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The Packers Don't Need Josh Jones

Just like Haha Clinton-Dix before him, Josh Jones feels the only way to make headlines is to cause distractions and dysfunction within the Packers locker room.  Jones signed his own walking papers yesterday when sources close to him told ESPN's Rob Demovsky that Jones was skipping offseason workouts with the hopes of forcing a trade.  The move from Jones's camp comes as a reaction from him feeling slighted because the Packers decided to significantly invest in and upgrade the safety position.  

My Take on the Josh Jones Saga:

If Jones had any value to the team, they would not have had to sign Adrian Amos, draft Darnell Savage, or move Tramon Williams to the safety position last year.  Josh Jones has no one to blame for his lack of production but himself; especially when you realize he was beaten out for the starting safety job last season by Kentrell Brice (yes, Kentrell Brice who was absolutely dreadful).    

Jones sees the writing on the wall with both the safety position and linebacker positions filled, which means he expects to see his playing time further limited.  He obviously does not believe in his talents enough to prove that the Packers were wrong for going in a different direction this offseason.  

Instead of working hard in the offseason and competing to win significant playing time by showing the necessary development in his game to make a significant impact on the field, he has chosen to take the easy way out by trying to make a powerplay in hopes he will be traded.

Quite frankly, Josh Jones is not a proven player who is good enough to be demanding anything from the organization that drafted him.     

Jones is yet another cautionary tale of what happens when you put too high a value on physical tools and not enough value on a high football IQ.  He is another player who wowed people with his physical abilities but could not adapt to the systems that he was being asked to perform in.  

The blame for Jones not working out deserves to be spread around to management, the previous coaching staff, and the player himself.  Jones had every opportunity to prove that he belonged on the field, but instead of spending the necessary time working on his craft, he wasted his time grumbling, complaining, and being a part of a toxic locker room environment.

Jones is the type of player the Packers need to flush from their culture.  He is not a winning player and can destroy a positive culture and good team chemistry before the season begins.  

Unfortunately, poor play and unrealized potential have left the Packers without any real market for Jones.  Despite Jones's diminished value, Brian Gutekunst needs to continue the precedent he set last season when dealing with disgruntled players by abruptly severing ties with Jones just like he did with Ty Montgomery and Haha Clinton-Dix.

Josh Jones is simply not worth the drama or the headache he is trying to cause.  In order to maintain team chemistry and a healthy locker room environment in 2019, the Packers must continue to weed out players like Josh Jones.

Packers S Josh Jones Seeking Trade 


David Michalski is a staff writer for Cheesehead TV. He can be found on Twitter @kilbas27dave 

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4thand1's picture

You said everything we've been sayin for the last couple of days.

Old School's picture

I’m with you David, but some people seem to think it’s more important to send a message by forcing him to stay with the team.

stockholder's picture

Yep. And Frackrell could be next.

SCLI's picture


Coldworld's picture

While others (well at least you) want to reward him for his actions, sending a message to other players present and future that would be far worse and more consequence than Jones can cause from Florida.

Right now, there is no incentive for the team to do anything. If he turns up to mini camp then let the senior players handle him, I hear Williams has talked with him already. If he doesn’t, well he isn’t around to cause any problems except to his wallet and then there is five weeks of totally dead time.

I think it highly unlikely that he will ever play another down for the Pack absent a significant and relatively early change of heart. But there is no reason to expedite his departure to assist him or to trade him after he diminished his prior value by going public.

No rush, let him sweat: send a message for the future. If he continues, he will be out of the door, but not in a way that benefits him and potentially encourages others to try this.

sonomaca's picture

His agent is Rosenhaus. So, the Pack are just going to give in to Drew Rosenhaus? You give in now, you’ll be giving in to every agent. This is an early test of Gute’s mettle.

