Packers Snap Counts Versus The Titans: Week Eleven

The Packers run out of ideas against the Titans.

The Packers elevated LaDarius Hamilton from the Practice Squad for the game against the Titans.  It is the third time Hamilton has been elevated, which seems to be consistent with his abilities: a guy who gets promoted a few times each season.  The Packers designated Tipa Gileai to return from IR, and signed OLB Tim Ward to the Practice Squad, so I do not see any reason to sign Hamilton to the 53-man roster.  The Packers elected not to promote Kicker Ramiz Ahmed for this game.  The Titans did not hurt the Packers with their kickoff returns, so saving Ahmed for the future looks like a good idea.

Romeo Doubs, Shemar Jean-Charles and De'Vondre Campbell were inactive due to injury.  Jake Tenuta, Jonathan Ford and Rasheed Walker were healthy scratches.  Zach Tom, Sean Rhyan and Jordan Love did not play.  Caleb Jones remains on the NFI/Illness list with an undisclosed malady.


Player Snaps % STs
Jenkins 61 100  
Nijman 61 100 2-9%
Myers 61 100 2-9%
Runyan 61 100 2-9%
Bakhtiari 61 100  
Newman     2-9%
Rodgers 61 100  
Love DNP    
Jones 40 66  
Dillon 29 48  
Taylor     9-41%
Tonyan 36 59  
Deguara 16 29 12-55%
Lewis 16 29 2-9%
Davis 3 5 18-82%
Lazard 56 92  
Watson 49 80  
Cobb 34 56 1-5%
Watkins 22 36  
Toure 4 7  
19 on Offense      


In the first half, the Titans had a tremendous advantage in time of possession, 19:35 minutes to 10:35, while running 38 plays to just 20 for the Packers.  The Packers ran the ball 9 times for just 22 yards, a 2.4 yard average, with a long of 9.  After an initial 3 and out, the Packers got on the board with an 11-play, 78-yard drive.  That drive included 2 runs up the middle by Jones for 13 yards (something that the Titans shut down after that), a deep pass to Cobb, and on a free play, a lovely 14-yard TD reception by Christian Watson during which he skied to haul in the pass.   Cobb looked healthy, leading me to believe that he could have played last week but for being on IR.  Cobb finished with 6 receptions on 6 targets for 73 yards.  There were too many rushing attempts that resulted in a loss or a very short gain.  The offensive line provided Rodgers with good protection all game.  In the first half, Rodgers completed 8 or 11 attempts for 74 yards, one touchdown, and a 121.0 passer rating, yet the Packers were down 14-6 at the half. 

The Packers won the time of possession battle in the second half.  They had the ball for 16:57 minutes to 13:03 minutes for the Titans, and ran 41 plays to just 28 for the Titans.  The Packers ran the ball marginally better in the second half, gaining 34 yards on 10 carries, with a long of 14 for Jones and 5 for Dillon.  The Packers got the ball to open the second half and produced a 13-play, 51-yard drive that ended with a short field goal.  That drive included the 14 and 5-yard runs.  The Packers ran 4 times for 25 yards but the fifth run went for -4 yards setting up a 3rd and 11, which led to an incomplete pass.  The Packers settled for a 39-yard field goal to make it 14-9. 

After the Titans scored a touchdown to make is 20-9, the Packers responded with a 7-play, 69-yard touchdown drive.  After Keisean Nixon set the Packers up at the 31-yard line with a 32-yard kickoff return, Rodgers connected with Cobb for 28 and Lazard for 23 yards while mixing in a pair for 3-yard runs by Jones and Dillon.  The drive was capped off by a 8-yard touchdown pass to Christian Watson to make the scord 20-17 due to a successful 2-point conversion on a nice run by Jones around right end.

The defense could not hold the Titans, who went up 27-17 with a quick touchdown that featured a 32 yard pass to Robert Woods.  The Packers did very little on their next four possession.  The first of those possession included an incompletion, a 3-yard run on 2nd and 10 (in other words, an unsuccessful run) and an inconpletion.  The next drive was derailed by a holding call on Yosh Nijman.  The Packers turned the ball over on downs during both of their last two drives.  The Packers were forced to pass more, but Rodgers was hit just three times and sacked just once.  He missed some passes, and there seemed to be some miscommunications on others.  


