the better jobs of creating rosters with players with great character and if they falter, they are shown the door, some of the notable ones would be James Lofton and Mark Chmura. Over the decades they have always been a franchise that seemed to care about the kind of image presented to the public and the environment for players in the locker room.

I don’t know if its true but I have read they were one of the first organizations that actually would sit down with new player and tell them what the average length of their carriers might be at their projected position and what they could be expected to earn and actually try to help them plan for life after football.

These are probably some of the key factors for their worldwide following and the high stable tickets prices that we are likely to see into the foreseeable future. Let’s face it even if they are not winning, they are a very easy team to support and cheer for because of their great character and the ego of a team owner has been literally taken out of the equation.

Tarynfor12's picture

A well stated case for justifying getting hosed and trying to convince others they should be alright with the hosing also.
I'm sure you'll get some here who will sign on or re-up.

fastmoving's picture

But still better than your best case by far. But I know you dont like to get hosed every day since over 2 years. But hey, the good news is its nearly over.

Samson's picture

" one of the better jobs of creating rosters with players with great character."

Nice statement but..... It's difficult for fans to know this for a fact. --- All the fan has is a simple perception of team character created by the team & the media reporting on that team. .... I grew up a stone's throw from Lambeau & have lived most of my life in Wisconsin. --- IMO, character counts but .... winning from a small "hick-town" like GB have drawn most fans to the Packers.
The character issue is mostly a myth.

CAG123's picture

$4500 for preseason tickets? They out their rabbit ass minds?! LMAO I wish I would even consider paying that much for a glorified scrimmage.

Klincker's picture

That was on Vivid Seats, I think. Someone hoping to cash in on someone desperate to come to Winnipeg, for a pre-season game.

You can still get them on Ticketmaster, at their announced price, which is still extreme.

wildbill's picture

I go to Lambeau for one Packer game each year. I take the wife or a son and get really good seats at about $500/seat. With travel/hotel/food/etc it’s a $2000 trip and worth every penny. But getting close to retirement and hope the budget will allow this in the future. I have treasured each trip and luckily have only witnessed one home loss. To all Packer fans, you MUST make at least one Lambeau game in your lifetime! Go Pack Go!

Samson's picture

Will you pay the tab? ($2000 for a few hours).... Just kidding.
I've actually been to several games at Lambeau. -- When I was a kid they'd (often times) let you in at halftime for free.... Today (even as a kid) if you tried to get in at the half (for free), you'd get arrested.

ricky's picture

Mark Cuban put it best when he said the NFL was headed for an inevitable decline:

"Pigs get fat; hogs get slaughtered."

The league is getting too imperial. The billionaire owners are out of touch with the realities of the average fan. And the continued extortion of these uber-rich owners and the league demanding that cash strapped cities pony up a couple billion dollars to give the team a new stadium? Sooner or later, this has to collapse.

4thand1's picture

So true^^^^

albert999's picture

It already is collapsing look around the league
it’s sooner for sure and they deserve it
Hogs will be begging to be slaughtered

Lare's picture

Just like teams in the NFL, everything is cyclical- boxing was at the top, NASCAR was at the top, MLB was at the top, NFL is at the top.

What goes around comes around.

IceBowl's picture


The NBA is in much more trouble to lose fans and $.

They have to use gimmicks (drake), and are "gangstas" for fun

I'll take the wholesomeness of football. (yes. a little bit of a reach)

Tom Legener's picture

So what will be the final nail, CTE or GREED?

My money is on GREED.

4thand1's picture

lol, how much money?

IceBowl's picture

Ladies and gentlemen,

Face the facts, prices are market price. Stadium prices, players prices, ticket prices, concession prices, etc. It does not matter if we agree or not. And I do not.

But the market sets the price.

I pay season ticket prices because I couldn't for 50 some years (none available). A real treat for me today. I am setting the market. But I tailgate (eat and drink) outside the stadium to protest their high priced concessions. (and way more fun than eating/drinking in the stadium anyway)

So if someone wants to buy any part of the game, they set the market. It does not matter if it is $400 or $4000.

But the market will always set the price. Whether I , or you, agree, or not.

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