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Report: Packers Re-Sign CB Davon House to One-Year Deal

-- The Green Bay Packers will have their foundation of veteran cornerbacks in 2018.

According to Eric Edholm of Pro Football Weekly, the Packers and cornerback Davon House agreed to a one-year deal that'll keep him on the team through next season.

House and the Packers' brass were scheduled to meet last week to discuss their future, and evidently, those talks favored a return for House.

He'll be paired with Tramon Williams, who the Packers just re-signed last month, as the two veterans on the depth chart expected to see a good portion of playing time. Williams, however, is coming off of a fantastic year at age 34 with the Arizona Cardinals. House, alternatively, played in just 12 games after battling through injury late in the season.

House finished the season with one interception -- nabbed from New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees -- and six passes defended. He also finished with 37 tackles while playing in various positions on the defense, whether it as the starting boundary corner or scarcely in the box as a hybrid linebacker.

With House now back in the mix, the Packers now have eight cornerbacks on their current roster. That's without the one -- or potentially two -- they'll draft in the early rounds of the draft in two weeks. House's return doesn't mask the drastic need for more starting talent at the position.

What House does bring back to the Packers' cornerback room, is experience -- and that's the most important trait he offers aside from his on-field abilities. Rather than an undrafted, inexperienced player filling in the shoes of a starter in the event of injury, someone with starting experience -- such as House -- can fill the void.

The Packers traded cornerback Damarious Randall to the Cleveland Browns last month in exchange for DeShone Kizer and a swapping of draft positioning, so the need for cornerbacks is evident.


Zachary Jacobson is a staff writer/reporter for Cheesehead TV. He's the voice of The Leap on iTunes and can be heard on The Scoop KLGR 1490 AM every Saturday morning. He's also a contributor on the Pack-A-Day Podcast. He can be found on Twitter via @ZachAJacobson or contacted through email at [email protected].

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EdsLaces's picture

Not flashy, but necessary.

Bearmeat's picture

Exactly. We NEEDED better depth. Between House and Tramon, I think we've got Boundary CB2 up to at least a below average level in the NFL - and possibly more if one of them can stay healthy at their age. Better compared to last year, when our CBs were roughly 30th or worse.

This isn't flashy, but it does change the need in the draft from a torrent to a sieve.

King is going to have to ball out for us still though. That's for sure.

Finwiz's picture

You're dreaming.

I'd have taken my chances on the injured guy everyone wanted, over a known failure, with diminished skills like this guy.

Camp fodder. (Not to be confused with CANNON fodder)

The over/under on his quarters played, assuming he makes the roster which is a big IF, is 7.....before the next injury. Place your bets here.

Over/under on number of INT's is 0.75, oh wait, they don't have partial INT's in the NFL do they, like they do shared sacks.
OK, over/under is set at ONE. Place your bets.

Bearmeat's picture

Don't get me wrong: I still would love to have Breeland. But what House showed last year wasn't what he showed in JAX his 1st year. He was injured the vast majority of last year AND Capers stupidly and repeatedly used him in off position when he's clearly a man corner.

He's no CB1. But he could be a solid CB2 if he stays healthy. Just like Tramon.

There is nothing wrong with a couple wise/cheap vets.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

For Capers "stupid" and "repeated" was way too common.

Oppy's picture

The biggest point here is that House excels in press man coverage, and aside from being beat up, he was never really allowed to play to his strength last season.

Let's see House get the green to get his hands on the WR at the lLOS and see what he can do for the secondary.

holmesmd's picture

Foolery, but rage away man. SMH.

Nick Perry's picture

I'll take it but I'm not sure what we'll bet (More than one INT)...Next years draft guide?

House will be better just because of Pettines defense. It's not going to be tough for a veteran QB to pick off a couple of passes.

DD's picture

Agree. Won't hurt us. Pettine will use players effectively.

Royalty Free GM's picture

TT is that you?

This makes only sense if Packers are now tarketing Calvin with their first pick.

Otherwise TT is just repeating himself. What a change, eh?

EdsLaces's picture

Yes literally only Calvin, nice work. (Sarcasm)

gr7070's picture

"Rather than an undrafted, inexperienced player filling in the shoes of a starter in the event of injury, someone with starting experience -- such as House -- can fill the void."

I'll take the unproven un/draft pick over a "proven" veteran who has proven he sucks!

"What House does bring back to the Packers' cornerback room, is experience -- and that's the most important trait he offers aside from his on-field abilities."

