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"The Audible Thing" - The Story That Will Never Die

The media will never let this one go so we're more than happy to go along for the traffic, I mean ride. Along for the ride. Yeah, that's it. Nothing to do with traffic at all. 

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NMPF's picture

Might not be all fake news, but it sure is all FAKE DRAMA

TheVOR's picture

"The Audible Thing" doesn't concern me. What concerns me is what Rodgers was doing late in his run with MM, where former players said he'd state things like "NOPE! Not running that one" in the huddle, prior to ever breaking the huddle, he'd change the play, even before seeing the defense or the LOS.

We'll never see what this offense can be if he's changing plays all the time. His audibles should be saved for "getting us out of bad play selection at the LOS", OR, hey look over there, that's a TD, I think I'll audible to that.

Lare's picture

Reportedly, the problem last year started when McCarthy went into "coast" mode and was skipping the offensive game-planning meetings to be up in his office with his personal massage therapist. McCarthy would then show up on game day and call the plays that Rodgers, Philbin and the other offensive coaches had decided were not going to work against that particular defense so Rodgers would change them in the huddle or at the LOS.

One thing I think we'll see this season is everyone communicating and working together to decide what should work on any given week. If so, there should be no need for many audibles unless the defense lines up in a formation in which the called play simply isn't going to work.

Somedumbname's picture

I need to get an office with a personal massage therapist. All fantasies aside, if that is true, he fired himself.

Holecrap's picture

If I'm the coach it's my way, or it's my way to a job loss. Mine.
Let Rodgers dictate and it don't Work , guess who goes packing.
Rodgers pulled this crap with mac and it cost him his job.

I still blame Rodgers for the Seattle playoff loss. On the 10 yard line first down, chance to blow it out and they do three running plays. He called them to avoid an interception. The Seattle backs terrorized him.

carlos's picture

All speculation Ernie

Touchdown Fan's picture

Those guys are desperate for something to talk about.

Daren726's picture

Only way for this story line to go away is to see success between Rodgers and Lafleur on the field. No sense talking about it anymore. Wait and see.

PatrickGB's picture

Good grief. As Daren wrote, the season will prove or disprove this manufactured soap opera.

carlos's picture

Maybe Rogers is smart enough, which he is, to say, “Hey, I can thrive in this offense.” Let’s wait before we judge.

Christian Roussel's picture

Last one that really ticked me off, was following the Chris Simms interview where Rodgers was really relax and positive, the next morning Cowherd and Chris Carter amongst others were trying to twist it up. Cowherd was like "it's not that he can't audible, it's the WAY he audibles. He does'nt audible like Brees and Brady do." good lord. Let football begins. Please.

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I can’t imagine how hard it is for these media people today trying to fill tens of hours a week in fresh material. It just isn’t there to be had. So, we get regurgitated stories one after another. And some of us fans are eager to read every bit hoping for a fresh take and direly waiting for training camp to break!

Lphill's picture

maybe if MM hadn't called for a toss so many times on 3 rd and 1 there would be no need to audible as much. I don' t see that happening with Lafleur .

Bearmeat's picture

Well played Nagler. You got a click from me. ;)

Heavy Pettine's picture

It'll be fun watching this one grow or die on opening night. If the Bears suffocate this new offense, I'm sure Rodgers will be inclined to abandon ship quite quickly. The story will grow louder and it'll be interesting to hear Rodgers answers to questions in a disappointing post-game press conference.

If the offense clicks and has great success this story will evaporate like an infamous Ron Wolf fart in the wind.

IceBowl's picture

Media hype.

If I am the coach, i want my QB to defeat the D. If it is an audible, so be it, but I do not want to play into the strength of the D.

That is just stupid.

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No comment.

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