Amos 66 100 5-23%
Alexander 66 100 4-18%
Douglas 66 100 8-36%
Savage 65 98 8-36%
Ford 35 53 7-52%
Nixon 1 2 16-73%
Abram 1 2 11-50%
Leavitt     16-73%
Ballentine     11-50%
Carpenter     7-32%
Walker 57 86 8-36%
Smith 57 86 4-18%
Barnes 44 67  
Enagbare 36 55 4-18%
Garvin 25 38 8-36%
McDuffie 8 12 16-73%
Hamilton 5 8 5-23%
Wilson     16-73%
Clark 54 82 4-18% 
Reed 53 80 4-18%
Lowry 50 76 6-27%
Slaton 22 33 6-27%
Wyatt 15 23  
23 on Defense      
Crosby     6-27%
Coco     6-27%
O'Donnell     6-27%


The Packers played a season-high 2.93 true defensive linemen per play on average against the Titans.  I saw Preston Smith lined up inside on a couple of downs.  The Packers devoted resources to stopping the run, and stop it, or at least hold it in check, they did.  Derrick Henry still got 28 carries, but he gained just 87 yards, a 3.1-yard average, with a long of 9.  With Rashan Gary on IR, the Packers played two outside linebackers on about 9 fewer plays than they have so far this year.  They also reduced the ILB and DB numbers, but both only by modest amounts.  Most of the runs by the Titans were positive plays, as the Packers had only 3 tackles for loss.

One possible problem was that Tannehill always seemed able to throw the ball to his first read, getting the ball out extremely quickly.  Moreover, those receivers seemed to be always very open, meaning the throws were easy and safe.  Those two factors made it difficult to get much pressure on Tannehill.  That does force the Titans to have long, deliberate drives which can be derailed by mistakes like drops and also by penalties.  This was definitely a game during which the officials swallowed their whistles.  Preston Smith and Quay Walker were held a couple times in pretty egregious fashion, but a quick look suggested that the Packers got away with a few as well.  Relying on drops or a penalty to stop a drive is an interesting defensive philosophy.  In this game Tannehill did make a couple of big-time deep throws, and if he can do that, hats off to him.  I would have preferred not playing off on the short passes and even telling the cornerbacks to try jumping a couple of those short routes to make Tannenhill beat us deep.  Most teams worry about giving up the big play or getting beat deep, but allowing Tannehill, who averaged 193 passing yards per game entering this contest to throw for 333 yards does not sound like the correct recipe to me.  Moreover, he completed 22 of 27 attempts (81.48%), and had just one interception.   

Krys Barnes led the Packers with 12 tackles (6 solo), plus a quarterback hit and a sack.  The sack was actually on a scramble on which Barnes came up with his hair on fire and made the tackle behind the line of scrimmage.  Quay Walker had a nice game, with 11 takcles (7 solo) and a half sack.  Preston Smith had a nice game and provided what pressure there was.  He had two quarterback hits and a half sack, to go with a 5 tackles (2 solo) and a tackle for loss.

Rasul Douglas had an interception/pass defensed.  That was the only pass breakup I can recall as practically all of the Titans pass attempts were not particularly contested. 



Mason Crosby missed an extra point attempt.  Nixon had a nice kickoff return and a 24-yard punt return.  O'Donnell was okay.  It would have been good but he failed to flip the field when the Packers were backed up deep, though that is not who he is.  The kickoff and punt coverage units were good, and even downed a punt inside the 20.

WR: 2.70

RB: 1.13

TE: 1.16


DL: 2.93 (a season high for the Packers)

ILB: 1.65

OLB: 1.86 (first time this wasn't 2.0 exactly)

DB: 4.55


Photo courtesy of Dan Powers and USA Today



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Thegreatreynoldo's picture

November 18, 2022 at 07:29 am

I actually thought some of the fantasy numbers were interesting. Here are my top two candidates.

Tonyan played 36 snaps, ran 28 routes (because he can't block), was targeted 4 times, caught 2 pass for 19 yards. That's 0.68 yards per route run, which sucks. He isn't giving you blocking and he isn't a threat as a receiver. 2 TDs in 8 games in 2021 and 1 so far this season suggests that the 11 TD season in 2020 was a fluke and/or a by-product of having the best offense in the NFL in 2020. Let him walk in 2023 and hope someone pays him enough to garner a 6th round comp pick.

Watkins played 22 snaps, ran 14 routes (yes, he can block), had 2 targets (neither or which was close to being a reception) and therefore caught no passes for no yards. He is washed up.


Marcedes played 16 snaps and ran 4 routes. GB only played 1.16 TEs. Think it is a run if Lewis is in and a pass if Tonyan is on the field? Davis played 3 snaps and ran 2 routes. Deguara is 6 routes in 16 snaps, probably not as much of a tell.

Watson was okay with 31 routes run for 48 yards (plus two TDs), or 1.55 yds/route.

Lazard with 39 routes run (11 targets - too many but he gets them even when he isn't remotely open) for 57 yards is 1.46 yds/route, which is why AR is forcing the ball to him.