I don't think the author meant what he wrote here???

jeremyjjbrown's picture

What do you think he meant?

Finwiz's picture

Sucks big time!

This is the biggest yawner of all time.

DD's picture

Our whole defense was a yawner under Capers.

DetroitSUCKS's picture

not much available vet to mentor , and depth

cheesehead1's picture

Gives us some depth and experience, but we need more talented younger CB’s. I know, easier said than done, but we do have lots of picks and of course #14.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

"That's without the one -- or potentially two -- they'll draft in the early rounds of the draft in two weeks."

Three or four total I hope, since they have a dozen picks.

Gman1976's picture

He may be signed, but he is not guaranteed a roster spot.

HankScorpio's picture

Right now, they only have 6 others-- King, Williams, Rollins, Goodson, Pipkins and Herb Waters. When Donatello Brown signs, well, he doesn't really change much. I think we all hope the draft will add some talent.

If all that added up to House not able to make the team, I'd feel pretty good about things heading into the season. But that is going to take one heck of a nice draft and lots of jumping by the younger vets. More than I think is a reasonable expectation.

nostradanus's picture

This is a good veteran depth signing, House may not even make the team, but who knows? He may flourish in Pettine's system along with Williams. Either way this is a short-term fix as I expect a couple of CB's will be drafted.
Good signing, I'm sure they got him very reasonable and I doubt if there was any major signing bonus.
Go Gute

stockholder's picture

IT WAS THE RIGHT THING TO DO. Williams and Shields came up. Others can too. We now have a new draft Board. House is a good sign.

Spud Rapids's picture

Agreed... Low risk, cheap depth/experience

Spud Rapids's picture

Cheap depth and experience... Will help in the implementation of Pettine scheme

jimtalkbox's picture

Williams and House are at the very least decent "stop gap" players for 2018.

Personally, I think this alleviates some of the need to take a Corner in the first round. The class is so deep this year that you can likely get talent that can contribute early in rounds 2 or 3, then groom them for more prominent roles next season.

Bearmeat's picture


Bedrock's picture

So the net change is, we lost Randall and got Williams. As much as the former Packer gave glimpses of good play, I’m considering this to be close to a wash. This means any drafted player will serve to improve the secondary over last year, on top of the Pettine plan. Oh yeah, we’re down one starting safety, the one that was injured often.

4zone's picture

Lets see, we have one additional ancient player we didn't have last year in the secondary and got rid of the two best we did have. How does that make us better? I thought we were supposed to get rid of the guys at the bottom and bring in guys in their prime who can start. . .

Cubbygold's picture

Can't bring in guys in their prime who can start without paying them appropriately. Unless 12 is going to be a team player like Brady, there's not much room for those types of additions under the salary cap.

Bert's picture

Let's not blame Rodgers for bring the best QB in the game and wanting to be paid like it. Brady is in a unique situation where his wife makes much more money than he does. Kinda hypocritical to applaud AR for being the best and then turn around and call him not a "team player" for wanting to get paid accordingly.

DD's picture

Rodgers deserves it for what has been put around him by management.

4zone's picture

This still doesn't solve the problem does it Cubbygold? We need better players so how do you get them, we have all seen the draft and develop only results so what do you propose? Paying AR more money so he will play better and not get injured? Can he stretch the defenses? Can he stop opponent's care free passing attacks? Can he increase our sack rate? Do you expect to do it all in this year's draft?

Finwiz's picture

No it doesn't solve any problems when you're desperate, and "grasping at the proverbial straws".

This is the answer to NO question about the secondary.
Wait and watch - I'll be here to remind you when he gets cut in TC, or sucks, and/or get's hurt around quarter number 7.

GBPDAN1's picture

I agree 4zone. As it sits now, we are less talented in the secondary then we were last year. Randell was playing very well after the Bears game benching. I guess his attitude was so bad that we couldn't have held on to him for one more year on a below million dollar contract. I hope TW doesn't regress with age because I think Randell would have been better next year. We lost Burnett and there's no replacement at this time as Jones is a big ? In the backend. Jones is better towards the line of scrimmage. I guess we just have to wait and see how this all plays out as our new GM is not finished yet.

