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Packers will honor Bart Starr throughout 2019 season

The Green Bay Packers announced their plans to honor legendary quarterback Bart Starr earlier this afternoon.

From the team:

The Green Bay Packers announced today the organization will honor the life and legacy of the late Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Bart Starr with several celebrations planned for the weekend of the Packers’ home opener and with an impact grant to the Bart and Cherry Starr Foundation.

The weekend, which also will be held in conjunction with Packers Alumni Weekend, will begin with the Green & Gold Gala on Friday, Sept. 13, an annual event that benefits Family Services of Northeast Wisconsin.

This year’s Green & Gold Gala, held in the Lambeau Field Atrium, will include a presentation from Starr’s wife, Cherry, and their son, Bart Starr, Jr., with several Packers alumni also in attendance. Tickets are available for the event and can be purchased at

The following day, Saturday, Sept. 14, the Starr family, along with the Packers and Rawhide, will host a public celebration of Starr at Rawhide in New London, Wisconsin. The event will be free and open to all fans, with additional details to be announced later this summer.

The celebration of Starr’s life will continue with Sunday’s game against the Minnesota Vikings, along with the annual Packers Alumni Weekend. A halftime program and ceremony to honor Starr is planned, and dozens of Packers alumni, including some of Starr’s former teammates and players, will be in attendance.


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Lare's picture

Bart Starr was a great player and person, but they've already had a funeral, a private memorial service and a public memorial service for him.

I suspect any further public tributes are more for the sake of his remaining family than it is for Bart.

PackerAaron's picture

This is a bad take and you should feel bad for posting it.

Lare's picture

No I don't feel bad for posting it. My father passed away recently and while I feel he was a great man I would never dream of accepting any applause or media accolades for what he accomplished during his life.

IMO, the time for recognizing Bart Starr's great accomplishments was during his life, not after it.

sam1's picture

So then we shouldn't have had any ceremonies for the 75th D-Day invasion, because many are dead there then and since?

IceBowl's picture

Makes me wonder what memorials are for.

Jersey Al's picture

Nothing has been done in Wisconsin. You don't think that something should be done in Wisconsin and Starr's family wants to do it?

Lare's picture

Yes, I think Bart's family wants to do it.

IceBowl's picture

I think we loved him then and we love him now. If some don't care to honor him, they can close their eyes (Viqueens/teddy bear fans).

He did not win WWII, but he did much for Wi/football/and the Pack.

I think we can give he and his family our regards.

Old School's picture

No. I think there are people out there who want to feel a connection that transcends the grave and these have ALWAYS been for the benefit of the living. The dead are dead.

IceBowl's picture

Old School,

I guess you are having legacy thoughts. No doubt the dead are dead.

But the living can honor those that have passed. For whatever reason.

I, for one, would love to stand up at Lambeau and, sadly, give my final applause to Bart Starr. He brought me much fun, happiness and excitement. I think that is the least I can do. And I am very happy to do it.

jannes bjornson's picture

Put it this way. It will be a big Wake for Bart with all of his green and gold
brethren . I wouldn't miss this game for the world. Been going to the same section since 1960. My friends and I have already been planning for the get together all week. We knew it was going to be the Home Opener.
This is mandatory attendance. I really don't want to see any purple jerseys sitting in the Bowl.

IceBowl's picture

jannes bjornson,

Lucky you.We had a long wait to get tickets. We have 4, and now our family of 5 has 3 "good friends." What will we do??

I guess I want an 8 pack.

Qoojo's picture

I get what you are saying. It would have been nice to do more to honor someone as iconic as Starr while he was alive and could appreciate it.

I really can't think of any current or former packer more deserving.

Since '61's picture

The grant and the helmet decal are good moves by the Packers. Should be an extra special alumni weekend as well. Need to win that game against the Viqueens for Bart. Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since ‘61

IceBowl's picture

Time to beat the viquees and win 15 more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since '61's picture

Yes! Thanks, Since ‘61

arthurl's picture

Well done; really like they are sending resources in his honor and the helmet decal throughout the season. Mr Starr was a unique man and fitting to be recognized in this way

Bert's picture

Of course the Packers should honor him. Bart Starr was the face and leader of the Green Bay Packers for our most successful decade in the franchise history. For any kid who grew up a Packer fan in the 60's there aren't enough words to thank Bart, Vince & Co for the thrills and lasting memories. Thanks to all you guys!!

dblbogey's picture

I'm all in for Starr celebrations. Bart and Arnold Palmer were my childhood heroes, both were great athletes but also great gentlemen.

IceBowl's picture

I can only say wow!

All that Bart Starr did for Green Bay!!!! How he took Lombardi's lead and brought all that greatness to Green Bay. Superbowls!!

He deserves his accolades. He was "KING" of his team/league/situation.

His off the field greatness is another thread. (already done)

LeotisHarris's picture

A fitting tribute to a great man and his family. Bart would be the first to admit his accomplishments were made possible with the support of many; Cherry at the top of that list.

The event at Rawhide is free and open to the public. How can anyone have a problem with that?

IceBowl's picture


These days, someone can have a problem with anything. Valid or not.

msnpackfan's picture

What does it say about today's society that we cannot even stand and reflect on the accomplishments of a mans life over a span of 85 years. When has it become taboo to honor one who stood as an example of how to live one's life, both professionally and personally. One who accomplished great things but was so humble that he thought it impolite to not acknowledge any one who came across his path. If more people lived their lives, me included, in the same manner this world truly would be a more compassionate and tolerant place to live.

IceBowl's picture


I have read only one comment above that suggested no memorial. (more may have been added), but that is a very small, and personal opinion.

So I will say to you, it is not today's society, not today's fans, and maybe a slight few against it for their own personal reasons.

So buck up, feel the love most of us have and come to the game where Bart does get his extra honor and memorial. We all (well most) know Green Bay wants to give it to him. And why, because he deserves it.

If you are a Packer fan (I assume you are), you will never regret it.

msnpackfan's picture

My point was that there should not even be any doubt or question about having some sort of memorial to honor the man in the city that loved, cherished and admired the man for his accomplishments on and off the field of play. Especially knowing how the Starr family felt about the city of Green Bay the the state of Wisconsin.

I have been a Packers fan for almost 60 years and you can bet that I will be there in my normal seat not only for the home opener to honor the man, but for each and every game again this season.

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