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Week Four Gut Reactions

  • Hard game to take on a day Favre throws for six touchdowns
  • Charles Woodson is keeping Bob Sanders employed
  • McCarthy, well before Rodgers' injury, is coaching scared
  • Cullen Jenkins - please be alright
  • How on EARTH does McCarthy not go for it on 4th and 1 in the 3rd quarter at midfield? Again, coaching scared
  • Speaking of coach, he has GOT to start working the ball downfield. Teams are just squatting the box and killing the Packers' passing game. Why does it take 3rd and 18 for McCarthy to call a 4-vertical? Why not on first down? Hate to say it, but it is really starting to look like McCarthy needed Favre just as much as Favre needed McCarthy. Maybe moreso for McCarthy, since I don't see Rodgers throwing for six touchdowns
  • Greg Jennings continues to be a beast
  • If a competent defensive coordinator had the talent that Bob Sanders has at his disposal, their defense would never allow more than 17 points
  • Sooooooo glad Ryan Grant held out and got his money, aren't you?
  • Speaking of which, where are all the genius' who said he was a 'special' back and that the Packers' needed to pay him? He looks very pedestrian right now
  • This is the first time the Packers have lost back-to-back games since 2006. Should be interesting to see how they respond
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Andrew in Atlanta's picture

If I'm Donald Driver, I'm starting to get frustrated with the offensive play calling
As Moose Johnson pointed out on the broadcast, Grant could have cut back several times instead of just running into the zone blocking pile.
Something is wrong with Barnett, physically or mentally
Completely agree on the play calling on both sides of the ball. On defense, we should just hold up a sign that says "we are going to blitz"
I am now on the Nick Collins bandwagon

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Hawk possibly gone with a torn groin.

He Who Is Right,'s picture

well, I did say that saying 'He didn't get hurt' would get old by week four. Huh. Hope Mr Rodgers is back without ill effects next week.

Wasn't the knock on Favre that he took too many chances; that the gunslinger attitude was exciting, but just too dangerous; that we (the Packers) needed someone who wouldn't lose the game....or win it?

After accepting the previous as realities, is it any wonder that the whole game plan is to play NOT to lose? Is it any wonder that, as you put it, Mr McCarthy is "calling scared"?

ctpack's picture

Packer fans have to calm down.We went from a hall of fame quarterback to a guy who never started a game.Our coach is in his 3rd year.After 2 loses we are still in 1st place.You can't start talking abought coaches being fired,and replace them with what?I just prey there is nothing serious with Rodgers.Please I hope nothing is torn in his shoulder

PackerAaron's picture

That's why they're called gut reactions. I don't hold myself to any standard after having just watched the game, pounding out how I feel about it.

That said - firing Sanders couldn't hurt. You could replace him with Winston Moss. Why not? Sanders is running Jim Bates' scheme and running it so poorly and unimaginatively, no-one who came in now could possibly do any worse. The talent is there - the gameplaning is not.

packerhigh's picture

We rush four at the quarter back.... they score. They rush four at Rogers...sack. Bob Sanders? Mike McCarthy? You got too much cream in your coffee!

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