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Packers with no current plans to trade Josh Jones

-- The Green Bay Packers have informed safety Josh Jones that they currently have no plans of granting his trade requests, according to ESPN's Rob Demovsky.

The former second-round pick requested a trade or his release from the team last month, skipping the team's OTAs in the process. He did, however, show up to the start of the Packers' mandatory minicamp on Tuesday with obvious incentive to avoid a fine.

Jones didn't practice, but he was present on the sidelines. He told Lily Zhao of WFRV that his plan all along was to attend both minicamp and training camp next month. He confirmed that he and general manager Brian Gutekunst have been in constant communication regarding his trade proposal.

Gutekunst said Tuesday that he would do what's best for the team, not necessarily closing the door on the possibility of a trade, but not leaving it wide open either.

The Packers can sit tight with Jones if they please considering his low cap number for the 2019 season. Per multiple reports out of the team's recent spring practices, versatile defensive back Natrell Jamerson has impressed several coaches with his ability at safety.

Safety Darnell Savage was also one of the team's two first-round picks in April, and they signed Adrian Amos during the free agency period in March. The position is far from weak at the moment, and losing Jones likely wouldn't impact the Packers' plans there.

Losing Jones could more so be a detrimental loss to team's depth at linebacker. Jones was just as much of a linebacker as he was a safety, and while he may have lacked the traits required to play deep as a strong safety or to cover out of the slot, he flashed as a hard-nosed tackler in the heart of the defense.

The Packers have two more days of minicamp, open only to the media: June 12-13. 


Zachary Jacobson is a staff writer/reporter for Cheesehead TV. He's the voice of The Leap on iTunes and can be heard on The Scoop KLGR 1490 AM every Saturday morning. He's also a contributor on the Pack-A-Day Podcast. He can be found on Twitter via @ZachAJacobson or contacted through email at [email protected].

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Bearmeat's picture

Jones has no leverage and he knows it. His only option is to show up, ball out on special teams, and hope he gets an opportunity on defense. He's not going to start, so it'll have to be an injury. Then play really well when he gets that opportunity.

Shut up. Do your job. Get leverage. Then get paid. In that order. :)

flackcatcher's picture

No more needs to be said.....

Jonathan Spader's picture

Saldy for Packer fans and fortunately for Jones the Packers are fairly thin at depth at safety and ILB. There's a good chance he gets playing time at one of the positions due to injury. At safety you have Amos and Savage behind them Tramon Williams, Greene & UDFAs. Jamerson that the article mentions is listed as a CB on the Packers 90 man roster. At ILB you have Blake Martinez, Oren Burks, and more unknowns. It'll be interesting to see if some of the unknows make a jump or if Jones can.

IceBowl's picture


You say, ..."Shut up. Do your job. Get leverage. Then get paid."

If I may, If that doesn't work out.....

Shut up. Do your job. Earn/show value. Then get traded.

I'd still love to see him get his "want to" turned on for the pack. He has abilities.

And his communication with Guty is a glimmer of hope. Funny all the "experts" didn't report anything about that communication.

Bearmeat's picture

I don't think he can possibly bring any value to GB. No one is going to even trade a 7th for him at this point. And if he balls out early in the year, why would GB trade him?

I was operating under the assumption that Jones "leverage" from playing well would be to sign a free agent contract somewhere above the veteran minimum next year.

Coldworld's picture

I take this with a pinch of salt. Given that he leaked the dissatisfaction, there seemed to be no knowledge by the team akin to Marcedes finishing his degree resulting in a simple explanation: birth of child.

If his hamstring injury is genuine, he is in a rough situation: can’t practice here, can’t sign elsewhere. I hope Gute and co have talked him down—Maybe Tramon was the one, since he had reached out to Jones. But it’s just possible injury forced his change of heart.

Most importantly, i hope Jones gets it now. We likely won’t know that till August now, since he apparently isn’t going to hit the field this week.

Lare's picture

My main question is- If Jones doesn't practice how will anyone know?

