God or Gado?

On this weeks podcast I referred to Ryan Grant as Ryan Gado. It was a not-so-Freudian slip. But was it really that uncalled for?

I like Ryan Grant. I like what he did last year. I like the pieces the media did on him, showing him as a humble kid. There weren’t many reasons to dislike Grant or think he might not have what it takes to be a #1 running back in the NFL. But there were a few.

Nobody likes a holdout. Yes, the NFL is a business, but a holdout after half a good season? Really? O…k. You gotta do what ya gotta do, I guess. Unfortunately that holdout really hurt the running game of the Packers the first three weeks of the season. Grant showed up in not great shape, and was hurt in the first week of his return. Congratulations on the payday, Ryan.

Another thing that sort of bothers me is that Ryan Grant seems to be injury prone. He was hurt in New York in a short injury plagued career, and he’s hurt now. Of course he has that little half season of awesomeness in between. I find it concerning.

He hasn’t done great things consistently. The contract issue a Ted Thompson thing. We can all blame him if things don’t pan out, but my primary concern now is the Packers winning games, and we need a running game. Right now we have an inconsistent injury prone running back as our #1 and it scares me!

We all seen the flash in the pan act before with Samkon Gado. Gado seemed to be at least a great human being and didn’t give one damn about the money. He wanted to be a doctor and save people in Africa(or something heroic like that. I would have babies with Samkon Gado). Ryan was hurt, hurt, hurt, good year, fought to get payday, got it, hurt, hurt.

Not a bad strategy, business wise.

Now I hope I’m dead wrong here. I am wrong a lot and this is a time I’d love that to to be the case. After Grant we have an unproven second year player and a guy with vulgar last name behind him, so don’t mind me if I’m a tad concerned about our running game.

Grant needs to step up. End of story.

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I think you're going too far with the Gado connection. Yes it pissed me off that Grant didn't get any time in training camp, but it was not a holdout. He didn't have a contract. He has been nursing his injury all season so far, and for the first time is off the injury report, so hopefully in a few weeks we'll get to see him drop the hammer.

You know all of this.

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The thing with the ZBS is anyone can come out a stud. That is the part that worries me as well as making it difficult to really judge.

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well, i agree in principle. if the zone scheme is executed well, any RB can excel. but the packers o-line really hasn't executed too well, and they also mix in power run-blocking as well. This isn't the same situation as Denver. We're not going to be able to plug in just any RB and expect success, as evidenced by the first half of last year. Grant is good, and i do think you can judge that.

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Grant showed a lot more last season than Gado showed in 2005, and Grant did it with the ZBS. Gado did it in the old scheme, and he began to struggle as soon as they installed the ZBS in minicamps.

Having said that, I have to say that I am beginning to get concerned about Grant. The FOX announcers showed how he ran straight into the pile on a third and one play when there was a huge cutback lane right in front of him. As he was supposedly healthy for the first time all season, I expected at least a solid performance, with one or two great plays. Instead we got something like 15 for 20 with a fumble. The bigger problem, of course, is that the O-line is awful.

By the way, I disagree with the assumption that the ZBS can make any RB into a stud. Denver had several guys who gained a lot of yards with the ZBS, but they did not play like studs, and Denver ran the ZBS way, way better than the Packers do anyway.

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