Pack's What She Said, episode 100

Maggie and Perri look at what went wrong in the Divisional Round and discuss the future of the team. 

Take a listen:

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January 25, 2022 at 08:42 am

I can’t stand Jerry Jones but what he said a few days ago is exactly what we hear every week from our coaches and Gutey needs to say the same thing out loud in public and behind closed door…Jones quote
Let me be real clear, one of the pet peeves I have is that I don’t like this, ‘Well we’ve got to work on this in the offseason, we got to work on this.’ I don’t go for that,” Jones said. “I want those things recognized and addressed after we play Tampa after the first game, or after we play the sixth game. I don’t want to wait until we’re sitting here with no season left to address these things we’re doing or not doing.

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January 25, 2022 at 10:01 am

Maggie & Perri- Thank you both so much for your interesting perspectives and the time you put into it.
I love getting the thoughts from all the Cheeseheadtv bloggers as well.
I wish we all could be flies on the wall for a brief time, because all we can do is speculate and make assumptions , about behind the door decisions we never will know or know because of what decisions are ultimately made.
Concerning 12, I wish I knew what Aaron is thinking not only away from the game but during the game. An MVP with as much game experience as him just doesn't fold in big game, but that is what seems to happen. True, not all his fault, but it is tough to rationalize how he just couldn't get his act together in the game or refuseed to. I agree, he plays best when he gets the ball out of his hands and to his playmakers. Watching Mahomes and Allen play was awesome as you said. But to me Rodgers, even at his age, can make those same throws and plays. Ok, Aaron can't wheel like he use to and like they do, but Mahomes hits the open player, he will take the short plays and move the chains ,but Rodgers won't. Yeah, we don't have someone like Hill, but we have enough weapons to move the chains and take your shots downfield at strategic moments, not all the time like 12 does. Even Brady will hit the open guy and just be satisfied moving the chains. Aaron seems to want the splash plays, hero ball as we all call it, not playing in within the structure of the offense. Brady sure does. Aaron seemed to say all the right things and seemed all in during the season, how can this just melt away in the most important games? I was disappointed in 12's body language throughout the game with the exception of the first two drives. I never saw him fight through it, get the ball out of his hands quicker as Perri suggested. The biggest thing I wonder is how bad does Rodgers really want it? Will he be all in? It is so baffling to me. The one thing about Farve, despite his carefree play and downfalls, his enthusiasm and heart for the game was never in question. I don't know about Rodgers. The one thing that gets in the way is his inflated ego. He has lots going in his personal life, seemingly other interests, etc. If I were the Packers I would be having some deep conversations about being all in before making a commitment to him. Your right, these decisions will impact the franchise for a decade to come. Sorry for the rant, just needed to get it out once more. I focused on Rodgers because he is the face of the franchise and is paid big money to produce. The way it is. Have a good off- season.

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January 25, 2022 at 04:00 pm

congrats on 100 episodes! this show is my favorite part of chtv [:

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