Also, if Gute folds, he’ll look weak internally. Given the Packers internal power structure, that’s not something he would want to do, unless he wants to be bringing LaFleur and Ball doughnuts and coffee every morning.

jannes bjornson's picture

OS. His agent is Drew Rosenhaus , so that explains quite a bit. Gutekunst doesn't have to do anything and stonewall him as Coldworld is advocating.
His ROI is in the red ink. There is a two-year accrual of his signing bonus he still receives in 2019 2020. The Pack can gain leverage with a fine regime
over the summer session and see if he shows up Sept 1st and report for his paycheck. They may be able to recover some of the signing bonus cash to offset the loss of an Investment in a # two pick in the 2017 draft ( you don't want to see the guys they didn't select). I was for the push out and or pick a
a modest pick, but Im with the hard-line stance camp for now. Give nothing to Rosenhaus.

IceBowl's picture


Thank you. Sometimes I think no one is paying attention.

fthisJack's picture

beating a dead horse.....make him find his paradise in another city for a 4th rounder or STFU and act like a man!

Nick Perry's picture

I think if Gute could get a 4th rounder for Josh Jones he'd already be sent packing. They'll be LUCKY to get one of those "Conditional Picks" which is normally a 7th rounder, maybe a 6th.

KeepErMovin's picture

A 4th?!? lol

GBPDAN1's picture

Just another TT late era blunder.

John30856's picture

sheesh man let that go

Point Packer's picture

Ted Thompson's late era drafts were absolute utter garbage.

GBPDAN1's picture

I want to, John, but I'm extremely disappointed with TTs moves the last 5 years of his term. Wreaked our team. AR should have more SBs

IceBowl's picture


History is over. All we can do is learn from it. Every other team has drafted players that do not work out. Again, history.

kevgk's picture

I think youre jumping to conclusions. No reason a guy can't put his all on the field and also try to find the situation for himself. If the lockerroom is too fragile for him, its already shot, luckily none of the players recently interviewed seems to hold any resentment.

Coldworld's picture

Hardly indicative of giving his all on the field when he wants to be traded rather than fight for a spot. He is a rookie who has never cracked the starting roster, so no, he doesn’t have a right to demand out. He has a right to win a spot. He currently is stating that he doesn’t wish to try.

Old School's picture

And you think we should punish him because he doesn't want to try instead of just cutting him and moving on?

Coldworld's picture

I think that the precedent is too important to simply roll over on this. Moreover, I see no need to do anything before camp at the earliest and that time is on the side of the Packers not his.

Old School's picture

And the precedent is that the Packers own him and he has gooseberry want, or else?

Yeah, that sounds like an organization I'd like to work for.

Even in the Army, if a guy didn't want to be there we did our best to help him leave. It wasn't always possible to do quickly, but we did our best.

IceBowl's picture

Old School,

Now this makes me mad.

You say, ..... "Even in the Army, if a guy didn't want to be there we did our best to help him leave. It wasn't always possible to do quickly, but we did our best."

In the Air Force we put in our "dream sheet" as to where we wanted to serve, and then we got sent where they had a hole/need.

Old School's picture

And I’m laughing. My oldest is an AF officer who had orders to Vandy but wanted to be in Colorado Springs. So he talked to some people and made it happen.

Love the Air Force.

IceBowl's picture

Now that makes me even madder.

I guess I should have been an officer. :-)

Old School's picture

If you'd been an officer, you might understand why putting this behind us is more important than wasting energy sending a message.

IceBowl's picture

That sounds a little patronizing, but I am sure you didn't mean it that way. :-)

I used the GI bill to get my credentials, but still, maybe not being an officer helps me understand why contracts (orders) are to be respected.

Old School's picture

I just think things always look different from the top than they do from the bottom.

IceBowl's picture

Old School,

I couldn't agree more. Certainly things look different from the bottom. And you cannot run an organization from the bottom up. None.

jannes bjornson's picture

Nothing like the paradise of Clark AFB.

IceBowl's picture

U Tapao

PackfanNY's picture

The Packers are operating under the collectively bargained rights agreed to by the NFLPA AND Josh Jones when he signed his contract and the money attached to it.
Everything else is hot air and someone trying to get their way when he is two years away from the system he signed up for.

