Trill Williams Draft Prospect Profile and Scouting Report

Syracuse cornerback Trill Williams is profiled in advance of the 2021 NFL Draft

Name: Trill Williams

School: Syracuse

Year:  Junior

Position: Cornerback

Measurements:  6-foot-2, 198lbs





General Info:

Trill Williams was a four-star recruit coming out of Yonkers, New York before committing to play for the Orange at Syracuse. Trill was a cornerback (three year starter in high school), wide receiver and running back at Archbishop Stepinac High School. He excelled right from the start of his sophomore season on defense, drawing eyeballs from many recruiters. His brother, Terran was a linebacker at Western Kentucky from 2011-14 and his sister, Tracey, was a softball player at Mississippi Valley State. He opted out after playing five games in 2020 for Syracuse.


Positional Skills:

On tape, the first thing that stands out with Trill Williams is his size and physicality. Whether lined up outside or in the slot, Trill gets aggressive and relies on his physical nature along with his straight-line speed when press covering. He isn’t a tremendous athlete necessarily, but he plays to his strengths well.

Williams has a lot of lairs to his game. While he does project as an outside corner at the next level, he played the slot and rotated over to safety in certain packages at Syracuse. In zone coverage, Williams shows great vision and discipline in dissecting what is headed his way and how he should react. He welcomes contact and the dude chirps. He loves letting the opposition know he’s present and definitely falls into the “trash talker” category.

His hips and transitions are often stiff. Williams isn’t someone that you would label as having fluid hips when shifting in man coverage. He’s quick with his feet, but lags with the hips. When watching tape, his back pedal often looks spotty. It’s too straight up at times and leads to issues when lined up in man coverage. He has the size, the confidence, the speed and the physicality to be a real good day three pick in the NFL Draft. He isn’t in those first couple tiers of cornerbacks in this class coming out, but he hasn’t appeared to have maxed out what he’s able to do yet. There’s room for growth.


Fit with the Packers:

The Packers obviously need help at corner. They have one of the best in the business in Jaire Alexander and after that, it’s tough sledding. If Green Bay doesn’t address the cornerback spot in free agency, one would think they are aggressive at the spot early in the NFL Draft and then perhaps later on. Trill Williams isn’t a day one pick. In fact, if the Packers don’t add a legitimate corner in free agency and then Trill Williams is the first one they select in the draft, we should crawl towards the panic button. While that scenario seems unlikely, who knows. Williams is someone that can step in as a day three selection and play on special teams from the get go and perhaps in sub packages at the cornerback spot. When you’re drafting on day three you aren’t looking for instant starter, can’t miss prospects. Williams fits the profile of someone who has upside that hasn’t been tapped into yet and already brings a solid array of talent to the table. He could be a solid middle to late round pick for Green Bay depending on how things take shape at cornerback for them over the next couple of weeks.


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March 14, 2021 at 08:39 pm

He's everything you stated. The Packers could take 3 CBs and still not have enough. My comparison is Micheal Hyde. If Gute doesn't trade both 4th rd picks. Pick-em.

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HankScorpio's picture

March 15, 2021 at 05:21 pm

Draft pundits are all over the map on Williams. I've seen Williams listed as early to mid 3rd and others have him more into the late 4th range. He's definitely on my radar but as the 2nd CB they pick. I hope he's not the first one.

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PatrickGB's picture

April 06, 2021 at 03:46 pm

At first I went “meh” but the more I looked into what a lot of draft sites wrote, the more I liked him in the second day to middle rounds. He is a former WR who runs fast. He is still learning the fine points of his position and is only 21 years old.

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