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The Packers failed to win the NFC North for the second year in a row.  Instead of the Vikings coming out on top, the Bears put together a 12-4...

How to Avoid the Albatross Contract.

Ian Rapoport has reported that the NFL salary cap will rise to $188.2 million for the 2019 season.  Many pundits had expected it to rise to $190...

The Green Bay Packers visit Minnesota, the Green Bay Packers go home losers.  Again.

The Green Bay Packers’ road game struggles continued Sunday night, as they still remain winless on the road this season after falling to the Minnesota Vikings 24-17.

Discuss and follow all of the latest breaking news, commentary, and analysis as the Packers and Vikings face off

David Michalski breaks down the keys to victory in Sunday's must-win showdown with the Vikings. 

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving holiday.  Time to heat up some leftovers and settle in to read about the upcoming match up between the Gre...

Remember when this division was a pushover? It was merely an appetizer for the Packers en route to yet another division title. Not anymore because the NFC North is the best division in the league.

The Green Bay Packers took the Minnesota Vikings to a disgusting tie after being jobbed out of a win at Lambeau Field.  Jason and Jeremy try to...

It doesn't take long for the topic of NFL officiating and the call against Clay Matthews to come up.

This piece reflects on what could have been if things had gone differently in Sunday Afternoon's 29-29 tie against the Vikings.  

The Green Bay Packers took the Minnesota Vikings into overtime before the game ended in a disgusting tie, 29-29.  I use the term "disgusting"...

One week the Packers (1-0-1, 1-0-1 NFC North) score 21 points in the fourth quarter. The next week they give up 22 points in the fourth quarter and tie with NFC North rivals, the Minnesota Vikings (1-0-1, 1-0-1 NFC North), 29-29 after both teams failed to score in overtime at Lambeau Field.

Discuss and follow all of the latest breaking news, commentary, and analysis as the Packers and Vikings face off

If fans of the Green Bay Packers were hoping for some good news Sunday morning, they got it. Aaron Rodgers will play against the Minnesota Vikings.

This piece will highlight some of the key matchups that will determine whether the Green Bay Packers will walk out of Lambeau Field this Sunday with a win.  

The Green Bay Packers head into week two one game already in the win column after a franchise-best fourth quarter comeback win over the Chicago Be...

The Green Bay Packers won a thriller against the Chicago Bears and now look ahead to hosting the Minnesota Vikings!...

The NFC North is beaming with excitement with new faces in new places.

With every team improving in the division, the NFC North will not be a given for the Packers in 2018.

A look at the team needs for the Minnesota Vikings heading into the 2018 season.

It’s hard to believe, but Kirk Cousins could wind up being another above average quarterback taking snaps in the NFC North.

Packer fans can rejoice in knowing that the Vikings trophy case remains empty.

The Green Bay Packers haven't seen a meaningful minute on the field in three weeks' time and we, as Packers fans, had to wait out those three weeks...

The premise of replay is good. However, replay has superseded just about every coaching decision.

The Divisional Playoffs have always been my favorite NFL playoff weekend and this weekend should be interesting. This is the last weekend that there will be four time slots in the NFL and most of the games should be pretty good.  

Merry Christmas to all and happy holidays to the rest.  Wishing everyone a great weekend with family and loved ones....

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