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Todd McShay Sends Marcus Davenport to Green Bay in Latest Mock Draft

-- Ponying up for defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson isn't going to stop the Green Bay Packers from continuing to address their pass rush this offseason, including in the first round of Apri's draft.

In Todd McShay's latest mock draft, he -- along with Mel Kiper Jr. -- has Ut-San Antonio defensive end Marcus Davenport landing in Green Bay at 14th overall.

Davenport was noted as a talent that, coming out of college, may very well need some time to develop and find his place on an NFL roster. For a team like the Packers, whose pass rush has been sub-optimal in recent memory, they'd need immediate impact on the outside that would allow them to rotate Clay Matthews as a chess piece.

An ideal scenario would be the Packers beefing up their edge rusher situation and pushing Matthews back inside where he spent half of the 2014 season and almost all of 2015. This time around, he'd be paired with Blake Martinez, who was tied for the NFL-lead in tackles last year in just his second season.

Matthews' versatility is an added component for defensive coordinator Mike Pettine, who prides his schemes on having veterans capable of carrying out specific duties and also having players that can play in multiple positions.

Addressing the defensive line via free agency allows the Packers the flexibility to target an edge rusher in the first round as opposed to having one extra need to spend one of their 12 picks on.

On top of the aid Wilkerson would bring to the Packers' pass rush, it would also make the stipulations of Davenport's development less detrimental.

As ESPN's Rob Demovsky notes, Wilkerson's "experience with new Packers defensive coordinator Mike Pettine's scheme could help the Packers' returning players transition from Dom Capers' defense, and it could allow a young player like Davenport, who is only 21, the time to learn the NFL game without having to play 50 snaps a game right away."

No matter the selection -- whether it be Davenport or Boston College's Harold Landry -- the Packers' likely course of action will be to take a talented edge rusher off the board at 14. If they add Wilkerson, who is expected to arrive in Green Bay on Wednesday evening and meet with the team in full on Thursday, their plans shouldn't change.


Zachary Jacobson is a staff writer/reporter for Cheesehead TV. He's the voice of The Leap on iTunes and can be heard on The Scoop KLGR 1490 AM every Saturday morning. He's also a contributor on the Pack-A-Day Podcast. He can be found on Twitter via @ZachAJacobson or contacted through email at [email protected].

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4thand1's picture

The Pack must be serious about Wilkerson. As soon as he was released they set up a meeting. He was to be in GB Tues but weather delayed it to today.

The TKstinator's picture

So disappointed. I waited at the airport all day yesterday in my cheesehead with a big green foam #1 finger festooned with the words “We want Mo”.
Made a grown man feel downright foolish.

4thand1's picture

Hope he doesn't book a flight to California when he sees all the snow.

Lphill's picture

As soon as he said that he will need time to develop that should cross him off the wish list we need someone to make an immediate impact .

Minniman's picture

While I concede that Davenport isn't my 2018 "draft crush", I like the idea of developing any rookie player according to their learning speed - look at what Kenny Clark is evolving into - but with the concession to not draft a player out of their position and hope that they become something else (see Datone Jones).

I personally hope that GB can sign "Mighty Mo", and draft either Vita Vea in the first or Harrison Phillips in the second - and fill the line with good down-on-down relentless pressure and attitude.

I wonder how teams will react if they know that every down their pocket is going to collapse and\or their quarterback is going to eat dirt all day

kevgk's picture

I love it. this defense needs a really good position group, and the top dline in the league would be downright fun to watch. You need good interior pressure against the top qbs in the league so you can leave your faster coverage linebackers on the field
A man can dream at least

Handsback's picture

I would rather Green Bay pick Edmunds, but doubt he last that long. So Davenport a very rough project verses Landry a polished rusher, but tapered off his senior year seem to be the choices for pass rushers.
If CB/FS are considered, maybe James or even Vea but unlikely if they sign Wilkerson.

jww061356's picture

Personally, I am tired of "high upside/raw" guys that will need time to develop. Not saying we don't want a guy that will get better as he goes, but I am sick to death of the guys that are good 3-4 years down the road, never or after they go to another team. Move up, do what you need to but we need impact guys NOW! Rogers is 34 and one collarbone away from being done. Additionally our track record on the "develop" piece of Draft and Develop has not been all that stellar. Move up get Edmunds, move back, get Buffalo's 1sts, but god please, please, please, no more "high upside" guys in the 1st Round!