Rak47's picture

You can't ignore the fact that for every action there is a reaction. The Packers can't react to his comments by giving into his demands which would only further encourage anyone else who doesn't like their depth chart situation to go public and bring more drama to the locker room. There are different methods to handling different situations, and you can't just use one cookie cutter method for disgruntled employees as with Monty, and HHCD.

Old School's picture

And you want people like this on yourteam?

kevgk's picture

Why is wanting to go to an easier roster to find a spot for somehow mutually exclusive to giving his all for whatever team he is on?
These are professionals who preach keeping business and the game seperate.
How is this such a polarizing topic?
Again, its all jumping to conclusions and I'm confused. Right now, he is a Green Bay Packer and I'm not going to trash him for a dispute he has with management.

Guam's picture

I disagree. Skipping voluntary OTA's and issuing a public trade demand does not qualify as giving your all for your current team. I have no problem with a player wanting more playing time including with a different team. However you continue to work on your development (OTA's) and you don't publicly stick a finger in your current team's eye and create a locker room problem. That is not professional behavior.

If Jones wants to be treated like a professional, he needs to start acting like one. I agree with many other commenters that the Packers need to take a hard line stance on this one.

IceBowl's picture


I disagree with your ...."he wasted his time grumbling, complaining, and being a part of a toxic locker room environment." .... comment.

A strong locker room of 53 + (90 now) positive members will always outshine those few negative factions. Minimize them until they just shut up, or not show up, or just quit.

I agree he did make his own bed, and now he gets to sleep in it. His choice, not the Packs.

Coldworld's picture

I could be wrong, but I doubt that he has a lot of credibility as a young fringe player. However, if he is seen by others to gain by this tactic, then I fear that there will be potential resentment and negative effects to respect for the team and morale in future. That’s why the Packers need to clearly demonstrate that this is a self-defeating course of action.

IceBowl's picture


I agree. He is very unlikely to dominate the locker room. 80+ guys trying their best to get a roster spot. I say again "trying."

David Michalski's picture

I think that would have been a fair take if the Packers had a locker room free of turmoil and personal agendas in 2018. However, last year showed us that was not the case. The locker room was toxic and players like Jones need to be weeded out in order to start a new culture under LaFleur. The Packers can not have leftover dysfunction from the McCarthy regime running around the locker room in Matt LaFleur's first year at the helm. I think they need to jettison him as soon as possible.

fastmoving's picture

when its not such a big story, why are so much post about it.
like him or not or better how he handled the situation. but its not the end of the world if a guy wants a new start and asks for it.
Maybe he has somewhere else more success. you never know. but there is no need to post 100 times how bad he played and how worse he acted.

But some people fell better if they are able to throw someone under the bus. even they dont know something about him besides the he did not pan out here and that he wants another try somewhere else.

And yeah, the toxic locker is a Little bit to much drama as well. he is just a tiny part and I really dont know what he should do to poisoning the room. doubt that there is any fear of that.

Some might even say, you can see that he is a good Football Player, because he wants to be on the field and not just collect the money at the end of the month/year. You have to have that drive/desire to be a good player

And by the way, David, you are right Lombardis views of the world were great. he was ahead of his time by a lot.

David Michalski's picture

Yea, thankfully most people see how revolutionary Lombardi was and honored him by attaching his name to the super bowl (Lombardi) trophy. Still can't wrap my mind around the fact that some of the villagers here on Cheesehead didn't even vote for him as the greatest coach in Packers history.

IceBowl's picture


I am scratching my head on that one too.

I thought maybe because the blog had a lot of youngsters, but after being on here a while, it seems there are plenty of "old timers" too.

jannes bjornson's picture

Black painted glasses, a heavy dose of bad Kool aid and a complete irreverence for History. With the lineups Mccarthy was given, Vince would have bagged at minimum three SBs. The miasma of the NFC CH game in Seattle would have sent many a player packing.

stockholder's picture

What would Lombardi do? He sure didn't like agents. So lets ship Jones to the Bucs for Legget. After all we did try and claim him.

