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On today's show I talk about a grab bag of topics, including, why I'm so excited about the Jeff Hafley era in Green Bay. Don't miss it!

After injuries took away his 2nd and 3rd seasons, Eric Stokes looks to return to his promising 2021 form.

Winning means more than personal numbers. And that's why Jacobs came to Green Bay — to win. 

On today's show, Andy takes a look back at the rookies from 2023 and reviews how they can make a significant second year jump in year two. You won't want to miss it!

Left tackle determined to keep his starting job.

The Packers will continue to manage the workload of Josh Jacobs and company going forward.

On today's show, Andy takes a closer look at 10 Packers who need to have bounce back seasons in 2024 and play to the level we know they are capable of playing at! Don't miss it!

Let's make Lions fans even angrier. 

On today's show, Andy discusses all his key observations and takeaways from Wednesday's OTA practice!

Dusty takes a look at a play that almost went for a TD in the Packers Week 11 win against the Chargers

The Weekly Packers Brain Drain from Jersey Al.

On today's show, Andy takes a look at the biggest weaknesses for the Packers and what they'll need to overcome if they want to be competing for a Super Bowl in February. Don't miss it!

Can Packers limit being hamstrung by hamstrings?

Speed and athleticism are Edgerrin Cooper's top two ingredients. Those were the top two ingredients that this defense was missing and will gladly welcome the rookie linebacker's juice this year. 

On today's show, Andy takes a look at the biggest strengths for the Packers as an organization as they head into the 2024 season. Don't miss it!

On today's show, Andy puts together his playing time expectations for 2024, including how much time each of the rookies and free agents will be expected to play this upcoming season. Don't miss it!

Matt LaFleur is off to a great start proving he's not just an Aaron Rodgers beneficiary

On today's show, Andy discusses the key Packers who are in contract years and how their 2024 season could affect their payday in 2025. Don't miss it!

Who do you think led the Packers in targets last year?

On today's show, Andy Herman takes a look at the players that will define the 2024 season. If these 10 x-factors trend the right way - the Packers could be Super Bowl bound come February. If not... we could see a regression in 2024. Check out which players will decide the fate of the Packers' 2024 campaign!

Been a while since Green Bay had a true bell cow.

Van Ness may not have set the world on fire as a rookie, but his future still looks very bright.

On today's show, Andy reviews which roster battles we should be eyeing closely throughout the remainder of the offseason, and which players will have a legitimate chance at each spot. Don't miss it!

On today's show, join Andy Herman as he reviews which Packers are 100% complete locks to make Green Bay's 53-man roster, and which roster spots are still up for grabs through the remainder of the offseason. Don't miss it!