The Sunday Morning Packers Gameday Preview

Good Morning Packer Nation! Join me for today's Sunday Morning Gameday Preview for all things Packers!

Good Morning Packer Nation!!! Welcome to The Sunday Morning Packers Gameday Preview!  This week the Green Bay Packers will be take on Deshaun Watson, J.J Watt, and the Houston Texans.  The Texans find themselves with a 1-5 record, an interim coach and GM trying to right the ship for the future.  The media sees a rebuild in sight and beat writers have J.J Watt as a trade target for the Packers.  

However, what should not be forgotten is that the Texans almost pulled off the upset last week against the unbeaten Tennessee Titans. So, if the Packers think they can just show up and coast to a victory, they will be in for a rude awakening in Houston.  In my opinion, this has all of the makings for a Texas style trap game, especially with the Packers being nowhere close to full strength on offense.  Can the Packers persevere without all-pro left tackle David Bakhtiari and possibly Aaron Jones?  I will provide the answer to these questions and more in this week’s edition of The Sunday Morning Packers Gameday Preview.    

In this weeks edition, I will talk about how I see this Sunday’s Afternoon Showdown playing out, three burning questions that will determine the outcome of today’s game, as well as some fantasy players I think you should use, as well as my picks, parlays, and game props for this week 7 matchup.  I am happy to have you with me here today for this matchup of pro bowl quarterbacks; so just sit back, relax, and enjoy this morning’s Packers Gameday preview with your morning cup of Joe or drink of choice.

What to Expect Against the Texans in Week 7?

As if a 38-10 rout in Tampa wasn’t bad enough, the news got worse with David Bakhtiari being confirmed out for today’s game and Aaron Jones most likely being a game time decision.  This is when we will see if Brian Gutekunst’s picks to add depth to the roster can actually step in and shoulder a heavy amount of reps with close to the same amount of production.  If the Packers lose this week, everyone will point to injuries as one of the main reasons.  However, championship caliber teams win these types of games and overcome these types of obstacles.  To me, this is a game that will measure the intestinal fortitude of the 2020 Green Bay Packers.

I see the Packers piecing this game together with their reserve lineman and a heavy dose of Jamaal Williams, A.J Dillion, and even Dexter Williams (If Aaron Jones plays that is just a plus).  Aaron (that is Rodgers) is going to have to get rid of the ball quick and utilize ALL of his offensive weapons to maintain a consistent continuity.  (Make the safe throws before trying to take shots and stick it in tight throwing lanes).  The secondary and the front seven are not at full strength (King out, Savage doubtful, Lancaster out) which has me believing the Texans will have plenty of success both through the air and on the ground.  Right now, (post Cheesehead TV prediction taped on Thursday) I think this is a toss-up game; probably a field goal game either way.   

Three Burning Questions That Will Determine the Outcome of This Afternoon’s Game:

  1. Will the Packers be able to protect Aaron Rodgers?
  2. Will Kamal Martin emerge as a game changer on defense? 
  3. Will the defense be able to stop anyone?

Sunday Afternoon Fantasy Football Picks (Always Start the Plug and Play Guys):

  • Jamaal Williams- (daily fantasy) with Aaron Jones not at full strength and possibly out, look for Jamaal Williams to play a role in the screen game and at the goal line.
  • Randall Cobb- Cobb could be the skill player that gets favorable matchups against the Packers reserve secondary players.  I would expect to see Alexander and Sullivan matched up with Brandin Cooks and Will Fuller which will allow Cobby to expose the seams in the Packer defense.  
  • *Deshaun Watson- Invest the money in daily fantasy on Deshaun Watson for Sunday’s matchup against the Packers defense as they seem to always allow career days to dual threat quarterbacks.  I am expecting a 350-yard passing day with 3 touchdowns along with 50+ yards rushing to go along with a rushing TD. 
  • Darren Fells- Fells is a trusted target of Watson’s and one of the Packers defensive weaknesses is defending opposing tight ends in the red zone, which makes Fells a 2-touchdown day candidate.