Coldworld's picture

Lombardi would not give in to the player or his agents.

Old School's picture

Lombardi got rid of players if they didn't want to be part of what he was trying todo.

IceBowl's picture

I just want to say that Lombardi's teams didn't suffer due to his personnel decisions. :-)

Coldworld's picture

As will we, but at a time that is of our choosing and not of his in order that we deter any future repetition of this behavior. To do otherwise and let it be seen that a whine is all it takes to get out of town would invite bigger problems by far than Mr. Jones is worth. Don’t tell me Vince Lombardi would have rolled over like that.

TheBigCheeze's picture's a bigger story than you room cancers MUST be eliminated....chemistry is extremely important.......bye bye Joshy boy.....

IceBowl's picture


Don't worry about 1 or 2 cancers. the other 80+ chemo therapys will fix the problem. Or get rid of it.

Cancers will not be part of the 53 or PS.

ShanghaiKid's picture

It's an unpopular opinion, I'm of the opinion that Josh Jones and Kevin King were some of BK's earliest experiment picks. TT's health was likely in decline and it's probable/possible that Gute had final say on those guys. You look at the RAS on guys taken from 17' and beyond and it started the trend of drafting above average to elite athletes. It's on BK imho.

Coldworld's picture

You do realize how many others were involved (including most of the current Cleveland front office leaders)?

I think it’s a big leap to assume that Jones was a Gute pick because he had a high RAS score. Was Collins? What about Jordy?

I guess anything is possible, but some possibilities are highly improbable.

jannes bjornson's picture

Gutekunst raved about the guy, but Sam Seale scouted King, who is a fantastic CB when healthy, but guys with thin frames need time to build up their bodies. Al Harris got better as he got stronger. Jones, on the other hand did not impress me watching NC State. He was a down low rover who benefited by a great pass rush. He's Gutekunst's guy. He owns the pick.

Coldworld's picture

TT drafted Jones did he not?

jannes bjornson's picture

There are quite a few reports of Gutekunst raving about Jones to McCarthy during the 2016 season, showing him highlight film of Jones and to Ted. Gutekunst is/was responsible for the southeast section of the U.S. as his scouting territory. He lived in Charlotte N.C. They had him targeted for the roverLB/SS position in a copycat manner of the Atlanta scheme. Ted was a bit shaky, as they say, so it is logical to not only assume but state this was Gutey's guy to promote. Gutekunst announced the selection during the draft as Ted was out of sorts and not good in front of the mike. Seale announced King and Elliot Wolf took the podium for some of the other selections. This is a point in the story where the leadership ability of Murphy comes into question. Look it up.

ShanghaiKid's picture

Coldworld, It’s fair to point out that a lot of the personnel guys moved to Cleveland, and it’s possible it could have been them. But based on the sample size of the last two drafts. Gute covets athleticism above all, and King and Jones have the look of a Gute pick. It’s only one person’s observation and opinion, so take it for what it’s worth.

Coldworld's picture

True, I think you are certainly correct about Gute and RAS on nearly every player. I am simply pointing out that some players under TT, and on all teams, have always had high RAS traits and thus that it’s a bit of a leap to tie Jones and King to Gute purely on their RAS.

kevgk's picture

That was also a year they signed several free agents. Theres evidence.

Coldworld's picture

Lol. Do you remember Woodson, Howard Green or Pickett (and others less celebrated)?

Have you seen what Cleveland have done?

kevgk's picture

ummm ok? TT was notoriously frugal in FA for years until the offseason he was limited due to health issues. This isnt some hot conspiracy.

Coldworld's picture


packerbackerjim's picture

Were I Gute, I would tell his agent go find a team willing to trade for him.

Tarynfor12's picture

I'd think Josh would have had his agent put feelers out to support him demanding a trade or his agent telling Josh to say nothing until his has strong trade possibilities with other team(s).