The key to all of this is King taking a big step and becoming a shut down CB (and staying healthy). If this happens, should be in good shape as long as Jones or someone can fill in for Burnett Adequately

holmesmd's picture

“Ancient”=can’t play? Lol. That’s ridiculous. Williams was one of the better CB’s in the league last year. You are focused on the wrong thing

Jax's picture

House plays best when in bump and run which Capers did not use last year or any even though he would say that is what the scheme was. Pettine runs a true bump and run. This is a security blanket for the packers to draft a CB in the 2nd and later rounds. We need a pure edge rusher first round. Pressure on the QB makes it much harder for the QB to hit his WR's. Add to that CB's knocking WR's off their routes at the line of scrimmage causes WR's to take longer to get open and the Edge an extra second to get to the QB and disrupt the play.

Cubbygold's picture

I'm curious to know which player improves the most simply from the scheme change. Which guy was being used most improperly? Hope there are multiple guys that surprise this year simply from being better utilized.

GBPDAN1's picture

Good points, Jax. I hope we land a good pass rusher in rd 1. Need more pressure on the QB. Need King to become a good no1 CB. Pick another CB in rd 2. Although a deep threat WR in rd 2 would be nice also. I think we need to trade up into rd 2 for another quality pick to fill these voids. Then lineman

egbertsouse's picture

Gutey's getting the band back together. B. J. Raji and A. J. Hawk are next. He's on a mission from God.

Finwiz's picture

Yeah he's on the phone begging Chuck Woodsen right now.

Probably begged Sam Shields too, but he said naah, I want have my next concussion in warm weather.

Lare's picture

Doesn't look like the slowest team in the NFL is going to get any faster under Gutekunst's reign.

PatrickGB's picture

Agree with JAX. A better scheme. I also expect to see the corners and safety's that we draft to be tough and flexible.

Cubbygold's picture

I guess this is ok, but was hoping for Breeland.

I'm curious what Gute plans to do with the remaining cap space. That money, combined with not restructuring/extending clay, cobb, bulaga feels like less action than I was hoping for. Just have to be patient I guess, a smart trade still isn't out of the question.

Mojo's picture

It's all in the guarantee. If it's a small amount, then very little risk.

Wonder how much of last seasons dysfunction was the scheme or the players. We couldn't have had that many crappy secondary players, could we?

flackcatcher's picture

Capers gambled that using nitro as their primary defensive package would cover the defense's problem in the soft under gap in mid field. It worked all the way up to the Viking game. Subbing the Packers SS for ILB was risky, but it worked in 2016 while making their run. But they had Hyde and Burnett, and a smart rookie in Gunter to make it work. All were assignment sure. Last season, the starting unit was wiped out along with core backups after the Vikings game, their went your best and most experience players. Capers tried to keeping running nitro but did not have the personal for it. Packers got exposed with the thin secondary they had. If the Packers had signed Hyde or had not been hit so hard in the secondary there was a good chance that Capers would be back for this season. Blaming the scheme was the easy way out. McCarthy was doing that in the aftermath. Still Capers does not escape blame. He continued to run his fire blitz scheme even though he clearly did not have the players for it. So, the short answer to your question. Both.

Packer Fan's picture

Signing House is only a start. Let's see, we have three top CB's, Williams, House and King. King is coming off surgery. House had injury problems last year and did not play well. The other two top CB's last year was Randall who also played hurt and Rollins who played bad and then went on IR. And Randall had to be benched to get him started playing better. So all top CB's last year played hurt or went on IR. So this article states the Pack have their CB foundation for this year. Other articles say the Pack can now pick the best available player in the draft. I say that if one thinks that this trio will take us to the Super Bowl, I say they are misled. Who knows how well King will heal. Will Williams and House not get hurt? Will Rollins ever be able to play well in the NFL. Will Hawkins, Waters or Pipkens take a big leap this year? And if they pick one or two draft picks for CB, will they really pan out and contribute the first year? Remember back in I believe 2000 when the first three picks were CB's. Only McKenzie was good starting material.

We need about 5 good strong CB's to make it through the season, because the injury bug is not fixed. And House only has a one year contract and Williams is best at two. What happens next year? The Pack need to draft at least two CB's in the first four rounds and perhaps a fifth rounder. And seriously consider picking up another veteran.

And I do not consider the current progress as going all out to win the Super Bowl. It is hoping that a few of these guys will play good enough to be competitive. Which could spell another lost year with Rodgers.

John Kirk's picture

This is disappointing and exciting all at the same time. House is a dreadful CB, but, as predicted, this would be the great CB fix of 2017 in 2018. Groundhog day at the position.

The good news is now maybe the org doesn't feel desperate to reach for a CB and can take the best player. Maybe, we'll get a surprise choice now that the position has been "shored" up.