Tundraboy's picture


lou's picture

Ijww061356 you can also add, expecting that player with potential to play a position he did not play in college (Perry - Neal - Datone Jones) or a college player who was on scholarship for basketball and then became a football player for one season. The only time Ron Wolf tried to "beat the system" was when he picked Buckley #1 but admitted the mistake and set a height requirement for CB's going forward. Your comments are very well received.

cpitt's picture

We need someone who can contribute this year. Not a project that might be great in 2 to 3 years. This is why I think we should get a pass rusher or two in FA, and draft a WR like Ridley or Miller at 14 or a corner who can play a lot of snaps his rookie year. Unless you are CM3, we haven't had any Dlineman or OLBs contribute much that first year. Raji helped his first year but he was a very high pick with insane talent.

Spock's picture

cpitt, "...This is why I think we should get a pass rusher or two in FA...". That would be a great plan if said pass rushers were actually available this year. As I understand it Free Agency is slim pickings this year. I'd be thrilled if we got ONE pass rusher in FA who can and will still play at a high level. Maybe the new coaches will actually PLAY the rookies right away instead of letting them "develop" on the bench.

dobber's picture

"Todd McShay Sends Marcus Davenport to Green Bay in Latest Mock Draft"


stockholder's picture

When in doubt. Trade UP. If that player is gone. Trade down. Davenport is a downer to me.

dobber's picture

I'm not yawning Davenport, I'm yawning the fact that--8 weeks prior to the draft when essentially no player acquisitions that can completely change the direction of the draft have happened--an individual mock draft is getting a page all to itself. I didn't mind a year ago when a weekly or biweekly review of mocks came up in the weeks leading up to the draft because, en masse, they could potentially carry some weight. No offense Zach, I usually enjoy your stuff, but this is too soon...

Zachary Jacobson's picture

It's just a small story I was able to write up on my lunch break today. It's not that it got a "whole page to itself" for the sake of some groundbreaking mock draft or anything -- just a quick 400 words of a Packers-centric topic that I wanted to share that also had to do with the Wilkerson news.

Johnblood27's picture

never justify your concepts.

just own it

I really didnt like your writing when you started.
You have improved from the aforementioned writing.

You are Ok in my book.

Handsback's picture

Zach, I write ficton books and I like your writing. There is very little news out there and when you need to add something to the site.....well just post it and go on. Yeah, all stories aren't going to be "wow" but it gives readers something we can respond to even if it's to say "not much is happening".

Spock's picture

dobber, I agree with this assessment and mean no disrespect to Zachary. Frankly, even the day before mock drafts are simply -for the most part- the talking heads "experts" putting each teams' perceived needs as their 'mock' draft pick. Typically, none of these 'mocks' last past round one. It might be fun to some but for me it is a boring read regardless of the author. That said what other articles out there can use up space/generate comments during the off season? Sigh. :(

kevgk's picture

I dont think he fits Pettine's style. Pettine has always had decent corners but not all star linebackers. People love pass rush, but you can scheme better rush but not man coverage. Good pass rush improves a decent secondary, but you need a decent secondary first. We need a good number 3 corner that won't be the hot read every down that a good qb can whip the ball to before the pressure can get home. A good number 3 corner will make qbs go through their reads and actually develop a play rather than track whoever is lined up against Davon House. Randall can be that number 3 slot corner but we need another boundary corner. Someone like Lattimore, White, or Ramsey that can transform a defense in their first or second year. Then Clark and Daniels can rush the interior and make it easier for the OLBs to set the edge or break up TE slants or RB screens. I think thats why there is hype about Mo and I think that is what Pettine is going for. If you want to beat Brady or Rodgers, get good coverage guys, and drop 7 or 8 into coverage and leave the pass rush to your Dline. A ballhawk CB or good coverage LB would be a great 1st round pick. Grab an outside rusher or d-end in the second round and a few in the 5th

ellascott's picture

I write ficton books and I like your writing. There is very little news out there and when you need to add something to the site.

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