IceBowl's picture


Don't you think J Jones's agent is fully aware of what he is doing??

I do. It is a reflection on him too.

Coldworld's picture

That would constitute tampering on the part of the team I believe

Tarynfor12's picture

As long as you don't tell anyone.

Tarynfor12's picture

Isn't that what I said.

nostradanus's picture

With a new coaching staff, dump the rotten apples, he was complaining last year publicly.
New Staff
New Players
New Attitude

Dump him!

That is all

PJS6680's picture

Good riddance Josh.

AgrippaLII's picture

The chances of Gutekunst landing a trade for this guy are slim to none. Especially now that it's been aired publicly. Why give anything up when you can wait till the Packers cut him?

Coldworld's picture

And why cut him now to aid another team and reward him by giving them both a full camp together?

IceBowl's picture

Coldworld nailed it.

BradHTX's picture

Fast forward to the evening of August 31st. As the clock turns to 11:59pm...

* ring ring *


“Josh? Gute. You’re fired, clear out your locker.”

“Wha—I was just going to show up tomorrow!”

“Nah, we’re good. Enjoy cashing that check. Oh, wait... BAHAHAHAHA!”

* click *

“Well damn.”

lucky953's picture

Jones has almost no leverage here. Now I better understand why he wasn't progressing. Maybe the kid is listening to bad advice (remember Jennings sister?). The Packers should tell him to get to work, put out some good tape so they CAN trade him. Or maybe Cleveland will give us a 4th to pair him with Randall? I'd take that deal.

Kevin Gibson's picture

Boom. spot on.

CAG123's picture

Oh please with that “under contract” sh*t that’s the card y’all love to play when it comes to the players but will be the first ones to suggest the team cut someone.

IceBowl's picture

Ladies and gentlemen,

J Jones's desire to leave is not just a roster move. The Pack invested millions in this kid. In scouting, in $$, in passing up many talented players, and in personal investment. On top of his physical talents, he had to say a lot of "right" things to be selected to one of our precious high pics.

After saying all the right things, he put his pen to paper, and took millions of dollars and was happy to be a Packer.

Now he says, to he__ with all he said, to he__ with all we passed up to select him, to he__ with the team, and to he__ with the contract I signed.

The kid is under contract, and has killed his trade value. His best option is to come into camp and try.

And as I continue to say, he can still have a change of heart and come in. I have seen many teams and players make up over bigger disagreements.

No team should reward a quitter after roster spots and millions are invested.

Coldworld's picture

Well said Sir!

PAPackerbacker's picture

Not a big loss if he leaves Green Bay. If he was good then the Packers would not have signed Amos or drafted Savage. Players like him are a legend in their own mind. I doubt any team is chomping at the bit to sign him. Grant him his wish and move on. Show him the door.

IceBowl's picture


I think J Jones is a big loss. NFL teams use every tool in the book to procure the best team possible. Teams investments have value. That value is recognized, bought, sold, and traded throughout the league. J Jones has diminished his recruited value and, even worse, dumped it down the toilet by quitting. That costs the Pack (or any team). His play has already diminished his value, and now his quitting just diminishes his value more.

Every team brings in competition to improve their team. That is why they can have 90 in camp to settle on 53+. And it is fine with me that the Pack is creating competition everywhere (even at K). I hope Guty gets all the best we can afford. J Jones is hurting his value, to the Pack and himself, now. No one wants a quitter.

jannes bjornson's picture

Every team hits a lemon. What if you were the viqueens and let Moss go to Al Davis for a four pick, then used your Two number one picks on Troy Wiliamson and Demetrious Underwood, both busts? It put them back years.

Tarynfor12's picture

The trust or belief that he will give his all has been broken. One can say it isn't all day long but regaining trust is never the same. It becomes a manufactured feeling as opposed to the origin nature of it.
When you get taken by someone the first time only a fool believes it won't happen again. You are now always on defense in regard to who took you forever.