Lare's picture

Yeah, this move makes it look like CB is off the board in the first round.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I don't agree. CB isn't off the board in round one. If Ward is there, Gute still might go Landry or Davenport, but Ward would at a minimum be on the board. And there would be some second guessing if we passed on Ward.

DD's picture

Two edge motors in rotation makes the Pettine defense rise up! EDGE!

Finwiz's picture

I think you are right - CB won't be the choice at 14, or the first round if they trade, and that's a good thing.

We need pass rush so those DB's don't have to hold coverage for over 6 seconds per pass play.

holmesmd's picture

“House is a dreadful CB”?! That may be your opinion but certainly isn’t a fact. When used properly in press coverage, he’s above average. Last year he was hurt. The Packers don’t have any cap money! What exactly would you like them to do?! I really don’t understand this angst. I stated 2 months ago that GB would sign T Will & House. They have. Veteran depth and EXPERIENCE at minimum. Williams is certainly an established #2 CB in this league. Given the cap situation, I give the strategy to address CB a solid “B”. Let’s see what happens.

Finwiz's picture

Well that's the point - he's ALWAYS hurt.

And he will be hurt again this year, it's just a matter of time.
With all the tackling OUR CB's have to do because the pass rush never gets home, they are more susceptible to injuries because WR's catch more balls.

Not to mention the fact our rush defense was so awful, they were always up in run support on the edge. Our D won't get turned around immediately after so many years of a different scheme, and changing everything around.

John Kirk's picture

You predicted? Who didn't? This is EXACTLY the kind of thing I was worried about for months. The great CB fix of 2017 rolled over and used again for 2018.

What's so funny to me is having to read all these comments about why we shouldn't have added Aqib Talib...he's too old. He's going to be 32...washed up. A short while later here comes THIRTY FIVE year old Tramon Williams who wasn't good enough to be kept years ago and the response? Great move! This is exactly as I thought. We're okay now. ---It's just unreal to me the mental gymnastics I see here a lot of the time.

Davon House is a dreadful CB. You can tell me all day he isn't but I've watched him when he was with us in the beginning and I watched him last season. I actually prefer he be injured not as in wishing injury on anyone but so he can't hurt us on the field.

Please, never spin pathetic desperation moves into some kind of fix and then pass it off as it should be viewed as some calming tonic. It's just sad.

What should we have done? A decent offer for Peters and he's ours. Talib wasn't a bank breaker. I'd much rather have him than Randall Cobb at this point and the money is a wash. Talib and Peters sounds infinitely better than Tramon and Davon....and it would've been LESS money combined had we cut Cobb to make it happen.

My grade on the CB fix is the same as last year..."F"...and the f don't stand for fixed. #Fail

Finwiz's picture

How ANYONE can disagree with this is beyond me.

We will all see soon enough, when 3rd and 12 gets converted routinely on a simple curl route, on something other than press coverage. Doesn't matter what the scheme is, if the DB doesn't have confidence, he won't try to press because he'll be afraid of getting burned deep.

jh9's picture

As a Packers fan, I’m disappointed in Brian Gutekunst.

After seven years of having arguably the best QB in the NFL and failing to get back to the Super Bowl, I was frustrated. I was hopeful that a new GM would bring a new energy, a new vision and acquire players that would revitalize the team. Whoever replaced Ted Thompson would have the creativity and talent to put the players around Aaron Rodgers so he could win at least one more Lombardi Trophy before he retires.

IMO, by signing Tramon Williams and Davon House, BG has shown a lack of foresight, vision, creativity and talent. Unless he can pull off a super trade, he is depending too much on the draft to restock this team.

The outlook is bleak. Not only will the Packers not make it to the Super Bowl this year, they will lose Aaron Rodgers. And if that happens, this franchise will slip back into an irrelevancy like it was in the 70s and 80s.

dobber's picture

More and more I've begun to appreciate the positions that others have taken that BG is essentially "shoveling sand" this off-season. He doesn't have the resources to make multiple big moves, and the only way he could build that capital would be by creating more holes (cutting players) that would still need to be filled to make this team a frontrunner in 2018. I'm not saying that 2018 is a lost cause, but I am saying that the Packers need more to go right for them in 2018 than we're used to for them to be a true SB contender.

Do I blame BG? Not really. He's been handed a situation with limited cash. His biggest asset is draft capital and that's where he's supposedly got a good eye: he's banking on himself. Yes, the draft will be important, but it's important for every team. I think he's picked his spots in FA and the team is betting on better performance with better coaching on the defensive side of the ball. He'll be in a stronger position to jockey for players next off-season, and I think he realizes that. Adding a couple solid FAs in 2019 and hitting on a few draft picks who can be solid contributors in 2019 is the angle this team is playing on.

