Mike McCarthy on Adrian Peterson: "If Something Happens, We'll Adjust"

The head coach of the Packers commented on Monday about the possibility of Adrian Peterson being reinstated.

Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy met with the media on Monday, following his team's 53-20 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles.

The following are select comments from McCarthy during his usual day-after-game press conference:

  • On the improved run defense: Definitely. I think we're doing a better job fitting the runs, pursuit, gutting off blocks. I think all those things factor.
  • On if there were any injuries: As far as I know. No reports.
  • On Micah Hyde's punt return for a touchdown: I thought Micah Hyde's punt returns was one of the bigger plays in the game. It gave us a chance to jump out and front and play with a lead. He did a good job taking the ball and getting north and south.
  • On the game plan for the Eagles: Each and every game is its own specific opportunity. I know what they've done in the past and it's really part of the planning. … I thought they did a lot of good things in all three phases. … The game didn't end the way we'd like as far as our field-goal protection and punt block.
  • On momentum: I think momentum is very important in any sport. Its something you try to build. … Momentum is something that can be viewed as an energy source. … You definitely have to guard against over-confidence.
  • On the Minnesota Vikings: This is a division game, very spirited rival. I think you have to stay in tune to what kind of game this is going to be. … It's a new program. Playing them early in the season I thought was a challenge with the new staff. … Just from the video I've seen, I think the cohesiveness has picked up. … This is going to be a tough football game, all these division games are.
  • On playing at TCF Bank Stadium: It'll be different. I think we're used to being outside, so I think we'll be okay. … Yeah, I'm curious to get out there on the field. I've heard some different things about it.
  • On playing outside in Minnesota for a change: I think it'll be improtant for our guys to get out there early and makes rue they have the right shoes on and stuff like that.
  • On Aaron Rodgers: I think obviously Aaron is having a great season and is doing so many things. … I think our offensive line has started the charge here. It starts up front. … I think this group has the chance to be the best offensive line in my time here. … Eddie Lacy is a premiere player. James Starks.
  • On how the Packers were able to have success against the Eagles defense: Philadlephia as far as our approach to their defense, obviously a pressure team. … I think their plan was too keep Aaron in the pocket. … Obviously I think Aaron's 30-plus yards rushing is something that's very detrimental to a defense.
  • On Bryan Bulaga: I think Bryan's getting better each and every week. I think he just needs to play… I think he's putting together a very nice year.
  • On the potential of Adrian Peterson being reinstated: Not really focusing on it. Don't really know the specifics of everything that's involved. We're planning for playing what we see on video. If something happens, we'll adjust.
  • On Clay Matthews: These are concepts and schemes we've been working on since day one. … Moving Clay Matthews around is something we were talking about back in April.
  • On the success when wearing throwback uniforms: I know we've had some great moments out there. Donald's play is one that's very special. … The point-diffeerential has to be pretty high. Those have been some pretty big games for us.
  • On the success at Lambeau Field: It's everything involved. We have a great home-field advantage. The fans are tremendous. … The fast starts obviously add to that. I think everybody plays a little better at home.
  • On the team coming together: It takes everybody. We've had good plans. It's just the way they train. Younger guys, they're fitting together. … Aaron gives us great flexibility. I think the biggest thing we have to guard against as a staff is not doing too much. … We're going to see new challenges and it's going to start this week in Minnesota.
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November 17, 2014 at 09:52 pm

Vikings. Outdoors. No more artificial sound. Bad team. Demoralized fans. Cold weather. Yeah, this one will probably be over by half time too.

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