IceBowl's picture


While I agree the issues seem big, I have seen many teams and players go through much bigger issues than this. And then go through a forgive and forget experience.

jannes bjornson's picture

Those situations are usually about money or a contract renegotiation.
this is a kindergarten deal where you have to learn to get along and play well with others. What if Amos went down or Savage? O.K. Jones, here's your chance to prove it. That's off the table. Water under a bridge now.

Tarynfor12's picture

He demanded a trade which implies he doesn't want to play with these others. No matter what the others say later, this remains in their minds unless you have a whole locker room full of guys who have no integrity to play to the contracts signed with their all and they spell team with a capital ' I ' in it.

Demon's picture

In Ted we trust! See what that got you another high pick DB that cant play and has an attitude problem.

Thanks again Ted

IceBowl's picture


Sorry you have to go back years to find something to complain about. Is your real name Schneider?

Demon's picture

What do you mean go back years? His bad choices are still impacting the packers today.

Since '61's picture

Try to trade him. If that is unsuccessful or he doesn’t show up for camp chuck him and move on. The Packers don’t need to do anything for Jones. Thanks, Since ‘61

Slim11's picture

If Jones is released or traded, I won"t be surprised.

Gutekunst got a #4 from Seattle for Hundley and a #7 from Baltimore for Montgomery after his on-the-field temper tantrum against the Rams last season. If he can pull those off, a trade won't surprise me.

CAG123's picture

What’s with this belief that if you give into demands of a player that it will set a precedent for everyone else? These are grown ass men capable of making choices for themselves and don’t need anyone else’s influence. That idea has to be the most exaggerated excuse to keep a player unhappy if the guy doesn’t want to be there let him go why do you want them to
Keep a player that doesn’t want to be of the team? It’s crazy how fickle most of you y’all were saying HHCD was a cancer to the team despite him NEVER saying one negative thing about the team and even coming to Rodgers defense and he still shows love to all his former teammates.

IceBowl's picture


I see a big difference between HaHa and J Jones.

As you say, HaHa ..... "NEVER saying one negative thing about the team..."

HaHa handled his "in the media" time as a professional (just not his play).

J Jones could use that a lesson as to what he should be saying.

Two opposite approaches. We have seen one of the outcomes.

bodei1newbie1's picture

i agree 100%

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I think GB's FO should not over or under react. Josh Jones is akin to the co-worker who didn't get the promotion or didn't get sent for additional training and decided to leave for greener pastures. It isn't like he had any viable option when he was drafted and had to sign a personal services contract with GB with all sorts of provisions that aren't subject to negotiation.

Cut him in September if that is what his level of play warrants. Trade him if the team can get anything significant for him and can replace his 735 snaps in 2017 and his 501 low average snaps last year.

If he doesn't report for activities that are mandatory (so far he has skipped a voluntary workout conducted in shorts and helmets), then place him on the did not report list and fine him. The fines are substantial, especially for a player who hasn't gotten big money yet.

If he doesn't report at least 30 days prior to the first game he will not get an accrued season, which is a big deal for him. He will be 25 in September, so he would be 27 if he stays in GB for the next two seasons as a forgotten player riding the bench. Time isn't on his side. He needs to play and produce to get a 2nd contract.

There is no evidence that Josh Jones hasn't been working out hard during his off-seasons, or that he has failed to put in time in the film room. The Packers should have a better idea than we fans.

If studying and working hard meant a player developed instincts, all the high RAS prospects should be pro bowlers. Pettine may be good at adapting to his players' strengths, but he seems pretty particular about his safeties. There may be no position at Hydbrid ILB or safety that Jones can fulfill.

Maybe the light comes on. Some players need a change of scenery, a new coach, or just a wake-up call. Drafting Burks, Savage, and paying big for Amos might be that wake-up call.

