The Saturday Morning Packers Game Day Preview

Good Morning Packer Nation; Welcome to the Saturday Morning Packers Game Day Preview! Today, we at Cheesehead TV, have all day coverage of your 13 time World Champion Green Bay Packers! So, just sit back, relax, and enjoy with your morning cup of Joe. 

Good Morning Packer Nation!!! Welcome to The Saturday Morning Packers Gameday Preview!  This week, the Green Bay Packers are heading back home to bask in the glory of their NFC North Championship and continue their winning ways against the Carolina Panthers.  It is not a secret that the injury bug has bitten the Panthers pretty severely this season causing their top playmaker, Christian McCaffrey, to miss significant time, which is something their offense has not been able to recover from.  

Will the Panthers play with pride and give themselves a chance to upset the Packers on their home field?  Will the Packers get caught looking ahead to their matchup against the Titans? Will the Panthers find a way to get their offense back on track (presumably) without Christian McCaffrey (Listed as doubtful)?  Will Aaron Rodgers get one step closer to winning his third MVP?  I will have the answers to these questions and more in this week’s edition of the Saturday Morning Packers Gameday Preview.  

I am happy to have you with me here today for all things Packers; so just sit back and relax with your morning cup of Joe or drink of choice.

What to Expect Against the Panthers in Week 15?

The last time I thought the Packers would coast to a victory, they played one of their worst games of the season.  The fact of the matter is that this team never makes it easy on themselves when they play against inferior competition at home.  This trend needs to end tonight!  We all know that the Packers can get up for a featured matchup and play their best.  What they have yet to prove is that they won’t fumble around and make it interesting against a team they should readily handle by two scores.  

The Packers need to establish themselves from the opening play.  They cannot open the game giving up a long touchdown drive like they did last week.  The defense needs to have multiple consecutive stops during their first few series.  The offense needs to continue doing what they’re doing and establish the run to set up play action and then close the game out by pounding the rock with Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams.  This is a game in which the Packers need to make a statement.  This needs to be different than the standard, mail it in and squeak by against a bad team kind of effort.  This needs to be an “all gas, no [email protected]$#ing brake” kind of effort.       

Three Burning Questions That Will Determine the Outcome of This Afternoon’s Game:

  1. Will Aaron Rodgers torch the Panthers defense and turn this one into a laugher at Lambeau?
  2. As always, will Mike Pettine find a way to at least contain the Panthers rushing attack and make Teddy Bridgewater a pocket passer?
  3. Will the Packers give us a dominant performance against a struggling opponent?

Sunday Afternoon Fantasy Football Picks (Always Start the Plug and Play Guys)

  • Robert Tonyan- I think Tonyan stays hot and continues to get targets from Rodgers because the Panthers are going to have to devote their focus to stopping Davante Adams and Aaron Jones. (If they can’t stop one or both of the Packers primary skill players, this one will be over quick). Aaron Rodgers will not force the ball which means Tonyan should see some targets on check downs, third downs, and RedZone situations. I think Big Bob will have another 5+ catch, 50+ yard, touchdown performance.
  • Robby Anderson- Skill players with YAC ability who can turn it up the field always have the chance to give the Packers issues.  I think Robby Anderson can burn the Packers on multiple fronts (on a shot play, quick out, or slant), expect a 5+ catch, 80-yard, touchdown performance from the standout wide receiver.  (Especially with Curtis Samuel not at 100%).  
  • Aaron Jones- I know Aaron Jones is classified as a plug and play guy, but his stats of late have been anything but.  Without his game sealing touchdown run against the Eagles, the Packer faithful would be chronicling each carry in which he failed to gain at least 4 yards; which leads me to believe that he is due to start putting consecutive 100+ yard rushing performances together as we near playoff time.  This string of games starts tonight as Jones rushes for 100+ yards and 2 touchdowns. 

Picks, Parlays, and Game Props

  • Viable Anytime TD Scorer Options: Davante Adams, Allen Lazard, Mike Davis, Robby Anderson, Curtis Samuel (if active), Bob Tonyan, and Aaron Jones. 
  • Anytime TD Scorer Parlay: Davante Adams, Aaron Jones, and Robby Anderson (+574) 
  • Two Touchdown Scorer: Aaron Jones (+370)
  • Game Parlay: Packers -8.5 and over 51.5 points (+260)
  • Game Pick: I think the Packers start to find their groove and play like a #1 seed tonight.  The Packers offense will be firing on all cylinders and the defense will force a couple of turnovers allowing them to coast to a 35-24 victory.         

Packer Fans, I want to hear from you!  Let me know your thoughts on tonight’s game against the Panthers.  How do you see it playing out? Did you hit on any fantasy or game/parlay picks from the last few weeks?  What are your picks for this week? 


David Michalski is a staff writer for Cheesehead TV. He can be found on Twitter @kilbas27dave 

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Coldworld's picture

December 19, 2020 at 08:29 am

If he is healthy I see this as having the potential to be a big game for Lazard. He has the size and physicality to give a defense that has struggled against TEs a nightmare, in this case, maybe even more so than Tonyan. Focus on them and MVS will benefit. If we establish a real running game, even more so.

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PatrickGB's picture

December 19, 2020 at 03:08 pm

I see the Panthers receivers running amok against our defense. But that necessarily mean that they will win against our own offense.

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NitschkeFromTheGrave's picture

December 19, 2020 at 04:39 pm

Listen, we know this team plays down to an underdog opponent. We also know when the offense is on, no defense can stay with us. The problem is the less than star studded D. They allow teams back in the game when we should be standing on their neck. Our offense can no longer become complacent and must compensate for the defenses short commings. How you ask?
The answer is, 10, 14, 21 point leads are not enough when our wobbly D or special teams falls down (And they do fall down, TOO MUCH.) So, Aaron, get it in their heads, "Play to the gun ! " stand on their necks for once, and create that larger buffer that we know we will need.

~Now, go out there and HIT someone. I need a cigar...

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