Guy's picture

Reminds me of the Cornerback who hated Sherman held out, then claimed a "hamstring" and got himself traded to N.O. Think he was a second rounder too.

Coldworld's picture

If you mean Mike McKenzie, he was a proven starter. Completely different leverage and therefore situation.

cheesehead1's picture

Can’t see us getting much via trade. Let him go out and prove that he deserves a spot. Hope Gute plays hardball.

NMPF's picture

Another piece of $#!t article written by this so called journalist. "Losing Jones could more so be a detrimental loss to team's depth at linebacker". Do you watch football? Do you know football?

ricky's picture

Jones showed he could be effective near the LOS. He was much less effective in coverage. So, would his loss be "detrimental to the team's depth at linebacker"? In short, yes. Would his absence be a major loss to the Packers defense? Even shorter, no. But if Dallas, for example (which is paper thin at safety) was interested in trading a prospect for Jones, should the Packers take that deal? Get rid of someone who is disgruntled for someone who wants to make the team?

Coach JV's picture

Damn dude... anger management?
It's the off-season, so relax.

albert999's picture

Take a valium

Nick Perry's picture

My Daddy said.... "If you don't have anything productive or decent to say then just STFU".

I will NEVER understand why readers here feel they have the right to be some damn critical or downright rude when they speak about writers here. Are you paying for CHTV? Right under the title of each story is the writers name...EVERYTIME. Why do you continue to read his pieces?

SMH ….. Seems to me if you get THIS upset at a article on CHTV then you have some serious issues you should be dealing with instead of spending time reading and posting here.

Gort's picture

I think it is appropriate for us to be critical, but being rude is a whole different kettle of fish.

4thand1's picture

WOW uncalled for. Think before you speak.

sonomaca's picture

I don’t see many young Asian-American female NFL reporters out there. She’s breaking down some barriers.

CheesyTex's picture

With Rosenhaus as his agent, we can expect the "hamstring injury" to linger on indefinitely. Jones basically has no leverage, but Rosenhaus will do his usual sleazy thing to coach his client in how to screw the team.

Wish Jones would just man-up and show what he's got.

sonomaca's picture

I agree. Also, can NEVER give in to Rosenhaus. Now that Jones has a child, he should be thinking very hard about the next contract rather than taking bad advice from Rosenhaus.

stockholder's picture

Jones lacks a sense of purpose. Even if the packers work a Trade. He's a back-up on any roster. His chance to start, is taking advantage of another's misfortune. Jones needs to realize there is No security in the NFL. Every player wants that big payday. Being a cancer, rather then showing commitment, is insanity. He was drafted to make a difference. Lack of appreciation now exists. I'm sure the packers will use all their resources to accommodate him. In the mean time it's his funeral. His confidence in his ability should be his plan to sound reasoning. Expecting the packers to fix everything for him is the wrong idea. It's not a perfect world Jones is in. Putting more weight on Gute's shoulders will only show he's a quitter.

Daren726's picture

I say Gute will just keep him until he heals up, and starts playing on special teams. When injuries on other teams dictate a need for some depth at inside linebacker or safety, they will come calling and that’s when he gets dealt for a 6th rounder most likely. Probably contingent on if jones even makes their roster as well.

blacke00's picture

Jones is not the sharpest tack in the drawer. I think that his major issue. Physical talents are great....mentals talents not so good.

If he can't handle the mental game....dump him for what you can. He's not going to be all world anywhere if he doesn't have the grey matter for the pro game.

sonomaca's picture

Well, you don’t really know this. He might be very intelligent. Might be some other issue with him.

Wilment's picture

Trade Jones? For what? A bannana peel, a stick of juicy fruit, and a half a bag of stale Fritos? One decent rookie year, followed by an invisible man impression the second. The guy has some talent, he does tackle well when up in the box, but back in the secondary he looked totally lost quite a bit in both seasons. Holding out, sitting out, won't get you out. Nobody wants a guy that doesn't want to work on his game. Go PACK!!

IceBowl's picture

Well, as the saying goes .... "stupid is as stupid does."

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