The Most Explosive Players in Green Bay Packers History

Packers fans, as well as the whole NFL, have witnessed some truly remarkable players in Green Bay over the years. They especially remember the most explosive ones that can change the outcome of a game with one play. Without such players, the Packers would not achieve the success they've had in the NFL. Below you can read about the most explosive athletes in Green Bay’s history.

Don Hutson (WR)

We start off with the incredible Hutson, wh0 played 11 seasons for the Packers. During those years, he managed to score 99 touchdowns from catching 488 passes for 7,991 yards. Many fans see believe that he revolutionized the game of football with his performances on the field.

Hutson led the league 7 times in yards and 8 times in receptions. In 1942 alone, this player had 17 touchdowns and 1,211 receiving yards.

When we consider the 10-team NFL at that time, he had more receiving touchdowns than 8 teams. Also, he managed to get more receiving yards than 4 teams. His 99 touchdowns from 1945 remained an NFL record until 1989.

Charles Woodson (CB)

Next up, we have another amazing explosive player that is part of the NFL Hall of Fame. Charles Woodson had some remarkable 7 seasons with the Packers where he forced 15 fumbles and intercepted 38 passes. He also managed to score 10 defensive touchdowns with 9 pick 6s.

This player ranks 2nd in NFL history with 11 pick 6s and 5th with 65 interceptions. Regrettably, his explosive performances weren't appreciated by the betting fraternity as much as they should have been, primarily because in play betting websites weren't prevalent during his prime. Oh, how bettors would have capitalized on his unerring performances!

Reggie White (DL)

Reggie White was an exceptional player that spend 6 amazing seasons with the Packers. He wasn't like the other explosive players in terms of speed. But, he showed explosiveness with unnatural strength.

During his time with the Green Bay Packers, he recorded 68.5 sacks. And we didn’t include the 3 sacks that he achieved during the Super Bowl XXXI, which White and his team won. Reggie White is also part of the NFL Hall of Fame, which the association elected posthumously.

Ahman Green (RB)

The explosiveness of a running back is very important for NFL teams. Ahman Green is the leading player for the Packers when we talk about explosive rushing backs. He leads with 8,322 yards in front of the others in Green Bay.

Older fans will surely remember his incredible season in 2003. It was one of the best ever by a running back in the league. That year he had 2,250 total yards, 1,883 of which were rushing yards. Green also managed 50 receptions for 367 yards.

With the Green Bay Packers, Ahman Green achieved 7 rushing touchdowns of 60 yards or more. Here we must mention his 90+ yard touchdowns.

James Lofton (WR)

Another great explosive wide receiver that needs mentioning is James Lofton. This player spends 8 seasons with the Packers from 1978 until 1986. He is yet another player that is part of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

In the Packers' history, Lofton ranks 4th with 18.2 yards per reception and 2nd with 9,656 receiving yards. During his massive career, he scored 76 touchdowns in total, 28 of which covered 40+ yards. In these records, we also include 18 touchdowns of 50+ yards and 9 of 70+ yards.

Aaron Jones (RB)

Aaron Jones is one of the greatest running backs not only in the Packers' history but in the whole NFL. He holds the 6th ranking position in league history with 5.11 yards per carry, based on his whole career.

According to statistics data from Pro Football Reference, only four running backs have a better average than Jones. But, there is still time for this player to achieve even better stats as he is only 28 years old.

Travis Williams (KR)

Last but not least, we have kickoff returner Travis Williams, aka The Roadrunner. He played 4 seasons for the Packers, during which he set an NFL record in 1967 as a rookie. That season he achieved 4 kickoff-return touchdowns as well as 41.1 yards on average.

Also, during the 1969 NFL season, he managed to return a punt for a touchdown. Williams ranks as the 4th all-time player with 6 touchdowns on kickoff returns. Despite only playing for 5 career seasons.




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Zapato's picture

July 08, 2023 at 10:36 am

Wow! You brought back some great memories! One of my earliest was of The Roadrunner blazing down the sideline enroute to yet another touchdown. As kids, we thought that guy was awesome! Not sure if Aaron Jones should be included on this list. Yet! But, he definitely has a chance to be there in the future.

I'm sure everyone could argue all day about who should/should not be on this list, but I think you nailed it pretty good!

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oceanstrength's picture

July 09, 2023 at 12:40 pm

Very incomplete list. Favre not explosive...? Rodgers, Sharpe? None from Lombardi era? Nitchke, Taylor, Horning.
And what about Mandrich? He completely exploded.

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Starrbrite's picture

July 09, 2023 at 05:42 pm

I like your list—explosive is a nebulous term, but my perspective appears similar to yours, i.e., Lofton is my first choice. Hutson was obviously dominant, but before my time.
I also believe Travis Williams was a an excellent pick.
What I see at the moment, is Watson; he appears to be as dynamic as any former or current Packer.
Go Packers!!!

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