John Kirk's picture

That's now 2 moves this off-season, at CB, that were panic based. Neither move was done to better the team but rather to prevent it from being worse. That isn't just semantics, there is a difference in mindset.

Brian is a Ted with tweaks. Not two very different individuals. Those who liked Ted should be thrilled and those who didn't have to be some level of deflated.

One quick note on Rodgers and his pending contract and the hometown discount Brady discount angle from an earlier post... At your place of business, let's assume you're the Aaron Rodgers of the office. You can ask for a raise that is well deserved and you should receive but wouldn't you personally not want an increase sized so large that it affected the ability of the office to be successful? It comes down to who you are. Selfish or about others. Also, from a business perspective you don't let one person affect your operation that much with their pay. It's your job not to let that happen and make what is perceived on the outside as unpopular happen for the good of the business.

Finwiz's picture

>That's now 2 moves this off-season, at CB, that were panic based. Neither move was done to better the team but rather to prevent it from being worse<

It's like the damn that's leaking....rather than plug the hole with concrete/sealant and fix the problem, you lower the water level so the pressure isn't as great. Too much effort and cost to fix the problem, so you limit the potential damage and worry about the fix somewhere down the road.

They solved nothing with those two DB free agent signings, and I'm sure they don't expect either of these guys to be the play makers on the back end. King will still be the guy based on potential.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

JK, I disagree that BG is TT with some tweaks. I'd suggest that we don't know yet. BG as a new GM doesn't have the luxury of tearing down this roster (and coaching staff) like most new GMs have. BG inherited a team that arguably can contend in 2018. When an author suggested tanking 2018, the article was met with considerable venom. I don't think taking a bulldozer to our roster really was within BG's authority, which is why I have sometimes referred to BG as a partial as opposed to a general manager.

I suggested signing Jordan Matthews cheap and cutting Cobb. We can draft a slot WR to replace Matthews/Cobb for 2019. That move would have gained $7.5M or so in cap space. BG did dump Jordy to gain $10.2M in cap space after all and is getting some blowback for that.

I don't think BG had the authority or inherited the cap space to do a complete renovation of the roster. He is limited to doing some trades, medium level FAs, and the draft, at which he is well-stocked at least.

John Kirk's picture

TGR... I'm reacting to what I see right now. BG appears to be Ted with some tweaks at this stage. Will he break out of that box for me down the road? Of course, it's possible. I'm on board with the situation being handed to him not being ideal. I think most of us acknowledge that. However, his approach to remedy this unfortunate situation was to play it close to the vest, not a radical revamp approach. I believe with all my heart this is the kind of thing a young Ted would've done...not blow it up, but tweak it. I think that has been Brian's mentality, too, hence, my commentary on Brian being Ted with some small tweaks. I'm more of the mind that what Brian inherited took a radical departure from the past to fix. Brian took a much more measured response trying like Ted would to keep it much the same. That is what I don't like.

I, too, was all over the idea of Jordan Matthews over Cobb for the savings and production. I pointed out Matthews stats from his career and the idea that he's basically as good, or better, than Davante Adams. A no brainer to add save for what I don't know about his injuries. I can give a pass there given they're counting on a guy in Adams who has been severely concussed and not healthy besides that on other occasions and not wanting to bank on another guy who is questionable as to injury.

The final point is... and the best one and you alluded to it...Brian came into this position W E A K. You're right. We don't know if Brian wanted to bulldoze this whole thing and rebuild it. He may want to trade Rodgers to Cleveland and get 1 and 4 and more and doesn't have the autonomy to do so. The bizarre power structure is something Brian should've NEVER agreed to. He is in his position WEAK. That is horrifying to me and I've said it from the beginning. Brian is a WEAK GM and whether that is just on a personal level or from an organizational structure, or both, is irrelevant...he ends up weak no matter.