PFF gave Josh Jones a 61.7 grade as the 70th best safety in the nfl. Kevin King's best grade is 59.7. Fans are giving King the benefit of the doubt because King (686 snap over two seasons) has been playing hurt, when he plays. Both are entering their third seasons with much to prove. Jones knows he needs an opportunity. The Packers appear to covet versatility, but Jones might not be able to provide that and knows it. Josh Jones played a grand total of 4 snaps in week 1 through 8. GB played anyone with a pulse ahead of him, including Brice, Morrison, et al. Jones only saw the field after injuries struck Brice and HHCD got traded. Heck, when Brice returned for week 17, Brice played 53 snaps to Jones' 40 snaps. And Brice is dreadful.

Coldworld's picture

I pretty much agree with you analysis. Jones has next to no cards. The Packers can handle this in a time and manner of their choosing based on the best interests of the team not of the player.

Although I agree with Tarynfor that it will be difficult to repair trust, Jones is young and may still (despite his agents reputation) have a change of heart, it is not impossible. It’s also possible that he is bluffing to get attention. At least at this point, prior to mandatory mini camp, there is no need to do anything. If he doesn’t report its more time for other candidates or to bring in a FA. Meanwhile Jones, who needs the reps, suffers. After mini camp, Jones will be running up against the eligibility cut off very quickly.

If a team really offers something worth taking, that’s an option as it is with any player. I don’t see it, but it could happen, but unless it’s clearly advantageous to the Packers there is really very little they need to do except look at additional options to fill whatever role he was slated to compete for.

Tundraboy's picture

The sensible approach.

Lare's picture

Jones is never going to be productive in Green Bay. He is expendable.

Guam's picture

While Jones' behavior has been less than professional, the relationship is hardly beyond salvage. I suspect management and perhaps some senior players (Williams) are already working to repair the damage.

Jones needs to prove himself an NFL grade player before any team will want him. We will see over the next few months whether Jones is a player or another draft day mistake.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Teams that value versatility probably should avoid players who have "mental lapses" and if they still draft that player, should probably pick one position and let him learn it. If he does so, then perhaps try to cross-train him in year two. Josh Jones was always a boom or bust player.

Guam's picture

I know Jones was drafted as a safety and given our needs I am not surprised the Packers played him there. However he really looks more like a Shazier type ILB than a safety. I don't know if he is open to that move, but given his coverage lapses he really does not look like an NFL safety. I just hope he doesn't go somewhere else where they move him to ILB and he flourishes a la D. Randall's move from CB to safety. After Hyde and Randall, I am getting gun shy about mis-evaluated draft choices.

jannes bjornson's picture

He does not have the intensity or the desire to wrap a guy up like an ILB.
He's a one-trick pony off a slot blitz.

jyros's picture

Josh Jones couldn’t play up to his hype and has become
Jarrett Bush 2.0.

jannes bjornson's picture

Jarett Bush was a UDFA, not a # two pick in the draft. Ocean of difference.

Adorabelle's picture

Jarrett Bush was an Undrafted player who made the roster through his special teams play. I must have missed when he complained about not being a starting corner.

His blown assignment interception in the super bowl is still a source of great enjoyment in my mind.

greengold's picture

Cut bait. I didn't see him making the team this year anyway. No team is going to trade for him, unless they buy into that, "I can coach him up right," mentality. Even then, it would be a late pick. Pretty foolish move by Josh Jones, as he has zero leverage. See ya!

Time to move on, and look to add another veteran FA Safety to Pettine's mix.

IceBowl's picture


"....Secondary coach Jason Simmons

(on the opportunity Raven Greene has at safety)

"He has the same one everybody else has. I can’t say one guy has more of a chance than anybody else if what I’m preaching is competitiveness, and people are competing for jobs."...."

This is what the Packers are telling the players in camp. Everyone has the same chance. Apparently J Jones doesn't hear this.

Lare's picture

Many of these players have been surrounded for years by people telling them they're better than they really are. Some move on to other teams, others move into other careers. I think Jones will find out just how good he really is in the NFL.

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And you the writer is which position coach on the Packers?

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stated above, if you are referring to me.

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