Cobb looked fresh with a spring in his step. Looked great. He ran 26 routes, was targeted 6 times, gained 73 yards for a 2.81 yds/route average. That is very good. He was on the field in 3 receiver sets but never was on the field in 2 receiver sets. And I think that is fine, because Watson and Lazard both should play ahead of him. If it is 2 receivers, then there are 2 TEs or 2 RBs, so having Lazard's blocking available is a good thing, and Watson has to play.

Deguara played 16 snaps (looked good blocking on the edge a few times), and ran routes 6 times but was not targeted and gained no yards. This is underwhelming production, and arguably usage.

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dobber's picture

November 18, 2022 at 07:46 am

"The drive was capped off by a 8-yard touchdown pass to Christian Watson to make the scord 20-17 due to a successful 2-point conversion on a nice run by Jones around right end."

I think you're right on: the game was over when the Packers stopped TN on their next possession, got decent field position after the ensuing punt, but then had a nice first down run negated by a hold, and punted. They couldn't strike when they should've had the momentum. Good teams find ways to win those games...

Coulda woulda shoulda.

"TE: 1.16"

After several weeks of beefing up the TE snaps and bolstering the run game, Cobb comes active and this becomes an 11 personnel team again. Sigh.

"Nixon had a nice kickoff return and a 24-yard punt return. "

He looks like a dynamo out there, that's for sure, but I've got my fingers crossed every time he handles the ball. His style leads you to hope for the big play, but he gives you the feeling he's riding the edge of an epic fail, too.

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stockholder's picture

November 18, 2022 at 08:01 am

Lazard is not a #1 WR. Watkins is Done. Cobb- surprised. Still disappointing. Rodgers #1 WR is Watson. And a change in TEs coming.
The DL is the worst in the NFL. If not very close! If they resign Lowry. - Fire Gute. Oh just fire him anyway. For thinking Lowry could get off blocks.
I say move Clark outside. It should be obvious we need 4 up front. Especially after Tenn. first drive. We need a Grave Digger!
The Packers have something in Walker. They could put him anywhere.

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dobber's picture

November 18, 2022 at 08:15 am

We don't agree often, but Watkins should be following AmRod out the door this weekend.

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stockholder's picture

November 18, 2022 at 08:28 am


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Coldworld's picture

November 18, 2022 at 08:58 am

So should the coach who keeps putting him out there.

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Coldworld's picture

November 18, 2022 at 08:03 am

This was a must win game. We came out with a plan in the first half that was no different to the plans prior to Dallas. Futile short routes and the same tired old slow ball plus Watson, whom we didn’t try to establish until late and only on a free play LaFleur had no part in.

LaFleur came into a must win game playing safe ball. It had exactly the same outcome safe ball had all year in terms if what their D could do and the total failure to threaten the end zone against a team we knew we had to put points up against early. Where the hell was Toure? He’s the one other guy who can get open and possibly deliver a big play? Deguara MIA too.

Barry did a great job of curtailing the run. Henry under 90 yards is a feat, but the total disarray in the secondary just wasn’t acceptable. Gray is not excused either. The secondary has just been bad all year given the talent.

It’s time to face up to the fact that Murphy’s leadership has left this team in a wilderness of terrible coaching and a lasting deep cap hangover. We need a total clear out, starting with Murphy and a cultural overhaul as well as the restitution of the Harlen structure alongside a new GM and coaching staff.

Rodgers has to go. Not because he’s the problem per se, but because this marriage isn’t going to work and any hope of a return to competitiveness required flushing out the cap and building around the youth. We may just have had the best draft in years, but, even if true, the dividends are 2 to 3 years away and Rodgers’ timeline is likely ended as it should peak.

LaFleur is totally out if his depth and so is his coaching staff. This roster needs to be cleaned of players who are just OK and getting expensive soon as well as a few just too old. Next year is going to be ugly. By refusing to face reality Murphy has dropped us as far into the wilderness as he could and left us hogtied cap wise as well.

This season would have been better with Love or even Etling. We’d not have lost many more and we’d have a chance to rebuild next year. Rodgers may have been our best chance to win this year but it wasn’t much of a chance at all. LaFleur’s ultra timid use of plays and players actually meant it really never was a chance at all.

It’s time to retire, Mark Murphy. Anything less and we need to accept that we will be in this dystopia for a decade. The era had ended. Murphy’s actions are the root cause of its barren returns. Enough us enough. If this board is worth anything, the search for a future will already be beginning. Don’t hold your breath, do hold them to account in any way you can.

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dobber's picture

November 18, 2022 at 08:22 am

"This was a must win game."

It was only a must-win in the context of those who were clinging to fleeting playoff hopes. That ship sailed a couple weeks ago and they'll likely get ground into the turf by Philly next Sunday to put an exclamation mark on it.