Picks, Parlays, and Game Props:

  • Anytime touchdown scorer parlay: Jamaal Williams, Deshaun Watson and Darren Fells (+1703)
  • Two Touchdown Scorer: Darren Fells (+1700).
  • Game Prop Parlay: Texans +3.5 and over 56.5 points (+230)
  • $5 five team Parlay: Bills, Bucs, Chiefs, Saints, and Bears (with the upset).
  • Game Pick: (Revised from Thursday) Packers 35 Texans 38, I think the Packers defense has too many question marks and the team has too many injuries. I think Deshaun Watson has a career day and the Texans pull off the upset at home.   

Packer fans, I want to hear from you!  Let me know your thoughts on this week's Sunday Afternoon clash from Houston, Texas.  How do you see this one playing out? Did you hit on any fantasy or game/parlay picks from the last few weeks?  What are your picks for this week? 


David Michalski is a staff writer for Cheesehead TV. He can be found on Twitter @kilbas27dave 

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ricky's picture

October 25, 2020 at 06:27 am

Some questions that could well determine the outcome of the game. Will Rodgers once again first look for Adams, then glance around to see if anyone else is open? Or will he throw in rhythm, go for shorter, chain moving passes? Will the RB's be able to be used in the passing game, or will they be forced to stay in to help with the Houston pass rush? Will Jenkins slide to LT, and if he is good enough, would the Packers be willing to let Bakhtiari walk next season? Could this be a breakout game for Jamaal Williams/Dillon? Houston is going to be looking to take a lead and play smash mouth; will the Packers fight back, or wilt under the pressure again? Will the Pettine defense be as soft as usual, or will they actually be able to pressure Watson, keeping him in the pocket like TB did against Rodgers last week? Will the addition of Winn, Keke and Martin help stop the Houston run game, and make them more one dimensional? Stay tuned. Because the last time the Packers faced a big challenge in Houston, Rodgers went off with five TD's, and "R-E-L-A-X" became a thing.

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Coldworld's picture

October 25, 2020 at 08:05 am

All valid. For me it will be interesting to see if they start Jackson again if King is out. I’d like to see Hollman.

The big question is whether LaFleur has a game plan for an attempt to replicate last week. If we can’t run in their D even without Jones/Ervin then it’s fair to say we have bigger issues. Use Nijman as an extra TE to help block on the left. He is good in the run game apparently.

We should beat this team if we can run and control possession. The key on the other side is keeping the QB contained and keeping their rb to the pedestrian level he has shown thus far.

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Archie's picture

October 25, 2020 at 08:42 am

Time for MLF to go MAX creative. Dillon time, big-time. Yes, with TEs banged up, find a way to get Ninjman on the field to help LT and maybe catch a few outlet passes. ARod gets paid the big bucks to find a way to win games like this.

da Bears get beat today v RAMS.

Can't wait to see Dillon/Martin play.

2-1 TOP adv keeps our defense rested and off the field.

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NickPerry's picture

October 25, 2020 at 09:21 am

I actually posted something similar to what Archie said regarding Dillon on another site. IF Jones isn't 100%, Swerve is still hurt, and David B is not playing it's DEFINITLY Dillon time.

Personally I'd like to see a 70% run 30% pass ratio today with Dillon getting AT LEAST 15 carries. Put both Williams and Dillon in the backfield together and pass the ball out of that formation so the defenses doesn't just key on the run. CONTROL the clock and keep Watson OFF the field. You can do that against this Texans defense.

Not to mention wouldn't it be awesome to see at least one of our two top draft picks from the 2020 draft get some action and actually contribute? Today is the PERFECT day to use A.J. Dillon. Seeing Dillon on the field would alleviate several thoughts creeping into my head about this draft class. IT'S TIME!

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marpag1's picture

October 25, 2020 at 09:45 am

So rookie Kamal Martin has yet to play a single NFL snap and was activated off of IR yesterday, and we're saying that his ability (or lack thereof) to be a GAMECHANGER is "a burning questions that will determine the outcome of today’s game?"

Uh... ok.

And why does the author drone on for three comical "introduction and welcome" paragraphs as if he were our gracious host? Lol....

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HighPlainsDrifter's picture

October 25, 2020 at 10:20 am

Very off topic blast from the past: Former Packers QB Brian Brohm got the win as Purdue's temporary HC yesterday, 24-20 over Iowa. Brother Jeff was out with covid19.

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PatrickGB's picture

October 25, 2020 at 11:16 am

I predict a loss. Too many important players are out. But I am convinced that as the players come back from injuries I see an upturn in play and we make the playoffs down the road.

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