Questions - Week 4

Firstly, Ryan Grant, what is wrong with you?  Why do you suck?  I know the offensive line isn't doing great, but you suck.  You REALLY suck!

It’s one cut and go, Ryan, but you don’t even make the one cut. And you fumble a lot. You make me angry. I don’t like you anymore. I want my BFF bracelet back.

- Offensive line, what is wrong with you? Why do you suck? I thought we had injuries and we would be better when guys got healthy. I’m looking at you, Wells.

- Defensive line, I KNOW what is wrong with you. KGB is what’s wrong with you. Injuries are what’s wrong with you. Minimum blitzes are what’s wrong with you. See, the coaches think we can win by rushing four of you guys, but that ain’t happening.

- Brandon Jackson, you barely get any playing time. It’s messed up, I know, but the little you DO get, use it. Catch the ball. When a pass hits you in the titty and bounces into a defender’s arms, there’s no excuse for that. Catch the damn ball, kid.

- Nick Collins, why do you not catch the ball? I know you’re not a wide receiver, for obvious reasons, but damn man, that’s disgusting. You make all the right decisions, but when it’s time to finish the deal, you fail…which leads me to…

- Cullen Jenkins, why can’t you tackle? You’re big and fast at the same time. It’s amazing! At the same time, you also suck at tackling. How is that possible? You’re like 400 pounds. Just fall on them. You make me sad.

-Tramon Williams, I love you. Are you going to step up as the guy to replace Al Harris next year? Are you going to be the fire to Charles Woodson’s ice? I’m watching you.

- Nick Barnett, who the hell do you think you are? I THOUGHT I knew who you were. I THOUGHT you were a pro bowl linebacker who hits, tackles, defends passes, and plays an all around good game of football. Am I wrong? Tackle, you stupid son of a bitch. Wrap up. Out of ALL the people on the team to let me down, I least expected YOU to let me down. Unacceptable. You’re the anchor of this team, but the only thing the anchor is doing is weighing us down. Wake up, man. Wake up.

- Mike McCarthy & Ted Thompson, guys….. Guys! What is this? You’re both smart and know the deal. You both preach basics. You both understand the game begins and ends in the trenches, yet our trenches can’t get it done, and that comes back to you. 2-2 is not where we should be. Figure it out. Fix it.

- Aaron Rodgers, I love you. I do! But seriously, stay on the field. I believe you can help this team win, but NOT by being sexy on the sideline. I need you to be sexy on the field, throwing darts to Greg Jennings. We all heard the knocks on you. Can you stay healthy? If you are going to get hurt running the ball, don’t run it. It’s that simple, because this team will not succeed with Matt Flynn under center.

- Atlanta Falcons, can you capitalize on this? Can you handle an injured and rattled Green Bay Packers?

- Packers, can you respond…ONCE this year?

- Packers fans, will you stick with your team or abandon them in week 4?

(I wrote this drunk and crying.  If there are any spelling or grammar errors, sue me!)

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Alex Tallitsch's picture

The entire game does not leave me confident. Luckily the division sucks.

IronMan's picture

That was great.

sermonator's picture

we don't have to win 'em all. we just have to win more than the lions and viqueers and bears (oh my).

Terrible game. Trom, can Colledge officially be the new Ahmad Carroll? I think so. the makeshift secondary was supposed to be the weak point in this game, but they were the only unit that didn't suck. yes, nick collins has bricks attached to the end of his arms instead of hands, but he did get one pick. should've been two, oh well. I was impressed with blackmon, williams, and even peprah when he had to come in for our injured backup safety.

and, i always saw Woodson as fire, not ice. interesting.

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