Yes, we're seeing this team can hang with anyone at home--it was 20-17 in the 4th, and the Packers had the ball, but that was when the offense fell apart, and sullen QB throwing the ball to empty patches of grass reappeared.

In the end this game helped to reinforce and clarify to management that change is necessary. Could this be a WC contender with stronger and more consistent offensive play that allows the defense to play with a lead (which I would argue it was built to do)? Yeah, but that's like saying you could see the lunar eclipse IF you stayed up late and IF it wasn't cloudy and...and...

"Where the hell was Toure?"

Sitting the bench in favor of Cobb...and when they cut Watkins and elevate Winfree from the PS, he'll ride the bench then, too.

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Thegreatreynoldo's picture

November 18, 2022 at 08:47 am

I hadn't quite realized that you had gone into evaluation mode as opposed to thinking this team could make a stir. [I think that was correct when Gary went down for the season, myself. Maybe they could get a WC spot but it is one and done without pass rush against good offenses. There is some reason to think the offense could improve as Bakh, Jenkins in particular, heal more fully and as Watson and perhaps Doubs get up to speed.]

Yes, I kept hoping to see Watson at X and Toure (I'd prefer Doubs but either will do for evaluation purposes) at Y. Some time ago I suggested that the Packers should only have Watson, Doubs, Toure and Amari active to force the team to get these guys up to speed.

I don't want to see Watkins play again. Lazard and Cobb on 3rd downs - need to get first downs to provide snaps for the young guys. That said, at some point the young guys have to make those third down catches.

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Coldworld's picture

November 18, 2022 at 10:15 am

Honestly, the only receivers I want to see on the field to start are the rookies from now on with a little help from Cobb/Lazard as cover or situational help. The old is pointless. We just need to try and get the young guys better for the future faster. I actually think we make more plays if we do that anyway. If Love does take over, those are the guys he’s familiar with anyway.

When Murphy and LaFleur were trying to sell us the story that Lazard was a starter caliber talent i was amazed at the willingness to buy into that from many. I hope that BS didn’t got to his or his agents head. If he’s not cheap, we should move on next year. He’s a decent no 3/4, depending on the situation. The sad thing is that I think LaFkeur/Murphy seemed to buy their own BS. Fortunately at least Gute/Ball ignored the calls to lock him up on a big contract.

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LeotisHarris's picture

November 18, 2022 at 03:03 pm

"... but that was when the offense fell apart, and sullen QB throwing the ball to empty patches of grass reappeared..."

Perfectly stated, dobber.

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Thegreatreynoldo's picture

November 18, 2022 at 08:31 am

LOL - tell me what you really think!

I didn't ever get around to elaborating on what I meant by GB running out of ideas, but you touched upon it. As dobber noted, they reverted to 11 personnel. Forcing the ball to Lazard - it doesn't look too much different to locking onto Davante except Davante is so good that it worked more often.

The DL did a nice job with Henry all things considered. That emphasis and going to 2.93 DL per play meant they needed to change up the coverage. Those LBs are playing the run big time. What passes happen are going to come out fast. I got tired of the announcers telling me how decisive Tannehill was with the ball - he had a quick first read who was almost always wide open, sometime without a Packer in the frame. Safe, easy, modest but consistent ball control. Barry needed to make Tannehill have to beat them. He isn't terrible and has been in the NFL for a long time for a reason, but he looked like Tom Brady managing a NE style offense. Maybe that showed what they really think of their deep safety play. Plus even if Savage jumped a route he isn't going to intercept it. The defense was to hope for a penalty or another mistake like a drop or a fumble, a miscommunication. Funny how I don't see other teams having massive communication issues between their QB and their route runners, or on defense in the secondary for that matter. Douglas pointed at Savage on one play comes to mind.

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Coldworld's picture

November 18, 2022 at 09:01 am

““Yeah, I mean, they whipped us in pretty much every phase. We didn’t compliment each other good enough. It’s extremely disappointing, especially coming off a few days ago and then to come back and play like that, it’s extremely disappointing.”

LaFleur on Unfortunately, honesty doesn’t justify him keeping his job any more than Amari being a good guy justified his.

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T7Steve's picture

November 18, 2022 at 08:38 am

Thanks, TGR. You guys above too.

The worst (as I posted in "Gut") I think, was how we looked on both sides of the ball against vanilla. On short week and travel the Titans didn't take the time to put in a game plan. They just played their basic camp/preseason offense and D. Their coach expected them to execute and not make mistakes. The players did because it was all the basic stuff they'd been doing all year. Simplicity is good coaching on a short week. The players buy into good coaching.

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