Spock's picture

JK, I disagree that these moves are "panic based". Signing two veterans for low(ish) money is hardly "panic based". These signings were simply good business decisions. Yeah, it would be great if the Packers could have signed a "savior" at CB, but no one was really out there. What would YOU have done? ?Mortgaged the future by over-paying a FA CB? This is simply a year where the new GM has to be "steady as it goes" up to the draft. TT did not seem to be good for most of his recent drafts on defensive players (Kenny Clark will continue to be a beast and Martinez may be better than we know. If King and Beigil {spelling?} pan out the two for one gamble might actually be better than selecting T.J. Watt -not likely, but possible). For all his later failings, "Terrible Ted" left the new GM with 12 draft choices. Compare that to the sh*t list of what Sherman left TT I'd say that Gute has a much better situation to step into! Ted's time was up and I believe he knew it and tried to set up his successor with the multitude of draft capitol to play with. It's popular now to blast TT and maybe his last few years deserve that, but, darn it, he did draft Arod (and there are stories out there that he reportedly told Harlan on draft day, "It won't be popular, but if Rodgers drops to us I'm taking him with our pick." I don't like kicking a man while he's down, You've made your "assessment" of Gute very obvious. I'm more of a "wait and see" kind of guy. Different strokes for different folks. By the way -not that you care- I've actually up voted some of your recent comments :). I still enjoy your perspective, lol. :)

John Kirk's picture

:) You shouldn't have admitted that publicly. WKU is going to downvote your for all of eternity for the admission. :) Please, feelings on Brian are based on what I've seen so far as it's all I can go off of. Saying you're a wait and see offers no perspective to the present and shoves it off to some mythical future time that may never come to avoid discussion now. How do you feel about RIGHT NOW? SO FAR? Of course, my opinion may change with more data. Water is wet. Sky is blue. I'm dealing with the present and the past because that's what we have.

I would've given a mid round pick to get Peters for one. I would've added Talib and cut Cobb and added Matthews. The money nets to our benefit in that scenario. What sounds better to you?...

A) Peters and Talib as starting CB's with King our 3rd...Jordan Matthews over Randall Cobb and MORE cap space OR...

B) Tramon and Davon with us counting heavily on King to be a player and Randall Cobb and LESS cap space?

We got the b level move that Ted would've chosen, too. The A level move puts us much closer to a SB than the b level in my estimation.

Spock's picture

JK, I believe I gave my perspective on how I feel right now on Gute, i.e. we don't have enough data to make an "informed" decision. I don't think I'm shoving off discussion until a "mythical" future date because there's not a lot to discuss at this point. I simply stated that I felt Gute was left with more ammunition for his draft than TT got from Sherman and IMO and his signing (or resigning if you prefer) of the two CB vets was a sound business decision and not an act of "desperation". Appreciate your response on what you would have done if you were GM. There's no way to know if a mid-round pick from the Packers would have netted Peters in a trade IMO. By "wait and see" I personally prefer to see what the draft nets our new GM to have more to at least talk about, not that the draft is something we can judge right away (unless you're a 'talking head' on t.v., lol). I've also down voted some of your comments recently as well, lol. :)

DD's picture

Jh9: Could be right. Rodgers is bright. Surround him or he may be gone. Remember, Ball is a financial genius. How's our cap space?

Chuck Farley's picture

Your answer is simple, Russ ball is da money man calling the shots, especially on free agents and nothing has changed, Russ doesn't have da Mooney with Rogers contract on the line. Gutt cannot outdo Ted t, Russ ball calls the shots

sheppercheeser's picture

I feel Gute's move to acquire House was a fiscally sound move that does improve the CB situation, though not drastically. Gives GB just a little more breathing room.

RCPackerFan's picture

This to me was a smart move. It provides insurance and depth. Something that they really need. It also provides a little more depth in case someone else falls to them in round 1 or 2 and they go that route vs CB.

Ideally House would be our 3rd-4th CB. As our 4th CB House would be really good in that role.

In all honesty though. House may become expendable if younger players emerge. But for the time being he is good insurance.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

May well not make the team.

Spock's picture

I've been in favor of signing House to bring inexpensive veteran depth and for his documented wish to mentor the younger players. This move just before the draft in my mind makes it more likely that Gute is favoring Edge or DL over CB in the first round. This signing gives him a bit more freedom to truly go BPA with the #14 pick. It would be hard to imagine that that pick won't be defense unless one of the "can't miss (lol)" top offensive players inexplicably drops down to them. I like the signing just because it gives Gute more freedom in the upcoming draft!

AgrippaLII's picture

It's not a great move but a necessary one. The Packers can go with the BPA on their list in the First Round...and if it's one of the top four QB's in this draft class you take him or try to trade back.

Chuck Farley's picture

Really bpa.? I've always believed bpa is exclusively for teams deep in talent and have the luxury of just pick in the bpa. Now since the pack need help everywhere I sadly agree, bpa can work for them they need it all.

Chuck Farley's picture

Now dat Dar is a major improvement hosers

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